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Augustina. Reviewed on 08.07.18
Now this is a Casino that has appeared on my computer screen more than once this year.
I live in the UK and usually stay up late either gambling, playing my playstation or chilling with friends.
But one night during my mad roulette habit i noticed a Live Roulette program on Channel 5.
I didn't have any money in my bank at the time but the announcer presenting the show stated that any customers registering today would receive a free £5 to play at their online casino.

You can play live roulette via your PC/Laptop, mobile or you could even place a bet via your landline telephone.
After registering i noticed my balance was topped up instantly with the bonus.
Their site has all types of casino games, including other live games like blackjack.

I played the £5 on live roulette and started hitting numbers, soon later my balance was over £250.
I started playing slots and wagered out the bonus, i ended up finishing my wagering with £100 balance left.
I made a £20 deposit and cashed out my winnings but thats just the beginning.
I started playing every night, even during the day i was totally zoned, i wouldn't eat, answer the door or phone to my friends, wasn't looking for a job, just simply playing at Super casino (or sooopers as i like to call it) for days on end.

I overspent, went past my overdraft and had no money left to gamble, that's when the devil took over....
I started using my mums card to deposit funds and gamble, i lost just under £1000 of her money and then got myself into a heap of trouble, took months for her to finally forgive me but things got worse when i moved onto my elder brothers card and lost his monthly £800 wages.
He took things into his own hands and called the police to report fraudulent activity on his card until his bank statement came through and i was caught red handed, the only thing was he couldn't catch me because like a coward i ran away and hid at a friends house for a few weeks, i even feel cringes when i write this review as the memories were horrific and totally disrespectful.

After a few months i was accepted back into my house, i had payed back my brother but still owed my mum quite a chunk of money, but i decided to play at supers again with my own balance.
It was late and everyone was asleep, so i was feeling comfortable.
This time i got lucky and managed to win £2500 after hitting big playing live roulette, the same game which sucked all the previous money, iimmediately went to withdraw the funds.
The next day i received an email, in order to complete the withdrawal i needed to send in documents, not just my documents but my brothers and mothers documents!!
I needed to get a screenshot of my brothers card, and a bill in his name, same for my mums.
I don't know how i did it but i managed it and after 2 months of hard graft i sent the files and my withdrawal was processed, i almost forgot to mention how i contacted live support and asked them to block me from cancelling my withdrawal, this was a must.
I know this was more of a story than a review but all in all the casino is a fair one as i was still paid despite using 3 different cards, and i send my apologies if this story was cruel and hurtful but everything turned out fine, i will never visit super casino again as its addictiveness brings such bad memories.
Thank you for reading my experience
Syble. Reviewed on 23.09.18
SuperCasino are part of a group called "NetPlayTV". Here in the UK they have an extremely large presence, showing their live casino games on Channel 3 during the night under the "Jackpot247" banner, whilst also appearing on Channel 5 under this name - "SuperCasino".

Take a look at their promotions page and its quickly obvious that they are related with Jackpot247 - they have identical offers available at any particular time, including at present a £15 no deposit bonus for all new signups - this used to be restricted to those signing up during the hours their live roulette game was playing on national TV, but that rule seems to have been relaxed now and all new players can enjoy a £15 bonus now.

I do not doubt that SuperCasino can be trusted to pay their players if you should choose to play here, but I would question why you might do so when Paddy Power, Corals, William Hill and Ladbrokes offer the same games, plus many others from additional developers, whilst also offering superior withdrawal terms and customer support.
Oh my, I get a shiver down my spine every time I see the name of this casino. I’ve had some terrible experiences with them personally, as have other friends of mine who like to gamble on-line as well. I’m not sure actually if they still have the massive TV presence they used to, but certainly for a long time they would have overnight broadcasting rights on one of the UKs main TV channels, which gave the casino a formidable promotional ability and presence. You would think a company with such an amazing marketing angle would take advantage of it in a positive way and provide a great service, but I guess as with most other areas of our world money talks, and I can only guess that greed within the company leads to their shocking customer service and poor promotions.

When I joined I got a £10 no deposit bonus, which is always nice, but it had some insane wagering requirements attached I don’t remember exactly but I understand that they are currently giving out a £15 no deposit bonus with a 99 times wagering requirement. This makes it essentially just play money as you need to be exceptionally lucky in order to complete such a wagering requirement. I can’t help but laugh as they also have a maximum withdrawal from the bonus of just £100, so even those who do get “lucky” will have everything over £100 taken back from them should they choose to make a withdrawal.

