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Kathleen. Reviewed on 11.07.18

Now here is my review about slots jungle casino. Slots jungle casino is a casino which powered real time gaming software. I don't know why but all the casino's which i have seen uses real time gaming software, all are the bad casino's which i have seen in my life. So when i saw this casino i have made up my mind how this casino will be. But in contrast of my view this casino really proved me wrong. This is really amazing and entertaining casino.

They offer me 50$ no deposit bonus, so i give it a shot from that bonus. I downloaded the casino, make my account and starting playing the games. I tried my hand on roulette as i have never made any money from roulette in my entire life but as i am playing from my bonus money so even if i have lost it i wouldn't mind it. But this time i didn't loose my money in fact i have made 235$ from my 50$ free deposit bonuses. After that i gave it a shot on alladin wishes. Although there are many other games also like pay dirt, triple twister, Achilles, Aztec treasure. Aladdin wishes game i have played it in some other casino also but in this casino this game is presented in really different way or should i say that here the graphics and sound system of this game is really amazing and good.

Although i have lost all my money in this game only but it doesn't mater to me as it was just a no deposit bonus which i received but at the end i enjoyed it. As i have lost all my money so i have made any cash outs so i cant tell you how the withdrawal system will work. I didn't have any problem while playing any of the game even while downloading the casino so can't even tell about the support also. But yes bonuses are really good and even the games also are really amazing.
When I first signed up at this Slots Jungle Casino 2 or 3 years back, I was quite impressed with the welcoming screenshot depicting a pelican amidst a jungle scene. A refreshing change from the usual mundane view of a casino building. On top of that, being a Real Time Gaming powered casino, Slots Jungle's welcoming bonus offering was a delight to take on, as with most other similarly powered casinos. With a no-deposit bonus to first try out their games, then followed by a 400% deposit bonus, would certainly keep any player entertained for several hours at the least. This certainly was for me.

After redeeming that free bonus, I started playing my 3 favourite games, namely Count Spectacular, Lucky 7 and Paydirt, one at a time. I like some of the other games too, like Archilles, Caesar's Empire, Coyote and T-Rex amongst a few more, but wanting to play all of those games in the same period of time would require a much bigger bankroll, which I couldn't afford. I am and always have been a small bet player with a small bankroll. A small fish if you like, but at times when the going become good, I could even play like a shark! Hehehe. Having said all that, I was entertained by the no-deposit bonus for only a short while, not having much luck that day. I came back a few days later, made a $25 deposit and redeemed that lovely 400% deposit bonus, giving me $125 to enjoy my games, which I did, but still without any luck. It was at another time and another deposit that I made my first win at Slots Jungle Casino, about $150 win I think, but I can't recall on what game the win came from. Most probably from one of my mentioned 3 favourite games.

My experience at Club World casino, also RTG powered like Slots Jungle, was a delightful one, whereby its withdrawal processing was quick and problem free. Not with Slots Jungle though. 1 week after submitting my documents to the casino for account verification, there still wasn't any news regarding my $150 withdrawal claim. I checked with live support on chat and was informed that it was still under processing and should be completed soon. How soon was 'soon'? 2 weeks later! Ah well, 3 weeks waiting for my payment to come in was alright for me. Better late than never! Many others were having all sorts of hiccups and delays with their withdrawal claims, so I guess I was lucky to have mine without much hassle. Perhaps those people didn't pay enough attention to the casino's terms and regulations pertaining to withdrawals and submission of documents for account verification. I always ensure that my documents are accurate, clear and satisfy the casino's requirements, and I hardly had problems with my withdrawals, except at 2 Top Game casinos, due to their most absurd requirements.

For me, Slots Jungle remains in my list of playable casinos. Its slow payment is an acceptable setback, which could change for the better in the future, who knows. ;)

Sirena. Reviewed on 24.09.18
I just won 2194 after depositing just 50.00 and taking a 225% bonus... I, have been playing here for a long long time, because it is the only place I consistently win... Unfortunately, I too have been suffering from some of the same things people complain about... It took me two nights to get through the 8737.50 playthrough (i have to play 55x instead of 30x probably because I seem to be lucky more often than naught, but only here...) I too freaked out the 1st time I cashed out because of the lengthy time it took.. Now, I know what to expect.... So I cashed out Sunday, and sure enough, 6 am local time (mtn), I had an email saying I would receive a wire to my bank for 500.00 (yep, they didn't even give me a grand this time I assume because I haven't been playing since march really...)

