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Rashida. Reviewed on 11.07.18
First of all I have to point out something. If Batman is the Dark Knight (Protagonist) then what is the White Knight? Or who is the White Knight? It was just a thought. Anyways, there are many things wrong with this casino when I first gambled here. For one thing during my game play I can really agreed with Manchester about the errors found after a few spins.

Most of the time on other Microgaming casinos it only occurs after a big bunch of spins when playing the flash version, say after 40 to 60 spins or if there are maintenance going on. I would also expect it if I have not spun the reels for a long while thus ending my session but this rarely happens. So tell me which is much worse a legit working casino with a bunch of problems or a smooth running casino that lives up to their roguish ways? As White Knight casino is only a flash version for Microgaming I was very displeased! This however does not bring out the true nature of what Microgaming casinos have to offer...but they do bring out video slots and other games not available in the download version.

Another problem I may point out is the fact that this Microgaming casino does not have a Live Chat facility to instantly solve all players' problems but what their alternatives are basically to email them using their email address given. After a length of 48 hours or 2 days the once sent queries became answers. If was difficult to know when they are up because my time zone differs from White Knights (I hate Time Zones, they are confusing at times). While playing on this Microgaming casino for a minimum deposit with no bonuses I was both discouraged and disappointed because through the process of encountering problems while playing on Video slots my need to get everything answered did not come fast enough. It was frustrating for me to get a response right away!

I loaded up Cashanova and within 10 spins of $1.20 or 4 coin bets Bam! Emeril Lagasse throws mixed spices on a skillet and I get automatically logged out! Pretty neat ehh (while nodding with a sarcastic look)! As I am a very patience person I endured a series of log outs and cut off play times to only lose my full balance into that preheated skillet like butter melting in hot temperatures. Why Cashanova why!? All I wanted was to enter the Hen house and get lucky but that Dog in the barn almost bit my Ace of hearts. I only made 4 successful picks. Cashanova in this casino was not worth going through....most of the time I would find that Golden Barn Key on other Microgaming casinos so I can get lucky but not on White Knight! Maybe it is just me to lose at such a nice but errorful casino. As it turns out my withdrawal did not meet up with me. I should really make points on this casino they should do the following:

- Fix the errors on video slots
- Make longer log outs when current session is inactive after the last spin
- Create a Live Chat option so that people can get quick answers
- Change the 40x WR into 30x or lower (As I can see it is 40x on the TC page)
- Have a download version to enable over 400 games instead of going page to page for specific games
- Make better promotions besides the $25 Lucky Friday draw!
- Most importantly make something move or give cinematics (All I see is a slide show)

I don't know how White knight deserves a 6.3 out of 10 but they should really be a 5 out of 10 unless they make multiple changes to their many errors and missing features then I will withdraw my score for something higher!
Gary. Reviewed on 24.09.18
If i read what -ManchesterUnited2020-comment before ,i would never have deposited 45 euros i 2 deposits, and even they did not gave me the first or the second new player promotions. i made the complaint and we will see, but every word Manchester wrote is totally agreed by me.

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