I guess I really did not know much better though because I did deposit with them anyway and took their welcome bonus which was a 100% match up to £200. The wagering requirements for this was a more reasonable 25 x deposit plus bonus, and it was cashable as well – sounded not too bad. The problems started when I completed the wagering and requested a withdrawal. I submitted my identity documents when requested, but they were not approved for several days, and it was only done eventually after badgering them via email and live chat.

Even after this, instead of my withdrawal in my Skrill account I received only my initial deposit amount of £200 – I was told that I had multiple accounts, so my winnings were void. This was simply not true, but as I live in a shared house with a very high turnover of people I had to accept their assertion that another person at my address had created an account 18 months earlier, although I had no way to be sure. Funny how this only causes an issue after you win a couple of thousand pounds though I’ll never return to SuperCasino and advise everybody to avoid them!
Frederic. Reviewed on 28.09.18
It is one of casinos that are listed as "popular casinos in your country" on AskGamblers and since it's provided by Playtech, I didn't even question it and signed up. They have quiet good promotion offers, but I just didn't want to fulfill wagering requirements, so deposited 30 pounds. When I visited their page, I was pleasantly surprised of their variety of games.

Their casino page design is very easy to understand and you can find all the info you can possibly need. After depositing, started with their table games. I really enjoyed my time there at casino holdem. It gave me really good winning, I had increased my balance to 70 pounds which is pretty good. Then I played blackjack. I was using casino instant version, but there were a few times when I had difficulties with it, then I contacted their live chat and they advised me to my computer and log off from the system. Unfortunately nothing changed so I used their mobile version. Of course it wasn't as pleasant as I imagined. So I played about 10 hands in blackjack and when my balance hit 100 pounds I decided to stop.

I really wanted to play slots, but I wasn't able to do that on my mobile device, because something went wrong all the time. The next day I tried to play slots via instant play and finally succeeded. I played slots Blade, which have been lucky for me in the past, but this wasn't the time. Then I played a few spins at Iron man 2 and Iron man 3, but didn't win anything. Later I decided to cashout.

Everything with my withdrawal went very smoothly and the next day I got my winnings transferred to my account. I would give them 8 stars out of 10- customer service was very nice, fast and accurate and withdrawal was fine. But unfortunately I just had too many technical problems there.
Don't get too excited though - this £15 has a 99 x wagering requirement, and of course only slots count at 100 per cent for this requirement, so you will be looking at closer to 990 x if you like to play blackjack. Worse still, they enforce a maximum cashout of just £100 for those who manage to fluke their way past the 99 x minimum wagering requirement, so effectively, this is nothing more than a marketing ploy - you cannot realistically expect to finish in profit when playing with this no deposit bonus.

Despite the fact that SuperCasino appears every night on UK national TV, their customer service and withdrawal policies are way, way behind the leaders in this industry - I had to wait over a week for my first e-wallet withdrawal, though much of this time was taken up getting my documents verified, a procedure that is usually not required by casinos that focus on the UK market. Their customer support personnel were unhelpful during this time and offered me an additional bonus if I chose to reverse my pending withdrawal as opposed to waiting for my documents to be verified. This is a major red flag for me and suggests this is not an honorable online casino.

Finally, I feel it important to mention that SuperCasino are yet another Playtech that chooses not to pay out progressive jackpot winners in full. If you should win a million pound jackpot at this casino, the most you can expect to receive per year is £240,000, therefore you will be waiting a little over 4 years to receive your jackpot win in full. This is entirely unacceptable in my view!
Luanna. Reviewed on 03.10.18
Super casino is Playtech casino, and I played at this casino while ago and only once, just because I was really curious, why this casino call itself super?

Super casino offers me 200% bonus on my first deposit, and i decide to ask live chat did i eligible to play at this casino or get this bonus, this never can be bad to check everything with live support, this take 5 minute of time, but can save lot of bad emotions. Also always read terms and conditions, or just use ctrl+f and write your country, if something in terms is about you country, you will notice this and will know, I am usually do this before joining new casino.

As I did not heard anything about this casino in past, i decide to not risk with serious money, and deposited only 30$ which casino doubled. I even did not contact support, bonus was added automatically.

I start my playing with downloading archer slot, as you probably noticed from my other Playtech reviews i am usually playing this game, and i suggest you to try it, because the game is really interesting and can pay really big if you hit expanded symbols with scatter, friend of mine won more than 1000 x total bet once at this game, and i still trying to repeat his result. Archer was cold, and i decide to try another games, i chosen marvel progressive games, and this is was not good idea, because games seems to be extremely cold, and it was even hard to trigger bonus feature, not even saying about big wins.I lost my deposit quickly, and never deposit anything else in this casino. Also they never sent to me emails with freechips or something like this.

