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Cheryle. Reviewed on 11.07.18
In every Vegas Partner Lounge casino they always offer a freeplay! At the time I was not able to claim it as I claimed a Freeplay offer from one of their awesome casinos. When I wanted to chat with one of their representatives to see what they can offer me they offered me 50 Free Spins for a deposit. How kind of them!

So I made a deposit, told the chat representative it is successful then she advised me that the 50 Free Spins will appear within a hour, most of the time it appears in less than 5 minutes. I waited just the right amount of time to see the Free Spins and yes I can see the Congratulations message when opening up Loaded! In each Free Spin they are set at max paylines (25 Paylines) with only $0.01 coin bet. Some of the free spins got me $3, $2.30, and $20 when hitting the 4 scatters! I was kind of dissatisfied because the triggering bet was only at $0.01 or in other words the lowest minimum bet. Inside the feature I was presented with 3 options to play the Free Spins bonus. There was 24 Free Spins at 2x which was small but effective, 16 Free Spins at 3x which was a moderate and reasonable option and finally there was 12 Free Spins at 4x. I was deciding on what to do as the bet was small. I told myself, "Can I get lucky on 12 spins or is it better to play many spins to get the free spins worth?" When I made a choice I chose to play on 12 Free Spins a 4x because winning with a $0.25 wasn't exactly great to begin with. In giving power to my Free spins for 12 rounds I saw good to high wins pour out of this Hip Hop/Rap based Video Slot. On the 7th spin (5 spins left) I got five of the lady symbols (wearing a fur coat) giving me around $40. It was great but I was thinking while it made a fourth combination it should of landed the wild 777 to triple the 5 lady combination. It would have poured 5 - 10 times more gold in my lap. Once the Free Spins were played out I got a total of $47.30 on that feature. It was amazing and the best part is I still have 41 Free Spins from my deposit left! For that I decided to continue on until my remaining Free Spins were 25. Since I did not hit any Free Spins feature or got good wins after 16 Free Spins I decided to keep them for a rainy day to brighten my mood in the future. Of course I was aware of it's expiry date but it was not like it would expire any time soon.

My next move when on to Aces and Faces 50 Hands for half my balance. A great game with the double up feature! It is very addictive as I kept on winning with most hands. While doubling on almost every hand my balance came to an ending $90.18. I stopped playing on that day and continued after 2 days to wagering the bonus coming out of the free spins.

In the end, my experience became a profitable one earning me $189.45 after wagering and playing on Video slots and video pokers. Sun Vegas and other casinos in the Vegas Partner Lounge never let's me down. It's one of the many online casinos you would want to play on!

Support: 10/10 (Thank you for the 50 Free Spins)
Terms and Conditions: 9/10
Deposits: 10/10
Payouts: 9.5/10
Withdrawals: 8.5/10
Margarett. Reviewed on 24.09.18
Sun Vegas is in line with the Vegas partner lounge. They once had a nice freeplay offer, what made them change this? All they have right now are the triple step match bonuses for new players. The common bonus people take these days....100% match and the not so good 25% for second and 50% for the third deposit. The freeplay offer they once had is much better than these matches but as I am not a new player on Vegas partner lounge I can't accept these offers because of their rules giving me a one time option to take only ONE offer from any casinos in the Vegas partner lounge business. So folks you have many choices to choose from with your one chance from Maple casino, Golden Riviera, River Nile, Crazy Vegas or any other VPL casinos out already. They can have the hottest welcome offers but if I can't have them all what makes them hot? All I know is one offer can be taken up while the other offers become frozen cold!

That being said I played $100 from my own wallet to make most of my time. To get me started I played King Cashalot for bets of $2.25 just for a little while for up to 20 spins. That will cost me close to half my balance but sure enough it went higher than that based on the wins I earned. On one spin it resulted in three Wild kings on the 5th payline. During that moment I had my hopes up very high when the spin is in progress I thought, "that was going to be what I think is going to happen!". It wasn't what I was expecting because it just connected a knight to get a good 4 symbol combination. What I forgot was the kings are supposed to be on the 9th payline, all 5 of them with max bet lol. I wondered in astonishment for nothing! There was no bonus round on my 20 spins but I did get $16 over my $100. Getting 5 food items with a King gets me more than my $2.25 bets however only 2 queens plus a king shown up in one of my spins. With $116 I went into Starscape, Spike's Nite out, Mega Moolah, Multiplayer Isis, Video pokers like Bonus poker 100 hands for $10 and same goes for All Aces 10 hands when changing the size of the coin, Dolphin Tale, Snow Honeys, Mega spin - Break Da bank again and Girls with guns - jungle heat...with : + ) = :).

