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Ashly Sclafani. Reviewed on 11.07.18

Vegas sky casino is also a part of the rival gaming portal and when i registered on this casino they were giving away a no deposit bonus of 38$ and that is the specialty of rival gaming casinos that they are always giving away big free sign up bonuses for the first time users. And i think that is why they are gaining popularity so fast.

I claimed the no deposit bonus from the claim promotion option in the cashier section. I would like to make a suggestion here that rival should now come up with some new games as the collection is not as big as other big portals so it becomes boring sometimes. Apart from that every thing from this casino is just fine. AS soon as i claimed my bonus i went to play milk the cash cow and could not MILK anything from here and was down to 30$ and then tried in big cash win as i always play this no matter what happens because i have had my biggest wins from this game only. I do not think i have ever played video slots on this portal all thanks to three reel slots.

By then end of my time with these slots my balance was around 45$ and i was not in the mood to play slots any more so went to play table games but just after losing 20$ in blackjack came back to i slots to make some money and was back to 35$ bank account. I was not going to make the same mistake again so this time did not go back to black jack and played roulette and could not find anything fancy their as well so just went back to three reel slots. I went up to 60$ and that was the maximum i could reach and i think this is also good and would really love to play real cash here as soon as i get some money on my skrill or neteller.
Hello there players i would like to share my experience here at Vegas Sky Casino. Most of us today don't see the interesting part of the gaming experience of casino and for my opinion it's the bonus itself. So why is the bonus? The bonus is the heart of a casino because it gives pleasure to the all part of a casino the most important is their customer. The use of bonus is to give happiness and motivate the player to play in the casino and this casino have some nice bonuses.

The first bonus is the No deposit bonus i like that because i won from that bonus and withdraw for the first time in their casino! When i searching for the great casino that offered no deposit bonus or sign up bonus i find Vegas Sky Casino so i give it a try. I registered after that claimed their no deposit bonus it appears in my promotion in the cashier and claimed. The main casino is good i don't see any problem their however they're Rival powered platform i satisfied to games that i played there. So, why i get money from that free bonus when i play the one of the lucky slot in my history of playing rival slot the "Machine Fire Storm" at the same time i wager the bonus their but it's easy to play their i think i'm in the right time when i won that not so big pay out!

I am very happy at that time because i didn't deposited any money but i my money for depositing is ready. Anyway that bonus have terms and condition and maximum credits that you can withdraw and in order to withdraw your money you will need to deposit for part of the verification bonus. I am happy because after i got the money i deposited again and got their 4 deposit bonus and also the monthly reload bonus! I used this casino for about 4 months because i inactive to there casino when i got some problem and stopped using it but still when there's a nice bonus i use their casino and play.

This casino good reliable to use i rated them B+ over all!
Georgeanna. Reviewed on 24.09.18
Vegas sky casino is another Rival powered casino I joined just for their 38€ free chip offer. Recently I found another game I like from them and I decided to focus on it.

As usual, the download, signup and bonus claiming was fast and without problems. Then I started to playMoonlight Mystery. I started with 0.45€ bets, but they were giving me only empty spins, so I changed them to 0.15€ and 0.25€ bets per spin. I overall played about 600 spins there, free spin features came often as well as bonus. I even managed to get my balance up to 50€. The weird thing was I once got free spins with 0.15€ bets and they gave me a 10€ win, while when I had increased my bet for a few spins to 0.75€ and got free spins, they gave me less than 1€. Then some connection errors appeared and the software didn't work for about an hour.

Then I went to play this game again with 0.60€ bets, but they weren't as generous as before. I got many bonus games, but they paid only a little, so I was losing a lot. When I had about 10€ left, I went to play Pirates Pillage scratch card with 0.50€ bets, but the only wins I got was 1x bet. With few euros left I went to play Spy game, and even with 0.75€ bets they didn't give me anything. I just don't have the belief that this game would actually bring me win ever, unless I start to play it with hundreds of euros in my balance.

I spent about 2 hours in Vegas sky casino. I liked the download version, about 3 times I had a few connection errors, but other than that everything was fine. This wasn't my favorite Rival casino, but overall I think they are a descent casino. The game selection is as in most Rival software casinos, but I was pleased. I would enjoy them more if they had some other software too, or if the free chip could be used on table games too.I give them 7/10.
I registered at this casino, because they offered me a 38 Eur free bonus. Somehow i managed to wager this bonus, and fulfill all the requirements and i indeed won 100 eur. After i deposited 25 eur, to verify my payment and withdrawal method, they removed my winnings and offered me to withdraw 25 eur instead of 125 - the money i deposited.

