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Peggy Messing. Reviewed on 11.07.18
This casino is owned by Rival and hey have a very nice 25$ no deposit bonus and I registered here just for that. I chose the instant play because did not want to waste time in downloading and we all know how 'fast' the are in processing and they would take ages.

So I registered here and went to cashier to get my free sign up money and there it was waiting for me and claimed it. It's easy just go to cashier and then to promotions and claim the bonus you wish to. So after getting it I played some old and my favourites games like Big cash win and Bust a vault but I think I am fed up of these games and am tired of playing them any more so this time I tried some new games.

I opened Gold rush. But let me tell you this that all the three reel slots are almost same so no matter what game you play the payout and features are almost same the difference is only icons and names. I hit the sack of dollars a lot of time and this one on any 2 reels would pay you. It is very hard to get the same feature on all three reels and i guess to try this only I keep spinning and lose most of my balance.

Then I go and open slots which is the specialty of Rival portal. I mean I really like rival it is just that their loading thing takes a lot of time and some times even the games do not work and we have to restart the casino or may be go to the live chat option. Now I do not like slots that much because I think three reel slots pay quick and big amounts than this.

I always end with the table games because they are the most fun to play. I think under table games they must come up with a game where we are not against the dealer because it is very hard to bust a dealer out .
Slots of fortune are owned by Rival gaming and have tried really hard to give us a full fledged feeling off playing in a real casino in Vegas. When I had joined this casino room they had a no deposit bonus for the new users and the wagering requirements were also very low but still I could not manage to do well because the games are not very good at this casino room.

Cosmic quest was the game which took almost all my money before I decided to leave this casino room for better. The problem is that the games are very slow and I was betting a minimum of .50 per spin and yet their were no results and I guess whatever they say about being patient an consistent is all bullshit. And the biggest problem with this casino room is tat they are thugs and would never let you withdraw a single penny. I remember when u had tried to withdraw 40 euros first they asked me for my documents and then they told me that you have not successfully met your wagering requirements which I did.

After proving them that I had met it after that they stopped replying to my messages and I was not able to do anything about those 40 euros in my account which were the money I had deposited because I had not won a single euro in this casino room. It all went for 4 days when a got an email saying that your documents have been approved and you now can withdraw the amount you wish to.

I still do not understand why did they have to do all that if they were going to let me cash out eventually. And this incident has taken my faith away from this casino room and it is better to stay far far away from this casino.
Barbar. Reviewed on 26.09.18
I don't like their NDP or short no deposit bonus although it has low wagering requirements I don't like it the only advantage of that bonus is to experience their casino before depositing but don't assume to had a good time. I played their NDP bonus when the summer as it ends I tried to make a good time before depositing I was at my vacation but when I played their NDP and their games and it is disgusting!

don't like Rival gaming software but I decided to try this one for the last time because of NDP their site is okay but not so professional as the other top 50 casinos at AskGamblers, they have different kinds of bonuses that had a low wagering requirements of 30 x but this casino is annoying, I ask their representative as I always did to other previous casino they have a I-slots a advanced slots that attracts more customer because of good graphics but for me classical slots with a twist of 3D is the best I played Cosmic quest, Spy game, a switch in time with bet of 0.75 per spin maximum of their real lines but all of I did are annoying because I lost it and I don't win any cents a bad feeling for me as a gambler. I can't take it so I don't deposit here anyway it's free so I don't lose any.

If you visit here u can see their VIP with different level up to 4 and features my curiosity leads me to that VIP from bronze to gold you can avail a 5%-9% cashback my friend said to me that he is a bronze vip and he had a cashback of 5% per week and I said that is awesome but I don't experience their awesomeness I will take another chance if I am confident to their casino or offers a nice bonus, because today there are many new casinos that offers a nice bonus and there casino is very attractive many had a good feedback.

This casino takes 6/10 overall the withdrawal is not included please take note of that.
Fred Ferree. Reviewed on 02.10.18
As with virtually every other Rival casino I have registered at, what initially brought me to Slots Of Fortune two and a half years ago was an appealing no deposit bonus for new players. While I can’t remember the specifics of this particular one – I think it was in the $40 range with a medium to high playthrough rate – it was playable on slots only and did not last for very long. Naturally I too did not stick around and moved on instead to potentially greener pastures…Yet, as with most casinos running the same software, I got frequent emails with tempting deposit promotions even by the generous Rival standards.

Several weeks after signing up, I eventually got an offer I couldn’t refuse from Slots Of Fortune. It was a 600% up to $600 slots bonus and I wasted little time in making a $100 deposit so I could start playing with a boosted bankroll of $700. I remember playing for only a short period of time right afterwards but, for some reason I can’t remember now, left after winning a moderate amount. Meaning to pick up where I had left off, I returned the following day but mysteriously found myself unable to log in.

Puzzled by this turn of events, I went to live chat and was told by the representative, Nina: “We are sorry to inform you that your account has been closed by management. Your country has been banned from the casino. Your deposit will be refunded.” Now I found it rather strange that the casino had allowed me to register, claim and play a free chip, then deposit and start playing with a bonus – all over the course of almost two months – before abruptly deciding to ban me without notice. I faced some further hassle getting my account temporarily reopened so I could withdraw my deposit but got it back within a couple of days, which was up to then a record time for a Rival site.
Malia Mcadam. Reviewed on 04.10.18
Slots of Fortune casino were giving some free money bonus and I decided to join them. Although on AskGamblers it says that players from my country cannot play there, I was able to register, claim a 17€ bonus in the cashier and play there.

