If you are an adventuresome person; if you feel that risking and gambling are integral parts of your life, then slots for real money are what you need. This edge-walking game will fully captivate you from the very first spin and open for you a magic world of passion, big money, and an incessant risk of losing it all. On this page, you’ll find a list of slots for real money from reliable developers offered by trustworthy casinos. Are you eager to start playing right now? Then read out comprehensive review of all the benefits and privileges that you will get, playing slot machines for real money.


This is, probably, the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to talking about free slots for real money. And this is quire understandable, as bonuses are widely practiced by the majority of web-casinos. Every player who creates a real-money account in any casino is commonly eligible for a match bonus. The bonus is granted to the players who deposit a certain amount of real cash. The bonus size can vary from 20 to 260% of the deposit (usually it is 100%). In many casinos, it is possible to get up to $1000 in the form of a bonus.

There are some other types of bonuses, which are less popular and less frequently used, but still pleasant. For example, no deposit bonuses are given for registration (they rarely exceed $10). Some casinos grant free spins as part of new games promotion. Finally, a gamer can get gifts in his birthday. But the most pleasant thing in all this is that all bonuses can be used as credits in slot games for real money.

Reasons to Play Real Money Slots

What makes gamblers play slots online for real money again and again? Is it a chance of becoming a millionaire overnight? Or is it this incomparable adrenaline rush that they experience every time watching the reels spinning? Or maybe, this is the unique atmosphere of gambling that attract every adventure-seeker like a magnet? If fact, there are no right and wrong answers to these questions. Gambling is a unique type of entertainment, and playing online slots for real money is a unique type of gambling. Everyone who has ever tried it will agree with this statement.

Of course, you have the right to be skeptic about it. You can think that people who play slots for real money online never win; that they only lose all their money in a short time. However, statistics claims quite the opposite. Major winnings are recorded every day; and every few days someone hits a jackpot and resolves his or her financial problems in a minute. We don’t say here about small and medium prizes, such as $100-500. Of course, many people lose their money, and some of them lose it too quickly. But it’s a game, and if you treat is as a game, not the method of earning, you’ll take it easy.

Another reason to play slot machines for real money is this unique thrill and passion that only gamblers know. We rarely experience something like this in our everyday life. You will probably agree that for the most part our life is too grey and monotonous. All of us need a powerful adrenaline rush from time to time, and when you play casino slots for real money you get it.

Free Slots or Real-Money Slots

Technically, the only difference between playing “just for fun” slots and casino slots for real money is the involvement of your real finances. In the former case, you don’t invest any cash and, consequently, can’t win anything. In the latter case, you spend your finances on gaming, and have a chance of getting a real award. Every approach has its benefits and drawbacks, and it’s up to you to decide whether you are ready to play slots for real money or not.

Practice shows that mast people begin with the free mode – with the game where there are no winners and losers. However, over the time, they tend to switch to online slot machines for real money in order to experience more thrill and excitement. Playing for free is also great when you need to check or test a new or an unknown game. If you decide that the game is worth of investing, you may continue playing it for real money.

Some people wonder whether it is possible to play slots for free, win real money, and then withdraw it. Truly saying, such cases are exceptionally rare, so that the probability of it is close to zero. However, there are some recorded cases when players registered accounts, received no deposit bonuses, fulfilled all the playthrough requirements and withdrew the winning.

How to Play Slots for Real Money Online?

Basically, the rules are rather simple, and they are similar irrespective of whether you are playing slots online for real money or in the fun mode. The aim of the game is to form a chain of similar icons on a certain line on the reeland by spinning the reels. The icons fall out randomly, so you can’t predict their position or influence it somehow. Everything depends solely on your luck.

To play online slots for real money you need to have a verified account on the casino’s site. The verification is compulsory, as you need to prove that you are older than 18, and that you hadn’t registered here before. Then, you need to make a deposit (the minimum deposit size commonly starts from $10). Sometimes, to play slots for real money no deposit is required, as you get a no deposit bonus, which can be spent on gaming. As soon as you have some cash on your balance, you can start spinning the reel.

How to win real money playing free slots?

The only existing way of raising cash by playing for free is to make use of no-deposit bonuses. In this case, to play free slots for real money no deposit will be required. Mind though that even in the case of winning, you’ll need to fulfill the wagering/playthrough requirements that vary depending on the platform. Otherwise, you won’t be able to withdraw your prize.