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Clarinda. Reviewed on 11.07.18
My experience here at Wizbet casino was very good. I enjoyed all their video slots since I'm not too much, all into classic slots. The only classic slot that actually pays is Santas surprize, anyway I was playing here on a freechip from I think it was online sexy slots website 50$ freechip of spins. My Playthrogh was huge I think almost 4,000 or something. I couldn't believe I had won like at every different video slot I would choose. Their software is the best I love bet on soft casinos, they beat Microgaming software for sure. Here at Genesys group casinos I'm not a VIP yet but played at all their casinos long enough to hold silver tier level and hopefully soon I will reach a gold tier level getting more freechips on special occasions and bigger matches.

For the most part the bet on soft video slots are cool and wonderful pays when they hit but I noticed a lot of error codes going on lately. Whenever I'm spinning the reels spin for like 2 minutes causing an error code to pop out leaving me to click ok and back to lobby I go. This leads me to have to re start the video slot I was playing. Somethings up with the software wish they could fix that soon enough.

Another thing is they need to upgrade their software in tournaments making tournaments available to all players. Rate now their tournaments are set at usd currencies and euro currencies, not allowing another currency to join. I'm Canadian so I can't join tournaments since I registered in cad dollar currency. However if I close that account and re register new account into usd currency I could then join I did this at few bet on soft casinos already but not Genesys group. I didn't want to change to a new account in usd currency cause I would have to give up my tier level at silver, which took me long and hard to get.

The Genesys group which holds casinos Wizbet, Mandarin palace casino, Grand eagle casino, Lucky creek casino and Treasure mile casino are great and all but they really do need to be more generous to their depositors. Like me I usually would pick them to play at on weekends for their match plus free spin offers, they get going on once in a while in a promo. Like 3-5 match and spins codes claim all and get extra 50 spins. I love promos like those. If they want to keep good customers they need to often give free spins codes no deposit to those who have deposited within last month or two. That way it keeps us coming back to play, looking forward to a free gift is the way to go!

Anyway playing here was good to me though I like the games too much I guess cause I had won off of the 50$ spins and made close to 900$ after playthrough was done. I went to cash out however these guys emailed me saying they needed documentations sent in so I scanned and sent them in. Waited 2 days later email says they needed them again I sent the magain and by the next day I reversed my withdraw and lost it all within 2 hrs of play! So sad to see a casino with good reputation to cause this. They should know better than that to delay and delay even though they got all the info 2 times. So guess what this wasn't first time they did this I cashed out at grand eagle casino the Genesys groups other casino, sister to Wizbet casino and they did same thing saying they needed updated utility ok so I sent them that then they said process takes 48hrs before they send out the withdraw. So knowing me I played 1500$ cash out reversed all gone back with in 1 hr this time. Wow to me 48hrs then 2-5 business days is too long to wait for it. Casinos should stop delaying cashouts cause they never stop to think the customers in need to cashout in order to deposit to the casino again. If there's no cashout there's no more deposits for you. Plan and simple.

Well make sure to hound them on your verification for documents before you cashout so they don't try delay you!
Good luck.
Golden. Reviewed on 23.09.18
Wizbet Casino is a part of the Bet On Soft casinos. I am member in this casino long time ago and that was when they were giving free chip just to join them. But even if it was long time ago I think that they are running the same promotions with the free chips, well that depends what kind of offer will you find on the net from them and they are plenty of them. Lately I don't see many free spins that they are giving.

I am talking about the existing players, but for new, like I said you can find. When I was theirs regular player the free spins they were giving maybe once a week but not now. I do like this casino even if I deposited only few times there, but the good thing is that they still didn't forget me, well from time to time they send me some free spins, well honestly before I could use those free spin, but now they update their program and if you use more then 3-5 free spins bonuses the system doesn't allow you to claim this free spins.
I have never cashout from this casino, although I had few chances to do that, but I guess I was too greedy, so wanted more and lost it all. I like this casino as far as I know there are no complaints or negative things of them, although lately from this Bet on Soft Group Casinos the complaints are becoming more and more common, but don't worry I am not talking about this casino. The chat support from this casino or from this group of casinos is great about cashing out, I really don't have experience, but since there are no complaints I guess they are doing fine. I do recommend this casino because I think they are casino you can trust.
I've been really taken seriously this contest and done some gambling in many casinos and this month I decided to do game reviews too.

