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Merry Arboleda. Reviewed on 11.07.18

Windows casino room is one of the oldest casino rooms out there and I still remember the day I had joined this casino room and I had no idea about online gambling and all I knew was a little about slots and was a good poker player. The software that supports this casino room is playtech and it is also a very nice software and they have a very wide variety of games.

They offer a whopping 25$ for referring a friend and I referred three friends of mine and benefited from it. When I had joined the welcome bonus was a little different from the current one or may be it differs from the country of the user because a lot of casino rooms do that. They have been licensed from Costa rica and in the beginning I used to think that this casino room is owned by microsoft because of the name. But then I realized it is not.

I played the paradise slots which was having a good return on my money and I earned some good money but could not manage to meet the wagering requirements and could not cash out the no deposit I had gotten which I do not remember the amount. They have a good return on money but only on selected slots and other are really slow and not so good at least not for me. Even a couple of months ago I had deposited 50$ and had a lot of fun playing the slot games and this time managed to keep my money safe. They have a slow support team which I did not like because support team is closest to the players from the management side and they always have to be responsive.

Altogether this is a nice casino room but I am no longer much of a slot player so not continuing with this anymore.
I hope you will enjoy my review of windows casino. This is playtech powered casino, and like many others playtech casinos they using download software and was open long time ago. I did not know why there is so many identical casinos in this world, but I am should be happy with that of course, because I can get a lot of welcome bonuses, try many new places, and have a lot of fun and entertainment.

Windows casino I open for my self few years ago when I was able to get 20$ no deposit bonus from them, no deposit bonuses is always nice per my opinion, but unfortunately to clear them you need a lot of luck. I did not get lucky to clear this bonus, but hey, this is just freemoney, and now I can deposit some my own funds to take welcome offer and have some fun. First deposit bonus was 200% and second was 100 % , and third was 50% I decide to take first two and see how it goes. With my first deposit and 200 % bonus on it I start playing gladiator, but like this usually happens to me with playtech, I can not leave the slot if I see that it is cold, I am still continue playing with a hope for some miracle. After losing my first deposit i decide to give casino another shot with 100 %bonus and this is was much more better in case of money, playing captain treasure pro and thai paradise I managed to withdraw 300 $ and it was paid after 4 days of pending period + verification, I have sent utility bill and my ID, usual docs for online casinos.

I think windows casino is good playtech casino, and moreover it is safe casino, so if you fill some luck for playtech games, this can be good place to play. Good luck!
Dane. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Sometime in late 2008, when I was living abroad in a G8 country, I received a letter in the post from Windows Casino. The envelope contained a disc with the Playtech software plus an invitation to sign up as a new player, complete with a $25 no deposit offer. Generally, I do not like getting snail mail communication from online sites – especially unsolicited offers from places I don’t already belong to, and as far as I knew I did not currently play at any establishment related to this one. My usual response would have been to set the letter aside and forget about it but, being low on funds at the time, I decided to make an exception in this case and take up the offer. After installing the casino client on my computer, I naturally went on to initiate the registration process and input my personal details as required.

Having played at several Playtech sites by that point, I was familiar with the procedure and everything was going according to plan… until I hit the final submit button. I should have seen a confirmation screen displaying my new account details and, soon after, received an email from the casino with the same information – but I got none of that. Thinking something must have interrupted the signup process before it could be completed successfully, I tried again and got a message that my email address was already in use. Now I assumed that the first registration attempt had gone through but my new details had failed to transmit properly, so I tried the account recovery procedure but without success. At this point I recall trying the live chat service on the Windows site but that evidently didn't work as I ended up emailing for help.

My memory and saved correspondence both indicate that meaningful assistance was not forthcoming: other than one brief email stating my email address was linked to an existing account, I received no response whatsoever despite two further enquirers. I naturally gave up on playing here and forgot about it until, more than a year later, I started getting promotional emails from the casino – addressing me by name – that included an account number. They eventually stopped but the final one, received early last year, is actually a welcome message calling me a “a valued new real member” and inviting me to take up the two-part signup deposit offer in the currency of the country I was living in when I signed up… presuming I actually did so, for I have yet to log in or play at Windows and, considering my experience, will probably never do so.
Catrina. Reviewed on 02.10.18
My next review is going to about Windows casino, which is based on playtech platform. I am always interested in a good playtech casino so decided why not. They had a really tempting 2 stage welcome bonus (first time 100%, but after second deposit-250- great, isn't it) but since my favorite games from playtech are table games, I wouldn't achieve the wagering requirements. I just don't like playtech slots that much. So after sign up, I made a 30$ deposit.