They have both flash and download options, I signed up via flash play, but the variety of games wasn't large so I decided to download their software. In their cashier there were two 17€ promotions. I claimed one of them and started to play Future Fortune slot. I has 20 paylines and I placed 0.40€ bets, got free spins and quite fast got my balance up to 35€. Then I decided to ask the chat, whether residents from my country are restricted. A really nice guy got in touch with me right away and told me that residents from my country can play there. What a relief.

After that I spent some time more at Fortune slot and when my balance started to decrease, I went to play Moonlight Mystery. I placed 0.75€ bets hoping to get bonus feature, but it didn't happen and I got bust soon. Then I went to cashier and claimed the other 17€ chip, went to play Moonlight Mystery, this time it didn't work out either, once I got 10 free spins and bonus, but they gave me small wins under 5€ so within 15 minutes my balance was empty.

Although this casino is powered by Rival software and I'm not the biggest fan of it, I had a nice time there. The support was easy to reach, nice and welcoming, and as always bonuses were very easy to claim and that's nice too. Most likely I won't be a depositor there, the games just aren't lucky for me, but for some no deposit bonus I might visit them again.
This casino does not pay ! 4 months I can't remove $140 ( lol ). Support answers for 2 weeks. The only casino which tells that at my scans bad quality.
Marvella. Reviewed on 06.10.18
Something similar happened to me last year like Efti told us. I played at Slots of Fortune with a €25 no-deposit bonus (x35, max. €125 cashout) at my all time favourite Rival 3-reel slot, Big Cash Win. I had some success as the 3 pieces of 7 symbols (x200 payout) were spun out 2 times during a session when I played with 1 coin at €1. Hours later I completed the criteria and the wagering requirements were met.

After depositing €30, I cashed out total of €150. Three or four days later I got an e-mail informing me that my withdrawal request was declined and my balance was zeroed. I promptly tried to reach them via chat but it was also a gambling game in itself till finally (after 20-30 attempts during 2 days) I caught someone on the other side of the line. He told me that my country was not allowed to participate in any of their bonus offer. I asked "Then how is it possible to claim a bonus that I am not allowed to play and why is this country restriction not in your TOS?" But I didn't get any real answer. He also mentioned that I could withdraw the initial deposited amount. That was the other thing. "How can I do this if you reset my balance at 0?"- I asked, and he replied they were going to credit the account with this €30 temporarily. 4 or 5 days spent and I checked my account every day but nothing changed when once I got an e-mail from Skrill that I got back my money. No manually request money or send my docs were needed.

I would accept any decisions or rules before any action is taken, but it must be clear and precisely described. I don't say they're cheater or something like that, but an unethical behaviour like this sooner or later will chase away players. I'm sure I'm going to avoid them far, far away.
Yasuko. Reviewed on 07.10.18
This casino site is not really what it's name says and I did not make a fortune out of this casino site. This casino has been supported by the Rival gaming platform which is not really a very nice one as far as I know.

They have a good selection of games but not a very nice return to players and money is what matter at the end of the day. The only reason I had decided to join this casino site because of the no deposit bonus offer and it is very hard for any player to say no to a no deposit offer and more over they had a very low wagering so I just would not have said no to them no matte what as it was a good chance to make free money.

I played Bust a vault with my first deposit that I did on their casino site and this was the only nice game I played in this casino and I think they have a very slow room here and the processing and loading were taking a lot of time which was not nice at all.

Their support was good and I liked that they were very helpful and supportive all the time but I feel sad for them as the games were not nice and I had to disturb them every now and then as I was very frustrated. I lost both the no deposit bonus and the first deposit that I did on this casino site and I was not ready to continue with them no matter what.

I think this casino site has a lot to work on as they have a lot of loose points. I was not really happy about joining this casino and would rate this casino 6 out of 10 and with all due respect like to stay away from them.
Danny Bromberg. Reviewed on 07.10.18
Top game and Rival are like twins. They both have a lot of casinos with free money bonuses and their interface also looks alike a little. And all their casinos site also look like each others.

This one is from the Rival company and they were having a free money bonus of 25$ so I decided to create an account on this casino because when I do not have money to deposit then I kill my time by playing in casinos with such offers.

I download the app of their casino and took the bonus from the support and got straight to the action. I open the I slits and start with as the reel turns. I slots do not like fun to me because I have never had anything good here and always leave with disappointment. Then I moved to the classic slots which is the three reel slots and they are fun. I start with the big cash win and I only get the 1bar feature here and that too only on 1 reel and this feature only pays you the money you put in the spins so no profit. Then I moved to the Fruit slot and small features like that here too. This is the thing with these slots that you have to wait very long for the game to give you action and till then they just keep taking your money.

But when you get the action it's big and I have had big winnings a lot of times. I lost the bonus after some time and but had a lot of fun playing here and I think this is one of the most promising casino from the rival company.

I would give them 7 out of 10 and thanks for the amazing bonus. Rival also has very nice support staff and they are always available.

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