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Lois. Reviewed on 09.07.18

Tropezia Palace Casino is one of those casino rooms who offer their members good, fair and secure gaming as it has been connected with many software like Microgaming, NetEnt, Rival, Betsoft, BetOnSoft, NextGen Gaming and many others... When I was signing up for Tropezia Palace I wasn't sure much because I did not had much experience playing online before... And honestly I was little bit fascinated by their great warm welcoming bonuses for registration and deposits which has been categorized on three types Deposit Bonus, VIP Silver Bonus and Gold VIP and which is very cool and I have never seen this before on any other casino room...

And in this Casino you'll be finding the large collection of all the games. One of the really impressive feature of Tropezia Casino is that they have been providing 3D graphic gaming. So all in all they are offering amazing and exciting games to their members in all the sections slots, blackjack, roulette and have also good selection of poker videos. I have decided to play slots and other games as I personally like slots and wanted to try other games too. So when it comes to choose from these games I mostly loved playing Dragon Drop, Aliens, Jackpot Jester, Mystic Wolf, Fortuna, Wild Champions and Enchanted Woods which could also make u earn quite a good money.

And I can say that Tropezia Palace Casino room is very trustable and profitable for me and I had a good experience playing here and u'll also get a good gaming environment here :) The supportive team is doing a great job professionally they are always there to help you out from the problems and also reply very quickly to emails.

One thing which I am little unhappy about is that they don't have a live chat option but I hope they'll get it soon. It is restricted in many countries across the world which is quite strange to me. Tropezia Palace Casino room is licensed and permitted by Curacao. And I recommend you guys to play it's a safe, trustable and fun Casino room..
Tropezia Palace casino is another one new casino, which offers to new players so many slots to play, that you will need a lot of time and money to try them all, really, imagine, Tropezia Palace, Betsoft, Betonsoft, Rival(!!!). And of course such cool casino can not miss Microgaming and Net entertainment. Sometimes I ask my self what casinos which offers only Microgaming, for example, can do against such new casinos? I believe they should improve all to be on one line with such new casinos, because actually this new casinos provides really amazing services, fast cashout, fast verification, lot of the games, and new and interesting promotions.

Tropezia Palace casino offer to new players nothing really interesting on first deposit, just regular 100 % bonus, and you know, this is not so interesting, and that was what I think at first, but then I think about their games selection, and understand that bonus is not so important here, and games selection is already good offer from casino to try it.

In total I make 4 deposits in Tropezia Palace, and to be honest I did not win anything till this 4 deposits, but oh god, I have so much fun. I just try games which I never play, and there so lot of them, and it was interesting to try new slots, probably my feeling can be much more great about this casino if i win on it, but still does not managed to do this.

Anyway, I am 100% sure Tropezia Palace casino is amazing, and good casino to play. It is safe, and can bring to you a lot of entertainment. I wish you more luck than me on this casino! And I forget to add, this is probably the most safe place to play Rival games, so if you think you want to try them (they cool, try Scary Rich slot), this place is best choice for you!
Tenesha Loder. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Tropezia Palace casino is a casino that brought me to the highest heights of pleasure of the online gaming and then slammed me into the deepest abyss of poor quality games. In his own way this casino is unique and even if it has very bad parts, in my opinion it deserves you to make them a short visit, because of its good parts that compensates the other lacks. So what is it about?

I decided to play in this casino because of the 5 USD no deposit bonus given to all new players and because this is not an RTG casino. A bonus rather small but which can provide some winnings if played at certain slots. To receive the bonus I contacted the online support that responded immediately. Although I hate that a casino says first that accepts players from my country and offers a no deposit bonus, to find out from support that my country is excluded from this bonus, the am ability of support made me to spend some time here. So I had the opportunity to try about half of the slots available as well as the games from other categories. The number of games is quite high, I would say enough for any self-respecting casino. The best part of this casino is represented by slots. Their graphics and animation is very attractive, much better even than that of the slots from an RTG casino. I would say the best quality I have ever encountered yet. Moreover, there are several slots (e.g. Sushi Bar) where about once every two or three spins you win and the earnings compensates all previous losses. Of course there are some slots where there is almost no gain at all. I just think that not all slots have the same returning ratio and if you select the right slot from the dozens of available games you can win without much effort.

But when it comes to games in other categories, the quality of graphics is so weak that you can compare them with games you played 15-20 years ago. Simply a huge difference. Thus, roulette, blackjack, poker, keno, scratch cards, etc., all look pathetic.

And here there are two exceptions. The first one is the exceptional sensation created by the game VirtualRacebook 3D, where the horse race seems taken from everyday reality. A second exception are the earnings higher than those of the other casinos where I played the same game, offered by the 3 cards poker.

