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Lorretta. Reviewed on 11.07.18
This is the ideal name for this casino. Las Vegas itself is a place that is indeed wild, and full of casinos and gambling, but that is not the reason I say this is the ideal name for this casino. There is an old saying, what happens in Vegas in Stays in Vegas, well whatever money you deposit win or lose will stay with Wild Vegas Casino. Another trademark about Las Vegas is the fact you can meet someone and get married in one of many chapels, then not to long after, realize that you made a BIG MISTAKE, the same goes for Wild Vegas casino. In Las Vegas there are a lot of imitators, you get Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, any of the Rat Pack, and a whole slew of imitators down in Las Vegas, it just so happens that Wild Vegas Casino is a good imitation of a real casino. In Las Vegas and I believe this is one of the only places in America that it’s legal, but prostitution is legal, so just like when your down playing in Las Vegas, the same thing will happen in Wild Vegas, you will leave both places spending money to get F***ed. Finally the golden rule and I had previously mentioned this, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, just like if you read other peoples warnings and decided to deposit money here, and never saw it again, you probably won’t be telling anyone about that, anytime soon. So yes the name Wild Vegas is fitting.

They are a part of the “Wild West Gang” of RTG casinos that will take your money and leave you angry, depressed confused, and flat out robbed. A tip for all of those who think that those casinos who give away $50 each month are legit, think again. The reason they do that is so that if you do win, they can say you used two free chips in a row without depositing, and won’t pay you. Believe me when I tell you, they aren’t giving you that money out of the kindness of their hearts, it’s strategically placed in front of you so you use it, and violate their stupid policy.

On my next review on this set of casinos, I will explain in depth more, why they do this. I played here on two occasions, both times I never won anything of substance, but to be honest I won as much as if I had hit a random jackpot if you get what I am saying.

This falls under the stay far far away category.

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