In all my visits and bets placed on online casinos they all should reward a player's large bet because only a few people will be daring to place a large bet on one spin or hand! For example a $100 or $1000 bet for a hand/spin should get the greater of things! Casinos are rich and they should part with some of their fortune to the daring & brave!

I cashed out $221.23 on this casino and I expected much more even though Sun vegas is a VPL casino. I cast this casino to be a nice 8.1 out of 10! Again the daring must be rewarded every way possible!
Gary. Reviewed on 02.10.18
At the time I joined Sun Vegas casino they were offering just the same welcome promotion as Golden Riviera casino – one hour of free play, with 2500 credits for that purpose and the chance to keep up to 200 credits of your potential winnings above the starting 2500 in exchange of a deposit for 50$. Of course, I had already used that promo in another member casino of the Vegas Partner Lounge and remember now very clear how sharp were my conversations with the live support! Even now, after 2 years, I still see that the most dull marketing idea in the world of online gambling(you cannot use the welcome bonus in casino A, if you already used such promo in casino B, if both are members of VPL), used by the VPL group is alive! Hey, boys, girls, from the VPL marketing, wake up and turn around! You will never see such idiotic decision by any of the other bigger groups! You got 4 times smaller number of casinos in comparison with Casino Rewards group, but 12, I repeat, twelve times less members than them!!! Maybe you do not want more clients, maybe 90 % of the existing ones are high-rollers or maybe you are just a bunch of inefficient managers! Anyway! I shall preserve my nerves for the next series of reviews, which I am planning to dedicate to my personal “best” RTG casinos:).

A brief look at my gambling diary (it is a must for those of you who play a lot like me in many casinos at the same time!) shows that in the end actually the things were not so black – 460$ deposited, 870$ withdrew and a big remark stating that I got 7 times free spins feature in a row while playing Thunderstruck I on bet 0.45 per spin! Hey, I want that to happen again!

So, to summarize I will use some simple rating scores:
Support: 5/10
Software: 10/10
Security: 7/10
Finance: 6/10
Bonuses: 6/10
Terms&Conditions: 0/10

Overall: Safe online casino, but with inefficient management!

Well that is it from me now:). Thanks to for giving me the opportunity to share my story! And always remember: “You can not break the casino bank, but it is worth trying!
Latoyia. Reviewed on 04.10.18
This casino is very ridiculous you know why? Here's the story when i get there i registered and deposit some money to testing the Sun Vegas Casino, after the registration is done i first try the flash version of this casino ( while i'm downloading the desktop version because i am more confident to the desktop version) any way back to the flash version, because they have two version that you can choose the flash and the desktop version or the download version. The advantage of the flash version is that it's easy to use you don't need to download and wait for minutes that's why its an instant play version. Okay i tried the play version on that flash version i tried some of the slot, roulette and also the blackjack i don't find problem except on my browser because some times the flash version experience some lag and i don't want that to happen when i play the real version so i decided to switch in the desktop version.

The fun is not yet happen until i play into the real version with the help of their welcome bonus of 100% for first deposit of $150! I got now $300 and it's easy to choose what to play because i already explore their games and there casino. So i learned to adapt their casino in a little bit of time lol. The most exciting part of my experience here is that when i play the slot called Thunderstruck 2 and for those experienced player they know that it's a nice slot. I bet $1.50 per spin maximum of it's line and hoping to win big pay out and it didn't disappoints me. When i hit the 4 wild and the bonus and i got $232.10 pay out! Wow! It's an astonishing moment when i hit that bonus and after that i saw my name in their winners caption list and it's very witty to see my name in their list

That's my experienced here at Sun Vegas Casino. It's very reliable casino the withdrawal is nice and fast and today i still play there casino. I rated this casino B+ over all!
. Reviewed on 06.10.18
Sun vegas casino is a part of vegas partner lounge group, which a well known and reputable microgaming group of casinos. So i obviously decided to give it a try , and start with downloading and registering.

