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Nowadays, Internet is not just a communication channel and even not an information repository.  It is the whole world that lives its own life, has its own rules and functions, moving in multiple directions. One of these directions is the entertainment sector. The number of entertaining sites including virtual casinos is growing from year to year. As a result, users become more and more discerning. They are not satisfied with any games. They want the best games, which are superb in terms of both design and functionality. No surprise that many developers of mediocre gaming software can’t compete with the industry’s giants and have to leave the scene. At the same time, other companies work hardly to create unique and high-quality games. These companies are usually the ones that succeed. One of them is NextGen (or Next Generation) Gaming. Today Next Generation casinos are recognized all around the globe.

NextGen Overview

NextGen is a developer of gambling solutions of Australian origin. Some years ago the company had moved its headquarters to England (London) and had become part of Nyx Gaming Group. That is why today you may come across both names mentioned as creators of this or that game, so don’t be surprised with it. Also don’t be surprised if you see in the list of the best NextGen gaming casinos in the UK some casinos powered with other providers. The fact is that NextGen develops cross-platform solutions that are easily integrated with third-party software. Let’s review this really interesting and unique company in closer details.

NextGen History

As we know, initially the company was called NextGen Gaming. It was established in Sydney in late 1990s (in 1999, to be more exact). It was the time, when the online gambling business was still in its infancy, and online slots and poker had not replaced conventional casinos yet. However, the developers managed to “feel” the upcoming trend and catch it. The general idea of the company has not changed since the moment of its creation.

NextGen focused on the gaming industry from the very beginning and never tried to change the chosen direction. It was decided to produce cross-platform software in order to provide more flexibility. The developers worked hard to show the best results, and finally, they were noticed by major players of the market. It resulted in their merging with NYX Interactive in 2011. Since that time their business has really taken off, and today NextGen casino software is recognized all around the world. They produce not just popular slots for instant playing in the browser, but promote solutions for offline gaming houses and develop a variety of alternative online games – from lotteries to card games. Moreover, there are NextGen mobile casino solutions as well as some games for social platforms.

NextGen Products

Logically enough, online slots are in the focus of attention of NextGen. A virtual slot machine is the most eagerly-sought product in the entire gambling sector. The portfolio of NextGen includes 600+ games, and most of them are slots. It is just impossible to tell about of them within a framework of one article, so let’s mention some key facts about slot games from NextGen:

  • Over 100 brilliant NexGen slots are available on the QuickFire platform owned by Microgaming.
  • There are some awesome 3D options in NextGen collection – try, for example, its Medusa or Gorilla Go Wild games.
  • Though players often confuse NextGen and Microgaming slots, the company’s loyalists know that it has its own unique style that makes its games recognizable. NextGen even received a special award for the brand strength from EGR Operator Adwords in 2014.
  • The number of payout lines in most NextGen slots varies from 20 to 50, and the minimum betting amount starts from $ 0.01.
  • The popular NextGen casino no deposit bonus is not the only bonus available. There are match bonuses, welcome bonuses and special offers that depend on the particular casino. Also the company has developed and patented a bunch of its proprietary features that help to multiply the winning and make its slots even more attractive.

Apart from virtual slot machines, entertainment NextGen gaming collection includes some other products. If you are not an admirer of slot games, you’ll find some classic games such as roulette, baccarat or blackjack produced by NextGen.

Unique Features of NexGen

One of the strong sides of NextGen Software is its own patented set of special solutions. Apart from traditional Wild and Scatter symbols, NextGen offers the following functions:

  • Slide a Wild. It is a function that lets you move the Wild symbol within the reeland. In other words, with this feature, it is for you to decide where to place the Wild
  • Up Wild. It is the Wild symbol that moves upwards and converts other symbols in its way into Wilds.
  • DynaReel. It is an option that gives a possibility of dividing reels, increasing the chances for a win.
  • Super Bet. This in an opportunity of making an extra bet at any stage of the gaming process.
  • Select a Play. This is a feature, thanks to which a player can select the type of free spins by himself or herself.

All these features make NexGen slots stand out of the crowd and raise the popularity of the games. Not only do they make the game more diverse and amazing, but also increase real chances for success. Some of these non-standard solutions are patented by NextGen.

Advantages of NextGen Software

NextGen is one of few companies that managed not just to keep its head above water in a highly competitive environment, but also to expand and become even more popular and recognized in many regions of the world. Of course, this is its first-rate software that let it stay up. Products from NextGen have some apparent advantages that let the company to outperform its competitors.

