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Terra. Reviewed on 08.07.18
I had a few good wins which in comparison to other casino's is not bad.
Sent an email with my documents as per requested when withdrawing, although I don't understand why some companies do this and some don't just seems like a delaying process. Additionally they said it could take up to 72 hours to verify so I waited that period to find they "hadn't received my email" even though it went to the right address which I made clear when I sent out the email again with a screenshot for them. When I sent it out again I get an email saying the files are now too big and they cannot open them, they are between 5-7mb each, do they live in the stone age or something. Absolutely poor service. As with many casino's they are more than happy to take your money but as soon as you want to withdraw some you need to constantly hit the round the head with a shovel.

The fact withdrawals are pending and can be subject to cancellation is another tactic to try and get you to continue using the funds and risk losing it all. This is all denied by them obviously but it is disgusting from these multi-million pound companies
Kirstie. Reviewed on 27.09.18
Stable site, good choice of games especially Play N Go
Getting your winnings out of them is like pulling teeth.This week I had a win and it was in pending for 4 days. Had to spend over an hour on live chat and make a formal complaint to get them to process it even though they say 48 hours. I have had my documents checked over a year ago and make equally slow withdrawals before too. Don't reply with all the b*****t about being responsible company and taking a little longer over security checks.
I was promised on Tuesday it would be done Wednesday and then only got done when I really kicked off on Thursday.
Their VIP programme is rubbish too.
Doesn't mean anything you still get terrible service.
When will these companies learn that when people win they want their money.
Reagan. Reviewed on 03.10.18
Sites great - Signed back into the site after time off -Sent verification docs yesterday and was verified in 27 minutes after I sent my email - followed the information on the site word for word. Withdraw was processed 22 hours by the payment team, just waiting on the money hitting my account.

As this was my first withdrawal I had a few questions that the live chat staff (Oscar) was more than happy to help me with after it was processed by the payment team.

Reading the replies of spinit above it looks like they are taking everything on board which is great, couldn't ask for someone to do anything more than that...
The size of the front page...Mobile friendly (I know) but I find myself shrinking the page down to get more information.

Keno is not working?
Miriam Meiners. Reviewed on 05.10.18
They have a good selection of games, can't think of anything else good to say about this casino.
Same as all the other reviews they will not verify my account. I have sent all docs over a week now and will not process my withdraw. I have never been on a casino that treats its customers so bad and I have been on online casinos for years now this casino just thinks they can take peoples money and if they win they use every trick in the book not to pay.

I have checked other casino forums and the complaints are every were about spinit but I will not give up until I get my money I won fairly I will also be contacting MGA and the uk gaming commission.
Jayme. Reviewed on 06.10.18
The games are vast and they do offer a lot of bonus's coming through emails. Good that they show the bonus progression - hate having to email regarding status!
Made 2 withdrawals - probably my own fault but a 48hr pending period is excessive. Also, one had been returned to my account - no email explaining why. Went on live chat and an answer couldn't be given to a very basic question. Have emailed them since Monday and they are non responsive. Not great when you consider Betsafe reply within the hour and withdrawals on there and Videoslots are basically instant.
Fleta. Reviewed on 07.10.18
It has a good selection of games that I like to play like lost island.
Same as colin and many others. They try everything to get out of the verification to the point where they stated the back of my driving licence was too blurry, I TOOK THE PICTURE WITH A 12mp CAMERA...

I have emailed the gambling commission to investigate. No way am I letting them take my money like that and not pay out my winnings. People please stay away from this casino for your own good.
Herta. Reviewed on 07.10.18
Deposit goes fast to site, losing it easy, games are nice.
All awful chat and speed of verify, you had to send many time your pictures and all takes that 72 hours and they do that again and again then same person what you speak at chat send that back to you other reason, if you are CASINO and want people to play your silly casino,make sure at 2017 people get withdrawals under 2 weeks..Avoid this casino and tell your friends too!!!"
Wm. Reviewed on 11.10.18
Struggle to find any positives. Decent selection of games being only positive ! Just don't win and you'll be fine!
Taken nearly a week just to get verified !!! And still waiting! Been told it will be today and then another 72 hours of pending before I can withdraw my winnings!!! Winnings have already been "pending" for 6 days already! So looking at nearly 2 weeks plus before I get my winnings! It's not even a lot! Couple hundred pounds! I've deposited more!!!

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