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Yuko Arceneaux. Reviewed on 11.07.18

My today's review will work towards a higher grade on Playtech software, which I'm getting into more and more despite that Microgaming has served me better in the past.

I'll start by saying I did not have any major problems on this site, aside from the problem I had about their laws on Gibraltar, but the customer support was kind enough to get me thought the legislative processes without any major issues.

I did however have some grudges against them, as I've seen members having to endure longer lasting amounts of time before they could withdraw their winnings.

In my opinion, a casino has to be quick fast and efficient when paying their customers, as we in turns, pay them instantly.

So, as far as that goes, it’s a grade lower in my book.

My gaming experience was quick with this casino, but nonetheless I had a blast trying out their slots, and wasting my bonuses right away, haha!

I have it in common practice, that I read through reviews of others, looking for possible signs that a casino might be "rouge" but in no means is this that type of a casino.

I did not have any problems whatsoever, and the Live Chat was surprisingly pleasant and quick!

On other hand, it's not common practice for me to actually get in depth with their withdrawing procedures as my usual routine is: " try free first, deposit and lose later!" type of mentality, so I cannot shed any light about their withdrawing methods and procedures, but what I can tell you is that people have been praising this casino well enough, and since it's Playtech, you can honestly expect some quality service on their part.

I wouldn't however, rate their site more than 4/10, as I was not stunned, surprised nor was I treated like royalty. (Of course, they aren't going to that, but for a grade above 4/10, trying hard is a must).

All in all, games selection is B at best, Live Chat would be an A, and overall feel to the site would be a C+.

I'd recommend you give this site a try, as I did, and have fun, as I did!


I do not recommend this casino because they don't fully pay me! Sky Kings Casino is a Playtech powered casino and offering a deposit bonuses when you're new to their casino. When I get there and I saw that their casino is nice I become interested to join and get their deposit bonuses! After me signup I deposited and got their bonus it's common for me to get bonus and wagering requirements. But after that I read all of their terms and condition to avoid forfeiting of my bonus. I started to play their slot called a night out a 5 reel 20 payline video slot and I bet $1.05 per spin maximum of the line. That slot offered free games and free spin and also wild luckily I struck their bonus game 3 times at that day and won over $122+ and that's not more I got their wild and also their free spins I don't know how many times but I feel lucky at that time. The gaming experience is very nice and I didn't expect any problem that I may encounter to their casino I always contacted their support to ask important questions. I play their eligible table games also but lost a little bit of my money.

Next morning I decided to take another play and another kind of their slot I so that I will finish the wagering requirements. It's evening when I completed the whole wagering I thought that they only needed my verification documents but when I’m trying to process the withdrawal the customer representative contacted me and said that my withdrawal will be hold because of trouble shooting it seems that my account is a kind of weird at that time.

They said that my account is being experience under some kind of bug and I need to complete the wagering process I said that I finished it already but they said it's because of some sort of but while I’m playing so I play again to fulfill my wagering I am very angry at that time because they didn't contacted me immediately. Sad to say my money didn't recover and instead I lost 70% of my before winnings. I processed quickly my withdrawal and waited it in my ewallet that takes two and half days. They do it to decrease my winnings? After that happen I unsubscribed to this casino even they have invitation emails bonus! I rated them 6/10 overall.
Zita. Reviewed on 24.09.18
Playtech casinos are really turning out to be very nice for me and I think they are going to beat the Netent, in my top 3 platforms which is Microgaming, Netent and Playtech. And this is also a part of the William Hill group of casinos and this is like Casino Rewards because they also have a name for security and fair play and same is with the William Hill group of casinos and now I always play with casinos from their group because the previous ones have really turned out to be very good. But the only problem with the site was that it was taking a very long time in loading and I did not like it at all to be very honest. But they have a very nice site and I like their design and formation.

My favorite Playtech game is the one and only Gladiator slot but I did not play this game with this casino site as I was thinking of trying some new games. I got a 100%match up bonus on the very first deposit I made with this casino site. Match up bonuses are only good to increase our play time and bet and the wagering and all is really not my thing. Thai Paradise was the first game I played on this casino site. They do not have any tournament and I do not like that because tournaments give us a chance of winning big money even if it requires a lot of luck but at least we have a shot.

The support team is just brilliant and it helped me a lot when I was having some problem in the Archer games and I like their gesture and how patient they were with me. I would rate this casino 9 out of 10 .
Sky Kings is an online casino room with very good bonus offers and welcome package for their new users and a lot of aspiring users might find this casino room very attractive from the looks of it and might even join this room with great expectations of making it big. But there something you must know about this casino room which is that this casino room is a fraud and they clearly do not care about anything else other than the money we have deposited with them.

I won over 200 euros with this casino room and the very first time I had made a deposit of 30 euros and it took me 1 month to make it 200 and let me tell you something very honestly hat till date I have not gotten my withdrawal and it has been 1 year since I left this casino room with my money. I sent my documents 9 times and every time they had something to say that we want nationalized documents and then we want passport no and then pan card and when I provided then with all the documents they had asked for then they say that the picture is not clear for us to assess your legitimacy of the documents you have sent. They just keep on delaying the process so that one gets pissed off like I did and would probably leave the casino without any hope of getting the money ever.

