Slot machines have always been one of the most alluring gambler tools. Unlike, for example, poker or blackjack, playing slots is very easy. One doesn’t need to have any experience or skills to roll the reels with colorful images, forming numerous combinations on the screen. Meanwhile, the winnings can be rather impressive, especially if a player is lucky to hit the jackpot. A possibility of making easy money makes some people look for a secret “key” to slot machines in order to get a control over the game’s results. People who find the way to “hack” casino machines are called cheaters, and their activity is known as cheating. Over the time of slot machines existence, there had been very few true cheaters, who really managed to beat one-armed bandits and get real money as a result of their actions. And most of those cheaters were caught in the end. And still, people don’t drop their attempts of cheating slots, though their chances for success are close to zero.

The History of Slot Machines Cheating

All successful attempt of cheating that had ever been recorder relate to the era of brick-and mortar casinos, exactly, to the second half of the twentieth century. Basically, the essence of cheating is adjusting the results of the spin and making a machine to form a winning combination. In other words, cheaters make slot machine to give away money when they want. Of course, it is much easier to do it with physical metal machines with physical metal coins than with computer programs regulating e-slots. Another subcategory of cheating is making a machine work without paying for this. This becomes possible through various manipulations with money.

Manipulations with Coins

At the times when slot machines accepted usual method coins, scammers used to invent various manipulations in order to cheat machines. Some known practices included feeding shaved and fake coins into machines’ feeders. In early days, some cheaters used to succeed with this technology and beat a lot of machines around. As a result, casinos implemented a practice of using the light sensor for more precise coins identification.

Another technique that can also be categorized as a coin manipulation was known as Yo-Yo. A cheater took a thin long string and attached it to the coin. The coin then was put into the feeder and “swallowed” by the machine. As soon as it is accepted and the game is activated, the scammers pulled it out, using the string. Needless to explain this method also fell into oblivion.

A Blinder

This technique was invented by the infamous Tommy Glenn Carmichael, who undertook numerous attempts of cheating, trying new and new methods. This one involved a light wand that blinded the light sensor, which caused mistakes in counting coins by a machine. As a result, they gave out unexpected and random results, and sometimes Tommy was lucky to get a jackpot by investing just some pennies. But he was arrested in some time.


This is also an old method that has several variations. The cheaters’ goal in this case is to create a jam inside a machine and hold its coin chuter in order to let it give away all the coins. They used various items for this – from piano strings to metal rods. Some attempts were successful, but with the enhancing of protection measures this method became completely inefficient.


Apart from a coarse physical interference, there existed more subtle cheating methods that were not so easy to reveal. All of them involved some programming or special engineering skills. For example, one engineer who created chips for slot machines created his own secret code and added it to some chips. After a player executed a certain combination of actions, such machine automatically paid out the jackpot. He “won” many thousands of dollars before his secret was revealed.

Causing Software Glitches

No software is perfect, and scammers are well aware of it. At different times, different cheaters figured out the combinations that caused glitches, As a result of such glitches, machines could pay out huge jackpots.

Slot Machines Cheating These Days

All the methods described theoretically could be used in the 20th century, in the pre-computer era, when machines accepted metal coins and their “guts” used to be mechanical rather than digital. Nowadays, all land-based machines are driven by computer programs. Casinos don’t accept coins anymore, using banknotes, checks, or something else instead. Finally, every casino is now equipped with cameras, and every inch is surveilled by security services. Still, from time to time, there are attempts of cheating, but as a general rule of thumb they are fruitless.

Online Slot Machines Cheating

As soon as slot games went digital, cheaters went digital as well. But the level of protection of modern online slots is too high. Experts say it is impossible to hack them, if only you don’t have an access to the programming code itself. Otherwise, there are no ways to influence the outcome of the game or predict the results somehow. That is why digital cheaters specialize in cheating players, not casinos.

How do they cheat you? For example, they make you believe that there are working ways of cheating e-casinos. They claim that they found unique strategies that help to calculate all the available combinations and work out a unique playing pattern. When you are ready to believe in this stuff, they sell you a “unique” slot machines cheating guide, which, allegedly, will help you to become a millionaire. But the only person who can become a millionaire in this situation is the author of this “guide”. Do you want to support cheaters? If no, then don’t buy these useless guides.

You may like or not, but there is no way to adjust, change, or predict the outcome of a slot game. The first thing you must keep in mind is that its results are random. If you had five losing combinations in row, it means nothing. Your sixth combination can be a jackpot or a loss, and the probability of winning is always 50/50. The second fact that everyone needs to remember is that slot games are negative expectation games. It means that in a long-term perspective you will always lose. The longer you play – the more you lose. But sometimes, you will win. And sometimes (rarely) you winnings will be huge. Everything depends on your luck, and this is the only law of gambling.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Cheater

Suppose, you’ve found a way to cheat a slot machine. Potentially, you have a chance to become a millionaire by adjusting the game outcome. Of course, it is an advantage. But is everything as simple as that? Of course, no. If past experience is anything to go by, all cheaters had been caught sooner or later. The perspective of spending some years in jail is not too alluring, isn’t it? Is’t it better to enjoy gaming and rely on your luck? It’s all for you to decide.