I do not know how is the casino in terms of money withdrawal because I have not had the opportunity to cash out, but because of the remarkable slots graphics and high earnings of a few particular games it is worth a visit from you.
Winfred. Reviewed on 02.10.18
I deposited at this casino over the weekend, I have no idea why I chose this one! I originally registered with these ages ago, at the time they were giving all new customers £5 free no deposit bonus. I can't be 100% positive on this but I think at the time they only had the BetSoft powered slots, I don't ever Recall seeing any Microgaming ones, and I know that the bonus could definitely only be used on BetSoft slots. I'm not a huge lover of all the 3D slots they offer to be honest, I just can't take them seriously, nothing came of the free money anyway, then I couldn't believe it when I see at the weekend the selection of slots they have now. Oh my days I think it's the most slots I have ever seen on a casino, definitely one of the most anyway, I think it's something like 505 slots..impressive.They are currently offering a 200% instant match bonus and you can claim an extra tenner on top too if you go to live help. I used the extra tenner after I had run out of money instead of using it all as one bonus. Now on the subject on Live Help...well what a disgrace. They are absolutely terrible, they have no manners, they take forever to reply and I mean forever, and they don't even sound like they know what they are talking about. I knew before I deposited that it was a clear sign to stay away but my mind can't listen to my heart lol.Out of all of the hundreds of slots I honestly struggled to find one decent one, one that actually paid you out money. They All play absolutely terrible and I found my self playing a BetSoft slot, of all slots, called 7th Heaven. It's a bit of a weird slot but its can get you lots of money if you can get the stacked wilds next to a seven. It's a minimum of 36p per spin and has 18 lines. I have a lovely £56 spin but that was my biggest win. If you do play this you need to have patience because you can spin for ages and not even win a dime, but when the win comes in it will be worth it.I was really disappointed with my game play here, all of their slots were boring, didn't pay out and just a waste of time. I can safely say that I will never make another deposit here again, and I advise you to take my advice too!
Kristofer. Reviewed on 04.10.18
How did I miss this casino? Due to my last small win in a Rival casino I was surfing no deposit bonuses for Rival casinos I still don’t have an account in and came across Tropezia Palace casino. The first thing I noticed on the bonus offer was 20 free spins on Aliens -NetEnt. It was in Rival category. I thought it was some mistake.

Anyway I tried the link and arrived at the main page of the website. I have to say that I liked it very much. A nice clean look with a clear promotion of slots as their top games. I wanted to see which slots they have because this looked more like an Microgaming or Net Ent casino than Rival. I was surprised to see that they have an enormous offer of slots from may software providers. They offer Rival, Microgaming, Net Ent, Betsoft. The only thing missing is Playtech. In their offer they have over 660 slot games. A really rich offer of games.

Ok now I was getting really interested in this casino. I made an account and clicked on the live chat icon which is easy to find with a sign that they are available from 10:00 to 22:00. I was even more happy when their operator responded in a matter of seconds. I asked about the free spins offer but it was expired and they didn't offer any no deposit bonus at the time. Anyway I asked about the deposit bonus offers and got a response that minimum deposit is only 10 e. now that’s a deposit I can take without too much hassle. The wager is 20x deposit plus bonus, so for a 10 euro deposit you get 10 free and have to wager 400. Mmm I would prefer if it is only 20 x bonus but this is also good. I wanted to make a deposit but when I went to the deposit link I kept getting an error try again later. I guess it’s some technical error and will try again later. I’ll write more about the deposit bonus in my next review.

Overall I really like this casino and the games they have to offer. All in one.
Danica. Reviewed on 06.10.18
I sign up at Tropezia Palace Casino few months ago when off course they were giving free spins just to join them. I know they are good casino, casino you can trust, so that’s why I decide to make a deposit there.

They are offering 200% match bonus but because of the country restriction or let’s say, the bonus gets only few selected countries, which my country is not of them, so I didn’t get but get the other one of 100% match bonus.

I like this Casino because they have all pallet of slots, so you can choose, so in my case I am always for my favorite’s Netent gaming platform. I did deposit 30$ and with the bonus I had, I was playing with 60 $. I was little disappointed in Tropezia Palace casino, because after I deposit I tried to play Netent slots but the games wont load.

Then I contacted the support and asked what the problem was and I was told that they were updating the Netent slots and they will be available for play the next day!!! So I was not able to play favorites, so I had to wait till tomorrow and we all know that will not happened, well who will wait till tomorrow??? I can’t... So I decide to play Microgaming slots, actually only 2 slots. I start playing Immortal Romance from this 60$ I lost almost the half money and then switched the game and lay Break da Bank Again.

