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Violeta Valderrama. Reviewed on 11.07.18
I am quite new in the business :) Started testing online casinos 1 week ago. I have always wanted to play live blackjack! I created accounts at 5 different casinos. One of them was Vegas Nights. I must say, at first sight – it doesn’t stand out from the crowd. Nice layout and graphics, but nothing outstanding. But the registration process was extremely easy and it took me a minute (literally) to start. As I am a Sales Support Assistant for a living, I always check the Customer Support :)
I contacted a nice guy on the Chat, asking for some tips and guidelines. His name was Matthew and he was extremely nice and helpful. He explained me how the software works, how to play particular games, then offered me a bonus which I accepted (he was honest about the wagering requirements). I played with so-called Fun Money first and I liked it. The slot games are crazy!!!

It took me 2 days to decide, which casino I should play with real money at. Vegas Nights was one of the two I chose. And this was a perfect choice! I started to play blackjack and in about 2 – 3 hours I changed my $30 (I funded my account with the minimum!)into $93. For me, impressive (I earn $80 while working a whole 8-hour working day!).

I just find all I have been searching for at Vegas Nights Casino !

Of course, some features could be improved. Especially the website itself – it doesn’t look as attractive as some other casinos. The next thing – too much content for me… You don’t come to the casino to read all these stories, do you? It makes the casino looks old-fashionably…I suppose, games and playing are essential here :) Oh, and one more thing really gets my back up… When you deposit via Skrill e.g., you have to withdraw your winnings to your Skrill account, too. That’s irritating.

To be fair, I will give Vegas Nights 7 points! I will rate the casino again once they improve the 3 things above :)
There’s also one thing I do not like. Hundreds of promotions and promotional emails. Sure, bonuses are ok and it’s great to get some free, fully playable cash. But, to be honest, sometimes I get lost, as they change their promotional offer very often. But there’s an option to unsubscribe from the promotional mailing list, so you can decide on your own.

I give Vegas Nights Casino 8/10.
Raeann Rowton. Reviewed on 02.10.18
I decided to sign up at Vegas Nights casino a few days ago, when they offered a super exciting bonus- a match up deposit bonus for blackjack. Since I love table games and bj is one of my favorites, I decided to try it. Besides the wagering requirements didn't seem impossible- the sum of deposit and bonus wagered 30 times.

I signed up and made a 30$ deposit. I contacted their live customer service and provided them with my bonus code and after a couple of minutes I got my match up bonus added to my account.

Then I went straight to blackjack table, which was obviously the reason for my sign up. I played it for about an hour and at some point my balance reached 130$. I continued playing it and increased my bets to 10$. After a couple of lucky hands I contacted their live support again and asked, if I could play the live bj as well. Live chat guy Tim very quickly provided me with information that I can use my money on the live black jack, so I decided why not.

So I went to the live black jack table and placed few times 5$ bets per hand (they are the minimum amount in live games), Unfortunately I lost all of my money very quickly so I didn't have anything better to do than go back to table bj. I played it for about half an hour and then got a little bored. I had left there about 80$ of bonus money but I didn't think I could wager it so I just visited this casino the next day and lost it all on the same blackjack.

Overall, I think I would consider depositing there again because I was a little upset I didn't try the slots. They have great bonuses and live dealers, and their live support is amazing, I suggest you contacting them before making a deposit because they can offer you a better deposit and they're fast, easy to reach and helpful.
Larae. Reviewed on 04.10.18
Vegas Nights Casino – definitely, this is a place I find the most homey among the online casinos. Pretty nice layout and games that bring lots of fun. And some extra cash, on the fly :) One might say, you can jump into the gravy train there :) I have already made nearly $2,000 and I am still a newbie – I have been playing for 2 weeks only. Maybe I am just one of these lucky devils… but no other online casino has let me win such a big buck in such a short time… Looks promising for now :)

Generally speaking, what I like the most at Vegas Nights Casino, are really high jackpots. Progressive jackpots reach even $6 - $7 million, I wonder if anyone has ever made it… The truth is, numbers like this evoke the thrill of excitement, no diggity…

The Vegas Nights Casino games are entertaining. Usually, I play Live Roulette and Video Poker but recently I have discovered video slots. That’s fun! So simple. So quick. So colorful. While playing, try out the Ducks and Eggs game. I was shaking with laughter after I started this game. Graphics are zany which makes this game even more hilarious.

The minimum deposit is $30. There are online casinos with the minimum deposit as little as $10, I know. But… you will not learn anything when your first amount invested is $10, no way. Money makes money! $30 is the absolute minimum, especially when you are a newbie. I invested $50 at first and lost $35 immediately. Then, I realized that there are some rules behind the games, started to learn. And started winning in the end. I wouldn’t if I took off with $10…

Oh, another plus – the company is 100% legit. I have withdrawn my winnings twice so far and there were no problems at all.

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