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Burma Delp. Reviewed on 11.07.18
And when you are short on credits you will try everything, from Rival, TopGame casino, even not being their fan, but still trying free chip and try my luck, why not. Tradition Casino is part of the Rival Casino, which honestly I don't trust them much, but as I said when free chip is included I am willing to try their casino.

I am registered in their group of casinos, so why skip this one, ohh oone little reminder, my country is eligible for the 20$ free chip, am sure of it as I asked and they confirmed it. So downloaded the casino and claim the offer right away. When it comes with free chips and this Rival casino, they surely know how to make your day, giving free chips, but with wagering X 75 the bonus, I doubt or wonder that any one has wagered the bonus, well just guessing.

It really was surprising for me, when I saw on AskGamblers site they had complaints, but the good part I sat least they tried and resolved them all, I guess that's good sign and good collaboration from their casino rep, so must give them thumbs up for the effort they make and make the customers satisfied.

So from my 20$ free chip I was wondering what game to play, so decided to try with Ocean Treasure game, well have to say I like the game but, if only gave me some bigger wins. Well I was playing with 0.75 euros and having 20 euros balance I didn't expect something extra big, but you never know. I finished my free chip in very short time but at least was freebie and had nice time. I am just wondering what's their cash out time, do they making cashouts in some reasonable time, or like any Rival a bit slow.
Try this free 30$ free chip which AskGamblers site has to offer, its free and you never know will you manage to win or not. Good Luck!
Tradition casino is powered by Rival and Betsoft software which is an interesting mix up in my opinion. I was quite sure I couldn't play there and even on AskGamblers it shows that residents from Latvia aren't welcomed there, so imagine my surprise when a couple of days ago I received a promotional email from Tradition casino customer service, saying I had 72 hours to activate my account to receive 50$ bonus. I was surprised but there was mentioned my email and I checked that they are a part from Best Pay partners casinos group and I was a member at Supreme Play casino, which might be the reason they wrote me.

Anyways, to get everything straight, I visited them and wrote to live support. I asked if residents from my country were allowed to play there because I had received the promo offer. Support was nice and told me there were no problems and that after meeting wagering requirements of 50$x100 and making a deposit, I would be able to withdraw. I was quite pleased and interested because I always like having free chips.

Then I tried to register and I filled all of the fields and when it came to my country, it wasn't in the registering list. I still had my conversation with live support open, so I asked why wasn't I able to register and the thing that frustrated me was customer services' answer- "Hmm. I'm not sure about that" then I asked if I couldn't play there and he answered me "oh no sorry you cannot". I mean, I spent my time there uselessly, they were the ones that sent me promo, I spoke to support before and no one told me I couldn't play there so it seems like they don't take this really seriously. At first the support seemed nice but now they left me a bit unprofessional impression. Just a waste of time and patience.
Margery. Reviewed on 23.09.18
Another casino developed by the Rival Gaming. They are pretty smart with their welcome package but i was not interested in that because i have never deposited 200$ in a casino and i was still not gonna do it no matter how much they give me as a sign up bonus.

I tried their I slots and i do not really have a good history with them but i still try them every time for a very small time just to check my luck but same here and left it after just 15-20 minutes . After that i went to Diggin deep and this game was very nice and to my surprise i never saw this game before and this was the first time i was playing it. I loved this game as in just a matter of some spins i got more than 15$ from this game.

Then i tried playing metal detector and this one was a very boring game and was not reciprocating at all. The variance was not high but i think the game was too tight and it is very difficult to make money from this game. After playing slots for some time i tried their poker which was sheer wastage of time and i did not like it at all. SO i just went to black jack and played it for the rest of my time here.

I was not really fully happy with this casino because black jack and some more table games gave me really sick beats . And i think that the variance has something to do with this but not every time so i would say that the return on money was not that good.
I did not manage to withdraw anything out of this casino and lost my deposit. I would rate them 5 out of 10.
I had the same mishap that Flipfloppy.
Don't play at Tradtion casino !!!
Their I am interested to share my good experience here just stay their. Tradition casino is very stylish in terms of graphical design and we can't deny it, when you visited their website you will see that they are very creative in lay outing their website.

The bonus is excellent and I think one of the intelligent bonus i ever found! Because of the intelligent bonus i decided and forced to deposit $100 to claim their deposit bonus. It's not only a normal deposit bonus but a "package bonus" how does it work simply deposit the needed amount then choose one of their package! Their bonus is based from the famous city's and i choose Berlin for my deposit because it's the eligible bonus for my deposit.The bonus will be benefited you 150% deposit bonus and also a 30% cash back and the last is 10 minutes of free play at a value of $25 credits! I don't think if it's true that they have a raffle ticket trip to Las Vegas? They said that they have anyway i don't expect to win lol. All of the good things have their condition and for this casino the wagering requirements is too large 100 times !