This slots at Tropezia Palace Casino, are really eating your money very fast, hmmm maybe didn’t had luck or it was not my day, but my playing at Tropezia Palace Casino ended very fast.

I don’t know will I be coming back here or not, but so far no or maybe if they offer some good bonus I might think of it. This is good Casino, no complaints, fast payouts, great chat support, but my play time was not good.
Harrison Hanline. Reviewed on 06.10.18
I'm here to share my experience from this casino another best casino ever! The first time that I visit this casino I thought that they are powered by either one platform or two platform but I astonished when I saw that they were powered or their game provider by most of the best platform like Microgaming, BetOnsoft, Rival Gaming, NetEnt and the other, amusing right? Yes, it is amusing they were based to Classic Las Vegas Casino and i felt that I've travel and play to Newyork. The Tropezia Palace to all those who didn't know and to help you to their great bonus they were offered an amazing Sing up Bonus that triple my first deposit up to the value of maximum $300. That is a 200% deposit bonus on my first deposits up to the maximum limit of 200. That was one of their bonus and if you make a deposit of $50, and they also have another bonus and if you have your $150 and a 100 deposit they will give you an extra bonus per week TGIF per your deposit. They have wagering requirements apply of course, but there is no withdrawal limit on your winnings!

I play slots game and won I tried the other game and amused because of varieties if you don't want the other game just switch to the other game they have many available games there and even your favorite casino game is listed their! I am happy because they gave me some special bonus when my birthday come the offer me a special bonus and ask their representative although I didn't got that bonus because I'm under in another bonus that's why i don't get it. Anyway the important is they remember my special day, this casino is on time paying they're constantly paying me for over months and I am proud to be one of them. Overall this casino is an interesting casino to play I rated them A!
Liberty. Reviewed on 07.10.18
Unfortunately I made no withdrawals in the casinos and I closed my account with them because many losses without any even small gains.

First of all good things, there is no wagering has to make the bonus which is a good thing.
Tropezia Netent uses software provided very good slot machines.
Livechat is present only during the day up to 22 hours for the night must email.
Many games but give too little, with a deposit of 100 euros I play 10 minutes and yet I play a small bets. There is a concern in terms of redistribution because the machines do not even keep the player, they take everything.

Another problem is that the machines are not stable, it happened to me several times that the rollers start to rotate in a vacuum and then the game closes one and of course the amount wagered is not refunded. I find this unacceptable for a casino using software Netent. This is one of the main reasons is that I decided to close my account with them. Being unlucky, that I can understand, but the casino has too many technical problems on Netent.

They are no-download Flash games.

The smallest deposit you can do is 10 euros, but the minimum for a withdrawal is 100 euros. Impossible mission for the small depositor.

I asked them to lower the limit for withdrawal but good as I expected they refuse.

So in the end I decided to close my account because I can understand that one can lose at the casino but did not have a little fun that I do not agree. They offer nice bonus but if one day they repair their site maybe I'll play a little.

Tropezia casino is a casino good or bad? I've had a bad experience maybe it'll be better for you.

Good luck.
Rolando. Reviewed on 10.10.18
Tropezia Palace it is a new online casino, and this new casino using games from Netent, Microgaming, and rare this day Rival software. I played Rival only few times, and most with NDB's from different casinos, and I decide to deposit into this casino for playing Netent and Microgaming, but not Rival of course.

Tropezia Palace has great sign up bonus 200% on first deposit, and I decide to get it big, and made 50$ deposit. That give me 150$ on my balance, and I was able to start playing Thunderstruck II with high bet, at least for me it is really high - 0.90$ per spin. I spent probably 20 minutes to unlock second bonus feature, scatters just dropped and dropped like crazy, and this is rare thing with this game. On second bonus I get x 150 bonus round, and of course just left this game to spent some money on Netent game. I tried Evolution, Wild Rockets, Flowers, and clear about half of wagering. Then I open Immortal Romance and decide stick to this game till clear of wagering. Get couple of bad streaks, but features come and boost me back to where I was, and I finish wagering with 300$.

I request withdrawal, and only on next day casino ask my document. Strange thing that they ask photo of me and my ID, this is not often thing which casino ask. They verify my account day after I send my documents, and two more days took for them to process my withdrawal. 4 days for withdrawal with Netent and Microgaming games is long.

I rate Tropezia Palace casino with 6 stars, everything good, but verification and withdrawals should be faster. Also this strange request of photo myself holding my id, why they need it? Probably they think I am fraud player or something like this, but anyway this is just another headache to make such photo.

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