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Venessa. Reviewed on 08.07.18

Slots heaven is a casino room strictly for slot lovers because they have the widest variety of slot games to offer to their users. The software that supports this casino room is play tech which is the best after micro gaming and net entertainment.They are a part of the mansion group of casinos which i had heard for the first time and when i tried to know about this casino room then the info came in hat this group has a good reputation in line gambling industry and are known for their integrity. So this much info was enough for me to join this casino room.

They have a very nice welcome bonus which is the 200% match up on the first deposit you make with them. Gladiator is their best slot because it got me so close to meeting the wagering requirements but then in the end my luck turned and i lost it. And then i was not ready to start from the beginning so decided to play with real money instead. Besides i was also short on time because we have to meet the wagering requirements within 30 days from when you have received the bonus and i started late. Iron man and ghost rider slots were also good but nothing if compared to the gladiator because that slot earned me almost everything that i won from this casino room.

I did not try any table games in this casino room because was having too much fun playing slots and when i had doubled up my deposit then i decided to leave this casino room. Their cash out process and support team is very average because it took them 4 days to give me my money but the support was always in touch with me so i was not worried at all.
Slot Heaven uses Playtech Software which is my absolute favorite when it comes to software manufacturers. When I went to their webpage I found out that this casino belongs to The Mansion group of casinos and that beside this casino inside the group are Mansion Casino, LesA Casino and Club 777. For almost 3 years I have been playing in Playtech casinos so the fact that I don’t have an account registered in in any casino from this group may sound incredible but that’s the truth. Slot heaven is the first casino from this group that I joined. The Mansion group of casinos was a John Doe to me so I decided to check them out here on AG and some other places over the internet. What I found about them convinced me that the casinos from this group are safe.

So I decided to make a minimum deposit here from 15 euros. After my deposit the bonus was instantly added to my account. So I started with 45 euros and my first choice were some Marvel slots but I didn’t have any big wins here. When I moved on to Azteca my balance was 32 euros. Playing this game I lost over 14 euros so back to the Marvel slots. My next slot was X-MAN, the situation was getting very serious and I needed a big win, I needed free spins. I think a greater power heard my prayers as I got free spins and 5 euros from them. I decided to increase my bet from 0,25 to 0,75 per spin and when I lost another 10 euros here I moved on to other playtech games but unfortunately I lost all of my money very fast.

Overall I think that this casino is a safe place but the bonus offer is weaker compared to other Playtech casinos I usually play in. If you ask me Slots Heaven deserves 8 out of 10.
Have a nice day!
Monte. Reviewed on 24.09.18
Slots Heaven Casino has a really beautiful home page, that's what I first noticed when I visited this casino. Several hundreds of great games can be found in the Playtech collection within the site. This collection, consisting of over three hundred games, among which are roulette, slots, blackjack and the dealer says, but there are also table games, video poker, progressive jackpots and arcade games, and scratch cards. Slots are the most numerous category, as well as in other casinos, so there's not much difference compared to other operators. My favorite slots in this casino are: Captain America and The Avengers, but in the last month and the X-Men slot game. For Captain America slot machine I had the greatest losses, but the most I won in the end.

As for the navigation on the site, search game is very simple. You have the option of searching for slots on the basis of the number of lines for the payment, and also you can search them by allocating games with progressive jackpots. These slots are a special attraction for me, and known by millions in prize amounts. Here you can play Marvel slots with Multilevel mystery progressive jackpots, including excellent Daredevil, irresistible Elektra, powerful Iron Man 3, and my favorite X-Men. When talking about the live casino, I must mention that currently live section as well as in others, refers to those popular table games: roulette, blackjack, baccarat and casino hold'em. I usually play live roulette, but before I played Blackjack and I in the past year significantly neglected.

It is also important that the player does not have to download the software separately on their computer. Just to enter the site and log in with your data, then it will be available this famous Instant Play. I have no problem with that, to play instant games because my computer is already too slow performance due to installation of many Microgaming and Playtech casino clients, who have no possibility to play directly from the site. Although the software is "difficult" only 10mb, it is still unnecessary until page with instant games run smoothly. The last three months, often going in and over my mobile phone, and can boast that their website works perfectly and the Android operating system. I expect to get something faster responses from their customer support, unlike today when I'm not satisfied with that part. Everything else is a ten, without thinking!
If I'm honest I think the positive reviews here are fake and by people who work for the company or people who have not tried to withdraw as all other serious reviews if you have an account with these and tried contacting or withdrawing the support is totally pathetic and in help full will promise you the world until you need to withdraw and then look for any excuse to not pay or hold money. Many many people have had this experience then you will have to go through the gambling commission which takes a while. By the way the main directors of this company and sister company's have recently been fined a large amount for operating in a dis loyal way! If only this was not the case you'd be a serious contender because of how well the site is presented and with the games you have. You want to operate with pinching penny's off punters then you won't last.
Tenesha. Reviewed on 02.10.18
I am a really big fan of Playtech software and currently it is my most favorite so when I saw that there's a casino called Slots Heaven with really beautiful logo with all playtech qualities, I decided to try it.

