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The casino games and software provider known under the name of International Game Technologies is among the companies that to a large extent have determined the current state of the gambling sector. It would be no exaggeration to say that IGT is one of the key pillars of the entire gaming industry, both online and offline. Today, IGT casinos are present in all the regions of the world including Africa and Asia, and the best IGT casinos in the UK gather thousands of visitors, willing to try their luck in the first-class venues of this kind.

IGT History from the Start till Modern Days

Success didn’t come to IGT overnight. The company had survived many ups and downs before it became recognized all around the world as a leader of the gaming industry. Initially, IGT was an American company established by an American entrepreneur William. S. Redd in mid-1970s. The company then was based in Nevada, the USA where it sold products for Las Vegas casinos. Though it had a reputation of an honest and reliable supplier, it was known only at the local level, inside the state. The situation changed only in early 1980s, when IGT received recognition from the public for the series of its brilliant poker terminals. After the first success, the company decided to go public through NASDAQ and enter the international market. And it did it.

Throughout the next decade, the company worked hard, and the result of this work was a series of unique innovative solutions for casinos. Thus, IGT contributed much into creation of the FPP system of rewarding and computerized tracking of players. The company was the developer of S-Slots and a lot of other advanced solutions. Finally at that time, it created its famous Megabucks slots with an opportunity of hitting enormous jackpots amounting $1 million and even more.

At early 1990s, the best IGT casinos were among the first to offer themed slots to gamers. These machines became incredibly popular and brought a good deal of fame to the company. Approximately at the same time IGT started to expand its activities to the entire Europe and Japan, and some later – to the South Africa and Latin America.

The year 1996 was marked for IGT with an overwhelming success: its Wheel of Fortune slot with a progressive jackpot became the hit of all the times. Today, it is known almost in every corner of the world.

By 2000, IGT owned one million slot machines worldwide. But it continued developing innovative approaches to gambling. In particular, in was IGT who worked out the TITO system (cashless playing). Then this technology was introduced under the name of EZ-Pay.

In the period from 2003 to 2006 IGT further expanded its scope of activities, entering huge Canadian and Russian markets. Also, at that period, its MP slots series was created. In 2012 it bought Double Dow, the Facebook-based casino, so entering the market of social gaming. Finally, in 2014, the entire group was bought by GTECH. However, IGT history didn’t come to an end, as the newly formed company took the name International Game Technologies, and it is still known as IGT to the world.

IGT Products

Being an undisputable leader of the gambling industry, IGT has probably covered all the spheres possible. Today, IGT casinos no deposit bonus and other types of online and offline casinos can be found in all regions of the world. Of course, first and foremost IGT became known for its brick-and-mortar casino solutions. Later, a good deal of these solutions was transferred to the Internet. Though the collection of online games from IGT is not as huge as the collection of offline products, it is still impressive.

When it comes to online gambling, the first thing that most people think of is virtual slot machines. IGT has a brilliant collection of themed slots. It is almost impossible to tell about every of them, but at least some big names must be mentioned. They are the ones, which have altered the entire gaming sector and made it much more attractive than it used to be:

  • Wheel of Fortune series. One of the most exciting and popular game series ever. It is marvelous in terms of both functionality and visual effects. The original Wheel of Fortune version dates back to 1996. It virtually burst into the market and stroke players’ imagination with a perfect gameplay, rich animations, realistic sound and unusual bonuses. Its popularity was so high that the developers had nothing to do, but release other parts, such as Double Diamond, New Orleans and some others, including 3D versions.
  • Sex and the City. This is probably the most famous slot in the world oriented to the female audience. The gameplay is inspired with the popular movie, and the prevailing colour is pink. A full-fledge storyline, revealing familiar characters, becomes even more attractive thanks to great features.
  • Other themes inspired by Hollywood – Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Ghostbusters, Indiana Jones, Godzilla and many, many others.
  • MegaJackpots series is a hit in the world of video slots with progressive jackpots. The series includes only three games – Monopoly, Cleopatra and Cluedo, every of which gives a chance of winning a sum amounting to millions of dollars.

Of course, there are oodles of other games that are also worth attention. That said, slots are not the only product offered by IGT. It has a gorgeous collection of table games as well. It includes various types of roulette (French, Euro and classic), craps and keno games. Lovers of classic card games such as baccarat and multi-player blackjack can enjoy their favorite games in online casinos with IGT slots. Though they say these games are for brick-and-mortar casinos, as even the best virtual casino room can’t create this magic atmosphere of a real lounge, IGT has done its work professionally. Virtual gaming tables from IGT are as realistic as they can be.

