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Some years ago, every new user of an online casino was offered to download special software on his or her PC to start playing. However, over the recent years such phenomenon as a no download casino is gaining popularity. Today, nobody is forced to install undesired programs on a computer – instead, the majority of gambling sites offer a no download version, which gives an incredible freedom, as it is available at any moment and from any device. In our no download casinos review, we’ll tell about this phenomenon in detail.

What are No Download Casinos?

As the name implies, a no download casino doesn’t require a compulsory downloading of any programs or applications to access games. Another name of no download casinos is instant casinos – it means that they are available instantly, i.e. immediately after a player visits them. In most casinos no download versions allow playing in two modes – a free (or fun) mode and a real-money mode. Playing for real money becomes available only after a player opens an account. Free games in many casinos are available without registration.

How Do No Download Casinos Work?

Games in no download casinos are launched right in a browser. As a rule, you don’t need anything apart from a modern updated browser to play in such casinos. However, it may be useful to know that different online platforms can be based on different technologies.

  • Adobe Flash is the most popular and widespread tool for developing all types of browser games, including casino games. The majority of no download casinos are Flash casinos. To play in a Flash casino online you need to have the latest version of the Chrome, IE, or Firefox browser (some other will do as well) and an upgraded version of the Flash player. Mind that Flash is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux, however, it doesn’t work on iOS devices.
  • Java is a universally recognized programming language, which, among other things, allows developing browser games without using Flash. Unlike Flash casinos, Java-powered versions are compatible with all devices. However, Java casinos games are a bit slower and they are less popular.
  • HTML-5 is the most advanced technology in the sphere of online games developing (and not only it, of course). It is a new language that allows creating more sophisticated products with better graphics and fewer bugs, and, what is more important, without the need for Flash or Java. HTML-5 is compatible with all devices and is actively used by developers for mobile casino options creating. However, it is still less popular than Flash.

The choice of the particular platform will depend on what kind of device you are going to use. If you have a Windows-running PC, you may feel free to enjoy an impressive selection of Flash casinos. Mobile players need to opt for advanced HTML-5 casinos.

What Games Can Be Played in a No Download Casino?

The selection of games is one of the main criteria for choosing a gambling platform. No download versions of major casinos offer a lot of games to choose from. Generally speaking, modern instant casinos offer the same games as the downloadable versions, but their assortment is slightly less impressive. The most popular no download games are slots – today no download casinos offer hundreds of them. On the top of it, you can play right in the browser such games as roulette, poker, table games and even some live dealer games.

What are Strengths and Weaknesses of No Download Casinos?

Players’ attitude to no download casinos is a sort of controversial. On the one hand, they are apparently a convenient and effective way to play online casino games. On the other hand, they have certain restrictions and downsides that make them less attractive for some people.

Advantages of no download casinos are the following:

  • It is possible to find a no download casino for any device – Mac, Linux, Windows, Android, iOS, etc.
  • You don’t need to install anything on your PC. Just open a browser and play.
  • They provide a stronger privacy and anonymity than downloadable apps.
  • They are great for playing on the go from mobiles.

However, there are certain disadvantages as well:

  • The choice of games is limited;
  • The quality of graphics is not as brilliant as in downloadable clients.
  • They are slower.

Privacy and Security

Most players are concerned of security issues. When you use a downloadable piece of software, the information of your account is not 100% protected. If somebody has an access to your PC he or she can access your personal data as well. When playing online, you don’t store anything on the hard drive. Every piece of data is protected with advanced encryption, and when you close a browser and clear the history there are no traces left.

Mobile No Download Casinos

If you prefer using smartphones for playing, no download casinos are the best place to do it. As of today, very few casinos have their proprietary full-fledged apps, and even if they have, they may be forbidden in AppStore and GooglePlay. A no download casino is a solution. It allows accessing games from a phone quickly and safely. However, not all the games support the mobile format, so their selection will be limited.

Where to Find the Best No Download Casino

There are a lot of top-notch instant casinos today, and choosing the best one is quite a challenge. If you have no idea about what casino to play at, check our list of top-rated platforms offering excellent no download versions. We take into consideration a lot of criteria when compiling the ranking, so you may be absolutely sure that all the casinos in the list are reliable, hones, and have decent selections of games.

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