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Mario. Reviewed on 11.07.18

This is a reply to "MiltonW reviewed on 06/24/2014". My name is Dieter and I am one of the owners of Milton came onto live chat and asked for his wagering. We gave it to him. He refused to accept it and basically said we were lying. We then sent him the full history and he still refuses to accept it.

I will be mailing all the correspondence to Igor. Hopefully he will be able to set the record straight.

Thank you.

Incredibly rude live chat. Conveniently no way to check your playthrough status. Don't trust them, keep requesting your numbers. When I complained, the rep comes up with breach of terms, because I played to high a bet. Nope, wrong again, I asked chat what was allowed, and have the screenshot to prove it. Ah, but you're playing over a vpn. Nope, wrong again. I'm using Virtualbox, no vpn here.

Just an all round terrible casino. No more Rival for me.
I get a lot of e-mail from them if i register to they casino i can get some no deposit bonus, so i decided i look after this casino than register to them. I saw they had some complaint but the casino seems fair. So I registered my special link what I got an e-mail. They have a Rival gaming software, I tried some rival casinos before but I never liked them fully because the slots don’t pay wall only cents even if you play larger bets.

To claim the promotion was simple, after I logged in I can instantly choose from promotions. They offered me more types of no deposit bonuses. I picked the 50 € no deposit bonus because the others are a multi stage no deposit bonus (it means you need to wager your no deposit bonus, then your deposit and winnings from the no deposit bonus). So I claimed the promotion and I saw I need to wager 50 times my bonus and the max cash out is 50 and surly like all the other rival gaming casinos you need to make a minimum verifying deposit to can make a withdrawal.

So you need deposit 25 euro to withdraw. I started to play with the wild western machine on 1 euro / spin. From the second spin I get the free spins but I’m won a ridiculous amount.

I played some other slots like rock-on but I lose my whole no deposit bonus. I was on a playing mood so I claimed the multi stage bonus because I was curious maybe can I win.

The story was the same, the bonus was disappeared like the lightning. I don’t think so I well be a depositing player but they send me lot of promotional e-mails with bonuses, maybe if they send me some special I will play with them casino again.
Maryam. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Tropica Casino has a very fast an easy registration process just click on the instant play button. And make a real money account but the games refreshing thing a little time and i did not get bothered by that because i have waited for very long in a lot of casinos.

What was surprising that I got 50$ free deposit bonus and I had thought I would get 20 or 25$ but this surprised me a lot. After that I went to play big cash win and it is a 3 reel slot and soon I hit cherry and big cash win in same spin and cherry paid me 1 an big cash win paid me 2$. I hit the big cash win a lot of times but I wanted a 3 combination of any feature I hit because that pays some good money. So I kept playing this game for a long time. Hit the bar on all three reels and got 3$ because they were not the same bars on all three reels. And then I hit the same bar thing on all three reels and got 30$ for that and this is my biggest win on any slot till date and i was damn happy. After some time hit the single bar thing on all three reels and got 40$. I could not believe my eyes. After that I started betting 2 coins per spin. I loved this game so much that I did not even think of any other game while I was playing on this casino and I knew that this would be he game that would take me to the wager.

Then I increased the bet value per coin and now I was betting 4$ from my account per spin. But that did not help a lot and I was losing now and had very less bankroll left but I have to say that this is the best slot game I have ever played. With the remaining balance I am going to different games here and I am definitely going to make a deposit here.
If chat has just answered my questions in a friendly manner, none of this would have happened. You are the one accusing me of all kinds of wrong behaviour, while your casino is obviously rogue.

People, read up on these crooks on
Lauralee. Reviewed on 02.10.18
I would like to share my experienced here at Tropica. This is a simple casino but good at withdrawal even I won a small credits, Back when I played it in 2012 I played"Diggin Deep" this slot proved my satisfaction. I didn’t even had any decent wins. The only good thing about this slot was that the reels spin really fast so no time where wasted and also the free spin, bonus and there 3 x multiplier .

I noticed that there are some slot here that I called "money eater slot" because when I play here my credits had been depleted totally for example I had made 20 spins that bet 1.50$ and I only won 80$ that is the reason why I don't want slot here :( you can lose your money as soon as possible. This was the big downer since I remembered playing their slot and earning some money, as well. The story is that when I deposited 100$ here and play without bonus I rejected their offer "no deposit" I don't want wagering requirements what you win is yours.

I played their slot called Diggin deep powered by Rival gaming what I said earlier then I made a bet of 2.00$ maximum 20 line 0.01 per line maximum coins and other information about this slot is there Free Spins feature in Diggin’ Deep. When 3, 4 or 5 Gear symbols appear in the reels, 5, 10 or 20 free spins are awarded the player respectively. The free spins in this new slot game come with a 3 times multiplier that will definitely help fill your bucket with a lot of gold. You want more yes there are more like bonus pick a crate, Diggin deep, others. The result is I don't triggered any bonus at least a free spin but i won from the slot combination symbols but not that huge, the result of playing this slot is my balance from 100$ depleted to 34.00$ and I don't want to try again there slot so I decided to cashout my credits and play to another casino.

