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Kacy. Reviewed on 11.07.18
Here at treasure island jackpots casino I been depositing player for over a year. I put a lot of time and effort into this casino my tier level is vip status now. Funny part is I never made one cash out yet. All I do is deposit here, their games are good everything just hardly ever do I win enough.

Yes I thought of closing account cause usually if a casino doesn't pay out after a while I do close out. I wrote them email to close my account but they kept it open so I still do play there.

Weekly they offer all players free spins of which are 0.01 @1 line or 2 line lol and that shouldn't be happening. Reason why do we deposit .01 or 0.02 no it's not allowed they should be giving their players decent lines at least half of lines or all. Out for that bonus we win under a dollar if lucky 1.00, so I may say again can we deposit under 1.00 no. these guys should change their free spins straight away.
Other than that they have really great match offers and daily free rolls to all players. I won on their freerolls few times its loads of fun!

The thing about their slots is once your spinning their reels get slower until error code comes up leaving you to log out of that slot game and return again. That's a drag and I know these Bet on soft casino know about it. They are aware but never fixed the problem. So if you want to throw money away deposit there but otherwise its all for fun. I cut my depositing down at Bet on soft since they never bothered to fix their error* problem. Think its time for me to go back to Microgaming soft ware for a bit.

Another thing is if your from Canada register under USD currency, that's the only way to play in their tournaments. Again these guys never set or up graded their soft ware yet for cad currency tournaments. all their tourneys are either USD currency and euro currency.

As far as I would rate this casino at 7 out of ten. They have way too much error* pop up coming up while spinning reels. when they fix it maybe next ten years from now ill gladly come back as continuous depositing player. Well good luck folks and please be wise about this casino along with all Bet on soft. Beware, they have tons of error* pop ups when spinning their slots.
Berniece. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Treasure Island Jackpots is a casino that did not deserve to write a review about it. The general impression it created on me, it is generally unfavorable and I can say
this despite the fact that my staying here was very short, and I passed, as they say, like the train through this casino.

I could not stay here too long because the 10 free spins which give me the initial push to install this casino on to my computer and to register here, were indeed only 10 free spins. Moreover, the spins awarded had a bet value of only 1 cent/line, being available only 3 lines from 40 lines maximum, which in total makes the total bet value per spin to be only 3 cents! About how much to win from this 3 cents bet with only 10 spins, to make a worthwhile to download and install the casino? Especially when only one slot is available to play these 10 free spins (Tails of New York). Tails from the title, indicates that it is about the tails of the dogs from NY (Ha, ha ..).

More than this, after I won 0.57 Euro (mamimum balance ever had here, not gain from a single spin) I found that I had to play another 20 Euro to similar themes slots, as the games from other categories (table games for example) did not loaded. A word here about the quality of the solts in particular and about all games in general. The graphics quality is very weak and the overall design is like it was made only for kids.

Another minus is that it is very difficult to find a game you want to play (it took me about 5 minutes to find the slot Tails of NewYork) because all the games are presented in bulk (one after the other), not on categories. Finally another two big minuses. The first refers to the quality of the online support. Even if it is present, it answers questions automatically with standard phrases like you talk to a robot not a human. The second minus refers to the minimum amount accepted for withdrawal which is 100 Euro. Now I sit down and wonder, how to get to withdraw 100 Euro from a paid no deposit bonus of 30 cents?

So much about this casino, I do not know how I managed to write that much.
Cheryle. Reviewed on 02.10.18
I always feel a bit sorry for people from the US because usually they have to put up with a substandard of casinos which are normally based on the real time gaming slots. Treasure Island though are something else and offer a completely different set of games. They gave me a free spin offer so I thought why not - seems to be worth a try to see what they are doing. Having a look at the games in general it seems to offer more than the normal casino. There's six blackjack games and three roulette games which shows they have put some effort into their games - but onto the slot games. There is not really enough to play through if you are just going for free spins because they are 10 cent spins per line, and you cannot really get very far. The slot games are five reel games, and all of them are at the same quality of something like the Marvel slots or Wild Slots in terms of gameplay, and they tend to be a mix of cartoon and anime which is not bad thing. Lots of the slots games give a scatter and free spins.

I played Bucksy malone and even with a small amount of bonus cash I got a lot of play out of it - no jackpots though, but enough money to try to see how the other games played. I eventually decided to give the roulette game a go - the game is very similar to how you would play anywhere else and they are good enough to give you a European version with play at.I ended up switching to blackjack - I noted that the elite versions all gave you decent odds to play out - the dealer had to stand on the 17 and you could split aces and double down on bets - these are all advantages to the player.

Overall, I was surprised at the quality of this casino - the customer support is friendly, there is a good selection of games and the odds seem to be favourable compared to any other of the US accepted casinos.I would rate this casino at a 7/10, and am surprised that the overall rating at askgamblers is so low.
Halley. Reviewed on 04.10.18
I like to think off myself as a casino bonus hunter rather than gambler :D. So i was hunting one night on AskGamblers site and I came across Treasure Island Jackpots casino.