My friend who plays a lot here and she wins strictly on goldbeard at 5.00 a pull, no more no less, and never takes a bonus, unlike me, says she waits the 4 days, gets ok'd for a grand, the rest is put back, she then withdraws again, and she said last week the "up 5 business days to receive the wire" days, after the 4 you wait to have it go from pending to approved, took her just 2 business days... She cashed out on a Sunday and had her money 8 days later, and then was receiving payments every 4 business days from therein on out because she was on top of the withdrawals... And she said she continued to win a little if she did play....

I am an affiliate with affiliate edge, which does signup bonuses for the club world group, so I play with them too.... Yet I can't win $!?*!!!! Last night I put in 50.00 with a 65% bonus, and would have lost it all within a hour, but I actually hit 450+ on a minor jackpot luck pull... (totally random) while playing vulcan at .25 a pull...

Another thing I have personally noticed about slots jungle:

In my personal experience and in my opinion, I seem to do so much better betting .25 to 1.00 max, per pull than I ever do on amounts larger than that.... I only play "high volatility" slot games on any rtg site because you literally can win 700+ on .25 a pull!!!! And to lose your whole deposit before hitting "a good hit" during a bonus or whatever is pretty damn hard if you are betting minimum of .25/pull... I knew (or figured), sooner or later, I would hit a re trigger 2 xtra times during the bonus to up the multiplier to 50x payoff... And I did with like 7 spins left... Even a .25, you are getting paid 6.25 times whatever you hit in dollars/cents!!!!! Think about it!

Anyways, slots jungle does suck on time, and it does suck on amounts it seems to approve instead of giving you all your money immediately, but it does pay, and it pays in full, you just have to be patient....

Aka b-rad g.
From the slc (utah that is)
Zita. Reviewed on 02.10.18
I joined slots jungle and it is a part of real time gaming which is also knows RTG and are very well known . This is one of my first RTg no deposit casinos before this i always used to play on real money . Then i redeemed the coupon after registering on this casino. And i used the bonus code from AG only the jungle start one. Thanks AG Their were a lo of restrictions in games but i played whatever i felt like because no body gets to the wager and i have realized this now so i do not get bothered by that. i was having a hard time opening the games because almost al the games had a pop up message service error and i was like what i mean it was like the whole casino was not working.

Spoke to Travis form the live chat option and i do have to go to live chat on almost all the casinos i have played on. Then he asked me to wait as he was going to check my account. Then i got 15 extra spins for Aladdin wishes game and i am glad that i went to live chat . And then hey told me that i have to play Aladdin wishes first then the other slots will work. I tried opening that again and again but the error came up again and again and now even the support did not have clue about what to do.

Then they ask me to log out and log in as there had been some problem in he server and it showed that i am not logged in. I have never been so pissed in my entire life i swear. It had been more than half an hours and all i was doing is just trying to open the games. Now they ask me to change my browser and delete cookies and all and that is
what all the other casinos say when their server stops, They start blaming out system. I left the 10$ in my account and just left this dreadful casino. Sorry Travis but you could not help. But tried your best. Nice chat operator. Not his fault .
Well lets say they are worst casino I've ever come across. Let start no 1, they rung me when I first made a $50.00 deposit said it was for security wth? Never had that happen before with all the casino I payed at.

No 2 when I won big on there $1600 they muck around with my payment and rang me again 4 security wtf? Its been nearly 3 weeks of muck around with the payment, so I played it off, and sent a email to stick the fax form where the sun don't shine.

Gianna. Reviewed on 04.10.18
First of all - woweee at all the complaints and especially those complaints listed in RED in the title. That makes me very wary of the casino. Its one thing to have complaints because of a misunderstanding, but to have so many complaints unresolved, its quite scary. Anyhow, when you have a no deposit bonus to play around with, what is to be scared about?