I started with the table games. Casino holdem table was very lucky for me as I got 50 $ winnings after spending 15 minutes there with 1$ starting bet. Blackjack gave me smaller winnings, however, after an hour spent at the table games had increased my balance to 120$.

Later I played few of the slots. I really liked the Thor slot, it has an interesting intro, which gives a cool feeling before playing it. I started with 0,01$ bet per line and with the first spin I already won 0,45$. I increased the bet to 0,02 bet per line and got winning of 0,60$ the same as my bet. I continued with those bets for like 15 more times and overall won 6$. It didn't seem worth it so I continued with Iron Man 2, which I've played before. I put 1$ bet and with third spin I got 3 matching Iron man symbols and they gave me 10 free games, which was amazing! I got like 5 empty spins and then I got a 60 $ winning. It felt amazing. I spent there about 40 minutes and overall got 80$ winnings with this slot. I think that this is one of the most paying slots, a chance to win big there is very big, at least from my experience.

I had a very good time at this casino. I decided to withdraw to try my luck in some other casinos, but I will play here again, my favorites are still the table games but as you can see I've got good winnings from their slots too. I give them an overall 8, and will visit this casino some time again.
Lauryn. Reviewed on 04.10.18
This is my personal review about Windows Casino! I started to play at this casino because I saw on askgamblers that they are offering a 100% welcome bonus up to 125$ with only 25 times wagering requirements! So I decided to create my account and to make a deposit to take advantage of this nice welcome offer.

I made a deposit of 20$ via skrill and I received another 20$ bonus! With 40$ to play I searched for a good slot game to play but I realized that they only have games from Playtech! But that wasn't a big problem because I have some favorite games from this provider, like Gladiator, Iron Man 2 and The Mummy! I opened The Mummy slot because I didn't played it for about 2-3 months when I lost some money at Bet365 casino! I managed to catch the bonus game very fast and paid me 12$ and I decided to try another slot! Gladiator was on my list and I started to play on the minimum bet of 0.25$! I kept playing about 40 minutes but no sign of free spins feature, just a couple of times the 3 helmets bonus!

My brother advised me to change the game because this game doesn't seems to pay very soon and he was right but I didn't listened to him and I kept playing! I lost all the money 1 hour later and I was disappointed because the game didn't gave me the free spins feature at all!

Overall I have to say that it wasn't a good experience here at this casino because of the low payout rate in my opinion! For the games I will give 8 because they have only Playtech games, 9 for the welcome bonus, 8 for the payment methods because the don't have much options! Although I lost my money I want to come back to take advantage of the 2nd deposit bonus that is better than the 1st one, 250% up to 125$ with same wagering requirements!
Demetra. Reviewed on 06.10.18
Windows casino is an old one playtech casino, which I played two or three years ago. I found the name of a casino a bit strange, but I am sure that casino did not have any links to microsoft windows product, they probably decide that this will be good to name casino windows.

Casino offers 100% bonus on first deposit, and 250% bonus on second deposit. I can say that I did not like such things, when casino value second deposit more than first, because I prefer to get nice bonus on one deposit, and if I did not like casino just uninstall it and forget.

I made my first deposit at this casino with value 35$ and deposit was doubled by casino, no any problems with crediting it or something like this. I open thai paradise game and start playing with 0.9 bets but the game was cold as ice age, and I just get lost my deposit without even a chance to win something, because 3 scatters did not appear during about 150 spins or so, probably even 200, and this is strange for this game, because usually free spins come often for me. I used my second deposit with 250% bonus, and this time start playing only marvel games, I just open this section, and start play every game till I hit feature, then leave. I played that way few hours, but in the end fill myself tired, huge up my bet and get busted. The thing is that marvel games has lower RTP because some of RTP goes to jackpot prizepool, and it is hard to win something on this games.

