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Sophie. Reviewed on 11.07.18
Whitebet Casino is part of the very popular Redbet Casino. I have been a member of Redbet for a while now so when Whitebet Casino came onto the market I was obviously going to jump at the chance of playing here. They offer all new customers the same offer as Redbet which is 100% welcome bonus on a minimum deposit of €20 and you get 20 free spins. In fact there are three different offers you can accept but this is the one I opted for. I was choked after I registered and learnt that if you had already claimed this promotion at Redbet Casino then you could not claim it again here. What's the point in that? I don't see the point in opening a second casino if you can't even claim any promotions there. It says in their terms you are to contact Redbet directly to get permission in order to receive the bonus....that's rubbish though because I did contact Redbet and they said they never allow you to claim this welcome bonus in both casinos!!If you are not familiar with Whitebet Casino then I should tell you it consists of two different sections. One is called Casino White which holds all of their NetEnt slots, this is the one that you claim the welcome bonus in. Then they also have a Casino Blue, this is where you can play all of their Microgaming slots. Unfortunately there is currently no bonus promotion here, which surprises me really...maybe one day in the future.Anyway, a few months later I was shocked when I received an email from them saying I was entitled to the 100% bonus and free spins. Straight away I made my deposit and i opted to pay by Moneybookers for €20. When I returned to my home page after the money had been taken, my balance was still showing zero and there was no bonus showing either. I left it about half an hour but nothing had changed and the money had definitely left my account. Then I realised I had an email from them asking me to send verification documents before I could play here. As I read on I couldn't believe it when it said the reason why I had been asked to send these before I could play was because of a duplicate account opened here and at Redbet!! WHAT!!! They were the ones that said I could have a bonus here...I had no intentions if depositing before they sent me the email. I expressed my views on Live Help but it was no good I had to send the documents and that was that. So their wish was my command. Then they wouldn't accept my utility bill so I had to send in a second photo. I was told it could take up to 3 days...I couldn't even play here with my own money! Pathetic.I was surprised when I had an email the next day saying my account had been activated and the bonus had also been issued for me so I was free to play. I went straight to the slot 'Thief' to play my 20 free spins...I had a feeling they wouldn't be there and they weren't. I had to contact Live Help and they credited them to me straight away. I won a grand total of 50p lol.I don't have much to report back regarding my gameplay, didn't win much and didn't make a withdrawal so I can't comment on that. But I know if I had I would have no problems in receiving my winnings.Whitebet Casino did not give me a very good first impression, and for me first impressions are the lasting ones so I don't think ill be making a deposit here again in a hurry.Even though my review for this casino is not a very good one, they are still a very well established casino and it is definitely a trustworthy place to bet your money.
Catina Crofoot. Reviewed on 25.09.18
I hope you will like the true fans of the dice today enjoy my review WhiteBet Casino. You probably already know that this casino is the sister site of the well-known Redbet Casino, and in my opinion, still need to grow in order to reach more powerful brother. The differences between the two casinos are many, and one that most bothered me was too small a number of bonuses to WhiteBet Casino. This is unacceptable at a time when every promotion basic method of attracting a large number of players, because all games are more or less the same, the differences are real in bonuses.

I played here at the beginning of the year I can say that the atmosphere is pleasant and the whole environment that is solid for my taste, compared to fade promotions. The last time I checked was not active any promotion for players from my country. I do not want to assert that at the moment as you read this is not offered a welcome bonus. I have deposited here something around 40-50 €, and now I do not remember the amount, just know that I lost all the money on the roulette table in less than five minutes. My experience with deposit has passed miserably, but that does not mean that you WhiteBet will not bring happiness.

I heard from a friend that the maximum correct, when you ask for withdraw and pay within a few hours, sometimes within an hour. Live chat is not bad correspond instantaneously, but it seems to me that is not available 24 hours, because the last time I tried to contact them shortly after midnight were not available. Is it periodically, or have hours that I did not check, generally are not always at hand. I made a deposit via Skrill account and there were no problems, and it is nothing strange, because there where the problems usually occur when you withdraw money. From my somewhat higher rating, only because of its design, the rest nothing special.
Take care of the t+c`s......if you're a member of some other casinos in this group and used some, really just some!!! Bonus're not allowed to get a bonus. I think it's really ridiculous that a trustful casino group work with those methods and hide this deep in their terms on point 7 and something and not in a fair way on the promotion side.
Lucrecia Ponce. Reviewed on 02.10.18
This is my review about a very interesting casino, Whitebet Casino. This casino is related to Redbet Casino, and that being said they mostly but not totally share good and bad things related to those casinos. They have two types of casinos Casino White and Casino Blue. And they are mostly provided by Microgaming and NetEnt entertainment.