I tried out many casinos that aren't in AskGamblers top 50 casino list and this is one of them. I believe that we all have different kind of reasons and expectations, when we gamble. Of course, we all want to win the money, but I do it more for fun, it's kinda my hobby.

I saw Wizbet Casino on our forum. It's ranking is 7.6 which is very good for an average casino like Wizbet. I visited their page and they were offering a generous offer for newbie clients-200% deposit bonus up to 400 Eur, that's why I decided to give it a try. I've recently bought a new phone so I downloaded their casino app. I deposit 25 Eur, got 50 Eur bonus and ended up with 75 eur in total.

They offer various games like slots, bj, roulette, poker & baccarat. I love BJ, it's my favorite game, so I started with it, I played with live dealers, I always prefer live games rather than table games. The dealers were nice & the pace of dealing was really OK (you know when there are some times, when the dealers are too slow and it gets on your nerves and makes you nervous). With 5 Eur win I carried on. I've never played baccarat at an online casino, so I went for it, I think the game itself is less stressful and not so serious than bj. I lost about 20 Eur. I think that their slot games are very descent, well, if I would want to play slots I guess I would choose different casino for that, I find the game design kinda poor. This time I can't say anything about withdrawal, because I still have money in my account, but I do have a feeling that everything would be done correctly. They also have a live chat person who answers to all of your questions.

Overall, I had a nice few hour session at their casino and I can't say anything bad about their service, I liked everything except the slots, but maybe it's just me.
Cindy. Reviewed on 27.09.18
Wizbet has a membership to the Genesys club that contains four other members, Treasure Mile, Grand Eagle, Lucky Creek and Mandarin Palace. The Free Spins I got from Treasure Mile in the past made me do some searching around and because of this I later discovered the other four members for a total of five. These were all casinos that ran on Bet on Soft software.

What I first wanted to play on is Code 211, a policed themed video slot that contains only 15 Paylines but can hold up to a maximum of $3 per bet or higher should I choose to change the Coin size to higher that $0.01. The background music sounds like a chase music for when Police are in pursuit of a suspect in a movie. I find it pretty cool to hear when placing bets. I started with just a minimum under a $0.75 bet. With just 3 spins I already got Free Spins. How quick was that! The feature basically surrendered to me right away, I was expecting a couple of initial bets before it granted me a feature but since it gave me the feature I can't really argue right? Why can't I see that in other casinos!? The feature I got were Free Spins to the total of 10 at 3x for 3 scattered spray canisters (Or better yet a robber spraying over a recording camera). What I got was $24.75 after 3 normal spins. Mainly the 2 scatters and the 5 of a kind Aces with 2 getaway wilds on Reels 3 and 5 were the main contributors to my wins.

What I did next was increase the bets to $1.35 so I can win bigger amounts but while spinning I got a string of amounts of $0.18 and $0.45. I changed my game to another video slot called Wild Wizards because Code 211 was paying low. This interesting video slot gave me back only half of what I lost. Wild Wizards only made me fall into it's spell for just a brief moment because my bets were returned as well as moderately high wins came out. Although no Free Spins were rewarded to me (it is identical as Code 211's free spins). Once I broke out of this enchanted slot's spell I finally placed multiple bets of $5 on Single Deck Blackjack. I won my first two hands but all my funds were burned into a raging fire once Bad Luck showed up. As I kept losing bets under a $5 I increased my play and placed $10 to chase my losses. From there I lucked out and my funds turned into ashes (Oh no! Think of the children! Or better yet think of folded bills totaling to $1000, Ten $100 bills lit up in front of you as an example. Most peoples Jaws would drop as a reaction.