The reason was - i have multiple accounts at OTHER Rival powered casinos. (do i?), that's why i will not get the money. I have indeed accounts at other Rival casinos, but not multiple, because i always use one e-mail address and only.

They didn't gave me any more details, they told me, that i have accounts at other casinos, and everything is fine at Vegas Sky, but as i have these accounts at OTHER casinos they will not pay out my winnings, and the decision is final. That explains everything!

I have a final decision to leave a review here about my experience.
Darell. Reviewed on 02.10.18
I joined Vegas Sky recently and took there welcome offer of £38 free I went on one of my favourite Rival slots called For love or money before I knew it I was up to £200! I then kept betting 15x5=75p and kept getting the free spins I then took a fairly huge risk and upped my money up to £3.75 a spin it paid off I got the free spins and the first spin paid out £405!!

When the free spins had completed I was up to £730! This as you can imagine if you know what you are doing made my wagering extremely easy before I knew it I had made the playthrough requirement of £1,500 within just a couple of hours! I knew I could only withdraw £190 but still wasn't complaining I thought fantastic and felt elated last Saturday. I made my withdrawal request on Monday with a £25 deposit from my Neteller to verify my account the live chat said it was mandatory. Then on Tuesday I receive an email sorry your withdrawal has been declined! They told me the reason being was because of another account from this address. One the other person in the house hasn't played on rival for years and 2 they were fine to take my deposit from me without checking I was only one who has an account from this address/Ip address. Needless to say I would not recommend this casino as they are extremely strict and will do everything in there power to stop you withdrawing Rival has such a bad rep that A leading casino screening company refuses to take up players grievances if they are casinos powered by Rival.

I feel cheated as I did not know I was only one who had an account here its a silly rule that's not benefiting the casinos because if 2 people make deposits they will make more money its not rocket science sure people will take 2 bonuses but not everyone's going to manage the wagering anyway!

In summary I would not recommend this casino all I can say is sure there are some great rival slots not faulting the quality or fun level of the software but if they are gonna come up with shoddy excuses not to pay players the winnings there is physically no point playing at them is there. Now I bide my time and see if thiey will give me back my £25 deposit or will another excuse prevent even this from happening. Take my advice stay away and play at casinos recommended to you but not here!

I give Vegas Sky a generous 5/10(only because I like the slots)
Hallie. Reviewed on 04.10.18
I played this casino as part of a free offer as well, and you always have to look out for free offers because there is always some sort of reason why they are giving away free money - normally the case is that you cannot withdraw it.I only started with a free $20 play, which is not much, but if you start playing you will be able to play using very low stake amounts.This is normally a good sign that they will give you a fair opportunity to play out your money.

I gave the poker game a go to see how my skills were coming along.If you have ever played the games you will want poker and card games to played very quickly and unfortunately the animations and play is on the annoying side.This may be to suit some regulations to prevent players playing too quickly but I just find that annoying.After spending some time on the poker table which I found quite fair I moved over to play roulette to try and get over my playthrough requirement. The requirement was 40 x and I found it quite tough to win on the table. Maybe it was just my unlucky day or I was never really able to guess right even though I was choosing red or black.I had to increase my stake a few times to start to break even, and it took a lot of playtime to get through the wager requirement.In the end I had $15 left of the $20 which was fair enough (but not very good for about an hours work on the table) and tried to withdraw it.

Unfortunately I could not withdraw anything because they are extremely strict on the bonus amounts and how much you are allowed to wager.Basically they want you to wager very unfavourable amounts and do not really allow you to martingale or use other 'unfair betting' tactics because it was termed against the bonus conditions.I did complain to their customer services about it and basically stated that they needed to make the conditions more known.To be honest, I was more frustrated having wasted my time.Overall I would say there are better casinos and better bonuses out there - the casino seems very tight fisted to me and I would not recommend it.
Phoebe. Reviewed on 06.10.18
This is one standard Rival casino. I played here only because no deposit bonus. That was about one year ago maybe a little more and I get no deposit bonus 38. While I was playing I didn't have any problems, I liked design of their site, nice lobby easy to use and standard Rivals games. Rivals games are not my favorite but I can find few interesting and I can't complain on it. I was playing all kind of video slots and i had a lot of lucky I met wagering requirements. Most money I won on Golden man and Moonlight Mystery, those are two great video slots very well designed and with great bonus rounds I love them, Special Moonlight mystery, I was playing standard bet 1 euro per spin and money just falling from the sky :)
After that I chat with live help and at the beginning it was ok. They tell me that I need to make minimum deposit and when I do that I come back to them. I make deposit with eco card (now it is ecopayz) and after that I had a lot of problems. They approved my documents and I was waiting for payout. They tell me that I should wait 3-5 days but after week still nothing. After that begins the agony, I was chatting with them every day, they didn't know what to tell me and all goes in around. One they they tell me that they must call me on my cell to verify something and I was waiting for that call but nothing another week is gone. After that I finally get that call and they tell me that now all it is complete and from that call I should wait 3-5 working days and I should receive my money. And finally after maybe 25 days from day when I asked for withdraw I receive my money and never again come back on this casino.