They have lots of games to choose from offered by this two providers that are kinda separated one in each type of the casino. So seeing that they had a very nice 100% welcome bonus with 40FS at The Wish Master upon you first deposit i decided to sign up and claim that bonus. (The code for the deposit bonus must be entered before your deposit).

Sign up was a piece of cake and i had no troubles what so ever claiming that bonus. So of course the first game that i opened was The Wish Master since i have gotten the FS there. The Wish Master is a NetEnt powered game. So after loading the game which took more then usual. I started burning the free spins , the income wasn't very high due to the vast amount of empty spins which i founded very unfortunate. So after the FS ended i continued playing this game with 0.80€ per spin. Again i started with lot of empty spins and some small winnings, but eventually i did manage to get some features. In the first feature that i got i released a guine that granted me 10 FS. I didn't manage to stack up more features. You can stack up to three features in this game although i was unfortunate and could only stack one, but if you do manage to stack up three featured the fourth feature that you get within those three will cancel the last one and provide FS plus that feature. But like i said i was very unlucky with this game although i think it is an awesome game that i am gonna try again. After this game i tried couple of other slots , but even they didn't turn out to be lucky for me, so i ended up with a big 0 for my balance.

Overall this is a very trustworthy casino with very fast withdrawals, since they are related to Redbet, they share that. As far as the rating goes 9/10 from me they will get.
Monte. Reviewed on 04.10.18
I'm not sure why the Bonnier gaming group feel the need to have a "Whitebet" casino as well as their popular and respected Redbet brand. Perhaps it's to do with the "Red" having negative connotations in some countries, I don't know? Whatever the reason may be, these two casinos are extremely similar and even their third brand "HeyPoker" shares many similarities as well - most notably the division of the games into two seperate "Casino's", in this case labelled "Casino White" and "Casino Blue".

Some people seem to like this division of the games, and I do understand why they have done it this way considering that this group of casinos only like their bonuses being played on NetEnt games - they can give their bonuses for "Casino White" only and players won't get confused or upset when they can't use the funds to play slots from other providers. I think this demonstrates a lot about NetEnt games though personally, and the vast number of low variance, bankroll sucking slots that they produce!

The "Casino Blue" section doesn't have quite as many games as Redbet but still includes all the most popular games from Microgaming, WMS and Ongame. As long as you are not playing with a bonus you can move freely between the two sections and your balance will appear in any game without needing to make any kind of transfer between the two sections. As with Redbet though you will need to request a transfer if you wish to play in the live casino.

As others have said the biggest downer with this whole group is the promotions, which are few and far between and come with heavy wagering requirements on top of only being valid for NetEnt games. It's a shame because it is an excellent group in all other respects with some of the finest support out there and super fast withdrawals. You can even contact the live chat and request to have your withdrawal processed immediately by support which is fantastic.
I did not like only one thing with Whitebet casino - their promotions are not very good. Wagering requirements for reload bonuses is quite, and also there is very rare other promotions. I will be more than happy to play in this casino more often if they start send me more reload bonuses or other promotions.
Randee. Reviewed on 06.10.18
Whitebet Casino sister casino to Redbet and Heypoker Casino, definitely the fastest paying out casinos, well that's from my experience .
I am depositor at Whitebet Casino few months ago so as I new player i got those 20 free spins and the 100% match welcome bonus .As I can remember I didn't make anything from it till few days ago.

I did deposited 30 euros, and though this week i was depositing 20 euros every day and win nothing till few days ago.
I start playing Starburst but the game was not giving me what I expected so I switched the game and started again with my Gonzos Quest.
This time Gonzo Quest was playing like I wanted to so the money was just coming .

For the first time playing this game,when I triggered the free spins bonus I firstly got 20 free spins wow, my balance went to 98 euros, and from my bet was 0.40 per spin that was not bad at all.
After few minutes I triggered the free spins again and during the free spins I re-triggered the free spins and got again 20 free falls.

I was getting another 50 euros on my account .
My balance went to 150 euros, but I said I will play just a bit hoping that I wont lost it all, I carry on with the same bet 0.40 euros so my balance was going up and down for 5 euros max.

Then I changed the bet and put 1 euro per spins and then again trigger the free falls and got another good bonus from this free spins another good sum of 80 euros on my balance.
Well then I decide to stop and pressed the withdraw button and cashout 200 euros and left around 30 euros for playing.

Whitebet is excellent casino they have great chat support, about bonuses I didn't get any, only for the welcome one, and if you are looking for fast cashout that is definitely Whitebet Casino which they transfer the money after 20 minutes on my Skrill account no documents verification no nothing.