Can' The reason I come to online casinos is they are convenient, I never have to make a hassle to drive/fly to go to Vegas and it makes all the hard work disappear. There are plenty more reasons I could tell you but they are personal so I will leave you with those three. I may have lucked out but there is no further reason for me to continue playing here. I just wanted to try a taste on this casino and the flavor turned out to be a mix of sweet and bitter. If I had to put this in terms of music it would have to be "Bittersweet Symphony". Yeah bump into those people! A 6.5 out of 10 for Wizbet only because the atmosphere gets the extra 1 point.
Miriam. Reviewed on 03.10.18
Wizbet Casino

Wizbet Casino is a casino in the Genesys group of casinos, which includes Mandarin Palace, Lucky Creek, Treasure Mile, Wiz bet, and Grande Eagle Casino. It also uses Bet on soft Software. Wizbet is one of if not the only Bet on soft casinos that not only offers the software download, but also allows you to play to on the website itself, through flash players. Bet on soft, has one of if not the best forms of software that is available to players who live in the United States of America. It has a lot of different slot games, ranging from one line classic slots, to five line classic slots, to nine line video slots to fifty line video slots, to multi way winning video slots such as Road Trip Max Ways where you have two hundred and forty plus ways of winning, the slots also have cool three dimensional graphics.

On top of the wide variety of slots they offer, they also offer multiple forms of black jack, from single deck black jack, to Atlantic City Blackjack, all the way to Vegas Blackjack and Vegas Black Jack Deluxe Edition. They also have progressive games such as one line, and fifteen line Dream Wheel Slots, and a vast array of video poker games, that allow you to play one handed, ten handed, and fifty two handed, with a progressive video poker game called Rocket Jacks, that pays a progressive jackpot if you hit a royal flush. They also have double, triple bonus poker, deuces wild, bonus deuces wild, and deuces and jokers. Wizbet also has all a great selection of table games and scratch offs. Wizbet was the first casino I played under Genesys, using a code for free spins I won $35. I got it up to $50 playing Aladdin but lost it all on Horns of Plenty because I bet high and never hit the free spin.

Genesys also offers the best bonuses to it’s players. You can get a match deposit offer from AskGamblers using this link
Rating 9.3/10.
Jeanna. Reviewed on 05.10.18
WizBet Casino is a part of the Genesys Group along with Treasure Mile Casino, Mandarin Palace, Grand Eagle Casino and Lucky Creek Casino. Those Casinos are powered by BetonSoft software and if you wanna play in any of the previously mentioned casinos you will not make a mistake in my opinion and if you look at the complaints number, you will find very few complaints, successfully solved.

I came across a ND offer and it was 30 free spins for Age of Spartans. Slot game. I got 14 euros and wager was 40x bonus but unfortunately after I checked with Live Support I found out that welcome bonuses and ND bonuses are not available for my country. I can’t tell that I was disappointed, because I wasn’t but I am always looking forward to try a new BetonSoft game considering the fact that I am not actually a depositor in BetonSoft powered Casinos... Well, I had no choice but to play in free mode, so I played for a while Legends of Greece, Lucky Leprechauns, Legends of Avalon which couldn't be played in free mode, only for real money .I like very much the Avalon game and I was curious to give it a try.

If you are curious yourself, you can try this game here on AskGamblers in free mode. Casino interior looks average to me and any online gambler would notice that it is BetonSoft powered casino because they have almost the same lobby. I checked if this was my only account here and then I confirmed my email. Wizbet lobby navigation is very simple and you won’t get lost and there are no flashing promotions popping out of everywhere. I noticed that the average wager for their bonus promotion is 40x.

