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Despite instant casinos become more and more popular with gamblers, a lot of people still opt for downloadable versions for a variety of reasons. Without any doubt, download casinos have their own benefits that are not always evident for the majority of players. In our review, we’ll try to cover the main distinctive features of download casinos, their pros and cons if compared to instant casinos.

What is a Download Casino?

Fundamentally, at the dawn of the virtual gaming era, all online casinos used to be downloadable. Some years ago, they were partly replaced by instant (browser) casinos, but downloadable versions still prevail in the gaming world. To start playing in such a casino you need to download a piece of software on your PC. As a rule, this software is available for free on the official casino’s site and has minimal system requirements. However, one needs to remember that download casinos can be installed on Windows-running computers only. If you have a Mac or a Linux device, you won’t be able to opt for downloadable casino versions.

As soon as the software is downloaded and install, you may open the app, enter your login and password and get access to the largest collection of casino games in an excellent quality. If the casino chosen offers a lot of games (600-800), they are not downloaded immediately. For a starter, you’ll see just several popular games available; while other products can be downloaded manually when needed (it is done in one click and takes a couple of minutes).

Download or No Download?

Both download and no download versions of virtual casinos have their own strengths and weaknesses. The choice of the particular type will depend on multiple criteria.

Advantages of download casinos against no download ones:

  • Instant casinos are more IT-intensive. They require a stable and a high speed of Internet connection. Download casinos will work with any Internet speed. The fact of a connection itself matters.
  • If you want to play at a no download casino, you need to have the latest version of a web-browser and often – the latest version of the Flash player. No download casinos don’t care of the browser version that you use.
  • Download casinos suffer much fewer lags and bugs than instant versions. We all know that Adobe Flash technology is still far from being perfect, and problems with games running occur more frequently than you think.
  • The quality of graphics and sounds is always better in downloadable casinos. If you want to play games in HD-quality, a download casino is for you.
  • The range of games available via a downloadable client is larger. Some games are still not adapted for an instant play.
  • Some types of games, such as tournaments, are available only via a downloadable casino version.

Disadvantages of download casinos against no download ones:

  • They occupy some space on the hard drive. In case of problems with the hard drive, you’ll lose all the apps installed.
  • You can play only from your computer. If you decide to change the device, you’ll need to download and install the software from the scratch.
  • They provide less privacy. If someone has an access to your computer, or another computer is paired with yours, someone can access your login and password. Moreover, it will be more difficult to hide the fact that you play at a casino.

How to Select a Download Casino?

In fact, most casinos today offer both downloadable and no download versions. Moreover, some platforms, even the major ones, such as PartyCasino, have only a download version. In any case, you have a lot to choose from. If you have no preferences yet or are at the stage of looking for the best casino to download, check our list of top platforms that offer great downloadable versions with a huge selection of top-notch games.


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