I think such casino rooms must be shut down because they are spoiling the names of all the other because now every time I join a new room this is the first that comes to mind that what if something like this happens again. I guess I cannot do anything about that money now but what I can do is warn you all from joining these frauds. Thanks

Terrie. Reviewed on 28.09.18
It has been a long time since I set foot inside my casino account at Sky Kings. Sky Kings casino presented me this high 400% match bonus for a minimum $20 deposit. These types of offers remind me of offers found on Winner Casino, Eurogrand, City Club and so on.

While thinking about the 400% bonus I did not have second thoughts as to make a deposit. In the email I got in the past this states a minimum of $20 is needed to grab $80 more into my casino account. This eventually turned into $100 to play with. This was an old offer that players such as myself can take up. Now as I read through the terms and conditions it seems we can't be eligible for other bonuses. I wonder what went to that conclusion? Anyways, back then I was not introduced to the Live games they have now. I was easily distracted to pull some video slots instead. Taking my time trying to wagering off my bonus. The wagering for the $80 is subjected to 20 times my deposit and bonus. This totaled to $20 deposit + $80 x 20x = $2000 wagering! Just looking at these requirements made me feel somewhat at ease knowing I won't have to wagering alot as opposed to other casinos offering over 30x. There is one particular video slot I enjoyed very much! Spin 2 Million is the name. As such this safe cracker video slot contains intriguing money values that kept me here for hours. It maybe just be 5 paylines only but I adjusted my coin size to $0.10 for a maximum bet of $5. I know this sounds stupid but when it this video slot cooperates with me I just know it is only a matter of time before I can make a cashout. Of course there times when my $5 didn't result in anything. After my balance raised to $117 and dropped to $75 after bets of $5 I changed my bet to the next lowest coin size ($0.05 or $2.50 per bet) I finally took down some bonuses! 3 of them on $2.50. All I had to do is line up 3 identical characters, The Agent, the Lady or the bank robber. It had to be 3 identical characters consecutively. It did not matter which Reel the character started on. Inside the bonus round I was presented with 3 safes to open. I could only choose one safe to open, no more than that! While deciding I chose to pick the safe on the right side. The bank robber safely opened the safe and immediately I was shown $100 on my first bonus! The rest were also shown which were much lower to the values of $50 and $12.50. This good luck streak kept going on for 3 hours and my wagering was just over half done.

I persisted until my playthrough came to an end! The most I withdraw was $170 mainly because every time I spun the reels on Spin 2 Million it gave me different values, some were losses while others were bigger than my bets. Of course most of the time possibly 3 or 4 spins in a row it gives me nothing. It was the bonuses that made my experience worth while!

Support: 8/10
Terms and Conditions: 9/10
Deposits: 9/10
Withdrawals: 7.5/10 (Took longer than usual)
Payouts: 9.5/10
Wilmer. Reviewed on 03.10.18
Sky Kings, hmmm what made the casino name themselves "Sky Kings"? Could it be something to do with flight in the skies? That I don't know for sure but I think it is to name their casino based upon establishing mood to new players. My mood on the casino name left me with a question mark. Anyways, Sky Kings is part of the casinos found in Eurogrand, 21Nova and William Hill. Eurogrand being the most appreciated in my opinion due to it's gold look and lobby music introduction after the log in. Just remember not to set your volume high when logging into Eurogrand otherwise you will get a nice scare as a new player or an existing player who has forgotten about Eurogrand. I certainly like Eurogrand for continuing to give me free chips from time to time usually at the value of $8 in my currency. I always place the bonus on slots like Lotto Madness for half of the bonus then carry it out on blackjack. It doesn't get anywhere because I always have bad luck towards the free bonus. Someday it will come to cashing out with the bonus...if I'm that lucky on it.

The same offer can be found here on Sky Kings when after an amount of time becomes elapsed. Now I could care less of the welcome bonus for the same reason I have stated on my reviews. I just happen to carry my deposits of $30 and $50 into the casino with no help to their bonuses. Playing on Pink Panther was more helpful than playing on Spin 2 Million. Random POW wilds appeared sometimes during my spins to make a normal win into a super win if high symbols showed up. I preferred this slot on account of it's many bonuses and chances to win the progressive jackpots. 4 bonuses were better than ideal! Now ladies and gentlemen if you had to choose what triggering type would be used for all of the slots what would you all take? Getting 3 scatters or hitting a bonus randomly on a spin? I don't mind having random triggered bonus as long as it comes often but with 3 scatters sometimes they act like they want my fingers slammed in between a door, it's hard to land sometimes!