The casino is actually really quite good looking and professionally designed.Its certainly much better looking than many of the real time gaming casinos I have seen - most look scrappy, but this one looks otherwise pretty and well organised. The games are not just slot games in case you were fooled by the title. There are actually plenty of different games that you can play that include blackjack, craps and roulette. There is a surprising number of card games that you can play.

I did initially start my playing on the slots - after all with free deposit money you might as well try and risk and live a little. I started with King Triton to give that a few spins. I started with a small number of coins, but didn't really get anywhere. I moved over to Aladdins wishes and also spend some time not pushing very much money. Whereas other casino slots you tend to get some ebb and flow when you win and lose, there did not seem to be too much winning going on. I did try to find a game that would give out a lot of wilds and scatters but never really found one that gave much action. This was quite disappointing because this is the only reason I would play slots otherwise it felt like I was flushing coins away. However, it may have just been a bad run of luck. Eventually I went over to the roulette table and bet big (kind of silly of me) and ended up losing the remaining deposit, but at that stage I wasn't really too interested in continuing to play the games. Someone else might have better luck - there is nothing bad I can pinpoint about the casino but definitely along with the rest of the reviews I was considering elsewhere.

Playing in a casino is a lot of a psychological thing that should be enjoyable - if you have the feeling that the casino is against you, then you don't really get as much fun out of it. I would rate this casino as a 6 out 10 - it does give a good opportunity to try out the casino, and they should be commended for that honesty at least.
Ona. Reviewed on 06.10.18
First time I heard about Slots Jungle was via a promo e-mail recruiting new players. They offered me 25 free chips to try out their services. If I remember correctly the attached requirements were x35 or 40 playthrough and max. cashout of $125.

The whole registration, downloading and coupon using procedure was easy and smoothly. A typical RTG powered interface waited me there with all their functional and base services so I didn’t have to get acclimatized to a new casino for long.

While I fought to get through the postulates I touched games like Hillbillies or Roberta’s Castle (not recommended for machos:) ) but neither of them were felt appropriate to my then-mood. Lately, sometimes I find RTG games a little bit boring and very similar as to others. In the end I played further with Triton’s Treasure which is also a regular RTG game but somehow I found it slightly different. I don’t know it was for the ancient mythology, under the sea theme or the cool characters but this slot was ready for me to discover. As I said I liked it’s symbols – jellyfish, shell, treasure-chest – where King Triton as ’Substitude’ and mermaid as ’Scatter’. I could imagine a relaxing, incidental music with harp for this game instead of the monotone plate wheel sound. So this 25 payline slot has max. winning of 3,333 coins, progressive jackpots and free spins (not the greatest but variable) features. Spent some time with it and completed the restriction task and my balance was around at $70 when a kind lady at the other side of the chat window cooled me down that the the minimum withdrawal amount was $100 and besides the bonus amount itself couldn’t be withdrawn. (I think at some RTG casinos the min. amount to cashout is a little bit high.)

So I went the wrong side of the luck at this casino that time and maybe I would have participated in some tournaments they offer (they’re really great at it) but I had enjoyable experience with this game.

Because I didn’t reach the final stage that every player like to do at casinos I can’t neither confirm or deny these lot of complaints taken in the forum but the fact that so many players have issues with Slots Jungle can discourage the new ones and it’s clearly not good for their reputation.
Anika. Reviewed on 06.10.18
Slots Jungle casino is powered by the RTG gaming platform, which is really one of my favourites with its beautiful and amazing slots. Unfortunately, this is the only positive thing I can tell about this casino!
- very high minimum withdrawal amount of 100$ - I hate such stupid restrictions, why don’t you set the minimum sum to 1000 and all of us will get your idea, ah? :( You must be really blind not to notice such anti-customer behaviour, but it is really amazing how many people grab the hook, without reading any term nor condition!
- Limited banking options, especially when withdrawing!
- Terrible timeframes of withdrawing- my only payout from Slots Jungle was delivered to my Moneybookers account after “only” 17(seventeen), I repeat 17(seventeen) business days! I can only imagine what a soap opera will be if I hit a jackpot there!:):):)
- If you intend to use their live support, better arm yourself with a lot of patience, a “nirvana” is recommended also, because those guys are not rushing for anywhere! They got the whole time in the world and you should not wonder if receiving each answer after 5-10 minutes!:)
- When I see the word “Curacao” when getting information about every casino I intend to play into, “my heart is filling with warmth and positive energy”, and if you do not want to share some of this “heat”, better run and look for another place!
- I still don’t have a decent explanation of how it is possible to make 764 spins on bet 0,50 on the slot Mayan Queen, without having even a single feature won??? And that happened right after I issued my first and only withdrawal from Slots Jungle!? I admit, that sometimes I become rather suspicious, although that TST logo they put on the bottom of the website!