I can’t resist and I must say that I can’t believe how some people taking things and info's for granted. My advice is, you better check with live support terms and conditions before making some facts here on AskGamblers and make sure they comply with your statements.
Lucilla. Reviewed on 06.10.18
I want to share my experience here at Wizbet Casino to be honest I don't want my first time play here because I lost my first deposit anyway it didn't disappoints they offered me another bonus. Okay the first time I saw this casino is when the I'm not sure if it's AskGambler link or I just visit some of Wizbet link and it offered a deposit bonus code worth of 100% so when I get their and got the bonus of course I deposited first I play some of their popular slots. The good thing about this casino is that they're verified U.K casino and certified high trustworthy casino Itech lab, is the good example another one is that they're powered by BetOnSoft platform so expect they have high quality slots and casino games. They also have mobile version and it's in demand now a days but I prefer to use their desktop version because it's compatible for me to use, gaming experience here is very nice and that's why I like the BOS platform it's very professional when it comes to graphics and gaming experience. Sometimes I win and sometimes I lost but unfortunately I lost my first deposit however I didn't regret playing at Wizbet Casino.

I didn't satisfied and didn't stopped, so I deposited again to play and give them another chance, this time I must win the certain amount of my lost and also enjoy the playing note that they offered me bonus via email that's why I got extra money and also wagering requirements. At last finally I came up with extra winning and got low wagering to finish. After few days of playing I finished it and excited to get my first withdrawal and process the verification if any. The withdrawal takes about 24 hours and get my money via e-wallet. This casino is very nice casino until today they didn't change their nice treatment to their player but they improved some of their features and I am happy to it.

I rated Wizbet Casino B+ over all!
Penney. Reviewed on 07.10.18
Wizbet is an instant play casino that attracted me because of the new games that it offered. The promotions that they are giving are actually giving Facebook customers an extra bonus. Much of it is to promote their new games -small soldiers.It appears that new games are very much a regular thing on the site – there are plenty of casino games I have never seen before.

The graphics on the website are pretty cool – they really make you want to play. You don't get much but the games are really quite effective with jaunty little tunes. When I signed up they gave me an instant $10 into my account – pretty good for doing absolutely nothing! I actually didn't have too much luck with the slot games losing $18 to the game while spinning for quite a long time = the free spins feature that they game was renowned for just didn't show up and the music started to grate on my nerves. Feeling a bit fed up I switched to my favorite game, Atlantic city blackjack and thought I would see how I would do. I had been having a run of luck, but it seemed like it wasn't going to continue – after winning the first hand, I had a losing streak of 10 games in a row – it happens – I kept on busting at 22, and I got quite annoyed.

However, I stayed patient, didn't raise my stake and go all in, and ended up crawling my way back to just a small loss. At that stage I thought that I would go and see what else the casino offered – there are not too many games to play, but everything is presented very well. I didn't end up having a very good run, but I can't fault the casino – I think if I wrote a review I would be very biased because of a bad run of luck, but any casino that gives you a free no deposit bonus is one to try out.
Errol Eisenbarth. Reviewed on 07.10.18
I decided I try this casino because I get a promotional e-mail form them, so if I register with the link. And enter my bonus code I can claim 25 € to play with any slot. I downloaded the software and entered the no deposit bonus code and instantly get the 25 € with 1500 euro wagering requirements.

I knew I don’t need to deposit if I’m won from the no deposit bonus so this fact was inviting. I didn't liked the Beton soft casino but they had some good slot. So I picked the Alpha squad slot with the minimum bet. I played about 15 minutes when I saw this machine isn't so good and went to the other slot with 10 euro. The next slot was the peek physique, I didn't expect so much from this game but I had a luck and won free spins (One thing what I’m hate on Beton soft casino is that thing you can’t able to skip the winning if you are in the free spins and I don’t know why they do this, I’m think it’s irritating). So I won some euro from it (32) so I reached 40 euro but the wagering requirements was high enough so I didn't play carefully and raised the limit. Within a short time of playing I lost my bonus and I was sad because I thought they had better machines.

I decided before I deposit here, I’m verifying my account to speed up the processes.
So I contacted with them with the online support and asked how I can be verified. They told me I only need to send my id in a good and readable quality.I sent my id to them and I was verified within an hour, but I didn't think if I won they verified me so fast. But I will deposit to here in the future.

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