Why we play casino? For my opinion I play to fulfill my pleasure and desire to escape from stress but you must play if you have excess money. The saddest part is i lost what i deposited but THE EXPERIENCE AND AMUSEMENT gave to me is so severe!

Anyway that's my first deposit I didn't mention the other deposit and my other withdrawal i revoked my loses sometimes when i won huge payout. I also got their VIP level and benefited some of the promotion even though i play sometimes.

For everything for the experience, promotion, services, I will rated this casino B+ overall including their withdrawal and terms and condition.
Deloras. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Tradition casino is one of those rival casinos I like to play just for fun if they offer some no deposit bonus. I am not brave enough to deposit in rival powered casino straight away because they aren't trusted that much and what better way to found out some facts about a casino than no deposit bonus offer.

I installed their software but only after turning off my antivirus software because it detected setup file of Tradition casino like a virus lol. Same procedure as always when it comes to rival software in cashier you can see all promotions and there i claimed 30 euros no deposit bonus with 75x wagering requirement. The maximum cash out from this offer was 90 euros but it was almost impossible to made it to there when you have to wager 2250 euros.

Anyway you never know with casinos they can pay when you least expect them to so i opened rival video slots i like the most and wished myself a good luck.Cleopatra's coins was first choice because it can pay really well when you are in a bit of luck. I won some free spins but nothing too good and i changed to Wheel of cash pretty video slot game with decent payouts. At first i was getting free spins and bonus rounds but later as i raised my bet per spin i could not win anything. Eventually i lost my bonus money but before that i tried also spartan warrior,atomic age and some other slots. They all payed on small bets but when you raise your stake its like playing in an other casino.

This rival casino like a few other I played in had same problem only two options to make a deposit. Visa cards and neteller are not enough in my opinion. With live support i did not talk at all because i left very fast from this casino. I rate deposit methods, games and bonuses and my grade for Tradition casino is 4/10 not a very good place to do your gambling.
Lieselotte. Reviewed on 03.10.18
Tradition Casino is the first ever Rival Casino I played at and I am going back about 6 months ago now, what attracted me to this casino was its welcome offer. I downloaded the software and received 30 Euros free no deposit required. This came with a wagering requirement of one 100 times. I had to wager a total amount of £3000. You can claim any of their offers through the cashier and it is very easy and quick to do.It took me a while to get to grips with the software at first and it took me ages to go through all of their slot games. Their I-Slots soon became some of my favourite. In particular I like Bank Heist, there are numerous levels you have to play through and its really fun and profitable which of course is the main thing. My favourite though had to be Art Heist, pretty much the same as Bank Heist however this one has a randomly triggered Robin Hood bonus round. In order to be eligible to get this round you have to be playing at max coins which is 5 and it makes it £1.25 a spin, at first I was reluctant to do it but it definitely paid off and my balance got to over £200 and I had the Robin Hood bonus game about 3 times, different every time, didn’t get the special ‘Mona Lisa’ round though where apparently you get a minimum of £1000!!Everything was going so good until I contacted Live Help. Their Live Help facility is the poorest I have come across during my time playing in casinos. The woman I spoke to on a number of occasions (was always the same one) spoke very poor English. Her sentences sometimes did not even make sense and I had to explain to her what GBP (Great British Pound) meant??? This is the currency I play in. This is not what you expect from Live Help and I was definitely not prepared to put my own money in here in the form of a £25 deposit.
Paris. Reviewed on 05.10.18
I found an email from Tradition Casino a while ago – notifying me of a free chip that was waiting in my account for me. I was oooooohhhh YAY… Let’s go play. I must say I am still undecided about Rival Gaming. One minute I like them, next I think I like them and then I just don't like Rival software.Although one of the things that attracted me to installing this software is the fact that they offer denominations in ZAR (South African currency.)So I opened the platform and was not impressed with all the updates. Guess it means I haven't opened that platform for a really long time. I went into the cashier and activated my chip which was right at the bottom of all their bonuses. I didn't know that Tradition casino offered so many bonuses. I counted 12 bonuses exactly and very nice offers.Tradition offers 1st-3rd deposit bonuses and they have a list of bonuses called ‘bonus bonanza.It was a nice small no deposit bonus of R50.00 (ZAR). Which had a 76x playthrough. I decided to start on Opera Night video slots. That’s when I noticed that they have taken out 1c, 2c, and 5c denominations for betting.I had noticed this previously with another Rival casino I had opened up the other day. I thought it was just that specific casino. This is now the 2nd time I have seen this and I'm disgusted!How can Rival Casino Platform’s do that? I don't appreciate being dictated the amount that I want to bet.Although I have made several deposits into another Rival casino’s before, I don't think I will be making anymore deposits into Rival’s casino platform’s just because of that. I’m not sure that it’s only pertains to ZAR currency but I am really not impressed with this new ‘thing’ they have introduced.
Yuriko. Reviewed on 06.10.18
Every time when I saw a no deposit bonus offer I always try it because this is the best chance to win before you deposit. This time I checked the AskGamblers no deposit list and found this 30 euro free promotion. I checked the terms and conditions and the eligible countries list. I asked the moderators to find out the Hungarian players can take a part of this promotion but they advised me to speak with the casino support because they have a confusing bonus conditions. So before I do anything I went to their home page and tried to found out can I play with the no deposit bonus.

