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Kizzie. Reviewed on 11.07.18 pays out. They payout and compared to other casinos the payout occurs fairly quickly. They have some of the BetSoft games I like and some of the RTG games I like.

The selection is not bad. I have cashed out at Slots big many times. Right now I am awaiting my third Bitcoin cash out with another on the way. In total four cash outs totaling over $36k this week alone. I actually played back $30k as well having a little fun on their money. Bonuses are generous and nearly always available.
The only thing that really irks me is the games are very inconsistent. There are hot days every now and then as the one I just described, but for the most part you can go weeks at a time with the games they have where you will see sub 50% RTP on the machines. Essentially you got strike when the iron is hot. My recommendation given I have cashed out often on both Slots and Bovada is test the games. On the RTG games there are the $6.25, $12.50 range wage machines and there are the $10, $20, $100 range machines. Test one of each and see which one is allowing you to play. The Vista games they have are similar. If you play one you have to go deep into your bankroll for something to hit big. Typically if one game is not playing well you find similar results across the entire platform. BetSoft is the same. If Good Girl Bad Girl is not playing decent, do not play the other games as they will not typically play well either. This is just based on my own experience and keep in mind I play large stakes so play may differ for individuals playing lower.

The only thing about the payouts I am not fond of is they do not really support responsible gambling. If you request a withdrawal it is not removed from your playable balance...they can take up to 3 days before they remove it. I am sure they are banking on you continuing to play and they have got me a few times on that. For some reason at Bovada the request for withdrawal only takes about one hour to remove from the playable balance, but even asking nicely at Slots they will take their sweet time removing it from the playable balance. These are the only casinos I have ever seen that do not withdrawal from the playable balance. So play, request the payout and then leave the site. I am still rating the site well because it is one of the few sites where I have cashed out on a recurring basis and the games do hit.
Leonarda Lareau. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Hello, askgamblers! This will be my review for casino. I've thought a few times to check it out because very oftenly their promotion logs come up when I'm downloading something, so when I saw that they were giving free 22$ no deposit bonus, I signed up. However, this 22$ bonus required to be wagered 100x and it's more than most casinos require.

After my sign up my bonus was added to my account very shortly. I started to play Aztec's Treasures. I placed 1$ bet and the second spin already gave me 5$ winning. I continued to play it for a while and this slot was actually lucky for me so I somehow managed to boost my balance up to 80$.

After that I spent some time at Sugar Play slot. The design of it reminded me a little bit Candy crush saga kind of game and I liked that because it was something new. With 1$ bets I managed to get some winnings but I have to say that it was hard for me the paytable and all the things concerning my bets, so the overall too-sweet look was a bit distracting.Later I carried on with Gladiator slots and that's were I lost about half of my balance. I tried few other slots as well and the last one was Greedy Goblins, which emptied my balance completely. At least I had fun with it, I placed 0.60$ bets and got 10 free spins in which I won about 30$ because of the wild symbols almost each spin gave me. But when I increased my bets, I only lost. I was a little sad I didn't start with this slot because maybe I would have met the wagering requirements with it eventually.

Overall I think this is an average casino. I was a little surprised that they do not provide e-wallet transactions as it's my favorite deposit and withdrawal method. I think that if you're really lucky you'll be able to fulfill the requirements for wagering, although, in my opinion, they are too high. And at last, I would suggest them to improve a bit their game selection because if they want to have loyal customers, they need to have a bigger variety of games. The possibility that I'll deposit there is small, however, if I'll decide to do it, I'll make a minimum deposit and won't take a bonus offer.
Tennille. Reviewed on 02.10.18
I found after playing at have received two payouts from and their customer service was very accommodating and helpful.My first payout was paid via check, issued from a Canadian bank.My only issue there was finding someone to cash it, which was my first time dealing with a U.S. funds check.By the second time, I am with a bigger bank (I was only with a credit union before) and processing was a breeze.
I would like the mobile casino to offer more games than what they have.This limits my mobile playing GREATLY.
I do not recommend this casino, I have been playing online for over 10 years and have never experienced such awful service. It has been 6 days since I made my first deposit, which I was happy about as they offer bill pay as an option. I have over 30 emails going back and forth and I still get the same cookie cutter copied and pasted response and still no money credited to my account. I can handle the bad service I suppose but to not be credited my money that is another thing, this is not even about a bonus, this is money I paid and have proven with banks slips and still nothing.

To top it off my account has been disabled 2 times because they claim I am in the USA which I am not, ironically both times after I sent a firm email regarding my missing money. I also think the set up is awful and the games are pretty crumby, I have deposited via DBT while waiting for my other amount to show up and I can run through a 20 in seconds, no wins, no bonuses. All and all they better get their act together or they won't last in this competitive industry where there are amazing no hassle casinos all over. Once my issue with my missing money is fixed I will never use them again. Do not recommend!
Roselia. Reviewed on 04.10.18
Love the game selection other than they dropped BetSoft. There are games I enjoy playing that have paid off well in the past Cash Money, you cannot find anywhere else. Always a bonus available...and bitcoin withdrawals.
Every time I am close to clearing bonus the RTP drops...try different games. Can't get through the massive play through. Oddball stuff happens like you hit a bonus feature and then you are dropped to the login screen in the middle of a go back in and you receive quite possibly the worst payouts on Rival games you will see online.

I thought this site was completely legit and I really think it was two years ago, but either new ownership took over or they were losing money to the newer sites because all of a sudden extremely odd stuff begin happening. Random errors. Consistently seeing RTP below 60% across 10 games. 33 consecutive sessions on the top Rival game Golden Gorilla without breaking 70% RTP. It all seemed very odd. 70 visits without clearing bonus.