This was one of the times when signing up was the hardest part.I tried flash, but it didn't work, the I downloaded the software, installed, updated, did everything I had, but when I tried to register, nothing happened, nothing worked and I couldn't even close the program properly. There are a descent amount of casinos from Playtech which aren't eligible for players from my country, but I went through their terms and didn't find it anywhere. But here I have to add, reading their terms was a real pain in the eyes, the letters were super small, white on black, and the amount of terms was so large I doubt most gamblers read it before agreeing to them.

I went to their live chat section and tried to contact them. I waited to get connected to an agent for 15 minutes, then I got tired of waiting so I wrote them an email instead. I got an answer email in less than 12 hours, they told me that my country isn't restricted and it shouldn't be causing the problem. I tried to register with a different computer and I don't know how, but it worked. When I was finally there, I made a 25€ deposit.

I hadn't played Incredible Hulk for some time, so I did that. I placed 0.50€ bets per spin and at first I even thought I have some luck, because first few spins gave me 3x bet wins. Anyways, I really wanted to get the Smash bonus because I hadn't had it for a long time. I placed 50 autospins and few times had 2 scatters, however, few times I experienced 1€ wins or a bit above, but no bonus round. When the autoplay ended, I lost 19€ which is quite upsetting. Then I went to play Iron Man 2 scratch cards. I placed 0.50€ bets per card, once won 2.50€ but then lost.

I like Slots Heaven, I think their look is really an eye candy. They have all Playtech games I enjoy, the have live support, but even in my case they answered to my email shortly. I will make another deposit there and so far recommend.
Even if I managed to make profit,I don’t like the 40 x wagering requirements,but I think that they put this because of the welcome bonus amount that is 200% so only 7 for the welcome bonus!
Nancy. Reviewed on 03.10.18
Well, well, well, what do you know! I was reading up on one of the messages here regarding Slots Heaven Casino, even made a reply to that post, then searched to see if I had previously wrote any review on the casino, and found out that after all these years, I have not even commented on it! But now, since that I have found the casino, I'm gonna write something on it, purely based on my years-old memory, hahaha.

The only thing that made me signed up at Slots Heaven Casino was for the nice deposit bonus being offered at that time. Cannot remember if any no-deposit free chip was included, but maybe there was. If so, perhaps only around $10 or so. If I'm not mistaken, I did make a deposit at the casino to get that bonus money, but lost it all in the end, not able to make any win from it. This wasn't really surprising to me then, because I had a few more accounts at other related casinos from Mansion's Group, all of which never gave me any win. Some had even been closed earlier on.

Some time later on after that signing up, I came to know that Slots Heaven Casino belonged to the same Mansion Group of casinos. This got me upset and feeling very uneasy, because I was having many headaches with this particular Mansion Group. Some of my accounts had already been locked and not allowed to be reactivated, which got me furious, because no reasons had ever been given for it. I had sent many queries via email to them, asking all kinds of questions and reasons, but not one single reply or apology came back! In view of these events, I made my decision to also close my account at Slots Heaven Casino, because I no longer wanted to be any part of that Mansion Group of casino. I cannot remember if that account got closed or not, but it doesn't matter at all now.

Today, years later, my ISP has since been blocked from accessing most of Playtech casinos, Mansion Group and other Casino Groups included, so I will never be able to get access to any of them, even if I wanted to. Well, some things change, some things don't, and Mansion Group of casino fall into the 'don't' category. No going back to any of them forever.
Arlena. Reviewed on 05.10.18
I’m a big fan of Playtech games so I’m constantly on the lookout for some free no deposit bonus or at least some deposit bonus with a small wager. I really hate wagers because I had some big wins on the very few first spins in some game and I couldn’t withdraw anything.

The other day I came across a nice little offer of 10 euros free on some affiliate site for Slots Heaven Casino. The name sounded very tempting so I decided to give it a try. I have never heard of this casino before so I was very surprised to see my favorite playtech games here. I quickly went through the terms of the bonus and saw that it had a high 70 x playthrough. The bonus had a nice cashout of 100 euros. The wager was high but with a little luck I have managed to push through even some bigger wagers. I went through the games and decided to try Fantastic Four and Blade. I contacted live chat first to confirm that all slots were allowed and after getting the green light my battle started.

I began with Fantastic Four and immediately got free spins. I was playing on a minimum bet so the win was only about 4 euros. I continued to play and again free spins. This time I managed to squeeze another 7 euros. I was in a dilemma to raise my bet but I decided to leave it as it is. I was amazed when I got free spins for the third time and thanks to the Thing feature I won another solid 16 euros. So I had about 25 euros on my balance and raised my bet a little and continued to play. Unfortunately the winning streak was gone and I moved on to Blade on a 0.40 bet hoping for free spins. In the first 3 spins I got 5 of a kind twice and was sure the feature was around the corner so I continued to play but it never came and I lost all of my balance.