Your money is save in this casino I strongly recommend it, as far and their sister casinos.Superb Casinos !!!
Barbar. Reviewed on 06.10.18
Whitebet Casino is another casino that uses, beside many different software's, my two favorite and those are Microgaming and Netent.

Back in March I signed up and deposited 50 euros without taking any bonus. As its sister casino Redbet, Whitebet is divided on Casino Blue, and Casino White with different games in both sections. I don't find their site boring at all, I would gladly go back and make a deposit, not only because I had a withdrawal there and my money was processed within 4 hrs., but because I know that this place is safe and the casino is reputable.

As you can find on their page in the promotions section they offer 100 percent welcome bonus, each month 50 percent, Saily Free Spins, Weekend Top up of 30 percent and like in Redbet casino players have an option to play up to four games in same pop, cool , don't you think, but my bankroll still isn’t enough to try it out and I believe this could be fun. They have actually a very nice loyalty program in my opinion and I don't think there isn't a promotion here for their regular depositors and members. I received a promotion via email, and that was after I made only one deposit there.

I got lucky when I started with Twin Spin that day, on my 0.50 euro bet and managed to increase my balance up to 80 euros and then I asked for a withdrawal because I had a feeling that it wasn’t my day and the games weren’t paying. Withdrawal process was ultra fast and kudos to that, I haven’t verified my account and all in all, I will be happy to deposit there as soon as it is possible because my overall experience is way too good.

Their Live Support is very kind, professional and helpful and I don’t see even one single reason why I shouldn’t play there again. This casino is the right place to play and if you can afford it, deposit there and try it out.
The site has vanished without a trace, and their sister site RedBet refuses to explain why.
Gaylene. Reviewed on 07.10.18
I think that every serious gambler who play on online casinos know everything about this site and play on this site. I heard about this site long time ago and I am playing here a lot because they also offer betting on sports and poker and every part of this site is great.

First that i notice when I enter on this site is great design. White color is dominant and this style is way better than other casino with all that different colors which looks like cartoon. So on first look you can see that this is one serious casino but also it is very easy to use, simple without unnecessary details.

Now I will talk about games. They offer everything you need. You have net ent, microgamg, bet soft and a few more kind of games. You must admit that this is the best what you can find and you have everything here. So when I playing slots I chose net ent but when I play table games I prefer microgaming and I have all that here on one casino and of course when I am tired of casino I can always play poker or make few bets on sports event.

The best part of casino is their payout department. This is something that I didn't find anywhere, I played on over 100 casinos for sure but this is something special. I use skrill for my payments and I have my money almost immediately after I ask for cash out. Ok you must wait about 10-15 minutes but that is it. And I have skrill master card and I can take out my money on every ATM so when I playing here and decide to withdraw my money I can have cash within 15 minutes and that is most important because we know that is all about cash :)

So this is one high trusted casino with great site, great games and their payout department is brilliant. 10 stars from me for this casino and I think that everyone should try this casino.
The payout rate wasn't as good as I was expecting, only 6 from me!
Jenna. Reviewed on 10.10.18
I first learned about Whitebet casino from its sister casino Redbet. Having very good experience from Redbet I decided to join this casino too.

Their welcome bonus is not as good as Redbet since they give 100% bonus only in the first deposit and 40 free spins for the slot Wishmaster which I do not like since I have not won anything good from this slot.

Whitebet has many other bonus too like the monthly reload bonus of 50% and weekly deposit bonus of 50%. They also have Daily Free Spins promotion which gives you 5 free spins the day after you make a deposit, which promotion I find really poor and I do not win nothing from it. I also get many mails with promotions which give deposits bonus and free spins frequent. So there are many promotions that I can use from this casino.

The minimum deposit in Whitebet casino is 20 euro and I prefer to make deposits with Neteller, since when I deposit using paysafe card they have a fee of 4% per transaction which I hate it. I have not found many casinos charging a fee only for paysafe card and I find it unfair. I do not have any problems with my transactions with this casino and it is a casino I trust, but they could be more quick in withdraws as their waiting time for approving the withdraw is long, more than 24 hours especially in weekends.

In Whitebet casino I always have the good trouble in which slots I will play since they have a huge amount of games to choose. They have my favorites NetEnt and Microgaming and also WMS which games I do not find in many casinos that I can play from Greece and they have some slots that i really like to play. There are also Ongame, Evolution Gaming, Nyx and Betsoft games. Unfortunately I have not yet tried their poker site.

In general Whitebet is a casino that i play many times and have been able to withdraw from it without any troubles, so I am really satisfied with it.

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