Do you know that there is a lot of popular television series that have become the theme of slot machines? If you play a lot of online slots or visit land-based casinos, then such slot machines could not pass by your attention. Try also to play free television slots to see your favorite TV-heroes on the reels.


The Playtech company gave the TV series a second life when everyone had almost forgotten it. This slot machine has something to offer fans of television slots online. Here you will find such popular special symbols as a wild symbol and scatter, and you will also be provided additional spins, bonus game, various multipliers and jackpot, which reaches three thousand coins on the line. It's not hard to guess that the symbols of this gaming device have photos of the protagonists of the series, as well as various attributes of the rescuers (boat, scooter). And, like in many other slots, there are card symbols from nine to ace. Pamela Anderson is a Wild symbol of this game and the visiting card of the Baywatch. You will observe this symbol only on the three middle reels of the video slot, and it will help to form more winning combinations, as it can replace other icons (except for the scatter and bonus symbol). The "Baywatch" tower is a scatter symbol of the game. When three (and more) such symbols appear on the playing field of the machine, twelve free spins will start. Caroline Holden will give players six free spins with a multiplier that is three. If Matt Brody appears on the screen, then you also have six free spins, as well as a frozen wild symbol. In addition to the same six additional spins, Neely Capshaw will increase the prize multiplier.

CSI: Slots

CSI: Slots is a simulator of a slot machine created from the popular television series CSI. With the help of a slot, you can disclose crimes in the City of Sins. The five-bar slot has 30 pay lines and many exciting options. Symbols of the slot machine are the characters of the series. Among the other symbols of the slot, there is a police badge, a slot logo, a camera, handcuffs, powder to identify fingerprints. That means that you can proceed with a genuine investigation. You will find many exciting things in this slot machine. Sin City never sleeps, which means that you need to be always on the alert. If you are a fan of the series, you will be pleased to know that the writers of the original series created the plot for this game slot. In the bonus games that fall out during the main game, you can feel like a real criminalist. Bonus rounds are very profitable and allow players to add some money their game account.


With the name of this television slot machine, for sure it became clear to everyone that the plot is devoted to the eponymous television series: the secret history of air passengers who flew 815 from Sydney to Los Angeles. According to the storyline of the engaging slot, the actions will unfold in Ancient Egypt. Thus, it is not difficult to guess about the available game symbols: different ancient artifacts, which will be the object of our research to obtain the desired winnings. As for the technical characteristics of this slot machine, it is equipped with five reels and has at the player's disposal thirty pay lines. In addition to the usual symbols, there are also bonus symbols, which unequivocally will bring a lot of winnings to the player. Each small victory in the slot will be accompanied by additional drawings, which will enable the player to become the owner of even more prizes. The payout multiplier, which is located in the upper right corner of the game monitor, will increase with each re-spin.

TV-series that have to become video slots

Sex and the City, Happy Days, Beverly Hills, Family Guy, C.S.I .: Crime Scene, Cheers, Judge Judy - that's not all the series that inspired the creators of slot machines. Still, some slots are not yet on the list of gambling devices devoted to television series. Let’s look at some famous TV-shows that could be the central theme of classy slots.

Breaking bad

Oh yeah. If you saw this series, then you know what a work of art deserves a dozen gaming machines, a temple and as many monuments as possible. Slot machine Breaking bad - one name of what it costs. Undoubtedly, the slot machine should be piercingly yellow, like Mr. White's sterile chemical overalls. And there should be a lot of money for which everything was started.


No, no one argues that this is a particular television show, but eight seasons at the peak of the ratings and interest of audience may well become the basis for the tickling nerves slot machine. And if we talk about luck, the main character of the series could become a hugely successful player, but according to the script he had other interests. And after all, what memorable could be a slot: mysterious, risky, hot as a summer Miami and with bloody strokes everywhere - from logo to pay lines.


Honestly, this series is more than 20 years old, but it still does not age. And really, so far no one has created a slot machine under this title? Six favorite characters ask for the symbols of the reels - Rachel, Ross, Phoebe, Chandler, Monica, and Joey, who asks "how you doing?" Every time the machine pours out the winnings. And, of course, the famous soundtrack, starting with the main song. Today you can find a lot of games and also play free television slots without money wasting.