From that day I try to avoid every casino who is powered by Rival.
Tonie. Reviewed on 06.10.18
6 months ago after receiving an invite into this casino with a free $38 chip, i decided to register and claim this offer. Once i was on the website i noticed the site was powered by Rival, my leastfavorite software. I gambled away with the free chip and i was up $800 from playing roulette, a game which i don't like to play anymore as i always seem to increase my bet after each spin. I passed the 40X wagering on the free chip and tried to cash out, i contacted Live support and told them the situation, they gave me the worst excuse i have ever heard from an online gaming site, they instantly emptied my account balance and told me the winnings and bonus has been forfeited because apparently their terms and conditions state that you are not allowed to bet no more than 10% of my balance, shocking.

I was so upset i decided to file numerous complaint to many websites, i was so desperate to get this site removed from the net. They purposely cleared my balance and blocked my account because i won money from nilch. To this day i have stayed clear of any Casino sites linked with Rival software, they have so many free chips on their sites and now i know why, because they are a blatant joke.

My advice to anyone who wishes to gamble their money online is to stay away, not just from Vegas Sky but from any site powered by the mighty Rival company! Be aware, i don't even give this casino a rating because in my eyes this isn't a casino. I apologize that all of this review has been about a withdrawal denial and no mention of their games or graphics, but first things first, if your planning on making a profit from an online gaming session their is no need to comment on anything else as your chances of receiving your winnings are next to nothing.
Mari. Reviewed on 07.10.18
Hello, i am registered at vegas sky casino, and they give me no deposit bonus of 20$, i obvious take this bonus, because it is a nice chance to win some money from nothing, and it also a nice chance to try their slot a bit more without depositing. Should say that like always with rival casino registration and taking bonus was easy and simple, without any problems and slowers.

Ok, i start with nuclear fishing, but lost my no deposit bonus very fast. I check cahier page, and saw that i can get 100% bonus with only 15x wagering, and of course i agree to take this offer, and made deposit of 55$ with my skrill account, i get 110$ balance to try rival slots again, and decide to start with baby booms brother cash cruise, i pretty like this slot, because you time to time move to next location, play another bonus game, get another symbols, and you never get bored with this slot.

So with 150$ after two cruises i decide to try sherwood forest, probably it will be kind for me and pay some money. I go to it, and made few spins, but there i got feeling that it is cold like never, and left it. Hehe, i think if you gambler, you should listen you feelings, if you feel that you should not play slot, you better leave it, and try something that you feel lucky. So, i move to scary rich 2, and play it till the end, when my balance reach fat zero. Nothing bad here, i had some playtime, i try but fail, and this is happens in slots. Anyway i am still happy with rival slots, their entertain and fun me, so i will made more deposits there, i am sure.

So, here is my marks for this casino:
Software: 8.5/10
Bonuses: 9/10
Support: 8/10
Cashouts: do not test
Total: 8.5 nice rival casino
Amparo. Reviewed on 10.10.18
Vegas sky casino using games from rival software, and in every my review you can see that i really love this software. I never see such thing in any other software, that you can just open cashier, and see all promotions that you have, claim bonuses, read terms and conditions for this bonuses. Awesome!

I joined vegas sky casino and was able to get 38$ no deposit bonus. This is probably one of the highest amount of no deposit bonus i ever see in rival casino, except cash o lot casino and tropica casino, where i was able to get 50$ no deposit. I start playing some rival games, and like i am usually do with no deposit bonuses in unknown for me software, i am play slots that i never play. This helps to enjoy some new games, plus your also can find some very interesting games for yourself, and next time when you will play with real money deposit, you will be able to play slots that you met by playing for free.

This time i find for myself series of games with a name as reels turn or something like this, this is really awesome series of slots, since bonus games is some kind of progressive, every time you enter bonus game and finish it you get some progress, and next bonus game will be absolutely different, some really interesting idea for online slot, which helps to get even more entertainment, and allow to not get boring.Unfortunately this time i was not able to clear my no deposit bonus, but at least i have some decent playtime and fun.

I rate this casino with 6 stars since i did not test payouts process and customer support. But generally i never experience any trouble with any rival casino, but i saw a lot of complaints, so probably everything not so good.

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