Then I find out they dropped all their certifications except for iTech Labs which only checks to see if a random generator exists. It does not validate RTP is averaging what is advertised or that bonus feature payouts are in line with the waged amount. Just does the platform have a random generator.

And the last straw:

They released their license. I am not sure if anyone else has seen this before, but when this happens it is typically because a casino cannot meet the requirements to maintain the license. Rather than have it on their record that their license was revoked...they voluntarily give it up. Stay away. Even aside from all of the oddball crap you never see at any the other legitimate casinos...the fact that the casino is operating without answering to any other authority is enough.
Verla. Reviewed on 06.10.18
Fair game play--I hit 4 deuces and 5 of a kind in Jokers' Wild, if the casino was rigged that wouldn't have happened.
I know when you play at a casino, its to be understood that the odds are somewhat stacked against you. And this is completely understandable. They have to make money in order to be able to stay open for business.

At some point, the players also need to get a piece of the pie. I have been playing at this casino and Bovada for about 5 months. Depositing equal amounts at both weekly. And there is no question as to what place I've had better RTP. And it is NOT at

There have been way too many times where I have set the auto spin on a 3 wheel slot and during the course of a few hundred spins only spin ONE winning combination. Out of anywhere from 15-25 possible combination. And thats happened on an assortment of macheines, not just 3-wheel.

Its also worth noting that there have been times when I've got a bonus round that consisted of free spins, and before even entering the free spins, I have noticed that my displayed balance in the top right hand corner of the screen (NOT the balance displayed on the machine) has already gone up reflecting free spins winnings that I haven't even spun yet! I purposely wait to start spinning my free spins until my balance has been updated to reflect an accurate balance prior to the free spins, as sometimes the balance can lag behind a bit depending on the pace one plays at.

******************Final Say********************
I would advise anyone who likes the games at this casino to NOT play here. But instead play at BOVADA. They offer every single game this place does, and more.

-This is only MY experience with this casino and this review is only my personal thoughts.
Machelle. Reviewed on 06.10.18
Great Casino...Started out playing at their sister casino Bovada and turned my first $30 deposit into $10,000. They paid it off in 3k installments. Received in full within 3 weeks. Sort of a hassle to find a bank to cash the Canadian checks though. Had to open a new account at a major bank but all was good after that. Checks cleared no problem.

Decided to give a chance. Started out doing their facebook freebie $10 no deposit bonus and turned that into $500. Awesome that there was no max on the free chip so I opted for the Western Union withdrawal option. Took about a week to get it sorted out but once the details were given for pick up the money was there no problems. Made some deposits on and managed a few decent cashouts. Amazing cashed out on a Saturday afternoon and Tuesday morning the check arrived from Canada!! Cant get that kind of fast service anywhere else online.

I like over Bovada simply because they do not charge a 5% fee for using credit card like Bovada does.

The only downside to their casino is the lack of good comps. It takes alot of play to build up any decent comps and even then they are only distributed every two weeks and also they don't offer any sort of free chips if you encounter several deposits of bad play like some other casinos do. But their customer service and super fast payouts makes up for the lousy comps.

Would highly recommend either of these casinos to anyone that wants no bs and fast payouts if they win.
I dislike nothing about slots lv casino.It is the greatest
Edwin. Reviewed on 07.10.18
Large selection of games, bitcoin withdrawals, and when the games are hot you can win really big. VIP host Nick is responsive and assists with payouts. I would recommend players that have tried Slots before and not had much luck to go back and try them every once in a while.

The games I have the most luck on is Golden Gorilla (Hit $11k on that machine tonight) Blazing Buffalo (Hit $6k on that machine tonight) Good Girl Bad Girl when it is hot. When it is not stay clear it will hurt you good. Cash Money is good as well (Hit $3k on that machine tonight). I have had quite a few nights where my balance is over $20k.

There are good bonuses and weekly cashback so you get a fair amount to play on. Yes the play through is tough to get through but they are providing you a fair amount to play with.
From time to time the games get laggy and timeout. I would recommend the first time you encounter a timeout to stop playing that platform. So if it is laggy on RTG move to Vista or BetSoft.

I have found I rarely see above 50% RTP when the games are timing out. The only other improvement I would like to see is when you request a payout the balance should automatically be deducted. It should not have to wait 72 hours for it to be processed before it is removed from the playable balance.
Roseanna. Reviewed on 10.10.18
The site layout and the graphics of the slots, and how the bonus rounds look.
After making $300+ dollars worth of deposits on this site, and finally making a win on my account. They asked for verification for my account. I sent the required documents and they came back saying that they have to delete my account, they couldn't give the winnings, and they couldn't refund me my money. Honestly I have read all of your reviews and it's definitely fishy that these guys do this stuff to their customers.

I had less than 50% RTP on most of the slots. The amount of playthrough your have to do with their bonuses is ridiculous 50x - 100x playthrough. It's hardly likely that they will pay up. Even when you do have enough money to make a withdraw they end up deleting accounts and discarding the winnings. I am giving 1 star for trying, but they are very rude through their customer service. It's almost robotic like and on the phone they are even worse.

They got rid of their gambling license and they told me they offer better regulations than a license can provide. Yeah right, they are jipping their customers and it's ridiculous.

Also keep an eye out for fake webpages that promote this casino for Americans. Something is definitely fishy with these guys!

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