Speaking about IGT games, we can’t but say some words about poker. It is still the most popular card game in the world that has its own special atmosphere. IGT, being a leader of the gambling sector, has developed a bunch of solutions for poker fans. In particular, as of today the company offers 9 different types of video poker, including Caribbean poker and Texas Holdem.

Advantages of Slots from IGT

If you opt for IGT slot games, you’ve definitely got many reasons to do so. Slots from IGT are globally accepted as reliable, well-built, innovative and really thrilling. The company has a lot of advantages over its competitors in the field of slots production. Here are some of them.

  • Diversity. IGT is a major developer that offers virtually all types of games. Moreover, even within one category, games are really diverse. For example, playing slots, you can choose from a variety of themes – from popular pictures to historical, romantic, and even fairy-tale motives. You’ll never get bored with monotony, playing IGT slots.
  • Keeping up with the latest trends. We live in a quickly changing world that places new and new requirements to everything that surrounds us. IGT is the company that not simply tries to keep up with the fashion. It creates and actively promotes innovative solutions that become examples to follow. Modern 3D slots with visual effects and latest graphical solutions? IGT offers the best ones. Prefer playing on a smartphone? Well, IGT casino games for Android and iOS are beyond praise. IGT casinos don’t offer outdated solutions. They are all the rage, and clients know it.
  • Innovations. IGT is a pioneer in many fields. It was the first to offer TITO playing. It was among the first to develop games with virtual progressive slots. Finally, it has developed an array of unique features and bonuses for its games that simply don’t have analogues in the world.
  • Cool progressive slots with breathtaking prizes. The three games of the MegaJackpots series are played by thousands of gamers worldwide, and every gamer contributes to the total jackpot a little. If you are lucky to hit jackpot in any of these games, you’ll become an owner of an enormous sum of money – over 1 million dollars. This is one of the biggest online progressive jackpots all around the globe.
  • Bonus systems. IGD has developed an array of proprietary bonus features, but it uses tried and tested popular bonuses as well. For example, free spins bonuses can be found in a variety of IGT casinos, as well as welcome bonuses for new members, match bonuses for high-rollers and numerous special bonuses for regular customers.
  • Versatility and compatibility. Although IGT is a leading gambling developer, it doesn’t have its own proprietary platform for placing its games. Instead, they develop software that is easily integrated in the majority of existing platforms, which makes IGT products popular with dozens of casinos worldwide. Games from IGT run smoothly irrespective of what particular casino you’ve chosen. Their software doesn’t conflict with the products of other providers, which makes it possible to promote IGT games in multi-brand casinos.
  • Compliance with users’ requirements and expectations. As of today, few players want to download any software on their devices. Fast and easily accessed Internet increased the popularity of real-time gaming without the need of installing any programs that occupy space on the hard drive and have special requirements to PC’s characteristics. Nowadays, people prefer to play right in browsers, and IGT offers such an opportunity. All its online slots are made with the use of Flash technology. All you need to launch such a game in a browser is a stable Internet access.

There are also some other advantages of IGT games. They all feature a rather simple navigation, which makes it easy to manage the gaming process. Those who don’t feel confident enough with the interface can opt for a demo free game for a starter – the majority of games offer such an opportunity.

IGT Reputation

Honesty and transparency of gaming are not the last things users worry about. And this is quite understandable: when it comes to real cash playing, few people want to risk, dealing with dishonest providers.

IGT is definitely among the companies with a crystal clear reputation. It is powerful enough to provide the maximum overall quality of its games, including their superb technical fine-tuning. All the slot games from IGT undergo numerous checks and tests before they become available to end users. The genuinely random results of IGT slots are proved by major international tester, and the detailed information regarding tests results is in an open access as well as information of payout rates.

IGT and Social Gaming

One more sphere where IGT was among pioneers is the so-called social gaming. After the company bought the Double Down Casino, which had formerly belonged to the world’s largest social media platform Facebook, it got access to a 5-million audience. The number of gamers who opt for this method of gaming is now growing, and as of today, about 5.4 million players per month reach for IGT games via Facebook. All in all, these users are offered about 30 brilliant slots specially adapted for the social platform, as well as some table and card games.

The role of IGT in the global gaming market can hardly be overestimated. It is one of the pillars of the industry, a pioneer in many fields and a developer of numerous innovative solutions. IGT games are an ideal way to entertain and relax while getting a chance of winning real money.

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