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Tiana. Reviewed on 11.07.18
I am always giving new platforms some chance because I like to explore and discover new names and this casino was powered by the B3W group software which I heard for the very first time. And the site was looking nice and I thought if trying my hand in this casino site as well. Besides they were also giving a 100% match up bonus up to 250$ which attracted me a lot because mostly casinos only give a match up bonus up to 80 or 100$ and I liked this about the casino. And also they have the best live chat facility you will ever experience in a casino.

They did not have downloading software which I did not like because as I have said before that instant play games are not as fast as the downloaded software. I played the snake slot first and did not enjoy it a lot because even after a couple of hours there was not a boost up in my balance. And then decided to shift to extra cash which also was not a very nice decision of mine. I lost my deposit in these two games only because in the end I got frustrated and I started betting little higher on slots and eventually lost it all.

I do not know who to blame but all I can say is that my experience on this casino site was not as good as I had expected. The support staff was very nice and helpful and I give them full marks. I wished that the games were also that good. I would say that casinos need to choose the platform they want on their site carefully else they would not have many users and would not stay in the long run. I would rate this casino 5 out of 10 and hoping that they have improved now.
Here is my next review from Yachting casino:
Last year when I sit at home and was bored I found them casino on AskGamblers and they offered 30 free spins on them famous slots, (sorry it is a joke, the only famous thing about from that casino is this Indiana croft slot, the best name all of the slot names what I ever saw, I claimed that bonus only because I was able to play with that machine). They home page not amazed me I can tell you, it is seems like a fast and cheap design and also uses the same picture like some other casino uses before.

I checked the promotion but I didn’t hope anything about it because I saw it is a multi stage promotion. I get 30 free spins if I registered and I was able to transfer maximum 50 euro to my first deposit (deposit bonus). So it wasn’t the best free spins what I saw but the slot name is seduces me.

I registered my account to them then I get 30 dollar from them and I started to play with the Indiana Croft, I thought I get free spins so I was surprised. The wagering requirements are 25 times before it is added to your next deposit. I played on 0.45 dollar stakes. This machine wasn’t in a good condition and didn’t want to give any valuable. I started to lose my bonus without any winnings, a little bit later I get the free game and collected 8 dollar from it so I didn’t can take it serious. I rose up to 0.9 dollar and played down my money until to zero. I thank to god I didn’t win that bonus money because I never deposit to them a damn cent and I think that promotion was more than ridiculous.
(Of course that is the casino fault not the
Thank you!
Chandra. Reviewed on 24.09.18
The only reason I chose to play on Yachting Casino is because I often play on Yachting Poker through a Free bankroll from an affiliate website. My experience is almost the same when playing on casinos such as Intercasino.

The most well known slot I played on during my stay is Merlin Millions! What I found bizarre is a 9 Paylines 10 coins video slot called Indiana Croft and Lara Jones lol. The only thing I found to be interesting is it's Free Spins. No bonuses or any type of multipliers applied on Indiana Croft and Lara Jones. Most of my time I stayed on this bizarre video slot just so I can observe it's payouts and what it has to offer. Unfortunately it was nothing compared to the video slots found on Microgaming Casinos, they have more to give players and almost every video slot is equipped with 2 features so the fun never ends. As Indiana Croft and Lara Jones was not my favourite video slot (nor will it ever be) I wanted to try out a different video slot called Superman. Rather than tell you about my experience with Merlin's Millions (since I explained about it on a different review) I will explain the video slot Superman instead because it is much more interesting. I was well on my way to experience great wins on a well known movie turned video slot. Superman is a 50 Paylines slot that can take up to $100 bet per spin. In Superman there are your usual 5 Reels but instead of each reel taking up 3 symbols it can take 4 symbols so you will not miss a scatter should it be above the reels. That type of experience is not great especially if you need only 1 scatter to trigger a feature and the last scatter just needs one position downward from the top to make it happen. I really hate when slots do that! The 10 Free Spins inside the feature (Wild Superman on Reels 2, 3 and 4 at the same time) award an expanded wild each spin on a random reel (you'll see Superman fly onto one of the reels) while awarding a random multiplier of up to 5x. This game kind of reminds me of Cherry Love on Playtech casinos but with a cooler more epic and rewarding approach. There is a bonus bet that makes the unattractive scatter into a 3rd looking bonus scatter. The background changed into a explosion. When activated 3 of those can trigger the Save the World feature! For me the feature took long before I was awarded one! Inside the feature you have to blast through meteors as much as possible (using your mouse) to gain prizes then 5 missiles will appear so you'll have to blast all 5 of them. After blasting through I was given an option to pick a door in the secret glacial hideout. One of them leads to a hostage, another a kryptonite room which ends the feature and lastly one leads to Lex Luthor which gives you 100x your bet. I can't believe this was my first feature and I got through while finding Lex Luthor on a $3 bet! That's $3 x 100x = $300 just for picking the right door! Now that was worth chasing the bonus!!! My final words: Yachting Casino made my day and so will yours!