This time i decided not take any bonus, and just made deposit of 100$ to play roulette or blackjack, don't know why, probably i was tired from slots, or probably just have nice feelings about roulette and blackjack. Anyway, i start with roulette and system, you should know it, you bet 1$ on red, if comes red you bet 1$ on black then, if comes black you bet 2$ on red, if comes black again, you bet 4$ on red, and this before you win, or your money ends :) This strategy give me nice result and i am fast up to 300$ balance, but i am still want to play, so i start betting on 10 different numbers 5$ bet per each. After about 15 minutes i already had 400$ on my balance, and i decided to play video poker a bit. There was no luck for me, no royal flush, and with 300$ left i just go to blackjack. First hand bet 100$ for fun, and dealer give me queen and nine, this is 19 and i decided to stop, dealer has K and open ten, and this mean i lost. Okay, i go to roulette and start playing with system about i type in begin, but now i just start with 5$. So about hour of fighting with this roulette, i see that my balance is 800$, and decided to cashout, but play blackjack one time. I made bet 100$ on 5 hands, and omfg, dealer give himself A and J. Blackjack. I lost 500$ in one minute, and i was so dissapointed that i can not tell you by words. I left 300, go to roulette, and lost it fast too. Impossible, lost 800$ in around 5 minutes... That was a very bad day for me.

So, here is my marks for Sun Vegas casino:
Software: 9/10
Bonuses: 7/10
Support: 8/10
Cashouts: do not test
Total: 8/10 good casino from Vegas Partner lounge.
Kacy. Reviewed on 06.10.18
I decided to register here and get the welcome offer, they had a free play promotion and a 60 euro match bonus on your first deposit. I would like to claim the second bonus. The only problem was I didn’t checked their affiliate partner. I registered via by their downloadable casino and made a deposit from 25 euro. After it I didn’t get my bonus, so I went to the live support page and asked her why I can’t get my bonus instantly. She checked my account and informed me I claimed one welcome bonus already at they sister casinos (casino Uk, they use Vegas partner lounge affiliate group and I only able to claim their welcome bonus once any of their casinos). I was very angry for myself but I deposited so I needed to play it. But I like that fact I didn’t need to wager anything so I can cash out after I won without restrictions. At the previous when I played their sister casino I left them with good memories because were they are fair.

So I had 25 euro chance to get some money from them. I started to play with bars and stripes with 0.5 euro per bet. Within a few spins I get the bonus game and collected 15 euro from it, I decided to continue the play here because the thermometer was high. I doubled up my bet to 1 euro.

After I went down to 10 euro I get the bonus feature again but this time I get 4 hat so I was able to pick two from them. I don’t had luck because I picked the two smallest and I collected only 20 euro from it. I didn’t leaved that machine but after I didn’t get the bonus game or any valuable any my money is gone.

If you want to claim their bonuses be sure you didn’t claimed at any sister casinos welcome bonus or free play.
Thank you!
Mica. Reviewed on 07.10.18
Sun vegas casino is powered by microgaming software, and it is also a part of vegas partner lounge group. I did not like this group, their bonus policy is pretty stupid, every customer can get only one welcome bonus across all network, and i did not understand why... Bonuses i think help casinos make money, because player can not just hit big and withdraw, he need to wager at begin, and while he is wagering there is a big chance that he will lost all his balance. But probably guys from vegas partner lounge did not know this thing, or they fear that players with bonuses will take all their money, but we get this bonus policy and have nothing to do with it.

I deposit there only because i sometimes playing freerolls there, and without deposit if i win in freeroll my winnings will go on bonus balance, of course i did not want such thing, so i made deposit of 30$ using my skrill account, and as i told i did not get any bonus.

I decide go to blakcjack table and play fast. I made bet of 15$ and luckily i won with bj, second hand i decide to bet all my balance which was 45$, and again i get bj. Wow, that's luck, and probably i should cashout this 90$, but i decide to made my last bet of 90$ and i again hit blackjack!!! Wow, i was really happy, this is 150$ profit in just few minutes, and of course after it i request cashout, which hit my account only 3 days after it. Not speedy cashouts, stupid bonus policy, i did not like this casino at all.

Thats all, thank you for reading my review about sun vegas casino, now i will give them some marks:
Support: A
Bonuses: C
Withdrawals: B
Games selection: B

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