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Dusty. Reviewed on 11.07.18
Before I get started let me tell you that I am what you call a "Bonus hunter". I find bonuses to take advantage of and use them to my advantage to get a better outcome of my playthrough. This can be no deposit bonuses, match bonuses from 100% - 500% (500% is mostly available on Playtech and some on Microgaming using the Freeplays) and other offers found on different affiliate websites. It is much better to have something to help me because no matter if I have a no deposit or a match bonus I would still be stuck playing through the wagering requirements and be prohibited from some or almost every time of games except Slots.

Okay, so I redeemed a $20 no deposit bonus from an affiliate similar to AskGamblers because I heard nothing but scams and bad things about Vegas Casino. I was not sure as to how to proceed with this except use the full $20 and see where this takes me. This $20 bonus was carrying a 70x wagering and only $50 can be cashout out with a deposit. $1400 worth of wagering ($20 x 70x = $1400) just for $50!? I got to admit it is better than nothing and this is all from a free chip. This of course was open to both US and Canada only! So I went my usual way to wager down this bonus. I kept smashing ice reducing it into smaller pieces until the road was clear for me to pass through (take down wagering before a withdrawal). Since $20 was terribly small I changed my bets from $0.50 to $0.80 and in between.

Then I played on three different video slots Big Shot, Golden Lotus and Incan Goddess. With Big Shot for $0.60 bet each (It's 20 Paylines) some wins came in with $0.40, $0.66 and some a little larger like $1.40 and $2.66. Just well after 16 normal spins I hit the Free Spins for 15! All I needed to do is take the bonus logo "Big Shot" land it on Reels 1 and 5 to get Free Spins ranging from 5 to 20. It's a good thing I was not chasing scatters where they all pay "Respectively". In this case any type of amount can be awarded rather than just having 10 spins for 3 scatters, 20 for 4 scatters and so on. For each free spin I had the multiplier increased to 1 each spin up to 10x. I wasn't thrilled with the first spin because it initially started at 1x and I did not win anything on that spin.
But when the 7th spin came at 7x multiplier I won $34.60 from the 3 substituting Superstars on the middle Reels! The next three spins were small wins and finally on the final five spins capped at 10x multiplier I kept receiving moderate wins of $10 and up! I totaled up to $60.90. Most of my wagering fell into Golden Lotus after Big Shot where nothing serious happened. All my bets kept moving up and down just like a normal elevator. My funds weren't exactly moving anywhere but I was quite pleased when my wagering is gradually going down! With a 3rd of wagering requirements left I went to a unexplored video slot called Incan Goddess. For this video slot I increased my bet to $1 knowing I had enough to make good wagers happen and with a $1 bet my wagering would go down faster! So I continued until my WR turned into ashes. I did find wonderful payouts and a few 5 of a kind wins.

What I like most about this Incan video slot is there is this feature that let's me double my five of a kind wins! I hit the five vases and was prompted to choose between Red or Black. I chose Red and my once known $50 became $100 when the chosen card became a red suited card!! For 2 and a half hours more I finally managed to make the withdrawal after hideous amounts of difficulties. Then I made a minimum deposit to ensure nothing would stand in my way. It took a long time to get my winnings in my E wallet but I am glad it was there. When I grabbed something like a no deposit bonus this acts as a shield or barrier to my deposits.

No deposits tend to test casinos to make sure I got a better feel about them and if they appeared to be rogued casinos then this means I did not use anything but my bonus! I was spared from using my own money in other words but I had to deposit to get my winnings out. Almost a good run for me! A 7.5 out of 10!
Kristofer. Reviewed on 23.09.18
Vegas casino using real time gaming software and this is not my favorite casino, definitely not, I am not have much experience with this folks, so I tried this casino only once, and have some fun, and I think why not to share my fun with you in my review of this casino?

I played only once, and I was able to get 100% on my first deposit. I really think that 100% for first deposit in real time gaming casino it is pretty low bonus. Really, why give so small bonus % if many other casinos with the same software have bonuses like 400%? I always think about it but never able to find correct answer for myself. I played with 100$ bank because i have deposited 50$, and like all of you understand SUB bring me another 50$ to play with.

I tried to play bunch of medium variance games, but I can achieve only something like 120$ balance, but from the other side I was able to clear some bonus money, so it is not bad at all.

After this I decided to try high variance slots, I started from Paydirt at 1$ bets, I really love Paydirt, this game have 3 amazing freespins feature, but it also can pay huge in base game. I get freespins feature 3 times, but unfortunately did not choose my favorite feature 'strike it lucky' where to reels can be added up to 3 another extra wilds.

After this I went to triple twister, had couple of features, but same without any decent hit over 100 x total bet. And typically all my gameplay finished at T-rex slot, that eat 80$ at 1$ bets without landing 3 eggs, and this is really typical in this game for me, not sure how others doing on this game.

I rate Vegas casino with 5 stars, I think SUB for Real time gaming casino can be and should be much more better.
I wanted to play on some Real time gaming casino because I know they really hard paid out the players money but I think you can won the biggest amount on RTG slots. I saw some frustrating information from the casino but I every time learns from my own fault.