So, to summarize I will use some simple rating scores:
Support: 2/10
Software: 9/10
Security: 5/10
Finance: 1/10
Bonuses: 1/10
Terms&Conditions: 1/10

Overall: Avoid this casino! Far away from the minimum standards!

Well that is it from me now:). Thanks to for giving me the opportunity to share my story! And always remember: “You can not break the casino bank, but it is worth trying!
Shasta. Reviewed on 07.10.18
One evening several weeks ago, with nothing better to do, I decided to make another venture into online casinoland and try out a new site. Since I’m already a member at many casinos, my choices are becoming increasingly limited so I now find myself considering options I previously passed up or would normally ignore entirely. Slots Jungle is a case in point given that it is powered by RTG, a provider I’m not a big fan of given the numerous shady operators who use it. The sizable amount of player problems and complaints already piling up against this fairly new casino only reinforced my sense of hesitation.

Despite my wariness, I decided to sign up and make use of a $25 no deposit code I’d found elsewhere. While AskGambers is currently offering a $75 exclusive free chip, I felt the smaller bonus was actually a better deal as the playthrough rate was lower and the maximum cashout amount similar. The Slots Jungle landing page directed me to download the casino setup file, which I did under the initial impression that there was no instant play version available. However, before installation, I decided to check the home page just in case and discovered that flash games were in fact available. I therefore proceeded to register and play via my web browser after redeeming my coupon.

Luck was with me at the start as I managed to hit a couple of free spin features on Achilles at $0.40 per spin within a few minutes, more than doubling my starting balance before moving on to Caesar’s Empire. Yet it quickly became apparent that I’d have to switch over to the download client after all as I kept getting an ‘Invalid Action’ error every couple of minutes, forcing me to login again (after clearing site cookies) and reload the slot – after the blackjack game that would automatically open – each time. The playing experience improved drastically after I installed the software on my computer and my fortunes held until I switched to a slot I’d never tried before, Mister Money, and (having increased my balance to over $70) doubled my bet to $0.80. Unfortunately the game failed to deliver upon its themes of luxury and wealth, leaving me broke instead.
Hilma. Reviewed on 10.10.18
Slots jungle casino is one off those casinos who ruined RTG platform fun for me. With their poor costumer service and awe-full finance department they deserve to be classified as rogue casino. I played at slotsjungle casino for a month and struggled to withdraw for three months and that says it all.

After registration i redeemed no deposit bonus they offered and tried few slot games. It seemed to me like it is impossible to win something at this casino. Aztec treasure feature 50 spins at lowest bet and all lines no bonus round, Fruit frenzy 50 spins no bonus round, Aladdin's wishes 100 spins no bonus round i remember thinking what is wrong with this casino games, how many money do you have to spend here to get one bonus round?

Very soon after loosing bonus money my stupidity made me deposited twenty one dollar without bonus code and i went to try table games, again same no luck for me. After few days and only 13 dollars on my balance it was slots time again. I played cleopatra and somehow managed to get to hundred dollars, which was minimum to withdraw and a my maximum to win here i was sure off that.

I sent my documents and got no response for five days that was very weird and suspicious for me. Tried speaking on live chat but no help there they only gave me email address off their support. Support also take two days to respond and said that they did not received my documents and that i needed to send them again. I did what they told me and my documents were approved after six days. I made withdrawal request and waited for fifteen days nothing came to my account. In a few occasions i contacted finance department but they gave me lame excuses and asked for more time to process my withdrawal. I gave up on everything but after three months from registering i finally got my cash. That is just too much time for a hundred dollars don't you think?

From that time i never played slots jungle casino again and i am not going to. I grade them poor 3/10 and suggest you to avoid this casino.

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