Super casino is not so super, and i rate it with 6 stars. I did not know why they decide that they super.
Players from Portugal not accepted, contrary to stated here. And, how can it be then the Top 1 casino at Portugal :-) ?
This casino is just one big con! If you lose they take your money and if you win they say you have breached conditions that don't even exist and if your lucky they give you your last deposit back but keep all that you have won!

Avoid this site at all times as you have zero chance of them authorising any withdrawals!

All winnings will be removed from your balance as soon as you try to withdraw any amount!
Trudi. Reviewed on 05.10.18
- Update:
Paid out as soon as I passed the verification process

- Previous comment:
The late night TVs show, mobile betting app and the master of spin man.
- Update:
Hi, just a update on my review above they have paid out and I have the winnings in my account. It was a bit Of a hassle with thevarifcation process but I sent all the documents they requested and they have a job to do. All in all I am very happy with the casino and look forward to playing roulette on ch -5 tv

- Previous comment:
The endless process of sending ID and documents which is still going on hopefully it will be resolved this week. We had a TV installed in the works canteen & I thought it would be fun to play on my night shift break I signed up and deposit £20 via (didn't realise) my wife's PayPal account so after 4-5 weeks to my surprise I'm £1200 up and as its her 40th decided to take £1000 out and leave £200 in to play with.

I have had to send them a copy of me and the wife driving licence a photo of us holding them a copy of a bill for me and one with the wife's on and now a copy of my debit card which I now use instead of PayPal. All the documents are correct and have been accepted I'm just waiting for the debit card to be looked at by them according to Brenda via webchat then hopefully they will payout and I can carry on enjoying playing on my break. I'll keep you informed: note I have had to deposit another £10 via my debit card to add it to my account.
Deidra Dudash. Reviewed on 06.10.18
Used supercasino a few nights ago. At first, it feels really easy to win money and build your balance up.

Despite other reviews, I didn't have any problem withdrawing £20 here and there because I didn't accept any bonus'.
After winning so much, things start to seem sketchy.

Starting from £100, I brought my balance up to around £250 in a few days. Unfortunately, due to lack of self control I lostthis by over-betting on a tier which had been missing +20 spins. I kept accumulating my bets until my balance ran out. Rare? I guess the odds weren't in my favour.

So what's the problem? "Technical issues". After raising my bets so high on this long awaited tier, the live feed is mysteriously cut. No problem with my internet connection, but strangely enough the feed resumes several spins later, after I've lost all my money. On the next spin, 14 appears on the screen before the ball had even landed. The number that actually came out was 27, the tier in which I had been waiting on. The host acknowledged the "technical difficulties", and that "the computers had picked up the wrong number".

If it hadn't been for these "technical difficulties", I would have been able to take it on the chin. How do I know what numbers actually came out while the feed was cut if their systems keep messing up their results?

Won't use again
Oliva. Reviewed on 07.10.18
I liked the ease of depositing and the fact it was on tv
I disliked trying to cash out, I still have £1000 in the account with no way to get it out, I informed them that I don't have a drivers licence or a passport, they told me to send them something with my national insurance number on it and my birth certificate which I sent with everything else they asked for... The end result was an e-mail from them informing me to send my passport or driving licence. Customer service was useless.

This is a VILE company and one which I will not be using again! Today I had to contact DVLA and buy another driving licence just to get my cash, strange that they don't bother asking for all this when taking your cash but do when you try to withdraw.

Don't worry Supercasino, I will get my cash, even if I have to take you to the small claims court here in Scotland.

I gave them one star only because I had to.
Leonarda Lareau. Reviewed on 07.10.18
I played roulette in the early hours of the 30/1/2016. Now whilst registering did not realise I agreed to the sign up bonus but anyway whilst playing realising I had to bet past the amount they set I played for over 3 hours and finally it let me withdraw.

This withdrawal was pending for a week. Sent numerous emails and finally after a week sent an email straight to the point and wanted the situation sorted. No longer than an hour later received an email saying I had used minimal betting and they had declined my winnings of £480.
Now it's says in the terms that this is covering 27 numbers or more when I counted I covered 19. I think this is totally unacceptable. I would highly recommend no one use this site I have never had this issue with any other betting site.

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