Support: 10/10
Terms and Conditions: 9/10
Payouts: 9/10
Deposits: 10/10
Deposits: 8.5/10
Arlyne. Reviewed on 02.10.18
Well here is the first review that I would not have written without the unexpected help from the casino itself. It is about my opinion on Yachting Casino. About a week ago having some free time and wanting to try something new I have chosen a casino from the no deposit bonus list on the AskGamblers site offering not a money bonus but instead 30 free spins.

This casino is a bit different from others I have played until now in the sense that there is not a download version of the casino but only the instant play. Moreover the registration is not made using a proper username (you login with your email address). In addition there you do not have the opportunity to try first the games without money and you need to play live with real money from the beginning. This is indeed a disadvantage. Compensated I would say by a few advantages that I will describe below.

The first advantage is that the 30 free spins are actually 30 USD that can be played at a 9-line slot that has the value of a coin from 1 cent to 10 cents (I chose the Royal Fruit slot). So there are actually over 300 free spins to play a positive fact for any gamers that want to spend as much time as possible playing. The slot was quite generous and after the 300 free spins I had a balance of almost 50 USD. But I found that I need to deposit at least 25 USD for that money to be added to my real balance. Too much for my pocket and I decided to stop here. But during the evening of the same day that I played I had a very pleasant surprise from the support. I was called on the phone to make a deposit and following the explanations about my intention to review the casino they agreed to move my 50 USD into the real money balance without making a deposit and to be able to withdraw provided I meet first the wagering requirements. So I got an unexpected help and for this support gets a 10 mark. Each category of games (slots, table games, etc.) is represented by 10-15 different games (not very much indeed). With the money awarded I played a few slots and roulette about 10 minutes and I was able to withdraw about 110 USD. I waited for the withdrawal about 4 days and I had no problems. As I said the online support was very good.

To draw a line here, this is a casino that even if it has some drawbacks you can easily win (try slots) and it is worth trying your luck.
Dan. Reviewed on 03.10.18
Earlier this week, I was browsing the AskGambers site looking for a tempting free offer I had yet to take advantage of when I came across Yachting Casino. Not being familiar with the site name or gaming platform but in the mood for something different -- and seeing a positive review from another user -- I decided to register and try my luck with the advertised free spins exclusive offer. However, in my spontaneous haste, I forgot to include the bonus code on the signup page. I turned to the live chat service for immediate assistance and a male customer representative quickly came to my aid. Once I had explained the situation he told me would activate the offer for me and I would be be able claim it in the cashier once I logged into my account again after first signing out.

Sure enough, the bonus was waiting for me in the form of a banner upon opening the banking section. Clicking on it brought up confirmation that the promotion was now live and listed important information, like the three slot games it was valid on and the expiry date. Most critical was the revelation that the 30 spins actually consisted of 30 units of a player's chosen account currency -- US$ in my case -- and that, depending on how much was won with the free credits, an amount between $10 and $50 could then be transferred to one's bonus account and be claimed upon a subsequent deposit. Personally I found this aspect slightly confusing and rather disappointing, especially in the execution.

Out of the three available options in the instant play casino, I decided to play the free $30 on the Mayan-themed slot rather than the fruit-based game or the Indiana Jones/Lara Croft crossover/ripoff (I am not an intellectual property rights expert but seriously, can the game developer get away with simply switching the last names around?). I was soon regretting my choice as the reels quickly spun and my funds rapidly dwindled while the total winnings (kept separate from the main balance) remained dismally low. Towards the end I managed to trigger a free spins feature on the nine line slot but it made little difference and, in the end, I only won enough to claim a $10 bonus.
Lidia. Reviewed on 05.10.18
Not much to be had here on Yachting Casino for the 30 Free Spins I got from a special and more than generous affiliate.....AskGamblers. Now what I first thought of was the 30 Free Spins were exact as they are...just normal spins on these 3 video slots Royal Maya, Indiana Croft and Royal Fruit. These details were not a good way so to speak and I will tell you why. These 30 free spins are actually in the form of $30 although CAD wasn't available in Yachting casino so I moved to a second choice of currency not blindfolded to my eyes, USD. This bonus is a smaller version of what I call a Freeplay. It determines how much I can win from the $30 using these 3 video slots and every win I collected gets converted into bonus money so if I won $24.20 then I'll get $20 as a bonus. The winnings must pass $10 each to gain $10. Passing a checkpoint is what matters. All I won after I used the free spins is $20 and as the rules state I had to deposit to release this $20 bonus to my account. It's very small for a bonus and so I deposited $25 and gotten not one bonus but also the first deposit bonus to get $70.

Support has been very kind in assisting me with the bonuses and I can say they have been friendly when I chatted a conversation with them. I used the bonus towards Green Lantern, Hot Roller which was not hot in winnings when I came to it, Doctor Love and Hot Hot Volcano. I especially like Hot Hot Volcano for the feature despite having only 5 respins when it triggers. I kept spending $1.25 bets on this slot to try again with a fresh set of 5 respins....that time never came again. I even doubled my bets to make swift playthrough but I finished my bankroll within an hour. Friendly &helpful support, the video slots they had are standing at a "Pass" level (good enough) however the 30 free spins were completely something I don't want to play through again! I give Yachting Casino a 6.5 out of 10! 30 Free Spins? Don't you mean $30 in freeplay credits?

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