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Tonie. Reviewed on 11.07.18
For all of you that's reading this right now I just going to say Vegas Strip is terrible! I read complaints and reviews from other affiliate websites that they are non-responsive and do not pay players winnings.

When I searched the words " Vegas Strip Casino Rogue" a bunch of results came pouring out of the search. Usually rogue casinos pay $1 or less regardless of your bets but since I wanted to find out if they were "rogued" as people claim I downloaded the Vegas Strip casino, registered a real money account and waited for the update to complete.

After the finished update I used a no deposit code because I am certain there is more going on in this casino and based on the reviews, rumours & complaints I heard I did not go far enough to make a deposit that's for sure! As I redeemed the $50 code I played on video slots for the full duration of the no deposit bonus as this was the only option allowed during gameplay. No Blackjack, Roulette, or any type of games are permitted! While the no deposit bonus stands on 25 x that would mean I would have to wager only on slots for $1250 ($25 x 25 x = $1250). That can be done but I still sided with peoples opinions and complaints as well as their reviews.

Real Time Gaming casinos are pure enjoyment in my opinion but the fact that they are blended in with the wrong crowd makes me question about every type of casinos, good or rogued. It's like looking at a loaf of sliced bread lying on the table, there are no pathogens (ill causing microbes/bacteria) when looking at a birds eye view or from where your standing but if you look very closely while searching each slice you will see that some slices are still good to eat while some slices have mold growing on other slices (one side good, another side gone bad). This is the case with Vegas Strip.

For support let's just say the people were right! All in all, it is better to find a casino that is not within the "Virtual Casino Group" otherwise your money will fly into the wind and you won't get it back!
Daisy. Reviewed on 26.09.18
Vegas Strip is a casino I found wandering around the internet with a no deposit free chip. I already knew that this casino isn't the one that would pass in green anytime soon.

I've heard many people claiming this casino as a scam casino due for their non-payment tactics and abusive chat. Now I am not to keen on making a biased opinion on this RTG casino just yet as sometimes they really are good, it maybe a scam casino or just a good casino being misunderstood for it's practices but I will see what kind of results I can dig up using a handy affiliate's $75 free chip. I do not want to force myself to using my own deposit because I might lose it if Vegas Strip turns out to be what people say this casino appears to be the devil's pet! I remember this free chip got 25 times before it becomes cash and was limited to 1x of it's bonus so $75.

I was not thrilled on playing in a casino that started off with complaints and accusations so I braced myself with serious caution. I played my free chip through and through but failed to meet the $1875 wagering. It was all because the bets I placed whether it be on 3 coins or 4 coins it would give me no returns in 3 consecutive rows sometimes 5 in a row!

Whatever slots I chose to play on it just wouldn't give me the break. Achilles, Caesar's Empire, Big shot I mean wow! This happened when "The Virtual Casino" was still accepting Canadian's, had a dancer (Brazilian or Vegas looking) for a background and was still in it's rogued operation! I can't get over the fact they are now trying to be "reputable" and by restricting some countries to play here in 2013!

Well, that train ride was missing a few tracks and I jumped out the glass window, shards flyng out, moments before the whole train totalled away! No cash found means nothing lost except for my time. 0 out of 10 for Vegas Strip!
Armando. Reviewed on 02.10.18
I have not played VS but a couple of times ,and as said in the other reviews I won "nada "there are casinos in the RTG group that may be guilty of scams,but i truly have to say I have played, Prism -Silver Oaks- and my favorite Club Player for 5 years now.

I have won several times. I have always got my winnings from them & have had nothing but the best customer service from their staff.

At one time when they were dealing with the death of RTG owner things got crazy & payout was slow, but they still paid me in full . So not all RTG casinos are the same.

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