They offered a 150 percentages match bonus up to 4000 dollar. I think that promotion is good but it seems impossible to make it if you deposit a larger amount. The match bonus had 30 times wagering requirements.

I went to their page to see how they promote them, they had a basically page with some usually information. I started to download the software and after it I made my user and entered to them.
The registration was a little bit annoying because my password was accepted for my fifth tries.

After it I went to the live chat and I wanted to ask some details but ten minutes later I didn’t connected to the support so I left them. I went to the cashier and entered my deposit code to the redeem coupon section and then I deposited 25 dollar with Neteller.

I got the money immediately I had 62.5 dollar with 1875 play through requirements. I began to play with the count spectacular, I think it is one of the best rtg slot. I played on 1 euro stakes because I want to done with my wagering requirements.

In my first spins I win some big and went up to about 100 dollar and after a lot spins when I reached 52 euro I get the free spins feature. I choose the 4 re spins with the extended wilds but I didn’t get any valuable from it so I collected 11 dollar. An hour later I ended my gameplay because I lost my money but I learned the lesson and didn’t deposit to them again.

Thank you!
Shirley. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Another casino, not that well ranked but when it come with free bonus or free spins I might take a look of that interesting bonus of not that much interesting casinos. I am like someone would say a free bonus free chip hunter, but make it clear I do deposit, but only in casinos very familiar to me and all online players, with one word I deposit in casinos safe, secure and trust able casinos.

Of course I had made few mistakes, but that was ages ago, when I deposited in few casinos, where they were pure rogue, but back then didn't know where to turn to, so I could have some fresh information,with who is good or not,as now days.

So I came across this casino Vegas Casino Online just accidentally, browsing the net, so they appear with 20 $ free chip and so far I didn't even noticed that these guys are running RTG software, because I thought I have played and know every RTG casino on line, well I was wrong.

I downloaded the casino and opened my account there, but since that banner was free chip I claimed it in the cashier and that way I got my bonus. I was not so thrilled playing with this bonus, but I thought it wont hurt if I try my luck here. Having 20$ it's not that big sum so I can play few hours, but trying, for a while who knows.

Actually I lost the bonus pretty fast, because I was playing Hillbilies slot with 1$ bet so had around 30 spins till I finished my bonus. I didn't contact their support so I could tell are they good or bad, so I just took the bonus, used it and didn't came nothing from it. For me they look like nice casino, but honestly I don't like their ranking, specially their unresolved complaints.
Recently I came across an offer from Vegas casino online- 20$ free chip, and since they have RTG and I like to play there with free chip offers, I decided to join them.

I signed up and used flash play for a change. Then I went to cashier to claim the coupon but it showed that I cannot redeem it. I knew I wasn't from a restricted country or something, so I decided to ask the live chat, what's the problem. I got connected to live chat and then disconnected at the same moment, and I was given the option to contact them through email only. I wrote my question and waited for an answer from them for a week but didn't get it. (I wasn't sitting and waiting the whole week, I forgot about them, but it doesn't change the fact.)

I felt lucky one day and decided to have a fresh start and make a 30$ deposit. Then I went to play Aladdins Wishes, since it is one of my RTG favorites. I placed 0.20$ bets per spin and played 100 autospins. Within them I got 1 bonus game, but from 3 cans I didn't guess the one with free spins, so instead of that I got a 20 x spins wins,which were 4$.After that I went to play Haunted Opera. I've never played it before and I liked the look if it. I played 50 autospins. I was close to getting free spins round, but at the end, it didn't happen, a few 1$ wins came, but nothing special. When the autoplay ended, I played it again for 25 spins and after that my balance was empty.

I think Vegas Casino Online is just another RTG casino. There wasn't anything special about them that would make me want to deposit again. And the attitude from chat was very disappointing too.
Ruthanne. Reviewed on 03.10.18
This online casino is joke. I deposited $25.00 to fund my casino account a week ago today, and i won $1000.00. okay so i did the cash in my winnings thing. It states they take 72 hrs to process your winnings, and then if you want your check mailed you either pay 15.00 for regular mail which can take up to 20 days or 35.00 for fed ex express mail which is 3 - 4 days. I chose the $35.00 express mail hoping to see my money by around Monday the 2nd of Feb.

Fat chance of that happening, firstly they emailed me wanting all kinds of documents to prove that iIwas the owner of the credit card being used, since i know this is not uncommon when trying to get paid for winnings from online casinos i promptly tried to email them to them, only to have each and every email i sent to them returned back to me returned not deliverable.

I called like 5 times and each time they gave me a different email address and each time the email comes back not deliverable.

So I decided the best way to handle this is to fax the documentation to them which I did, only to have them tell me the back of my credit card was unreadable, well what the hell do they expect, you can barely read it by the naked eye the digits are so small and besides I don't think anything on there is that important to verify it was me to begin with anyway, so after fighting with them over the legibility of the back of the credit card they came back and finally told me that they would make a exception and go ahead and process it anyway. This was monday the day after i won the money.

