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Lucas. Reviewed on 08.07.18
Titan Casino is a known Playtech casino that featured yet another dark background in the homepage, many casino games and a welcome bonus that made a distinction on the deposit I made as well as some brief confusion trying to figure out what my deposit would get me while equaling to the wagering requirements.

On the deposit I made it gave me a set wagering based on the chart Titan has provided me in the promotions page under the bonus terms. 10 times, 20 times, 30 times and lastly 15 times for the humongous deposit of over a thousand dollars. That brief confusion disinterested me from taking the bonus so I asked support to take it out from my $40 deposit. Besides I don't need lady luck to challenge my balance! Why do I need to take a bonus at this time when I want to collect winnings with no obligations?

For the first time I stepped into a slot called Football girls I have some great luck and I will tell you why. The bets were set at $6 after I lowered it to the lowest and I was having doubts to spin the reels. My cursor is over the spin button. Just when I was about to close it and change a slot that had something containing lower yet reasonable bets my son came in the room with his toy airplane, he threw it in the air, landed next to where my mouse is, grabbed it in a rush and accidentally clicked on the left mouse button. At first I got a little mad at him for distracting me but when I saw a feature for 10 free spins from that one lucky spin I was proud of him! My son got me lucky for the free spins round and won me about $145.55. An expanded Wild of my chosen lady bench warmer would appear on the first reel for the remainder of the 10 Free spins and many of it's symbols would show much more frequently. The feature is equal to the one of the Human Torch found on Fantastic 4 except more free spins. When the feature stopped I spun for 3 more spins on $6 bets nothing came up. Maybe if my son came in the room to distract me again I might get lucky :) . When 3 spins resulted in nothing I had a chance to go over to the Live Dealer games to play Blackjack. $5 each for about 15 hands with the lady dealer. It's a great way to keep my winnings up. With $205.55 I went on the marvel jackpot slots preferably Iron Man II & Fantastic 4 50 lines for $1 per spin. I have been hearing from people that to get a serious chance of winning one of their jackpots the bets needed were over $5 a spin. It had to be something prolonged and large. I wouldn't count on this information based on many opinions however if I had an opportunity using a bankroll of maybe $500 or $1000 I would chase a jackpot with a chainsaw that exceeds not just my stash but my expectations as the tune of perhaps around $5000 or five digit numbers like $20,000. If using a chainsaw to get a jackpot on one of the marvel jackpots didn't work after using half of my balance for example then I will try to take down the jackpot on Beach Life!

When I finished on Fantastic four I withdrew my winnings of $269.88. It required me a total of 72 hours to get my withdrawal, that's including the verification procedure.

Titan casino will get a 9 out of 10! I especially like the poker room and will continue to be a loyal member to them in both categories!
Rosita Manger. Reviewed on 24.09.18
There had been numerous times when the names Titan Casino and Casino Titan confused me! Which was the Playtech casino, which was the RTG. Even after years of playing at these two casinos, I still got confused on days when my mind wasn't that alert. Then I made things easier for myself. I started labelling all the casinos in my list with the software they are using, for example, Titan Casino (P) for Playtech and Casino Titan (RTG) for Real Time Gaming. And gone are the days of confusion for me, hehehe.

I started playing at Titan Casino many years ago, in those newbie days of mine, but Titan Casino wasn't amongst the earliest casinos that I signed up at. Why? Because the no-deposit bonus Titan was offering was too little! I signed up first at all other casinos that were giving out $20 or more of free chips. Only when all that had been taken would I then move on to the lesser bonuses. For such a big name, Titan, I was wondering if it would be a good and fun place for me to play at. Well, the small no-deposit bonus (was that $7 or so, I can't recall) worked as a mediocre welcoming offering for me, to get into the casino, try out 1 game (the bonus amount certainly wasn't enough to try out more than 1 game!) and to have fun, albeit for a very short time only. Titan Casino was to me like a passenger on The Titanic! Trying to have fun...I wasn't given enough free money. Wanting to play more $7 or so wasn't enough to buy more. So it was fun for about 2 or 3 minutes, then not much fun as an observer for the rest of the time! ;)

