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Konami is a Japanese brand that can hardly be called a leader of the global gaming sector. And still its games are definitely worth consideration, as they are well-made, easy to access and play, and some of them have a rather interesting design. And what is even more important, Konami casino games provide an opportunity of winning a round sum and even hitting a huge jackpot. Apart from popular video slots, Konami has also manufactured a lot of arcade games and arcade cabinets that are still played all over the world, especially in Japan. Online games from Konami are now available everywhere – from America to Australia, and to play in a Konami casino inc free download is not required. Let’s look at the history of the brand and its key achievements in closer details.

Konami: History of the Brand Development

Konami company was established in 1969 as a jukeboxes maintenance and repair firm. The name of the company was composed of the first letter of its founders’ names – K. Kouzuki, Yu. Nakama, and T. Miyasako. Some years later, in mid-1970s, they changed their profile to developing entertainment machines, including slot machines and arcade cabinets. The first such machine was produced in 1978, and in 1979 Konami entered the international market, having established trade relation with the USA. But the first real success came to the company only in the year 1981, when it released its stellar games – Frogger, Super Cobra and Scramble.

During the period of 1980-2000, Konami released a lot of games, predominantly arcades for MSX, and some later – for gaming consoles (Sega and Playstation). At the same time, they continued conquering both home and foreign markets and opened several subsidiaries, every of which had a different specialization.

The first slot games were produced by Konami Digital Entertainment (the company’s division located in Las Vegas, Nevada State, US) in 2005. By that time, Konami had already gained popularity as a game supplier, but gambling was a new niche for it. But despite numerous competitors who had mastered production of video slots some years earlier, Konami’s debut was successful. Maybe its slots lacked sophistication of games from major developers, but they certainly had some strong points that made them popular with punters.

Features of Konami Online Slots

The fact is that most Konami slots online casino games are copies of games that were initially produced by them for brick-and-mortar casinos. That is why, some games can seem a sort of old-fashioned – they were transferred to the Internet “as they were”, without any major changes in terms of design. But not all of them look like this, of course. Here are the main features typical for the casino games Konami releases.

  • They are all available without downloading of any software on a PC, laptop or smartphone. Instead, like most contemporary slot games, slots from Konami are launched directly in a browser. All you need to start playing is to have Flash player installed.
  • Most slots are conventional 3- or 5-reeled machines without any super characteristics. They have quite standard sets of features and can’t boast exceptional graphic solutions, cool animations or unexpected bonuses. At the same time, games run smoothly and seamlessly, they professionally constructed, and are easy to play and control.
  • Though an overall design of slots is quite simple, there are some unusual solutions, for example, the shape of slots, which is changed due to different number of symbols per line. For instance, the so called diamond shape is formed when the lowest and the highest lines feature 4 symbols, and three central lines feature 5 symbols per line.
  • Themes of fun slot machine games from Konami are diverse. There are plain fruit and animal slots, classic themes with Egyptian, Asian or Oriental motives, movies-inspired slots and some others. Though the range of games is not too wide, there are options to suit every fancy.
  • There are a limited number of free online Konami casino games. Not all the games have demo options available without depositing. Examples of free Konami slots are Wings of the Phoenix, China Stories, Destiny of Athenia, Wealthy Monkey and some others.
  • Games for real money gambling have somewhat more interesting design and allow higher-volatility gaming. They are for high-rollers who are accustomed to playing for high stakes. Examples of nice games with no free options are African Diamond, Ancient Dragon, Mayan Chief, Herds of Wins and others. Also, there are some progressive slots that give chances for hitting huge jackpots.
  • Features of most games are nothing extraordinary. Among special symbols there are familiar Wilds and Scatters. Most slots offer free spins or free bonus games in this or that form. But in general, in terms of their structure Konami slots are simple.

In many Konami slots reviews poor background sound is mentioned. Well, while graphics in most cases is average, then sound effects are often far from being good. As far as many slots have been copied from physical slot machines of 1980s, everything, including these mechanical beeping sounds stayed unchanged. And still, Konami slots are not bad. They are nice, they work quickly and seamlessly and, what is most important, they offer decent payout rates, which attract customers again and again.

Konami Cheat Codes

One of really unique proprietary features of the Konami brand is the so called Konami code also knows as cheating code. It is predominantly used in arcade games in order to help gamers boost their gaming capabilities quickly and for free. In fact, this is a secret combination consisting of ten digits. Entering this combination correctly, a player gets some unique abilities (depending on the game), such as extra lives, gaming experience, exclusive weapons and so on. However, these codes are used mostly in console games, while virtual slot machines lack this feature.

Advantages of Konami Slots

Konami is a reputable player in the world of console and PC games as well as offline casino gaming, but it has little experience in the sphere of virtual gambling. However, its slots are chosen by players not without reason. They have at least several strong points.

  • Having a solid experience in different spheres of games-related development, Konami uses all the knowledge accumulated in the production of its slots. Experts say that slots from Konami are absolutely perfect from the technical point of view. Every small detail is thoroughly thought out. Konami slots intended for serious gamers work flawlessly and reliably.
  • A good selection of progressive slots. In fact, few companies today specialize in progressives. As for Konami, it offers several options where you can play for the high stakes and win millions if your luck turns its face to you one day.
  • Mobile versions available. Adaptiveness of software lets admirers of Konami slots enjoy non-stop playing on the go using their smartphones. Android, iOS and WP operation systems are supported.
  • Konami is a brand that is quickly expanding in multiple directions. Regarding to slots production, it is just on the beginning of its way, and there is a lot of space to grow. Konami has a very solid base of games for brick-and-mortar casinos, and there are really great solutions among them. All of these games in the nearest future can be ported to the Internet and become online slots.
  • Konami is special, as well as its games. If we look at major providers of gambling products, we’ll see that most of them are Western companies established by Americans or Europeans. Konami is created by Japanese development, and the influence of the Eastern culture is felt in all its products – from its first games created for casinos that were dedicated to Bruce Lee and to modern virtual slots with Oriental themes. Though the functionality of games is usually standard, they provide a special gaming experience.
  • High payout rates, generous bonuses and other perks make Konami attractive from the financial point of view. High chances for winning are probably the main feature of any online slot that makes the game attractive for punters. Konami offers good bonuses to both newbies and loyal clients, and thanks to these bonuses real money is won.

As you see, Konami is quite an interesting option to try. No matter whether you are an experienced gamer who’s tested slots from all major providers, or an absolute newbie, you’ll open something new playing Konami slots. That saying, you may feel absolutely assured of your safety, as Konami casinos pay due attention to the issues of security and protection of both personal and financial data.

Bottom Line

If you want something more than just spinning the reel in a hope to win some money, you can choose Konami and get an exclusive gaming experience. Slots from this developer will make the process of playing really unique, surrounding you with Eastern motives, unusual shapes and colourful symbols. Just enjoy the gaming with these unique slots, and the Fortune will smile to you!

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