Overall I liked playing here and I rarely had beginners luck like that so I will make a deposit and try Fantastic Four again on a bigger bet hoping for a bigger win.
Lovetta Hagstrom. Reviewed on 06.10.18
Slots Heaven Casino is part of the Mansion group of casinos and this is my favorite casino group when it comes to Playtech casinos. In the casinos of this group I've made so far probably more than 100 deposits.

What characterizes this group of casinos is that they will reward your loyalty with no deposit bonuses. All in all, really is worth to be a regular player in these casinos. Of all casinos of Mansion casino group this is the youngest casino. They were founded about a year or little more days.

Withdrawal process here is not quick and usually if you have a withdrawal you will be paid immediately after the pending time that here lasts 4 days. Something similar as in William Hill Group Casinos.But unlike of William Hill Group casinos, Slot Heaven casino has a very good support.

Their live chat operators are available at any time. I say this from my experience because I have already contacted their support team countless times via live chat and I have never waited longer than half a minute for answer. About 50% of Playtech casino has a slow live chat support where you will wait an average of at least 5 minutes for free operator.

The last time I played here was for free chips. From the casino I got 10 euros without deposit bonus. I had a lot of luck and at the moment when I fill all the WR my balance was at about 100 euros. But the greed has overcome the mind and I wanted more. I lost all the 100 euros on only one game which is called the Fantastic Four. More than 1 hour I needed to do it. Several times I got free spins bonus during that time but the wins in free spins were not great.

I warmly recommend Slots Heaven as safe casino that will reward your loyalty with a number of no deposit bonuses and I think that this casino deserves a 9 out of 10 stars.
Hallie. Reviewed on 07.10.18
At Slots Heaven Casino I played 10 days ago when I received an email from them with 10 euros free chip.It was interesting offer because of the free chip and because it came to me in my email.So that that I couldn't register, had soothing else to do and after 2 days left I did registered insert theirs code and I got the 10 euros free chip.

This casino is powered by Playtech games and me being a fan of Netent gaming ,I really like this casino ,because they have plenty games,like theirs look of theirs site and I think that this casino has the most of scratch cards games then any others.The first game I choose to play was Pink Panther,I like this slot,not that Pink Panther has given me good winnings in some other casinos,but its just because I like that game.

Like always ,because I had only 10 free chips I used the minimum bet ,so I was playing for a while,like 20 spins and because Pink Panther , didn't surprised me I changed the game.Because recently I have played scratch cards in some other casino I wanted to try my luck here.So I choose to play Easter Surprise scratch card and I place a bet from 0.50 euros,well I was wrong,because the second scratch card gave me 20 euros and if i place my bet to 1 euro I could get 40 euros,but still 20 euros its not that bad.

I was having 24 euros left to play and because I liked the scratch cards I continue to play them.I raised my bet to 2 euros but I didn't do anything,well I spend my all balance till I reached zero.Like I said I liked the casino and I am thinking to deposit here and I liked that I didn't find any complaint against them so real soon I will give them a try,ohh and they have great promotion also,which I am planning too try!
Lucius. Reviewed on 10.10.18
Here we have one more casino with playtech software, and this casino i am also tried, since it has very nice 200% welcome bonus, and it allow to enjoy wonderful playtech games for a long time even with not very big deposit.

I played at slots heaven casino only once in my life , and reason for this is just that i preffer other playtech brands, where i am playing usually and to which i am loyal. I made only 20$ deposit, but with 200% SUB(sign up bonus), i had 60$ on my balance to enjoy games. I start with marvel games action, first one was hulk, and you know that to win very big in this slot you need to get 3 expanded hulks, or progressive jackpot, but i am still sometimes playing this slot, since it is interesting and bonus game is one of the best that i ever see in online slots. After playing few hundreds of spins at hulk slot, i change it to fantastic four, but it was cold so i decide to leave it even without waiting for free spins feature. After this i tried couple more marvel jackpot games, but generally without any really good luck, so i open gladiator and start playing with 0.5$ bets. Gladiator for me is very strange slot, sometimes i am able to win on it, bust most times i just keep losing and losing on it. This time my luck did not changed, so i have left only 10$ on my account, and decide that if i want to lose it, it should be on great blue. Luck does not changed for me, and i lost 10$ with 0.25$ quite fast, without hitting any nice win or bonus feature, but of course i did not expect anything, since trigger bonus feature in great blue is really very hard job, and at average i hit it about once in 205 spins.

I did not test important things like support and withdrawals, and therefore i rate slots heaven casino with 6 stars.

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