Every gambler knows the feeling well enough. The fingers become so itchy just watching others play, the eyes start searching around desperately for an ATM, or a Cashier booth, and before you realised it, you are already exchanging your cash for chips! Darn! I was one of this kind too! ;) Playtech games do this to me every so often! Simply couldn't resist them, until the cash runs out, then nothing more to do but sit it out! Yep! For many many months, I did not go back to Titan Casino to play. Until one day they offered me a bonus I somehow didn't want to refuse. It wasn't a lot, just a 100% deposit bonus, but it was an offer so hard to get from Titan Casino! And as luck had wanted it. or perhaps the 'Power' above, that deposit and bonus became my lifeboat from the Titanic...errr...I mean the Titan! On that crucial day, I managed to escape and salvage $330 as the Titanic sank, taking along with it whatever else I had left behind on board! I survived to live another day, but at an expense no doubt, as every gambler would know! ;)

Lorretta. Reviewed on 02.10.18
Titan Casino is legendary in the online casino market. The home page looks good and is filled with incentives that tempt the player to join without hesitation.

The download doesn’t take a very long time at all; the software is available in English, French, German and Spanish. Mac users aren't supported via the download option, but can either use the Flash play version or run the software either in Boot Camp or through a visualization software (like WMware Server). Once the download completed, I just followed the prompts to install the software then agreed to the general terms and conditions and finally head off to the bank to make a deposit…

Titan Casino games looks cutting edge, the graphic design is cozy and made in an original way. Except for the Table Games which keep their classical design.
FiveReal Video Slots are available to play at Casino Titan. Mice Dice and Prince of Sherwood are worth the try. There is also a wide selection of Blackjack variants and different forms of Poker games, including Caribbean Stud, War, Red Dog, Tri Card Poker and Pai Gow. Roulette is offered in four styles including: European, American, French and Mini. You can also try Pontoon, a British version of Blackjack.Of course, many other stimulating and challenging games are available.

The website displays an impressive number of winners. This is due to the amazing number of Progressive Jackpots. Casino Titan doesn't just offer Progressive Jackpots, there are Random Jackpots and Minor Jackpots to win too. This casino gives you more opportunities that any other one to win a jackpot. If you never had a chance to win a jackpot, then you can go there to increase your chances of success. I tried Gold Rally, Beach Life and Megaball with huge jackpots, but never earned a penny. :(

Live Games are more exciting. You can play Roulette, Blackjack , Baccarat and Sic Bo interacting directly with live dealers.

Generous bonuses and attractive promotions are available at Casino Titan. Be sure to sign up for email promotions, players receive exclusive promotions not found elsewhere.

The options you have for depositing and withdrawing your money are detailed on the website. For deposits and withdrawals of more than $500, you have to wait for a security code to arrive by regular mail before you can launch the operation. This is puzzling, irritating and can delay a sign up bonus.

The customer service is supposed to operate 24/7. Support can be contacted by phone, fax, email, or the handy live text chat option. However, in my experience, they sometimes don’t appear to be there. They don’t perform in a professional and efficient way. Several emails I wrote remained unanswered.

Titan Casino would be much better with a qualified customer support and less withdrawal limitations.
Pennie. Reviewed on 04.10.18
About 2 months ago Vegas Red Casino has handpicked an invitation for me to join Titan Casino (not to be confused with Casino Titan which is supported by software of RTG), saying I'll get an additional extra €100 with their Welcome bonus, for a €30 deposit.

I was interested in this offer so navigated to their web site to get some more information about it. A professional chat representative helped me out and explained everything, even things I couldn't fully understand (like roulette could be played and valid towards WR but they distinguish high/medium/low coverage bets that are bet spread combinations covering 10% or more of the table but less than 60% - in medium case). The point was I had to wager my extra €100 and deposit+bonus amount 30 times (the original criteria is x25 but for players of some countries it is x30).