I rated this casino 6/10 overall I will try again this casino if I had a time because there is only 1 casino that is my favorite from now.
Armanda. Reviewed on 04.10.18
Club Tropica is a site mainly aimed at a European audience. The design is very European and reminds me of the Mansion style of casinos. They have plenty of bonuses which first attracted me into joining – this includes a free no deposit bonus of $50, which is one of the biggest ones I have seen. They also give you a decent deposit bonus, but I opted to try it out for free. The first thing you will notice is that the jackpots are a little on the small side. This is fairly normal for a newish casino, and I would not hold that against it, because you ultimately are not going to be likely to win one of those. They use the rival system, which is a game system that many people have recommended. The graphics and lobby are tropical based and the games come with plenty of excellent graphics and sounds.

The slot games start off with a 5p stake.The blackjack is nice, and with $50 free, you can actually get a long play session at just $1 a shot.It was a long grind for me but I eventually came out with a profit from playing.I can say that the game was fair to me, or I was running into a stream of luck.It certainly made up for previous losses I had on the metal detector game.I had a quick look at the progressive games just to play for fun. They are very simple, but again, the jackpot sizes are quite low at this stage, so it is not too worthwhile to play. Perhaps when the games get a bit more popular they are worth a shout. There was not too much difference in the I slots and the video slot games in my opinion.

Overall I would say if you like the look of a casino that gives you quality graphics and atmosphere then you might think of signing up.Overall I would rate this casino at an 8/10 because of its bonus structure.
Kazuko. Reviewed on 06.10.18
I really don't know how I came across this casino but I am glad I did. It was a first Rival casino I ever played. I very much liked this casino theme beaches and bikini girls :) After download and installation i created my free account and claimed 50 free no deposit bonus. Now bonus terms and conditions were not very user friendly with 60 x play trough and must won 3000 to cash-out maximum off 50 dollar. I did not care to much about that and i just wanted to start playing this new kind off games for me.

I was like a kid in a toys store did not know what to play first one minute on slots other minute on tables and so on. Finally I settled on a slot called Scary Rich 2 it was some sort of a horror themed slot with twenty lines and free games. I decided to bet two bucks a spin because play-trough was so high and I had nothing to loose. My balance was dropping fast and with only fifteen dollar left i got three wolf heads and free spins were triggered. That feature won me amazing two hundred dollars and i was so thrilled about that. So I decided to lower my bet to one dollar and keep playing this slot. I was so lucky those days i managed to clear my wagering requirements and i had met all terms to cash out fifty dollar.

It was time to send my documents and they were approved in a five business days. So I made a deposit of twenty five dollar with Neteller played some more and cashed out hundred dollar on my Neteller account. Money arrived on my account on seventh business day. I am planing to return in this casino to play because I had such a great time in it. I can grade this casino for all aspects except bonus play trough 9/10 and for bonuses i give 6/10. You can try this casino it is safe and fun.
Shakita. Reviewed on 06.10.18
Tropica casino it is another one rival casino, and like many others rival casinos have complaints here. But to be honest i always thought that Tropica is the best Rival casino, it's Flagman, and this casino should be really ok, even my friend who play Rival a lot told me same thing. So like any curious human I decided to read few other review and complaints, and I did not know all the truth of course, but looks like casino really did not do any rogue practice or any really bad, just some regular things with not happy players, but I am sorry if I am not correct, I can not know everything.

I was able to get 25$ no deposit bonus at Tropica casino, and of course I was happy with such amount of no deposit bonus. I start from Rock on! i-slot, it has very nice music, if you never tried this slot you should try it, specially if you rock music lover. I played at lowest possible bet of course, since with 25$ on balance it is hard to be high roller, or of course you can be, bet 5$ per spin, but in almost all cases this will end within a minute and you will be loser, not highroller. After few minutes I dropped to 15$, and it was strange since I really sure that rock on! is medium variance game, but it prove me that it can take 10$ on minimum bet just in few minutes. After this I decide to give a try to spy game, at 0.15 lowest possible bet, played this slot around 40 minutes, and even almost clear my bonus, because after each feature I increase bet, but unfortunately I finish with zero on my account.

I rate Tropica casino with 6 stars, since I did not try their payouts and customer support.
Hermina. Reviewed on 07.10.18
I have been with Tropica Casino for over a year now and they are one of the best casinos I play at. I have stopped playing elsewhere as Tropica has great offers and rewards me almost daily.

Support is great (although live chat is not 24/7). I would recommend it to everyone as it really is entertaining with good value for money"

Dave - Australia Down under
Sheri. Reviewed on 10.10.18
I just registered for the casino, Tropica. I did not received the 50 free. Went to the chat and they say it´s not valid for Sweden. Why not inform about they don't give the welcome bonus for Swedish players. Don´t smell so nice :( Sorry for my English spelling :)

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