Throughout the history of games of fortune existence, people have repeatedly made attempts of hacking the system and getting easy money. In particular, numerous attempts have been made in the sphere of slot games – in both online and land-based casinos. Over the time, various “strategies” of beating gambling machines have been worked out. Unfortunately, most of these strategies turned to be inefficient, fake, or illegal. But are there any legal ways to beat a slot machine? Well, though nobody can guarantee or predict a certain outcome of a particular spin, there are some methods that help to increase the probability of winning.

The Mechanism of Slot Machines Functioning

If you want to have some control over your winnings, you need to understand how a slot machine works. The basic principle is as follows: a player presses a button (a real or a virtual one), so triggering the spinning of the machine’s reels. In some time (usually, in a couple of seconds) the reels stop, forming a unique combination on the screen. But the main question is: how does a machine know when to stop, and is it possible to influence its behavior? Well, any machine is driven by a special computer program based on the random number generator technology, a.k.a. RNG. As the name implies, this program generates random numbers. Each number corresponds to a certain position of the reel. No one can predict what number will be generated next time, and nobody can influence this process. Moreover, every separate spin is absolutely independent on the previous and the following spins. That’s why it is impossible to make any logical assumptions – this is just a matter of luck.

Strategies Leading to Nowhere

There are many slot machines strategies that have proved to be inefficient. Moreover, some of them are potentially dangerous or illegal. Here are things you should never try if you don’t want your game to end in failure.

Everything that relates to cheating. Don’t think that casino owners are fools. Even if you are lucky enough and win, using one of these methods, chances are you won’t get this money, as in most cases casinos’ security teams work better that you can imagine. There are a lot of recorded cases when cheaters were seized and imprisoned and very few cases when they managed to take their winnings. The best-known cheating methods for brick-and-mortar casinos include:

  • Using magnets. This method was used by swindlers half a century ago, when bodies of slot machines were all-metal, and the coin dispenser was mechanical. Nowadays, machines are made of high-quality plastic, and are equipped with intelligent electronic systems that are magnet-resistant.
  • Using strings. This is also an old method. A string used to be tied to a coin, and after a player got the needed sum on his deposit, he pulled back the coin. Then coins were replaced by paper banknotes, and now most casinos accept cashless payment and digital currencies, so the method is completely outdated.

There were some more extravagant cheating methods, such as jumping inside a machine and adjusting the results, but all of them were revealed and proved their full inefficiency. In the case with online slot machines, cheaters try to hack their protection but never succeed.

Trying to predict the next winning combinations, using logic or certain imaginary regularities. There are no regularities or consistent patterns in gambling. The results are random, you must admit it. Some people draw imaginary X or V letters on the screen and expect symbols to take these shapes. Others try to calculate the number of winning and losing spins and predict the outcome on the next spin. Still others believe that there are “cold” and “hot” machines, and that any machine needs to be heated up before it starts to produce winning combinations.

How to Increase Chances for Winning: Working Tips

Basically, in a long-term perspective, anyone playing any slot machine loses his money. The longer you play, the more you lose. This is the main law of gambling. If this was vice versa, casinos would go bankrupt, and they, of course, are not going to do it. But sometimes players give a chance to win. In most cases, winnings are small and medium, however, occasionally players get major winnings and even hit jackpot. If at this moment the player stops the game and takes his money, he goes to a surplus.

The main goal of any gamer is to minimize the losses and maximize the winning. Experts and experience players recommend to adhere to the following basic rules.

  1. From the very beginning, determine the sum of money you are ready to lose and think how long you are going to play. Based on these two criteria choose the game. The game’s RTP indicator shows how much you will lose using it. For example, with an RTP level 90% you are going to lose 10% from every bet. Suppose, you bet $1 per spin. You will lose $0.1 on every spin (in average). Taking into consideration the fact that players make approximately 600 spins per hour, we can calculate that you will lose $60 per hour. If you want to play for a couple of hours, you need $120.
  2. Set the limits for yourself and don’t violate them. Don’t spend more than you can afford. If in the above-described situation you feel that 2 hours are insufficient for you, decrease the bet level to $50 per spin. But never deposit more money that you have to a casino. And never borrow money in order to play. Don’t make any plans regarding a possible future winning.
  3. Find your ideal volatility level. As a general rule of thumb, a lower risk means smaller winnings and vice versa. High rollers are players that invest heavily in gaming and win major prizes more frequently than others. But if you are not ready to spend thousands of dollars on gambling, consider options with a lower volatility.
  4. Don’t play progressive slots if you are not ready to invest. Partially, all the above-said relates to progressive slots as well. Progressive jackpots require investments. There’s not much sense in playing progressive slots at the low stakes, as even if you hit the jackpot, you will receive just a fraction of it if anything. If you opt for a progressive slot, play at high stakes.
  5. Make the most of casinos’ promos and loyalty programs. There are two types of players. Players of the first type hunt for welcome bonuses, signing up new and new casinos. But you need to always keep in mind that wagering requirements of these welcome bonuses are not always easy to fulfill, and chances for major winnings are minimal. Players on the second type choose their favorite casino with the most beneficial terms and start boosting their accounts there. Most casinos have special VIP programs for such players, which bring more benefit than welcome bonuses. Loyal and VIP customers can receive comp points, free spins, discounts, gifts and a lot of other pleasant bonuses from the casino.

Bottom Line

Though it is impossible to work out a single strategy that will help you to win in casinos again and again, you can choose a wise approach to gaming, reduce the risk and maximize the chances for success. Choose the most comfortable for you mode of gaming and select the games that fit into this mode. And don’t forget that healthy gaming is the gaming that brings you nothing but enjoyment.