  • Independence of any particular platform. This is a key distinctive feature and a major benefit of slots NextGen gaming produces. Its software can be integrated with products of other providers without causing any conflicts. Thanks to this feature. NexGen games are presented by a wide variety of casino in different countries.
  • Quality. Though games from NexGen may be not as sophisticated as premium slots from Aristocrat or Microgaming, they are still cool. Numerous tests conducted by independent experts as well as extensive experience of real users confirm the superb quality of Nexgen slot. They work quickly and seamlessly, providing a smooth playing and excellent gaming experience.
  • Assortment. It is always pleasant to have a decent choice. And NextGen gives a great choice. You’ll hardly ever get bored with several hundreds of thoroughly made games. From classic fruit to exotic oriental motives and incredibly realistic 3D games – NextGen knows how to please its customers.
  • Adaptiveness. Most NextGen games are adapted for a mobile format. This is of special importance today, as more and more Internet users opt for mobility. Smartphones and tabs have replaced PCs and laptops in many spheres, and online entertainment is not an exception. Apart from the format of a live casino mobile solutions from Nextgen include mobile classic slots and mobile poker.
  • Availability of social gaming. Social gambling is another sphere that is intensively developing nowadays. Availability of games integrated with social platforms like Facebook automatically makes the developer to be a cut above competitors.
  • Unique features. Proprietary NextGen features make the process of gaming more exciting, adding some flexibility and new opportunities. A possibility of moving the Wild symbol, for example, increases chances for success that can’t but attracts players.

As you see, the advantages of NextGen software look quite evident and convincing. If you need more reasons to choose NextGen, think of huge progressive jackpots that wait for you in some games. And finally, be sure that beautiful and fast free spins software from NextGen is just a good way to relax and entertain yourself.

Awards and Perspectives of NextGen

NextGen Gaming team involve enthusiastic and ambitious developers, designers and artists, who are completely devoted to their work and are not going to rest on their laurels. Instead they are going to continue conquering the global market with their first-rate products and expanding their scope of activity. And if we shoot a glance on the history of their achievements, we’ll see that these claims are not groundless.

  • In 2012 NextGen received its first major award from EGR Magazine for excellent gaming solution for social platforms. The company was considered “the supplier of the year”.
  • Two years later, the same EGR Magazine awarded the company again. This time unique features of NextGen software were marked.

How to Choose the Best NextGen Casino

Due to its good compatibility, NextGen gambling software is now available through a variety of platforms. On the one hand, it is good, because a wide choice is always better than no choice. On the other hand, when the selection is too wide, users often get confused, as they just don’t know what casino to register in. If you haven’t made your choice yet, consider the following key criteria.

  1. First and foremost, find a casino that accepts players from your country. It seems evident, but check, what countries are allowed and what languages are supported. For example, English as a default language is used in all British and many European casinos. But not all of them support Spanish or French.
  2. Check what methods of withdrawing and depositing are offered. Just imagine how disappointed you will be when you discover that you can’t withdraw your first winning to your card or e-wallet. If you prefer paying with bitcoins, opt for bitcoins casinos. Don’t be in a hurry, make a well-considered decision. Currencies available are also an important factor.
  3. Check the selection of games available. Different NextGame slots are available in different casinos. Moreover, there can be games from other providers in addition to NextGen gaming play’n go, Microgaming or some others. Consider the choice of their games as well.
  4. Learn what bonuses are on offer. Not all the casinos have welcome bonuses, for example. The amount of bonuses also varies from one platform to another. Many of them, apart from anything else, conduct their own special campaigns and promos to attract new visitors. If you are lucky enough, you can “catch” some very tempting bonuses.
  5. Compare statistic of different casino. Some statistic data is in an open access. For example, you may estimate return to players.
  6. Familiarize yourself with other terms and conditions of the casino. Learn whether any fees are charged for depositing and/or withdrawal and what the amount of the commission is. Wonder about payout time, because it also matters. You don’t want to wait for a week or two, do you? Also you may want to know about the minimum and maximum amount of depositing and withdrawal.
  7. Finally, read the reviews of other gamers about the casino. Though you don’t need to rely on strangers’ opinion entirely, sometimes reviews contain some really useful information that can’t be found anywhere else. After all, it is simply interesting to read about other people experience and compare it with your own.

Actually, it is not a problem to choose the best casino for a seamless and enjoyable gaming if you have clear criteria and at least the minimum experience. If you are still not sure what to choose, you may start with demo gaming, which doesn’t require any cash deposits. Play for free as long as you wish, and if at some stage you feel that you are ready to try you luck with real money, make your first deposit and continue playing.

Final Words

NextGen Gaming is now one of the leaders of the entire gambling sector. The company provides gaming software of high quality and offers an array of non-standard approaches to the process of gaming. Its products today are loved in different countries – from Europe to Australia. And versatility and a good compatibility of NexGen games make them available everywhere.

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