This time I chose to go for the big and with this total €160 tried to catch a jackpot or something like that. I started with Punisher... with €0.10 line bet but I had only 2 five of a kind so I moved on and I wanted a 6 of a kind type winning at Blade. Though it not happened but once 3 Blade icons were my guest during free spins so I had almost totally 30 gift spins with x5 multiplier, resulting more of a €140 income that well boosted my balance. I didn't imagine a way more in this game and went to Mummy and this was the slot I played for a while. The €0.10 line stake idea which I clung to, here meant a €2.50 total bet that I normally wouldn't play with but I was really hoping that could be my time. It started well, I kept getting the features, free spins, lost city adventure bonuses and I collected a €100+ prize at the end of a super spin. I think this was the peak of my success because from here the specialties began to fade away. I tried to balance it with greater bets but great symbol combinations didn't want to come and nearing the end, the free spins gave max. 1 or 2 Mummy wild symbols comparing the initial 5 or 6. Final, I lost my money but I didn't regret to play here. I enjoyed my playing time with very good games that lasted for days.

Titan Casino looks to me an average place, a habitual Playtech environment with good and helpful support team. Of course, as I didn't reach the final stage that every player chases and wants, my final verdict couldn't be complete, but I liked what I saw here although the number of complaints here in this page may require the players attention and caution.
Christene. Reviewed on 06.10.18
Titan Casino slots is good and i experienced playing their slots this casino offers huge jackpots when your'e lucky enough and hit them BOOM!! In a nutshell, if you’re looking for the best place online to score top casino promotions, look no further than Titan Casino.

I deposited here 30$ for their promotion i like promotions 100% and the 30$ deposit is qualified yiyykkks boom!!! So the wagering requirements for this is30X20 =$ 1200 and your credits is 60$ thats okay to wager 1200$ all you need is time, luck, chances and hope lol then i played their slot called Cops and Bandit because their slot said whether you're a beginner or a pro, these game guides are a great introduction to our online casino and will give you an exciting taste of what's to come, amazing right :) These video slot are maximum of 30 lines and had a Free games in locked wild and also line-up bonus, i bet .10$ per line maximum of 30 lines and total of 3.00$ per spin. This video slot is very amusing to play and challenging why because you can win consecutive times so you may decided to increase your bet (based in my opinion and experienced)because i made it :) When i spin during the 9th time i won the symbols of 3 wild total of 1000 times. 10 equals 100$ and i am very happy to the result of that spin, the following spins is unlucky because even i won the bets that i placed are lost and the winnings is so small i thought i lost 48$ not sure during that looses i stopped spin for a while and take my launch because it's afternoon when i played cops and bandit at titan casino, after i ate i started again and spinning suddenly after 10 minutes of playing i hit the other bonus "free games with locked wild" and i got my 5 free spins and i am very happy because the result of that free spins is 98.70$ nice winnings thanks for the wild and bandits because of them i got that winnings YAHOOOOO!!! Okay when i finished 6 Hours of playing Cops and bandit note i didn't chance my game instead i focus to this game :)

I finished the wagering requirements 1200$ and my remaining balance is 123$ i cashout it and gave my documents to verified it takes 3 business days when i claimed the money via my neteller account.

I rated this casino 8/10 over all included their withdrawal method because i am disappointed that their representative said it takes 2 days but its okay i got my money thanks again titan casino.
Sharie Standridge. Reviewed on 06.10.18
About a week ago I received an email that invited me to play at Titan Casino with a no deposit (welcome) bonus of 10 Euro/USD. Telling myself that 10 Euro are better than nothing I kept the email and after I delayed a few days, I finally registered and I contacted the online support to receive the bonus. Although the bonus was also on the welcome page of this casino, the online support asked me to send them the email that I received,to finally tell me that I will get only a bonus of 5 Euro and only after I register a credit card. Because the bonus offer was so small, I gave up playing for real money and I experimented this casino only on virtual money.

Titan Casino is a casino a bit different from other Playtech casinos, being half horse and half donkey as it benefits also from the contribution of the InstantPlay platform . The overall look of the games from the download version is the classic one of the Playtech games, but there are some differences in terms of the Lobby appearance and of the fact that certain games can be played even if only from the browser. As I said, here the online support is present 24/7 but it is not very helpful, at least that was my case. When it comes to games, besides the Video and Classic Slots and also the Table and Card Games,the Video Pokers and the Live Dealer games, this casino brings some other games in addition to a standard Playtech casino. There is a Table Game called Wild Viking (so far I have not ever met it and I did not find any special strategy to win the game by googling it), a Wheel of fortune („Wheel of Light“) which is rarely found in Playtech casinos and several Sports Games also rare in most casinos, such as Darts or Penalty Shootout.