Sadly the live support isn’t reachable via by their front page so I downloaded the software. After I registered I didn’t needed to contact with the live support because I saw I can claim my bonus at the promotion page. Some word about the bonus conditions: you get 30 euro no deposit bonus with 75x wagering requirements, the bonus itself didn’t cashable, the max cash out is 3x the bonus (90 euro) and you need to deposit least 25 euro to able to make a cash out from it.

This conditions isn’t the best on the internet but it is free. When I play at rival casinos I usually play at the same slots. This time I played with the day at the derby with 1 euro per bet. After I almost lose my whole balance I hit the free games and I able to start the horse racing :D. I picked the tan horse and I won the race, I collected 42 euro from it. That was my last winnings from my no deposit bonus. So I lost my credits but I really enjoyed to play here.

I don’t know about the cash outs, but who knows may be one day I will know it.
Thank you!
Sterling. Reviewed on 07.10.18
I joined this casino when they were giving away a no deposit bonus of 30$ but i am not sure of they sill have that offer. It is a rival powered casino so no need to worry about the games as they have one of the finest games amongst all. SO i registered on this casino and could not find a way to claim the free sign up bonus. But then it was written that claim via live chat so i open the live chat they ask my details and then the code and manually credit the 30$ in my account.

I open the three reel slots and then open extra vaganza and i play this game for the first time so no idea about pay outs and all. But this was a nice game as hit the duck thing a couple of times and then i could not resist myself more and in the end clicked on big cash win . I was betting 1 coin per spin and hitting the cherry and any1 bar feature most of the time. In this casino i hit 2big cash win features for the firs time but i do not think that i am ever going to hit all three of them ever as it is very hard to get that. I spoke to my friends about this and he has to say that their is a particular pay out times for jackpot and slots and at that time most of the players play and they play big. I like that their software is very fast and not like others form the rival gaming.

Played table games after that but no real action for me here and was getting busted a lot. But roulette was good and fun. I think this is one of the finest casinos from the rival gaming. And no long loadings and i liked it about them.
Clark Carrillo. Reviewed on 07.10.18
The next casino on my list to try out was the rather nice looking tradition casino. The website looks very professional and it offers you a lot in terms of jackpots – the progressive jackpot looked quite attractive.In terms of different games it does tend to let you down for specialty games, but normally I only go for the classics and nothing else. Joining up gives you a lot of different bonuses that you can select. Some of the promotions give you cashback on the first deposit, others enter you into raffles. There is also a free play option if you select the berlin option when you deposit $100.

The casino itself can be played via download or instant play. The casino looks good and all the games have nice looking introduction screens and otherwise offer superb graphics. The dice roll like normal dice, and the roulette wheel actually spins which adds to the realism. One of the best things about it is the variety of different games – for instance if you look at blackjack there is classic blackjack and multihand. Not too certain about the reliability because my casino did crash when I was playing although it wasn't a problem.

Some of the 5 reel games are nice looking and give regular mini winners although when I was playing Fixer Upper I didn't really hit it big. Another game that I tried out was their progressive game strike gold. It is a standard slot game that offers £30 000 in jackpot. The game was fairly simple I thought I may as well see how it went. It actually gave tonnes of winning combinations and I ended up coming up on top but of course no jackpot.

Overall this casino should be compared to the other US casinos and it does come up on top because of the bonuses that it offers. A solid 7/10.

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