I saw a ten free spins bonus offered and I immediately downloaded casino software and made an real cash account. As soon as I opened casino software and log in it threw me to cashier where I redeemed my bonus. I learned that these free spins are offered only on a Tails of New York slot.

I don't really like Betonsoft platform casinos very much and I did not played lot off them but this one seemed pretty decent. I opened my slot game Tails of New York and on my surprise of forty lines this slot usually has they left only 3 lines in this bonus and they also limited 1 credit per line. Oh my god this bonus was really lame After ten spins i had 0,04 win on my balance can you imagine that. I think that they made this bonus only to attract new depositors and nothing more. So i had 0.04 balance and I did not even had a chance to try other games, so I made a deposit of twenty dollar on Moneybookers and that is when hunter become the pray :)

I must add that I wanted to deposit with Neteller but they did not had that option and that was a first minus for them. So after depositing on Moneybookers first stop as always was blackjack. Won a few dollars on BJ and I was again on slots now I decided to play coin eater slot called wild wizards with twenty five lines and free spins.

The free spins was triggered buy three or more cats on any real but I did not see any off them in total 28 spins I made before this coin eater skinned me alive. Seriously I did not win anything on this slot and I lost about twenty eight dollars. So my grade goes to everything except withdrawal and it is 5/10 because of low payout on slots and terrible bonuses also they only have a few depositing options.
Gianna. Reviewed on 06.10.18
Treasure Island Jackpot casino powered by Betonsoft is the first that iIplayed casino before their sister casino named Atlantis gold casino I thought that Atlantis gold send me a e-mail that's why I played their casino.

Back to Treasure island like their sister casino I love it because it had many bulk of bonuses, codes, special bonus, others types of bonuses, I always deposited $50 because $50 is enough to be qualified for their bonuses or great offers. As I said I been deposited many times but I will share my experienced when I deposited $50 for the first time. They offered 200% match bonus at that time and also they had a free or bonus spin with their depositor even your not a depositor. Like their sister casino aAantis gold also offers 200% match bonus, the equation for this is 40 x 50 + 100 = 2100 wagering requirements because the 100 is the bonus and 50 is my deposit.

I played their 2 video slot named Break the Bank and Bucksy Malone a 50 line slot the features are 10 Coins + 40 Line, 10 Free Spins - x 2, x 4 or x 5, Multiplier wild, Extra Random Wild, Gamble Game and also Whiskey Run Feature Game I play first the game Break the bank and after I won the 3 bars symbols I won around 56$ after the 26 spins I decided to changed the slot that I played and played the Bucksy Malone. In this game their are many bonuses that is my pleasure about this slot then I bet 0.05 per line maximum of 40 lines a total of $2 credits per spin. I was very happy playing this slot but unfortunately I lost all the credits before I wagered the requirements. I didn't revoked my bets even I won a small amount that why I didn't achieved that goal.

I rated this casino 8/10 over all how about their withdrawal I also experienced their withdrawal because that is my first withdrawal and I deposited many times I only shared my first deposit experienced that's why but my first withdrawal is $114.20 via Neteller it took 3 days when I received my withdrawal the 8/10 is included.
Maxwell. Reviewed on 06.10.18
Treasure Island Jackpots is a new BetOnSoft powered playground and being a sister casino of the Atlantis Gold Casino, I thinkt he money we deposit here is as safe as at any other casino. ( I think this is the 3rd place I played at which has the ’treasure’ word in it’s name – maybe this magical word magnetizes my eyes every time :)). Fortunately we get what we used to at other BetOnSoft software users at least as far as the games are concerned. The great, lovely, maybe sometimes childish characters and well designed cute games, but I think the guys at BOS must start to think develop some new games around new themes.

However much I like their slots I guess it would be great their casinos to breathe some fresh air. Back to the Treasure Island Jackpots, they unfortunately adopted the aggressive promo strategy of their sister site. A lot of (almost on daily basis) e-mail bombs and sustained pop-up windows in the Lobby screen. To say something positive about this habit they are also providing some (10-15) free spins at their slots in the e-mails. Usually they are €0.1 value, 1 line offers at 40, 50 line slots like Max Cash, Bucksy Malone or Tails of New York, so it is very hard or impossible to gain enough profit to keep playing further but it’s good enough for them to invite back the players.

Their Customer Service is very good (maybe they not as excellent as my personal favourite support team at Club Gold, but they’re really good.) I had some questions to be cleared and ask them first via live chat, later via e-mail and every time I got correct and direct answers in a professional and polite way.

So far I’m pleased with them although I haven’t any experiences yet in relation the most important thing – the withdrawal.

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