Playtech Slots are the classic ones (like the „Great Blue“ or „X -Men“ - my favorite in any Playtech casino) but here I met also a new slot named Cops N'Bandits where I lost about 30 minutes on about 200 spins and which I liked because of its big wins made possible ​​by its new feature (25 to 40 free games with symbols locked on reels 2, 3 and 4).

As I said a Playtech casino a bit special, which because of the lack of support willingness and because of a certain general feeling that any avid gamer develops over time, does not inspired me a total confidence.
Divina. Reviewed on 07.10.18
Titan casino is also part of T!tan Poker. Although they do have their normal casino slots. TITAN POKER is worth a try!

TITAN POKER I discovered through an e-wallet promotion via Neteller. This is a very cool casino it’s not really for slots. It's focus is more for Poker. Once I had clicked on the link for this promotion. It took me to an awesome site, this site teaches you how to play strategy poker.

SO, if you have ever wanted to learn the strategic way to play poker. This specific site taught me a lot.

I have always felt like a little bo’ beep rookie when it came to Texas Hold’em. I read the articles on this site. It really educated me on the whole Texas Hold’em thing and I didn’t have to learn by playing with real money.

I just read the articles, took the quiz – that the site offered. I must admit,I failed the 1st time – but the 2nd time – I passed with flying colors.

After I passed the quiz – the site offers you $50 to play with, in any of their recommended poker casino’s. Although Titan Poker does offer slots and casino, play in their Poker rooms they are truly incredible with thousands of things you can do.

You can choose between Quick Seat, European Tables, World Tables, Speed Games, Tournaments, Cash Games, Sit & Go and Speed Hold’em and there a loads more that they offer.

Every week the site loaded $10 into my chosen Poker account, which was of course Titan Poker .

Which was over a period of 5 weeks. You choose where you want to play – how many people you want to play against (four people or six people.) As well as the currency you would prefer like Euro, Pounds, Dollars.

You earn strategy points, as you play and with those points you earn lots of other benefits.

This casino is most definitely an awesome Poker casino. It earns a score of 10/10 from my experience.

I managed to complete my 5 weeks, played through the whole promotion. I even earned money from the site for earning just one strategy point. That was paid into my e-wallet.

I noticed the other day that Moneybookers is offering the exact same promotion. If I could do the promotion again, I would ! It is MOST definitely worth it.
Rhoda. Reviewed on 10.10.18
I was looking for casino with no deposit bonus and casino Titan caught my attention. They were offering 20$ no deposit bonus for AskGamblers and I decided to try it. I was a little unsure about this casino because of the many unresolved problems and its rank but my experience has shown me that it isn't always the indicator .

I signed up and decided to use instant play, although the "download" window came up multiple times. I waited for my bonus for a while but then I decided to just contact the live support. I told them that I wanted to use AskGamblers 20$ no deposit bonus and the chat lady answered that it was an invalid coupon. I was a little disappointed because even when you click on AskGamblers "get this bonus" you get directed to Titan page where it says- 20$ free immediately. I continued my talk with support and after a while she offered me 20$ free sign up bonus. Why didn't she offer me at the beginning?

Okay,so after a while I finally got my bonus. with 30x wagering requirements. I started with Lion's Liar which was the first slot that appeared on my screen after I logged in. Somehow with second spin I managed to get free spin features and was awarded with 12 free spins. Overall they gave me 6$ winnings so I continued to play it for some time but when I increased my bet to 0.80$ all of the next spins were empty.

Then for a few hands I tried my luck at blackjack table but it was unfortunate and I lost at least half of the hands. So then I played Dream Run with 1$ bets and after 10 empty spins I played Football Frenzy.I wasn't able to wager this bonus because I kept playing until my balance was empty.

I'm happy that I had the opportunity to play at this casino without making a deposit because otherwise I think I would be upset. As I mentioned before, I used instant play and the games were very slow and it was annoying. And I got the impression that the information they provide isn't new so before making a deposit I suggest you to first contact the live chat to not get your hopes up. Even though the games were ok but not my favorites, Titan overall appearance disappointed me so I won't be making a deposit there.

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