I rate windows casino with 6 stars, no any interesting promotions, or tournaments, and therefore nothing to do at this casino for me. I prefer omni casino instead this one, because when I play at omni casino, I know that I will get faster withdrawal, and also take part in tournament.
Georgie. Reviewed on 06.10.18
One of the first casinos I played on and I think this is also one of the first casinos to have been founded. They have been supported by the play tech platform which I like but not that much. I did not understand something that they have a good match up bonus for the second deposit and only 100% match up bonus for the first bonus and I think they are tricking us into making one more deposit on their casino site which I did in greed.

I think i did not play with all my heart on my first deposit because I was just looking at the 250% match up bonus which can attract any user even me who only plays with real money because I like to keep all my winnings. Even the no deposit bonus was not good enough to hold me onto the games and I blame myself only. Their marvel slots are very nice and fun to play on. They do not have any tournaments going in in this casino site and I did not like this because tourneys give us a nice chance to increase our bank roll and make some serious money. They have a very very nice support team and I think theirs was one of the best support team I had ever spoken to because they were t fast in replying and even very polite and solved all my issues of verification and all.

I troubled them a lot because of the bonuses but I like their attitude and they never lost their composure and stopped replying. I have a lot of memories of this casino and I still am connected with them and play here sometimes just for sun. I would rate them 9 out of 10 and I deduct one just because they have a nice second tie deposit bonus and not on the first one.
Arminda. Reviewed on 07.10.18
My today's review is about Windows Casino. Windows Casino is playtech software sponsored, so it's a heaven for all playtech fans. I'm personally not the diehard playtech fan, but whenever I get the opportunity to play with playtech software, I most immediately think about the Marvel games , which are very fun to play, especially if you like Marvel.

I don't like the casino name , though. Windows? The slogans that pop into my mind are something like ' Lose your money as fast as the wind ' ahaha, which was kind of true in my case to be honest. It took me a while to register, as I had problem verifying my account, but this was to my fault only, and not that of the casino. My deposit of 20$ , in addition to the bonuses. I don't like the fact that the second bonus is bigger than the first one, but then again , it's like a very good bonus for players that liked the casino first time they joined in.

I have to say, it took next to nothing for me to burn my cash playing marvel slots.
I always enjoy playing those slots, and I really like the graphics as well , and it's a very positive thing I like about play tech, but sadly , one of the rare things.

My bets were usual 0.3 , 0.5 bets, but later when I started rolling in free spins I upped my bets to about 1$. Needless to say the money I thought I won was very much distant from me, as I managed to waste it faster than I got it.

The casino itself is in working order, meaning, the software is responsive, it all works.
But there are no tournaments, which is bad, if you're a tournament type of guy, I guess!

6/10 from me. Nothing special!
Phoebe. Reviewed on 10.10.18
This ismy review about windows casino. It was established in 2000 and it is licensed by jurisdiction of Costa rica. It is very popular casino and very old one also. It was almost the first casino in the casino industry to start this business and evolved various players to win the games .

I played here normally when I deposit the money of 70 $ here I bet for iron man 2 and played this in casino room with several players. I love slots which are based on movies and such experience can only be expected when their is play tech software as I am the lucky one to win this game a lot of times I got my amount double in few days only. Its just a another casino but it has different features and various promotional bonuses that it provided to us and are the best in this casino to attract more and more gamblers to play it. It provides three types of bonuses.

They are windows casino 250% as 2nd deposit bonus.another one is windows casino 100% as welcome bonus and the last one is the best one as I feel that this type of bonus is very unique and provided by this casino only. The bonus is of $ 25 to refer to any of your friend. And I use it several times to get this bonus and I usually refer this casino to my best friends to grab the chance of referral I was so grateful to always have this bonus and enjoy it. For security purpose also this casino provides the safe and secure system. It uses ssl encryption technique so that the data and information and your personal details will not leak out. I like it a lot as they provide the best software of play tech. I gave it a overall rating of 8/10 and in terms of software 9/10.

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