Okay, so I knew that i would have to wait til at least Wednesday before they would mail the check so I decided to play off a hundred bucks of that money, what they don't tell you is if you reverse any of that money it sets you back to 72 hrs again which is bull, I would have gladly just funded it with another 25.00 off my credit card but they don't give you that option, when you click cashier it goes directly to reverse some of your winnings.

So here it is a week later and the money is still sitting there for me to reverse. I called them and get this stupid customer service lady who tells me I can't play until they send my winnings or I have to wait another 72 hrs ( oh and when they say 72 hrs it is really more like a 4 - 5 days before they get around to process it) and also if you reverse any of your winnings you can be sure that you won't win with that money at all. Somehow they rig the machines to not pay out and to suck in all your winnings.

This place is a total scam and rip off. Today I called again asking them why they haven't sent my money because it is still in their able to be reversed and she tells me I have to call back tomorrow and talk to their security dept. Funny most honest legitimate casinos have security 24 hrs a day 7 days a week am I right? Something is just not right with them. Stay clear of Vegas online casino.
Lavern. Reviewed on 05.10.18
Vegas Casino Online is another Real Time Gaming powered casino I would like to tell you about. Unfortunately, this casino combines half or even more of some of the gambling special features that I hate most. First, I really become mad when I open a casino website and see the unique ignorance “free software”, invented by a no-named casino manager with severe mental problems! Hey, wake up, this is 2012, not 2002! What are you trying to say with that stupid slogan, maybe that you make us a gift by allowing us to download the same software, with which we are giving you our money!!! How generous you are!! Thank you from behalf of the whole gambling community! We promise you that such an amazing “free gifts” shall not remain unnoticed!:)Second big issue of this casino is the banking section. If you don’t have an e-wallet, than you are in a big trouble, my friend! Just a brief look at the banking tab is more than enough to make you turn and run as fast as possible! And that is if you don’t know the timeframes yet, because if you know them than you will be running away with a skyrocket! With such miserable finance terms and conditions Vegas Casino Online can be considered as a 100% old time RTG with the “best” of the well known disputable reputation!Third reason I hate this casino are the miserable bonuses with even more miserable wagering conditions! How do you expect to attract and what is more important – to hold back customers with such marketing strategy is a complete mist to me!And the final reason is that although I managed to win there a decent sum, I waited so long for it to be processed that at the end I didn’t endure and reverse it. Guess what happened?So, to summarize I will use some simple rating scores:Support: 5/10Software: 9/10Security: 5/10Finance: 1/10Bonuses: 1/10Terms&Conditions: 1/10Overall: Avoid this casino! Far away from the minimum standards! Well that is it from me now:). Thanks to for giving me the opportunity to share my story! And always remember: “You can not break the casino bank, but it is worth trying!
Karolyn. Reviewed on 06.10.18
One of the largest software in this industry. Real time gaming is really going strong and has affiliated with a lot of casinos. It has been a very very long time since I left this casino and I clearly remember that at that time Real time gaming was not that much of a big name as it is now. So even I doubted a lot of times before joining
this casino and I finally gave it a chance.

Got a 100% match up bonus from them and was quite happy. Made a deposit of 40$ and go 40 from the casino so I was quite happy. I tried some slots but was not very content with them so I checked my balance and it was 87 and I tried betting a little higher this time and changing the game as well.

Now I spoke to some players and they were all talking about count spectacular so I went to this game and started with betting 1$ per spin and soon hit free spins and free spins paid me more than 10$ in total and I was very happy. After that I went to Golden lotus and this is a very average variance game so did not go extreme any side on this game and was winning and losing both.

I would have likes dome really nice and good collection in table games and I also decided to leave this casino early then I thought because I was not really getting what I had expected out of it so just left it with 140$ and requested a withdrawal. They asked for my documents and i sent it to them. I always have my govt. ID ready and after I was through it my money was sent to me within a few days.

I would rate this casino 7 out of 10.
Soon. Reviewed on 07.10.18
Overall, I did like the layout of the free software, it was simple to use and easy to navigate. But that's basically where my likes ended. Though when I didn't know about the initial deposit coupon when I first signed up, they did deposit what I would have gotten from it into my account.
The house is very heavily biased, I deposited a total of $50, and by playing $1 hands of blackjack I lost all of it in a matter of an hour. Now I know what you're saying "you must have just been a terrible player" which I will admit I'm not the best.

But, when the dealer constantly wins by a single point, over and over multiple hands in a row or gets blackjack right off the bat for 10 hands in a row this just doesn't seem right to me. The slots hit pretty rarely from my experience. 55 spins in a row without so much as a single red cent in winnings.

Overall, I would say if given the choice, I'd take my money back and go elsewhere with it.
Demetrice Desimone. Reviewed on 07.10.18
Layout was ok. Slots looked good, had some success on slot machine. Slow deposit requirements which I like.
If u play here stay on slots u will not win at table games or live dealer. It will suck ur money right up THE 21 TABLE IS HORRIBLE U WON'T WIN ANYTHING ON IT. It gets 20 every hand while u get 14, be warned.

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