Support lend me a welcoming hand when they greeted me. I just happen to have them at the right time to take away the bonus when I didn't need it. They are helpful, friendly and somehow have great timing! My cashout of $176 was something I wasn't expecting but I am happy to collect this amount in just a few days. They need to just make more of an image for Sky Kings like how they made Eurogrand! My experience resulted in an 8 out of 10!
Alpha. Reviewed on 05.10.18
Sky Kings review

Once I received a very inviting email from Sky Kings Casino. Since I already was playing at her sister casinos William Hill and Eurogrand, I got an offer I could not refuse. They were offering a 400% (!!!) first deposit bonus. I almost instantly took the bait. Sky Kings Playtech software is almost 100% identical to the other WHG casinos, only graphics and layout are different. Nothing new under the sun regarding the offered slots and live games. It is powered by Playtech, which guarantees a user friendly and entertaining gamble experience. Like all other WHG casinos the 24/7 live support is friendly and really takes care of you in a professional way. I could have copy and pasted any of my other WHG reviews, but there is one aspect different about Sky Kings. Recently they have changed their wagering requirements involving (live) roulette. It is a bit difficult to explain, but bottom line is that bets placed on the roulette table do now count more than the normal 20%. For the roulette players among us this is a big improvement. Playing through the wagering requirements is now going much faster. What further is worth to mention is that by downloading the client and creating an account, you are entitled to a 'deposit 20, get 100 ' bonus at Eurogrand. You don't get this bonus automatically; you have to contact Eurogrand's customer support.

It will come as no surprise that I am very satisfied with Sky Kings. The once in a while 'no wager bonus' is very rewarding, and I only had good experiences with them, besides one minor issue. After a relative larger win at another WHG casino, I got ruled out of Sky Kings live games. Strange, since I did not withdraw from Sky Kings, and I still was able to play live games at the other WHG casino. I don't have a problem with this. It is clearly stated in the T&C that they have the right to rule out players from certain games. The block lasted for about 3 weeks, after that I was granted access to their live games.

My ratings for Sky Kings:
Bonuses 9/10
Wagering requirements 9/10
Software 9/10
Customer Support 9/10
Available Games 9/10
Joelle Youmans. Reviewed on 06.10.18
Sky Kings casino powered by Playtech software, and they have very nice thing, like all casinos from William Hill brand I just receive email with offer from them - deposit 20$, play with 100$. Of course I like such bonuses, and also I should say that all Playtech casinos giving away such offers for your first deposits, also very nice thing that sometimes they just put some free cash on your account without any restriction and you can play a bit and then withdraw.

For example in one of their casinos I have made only 20$ deposit, and then for a period of month a get 16$ free cash every week. This is even bigger than my deposit, so should say that I like how this group of casinos threat its players. Of course I took so nice offer at Sky Kings, and like always everything was nice and I did not experience any problem. Only one bad thing with this casinos it is that their bonuses for deposit not withdrawable, and they just taken away after your request cashout.

Anyway, I start playing Cherry Love slot at 0.9$ bets, and get two features in a raw, but bad thing that I did not manage to have even 1 retrigger. Anyway, I still had the same 100$ on my balance, but I should up in money if I want to cashout something. I decide to try Gladiator, with a hope that I manage to win something and withdraw, I played at 1$ bets, had a couple of features, but all of them was really bad and I finish with zero on my account.

That's all, thank you for reading my review about Sky Kings casino, now I will give them some marks:
Support: A (like always)
Bonuses: A (I describe why in review)
Withdrawals: B- (4 days pending period not good)
Games selection: B
Ariel. Reviewed on 07.10.18
Sky Kings is another one William Hill group brand, but is not so popular like their other brands, and I did not know why, as they had same service like other casinos in this group, but just it is hard to find a lot of information about this casino, probably it is their newest brand or something like this, anyway I just did not know.

I played at Sky Kings casino only 3 times, it was in 2013 year. I lost my first two deposits without any chances to hit something big or increase my playtime, because slots seems too cold for me and it was hard to trigger even feature, not telling about good win. Third deposit was much better, it was 50$ deposit with 40% bonus, and start my playtime. I tried Archer, but it seems cold for a long time, and after feature return me money which I am lost I just close this game and switch to Marvel games, but did not find enough luck on it too, so just switch to Thai Paradise and there come three features in a row, and I was able to achieve 200$ balance, but still had around 400 to wager, and I clear my bonus at Marvel games. Withdrawal of 150$ was paid on 5 day of waiting like always without any problems.

Sky Kings is good safe and decent online casino, which owned by reputable group William Hill, and this casino simple can't cheat player, because they even do not need. 7 stars like always, minuses is lack of promotion, because they sometimes just send some bonuses and nothing else like tournaments for example, and second minus is very long withdrawal, also this is not good to allow player to cancel withdrawal for 4 days, many will be tempted to reverse it and start playing again. These things take 3 stars from Sky Kings casino.

Berniece. Reviewed on 10.10.18
I came across Sky Casino because of their one time bonus offer when a friend referred me - this gave me some money to play with in their casino, and we were both happy. The casino is a William Hill Playtech clone, and actually looks slightly prettier than William Hills casino (although that is not very hard). The games though are exactly the same, so if you have played at William Hill or have downloaded their software then you will be instantly familiar to what they have here. The lobby design is different and instead of being football themed they are slightly more creative. The games cover all the bases you would expect in a casino. If you want to play variants of classic games then you have that option. They also give you plenty of video slot games to play, and they are suitably action packed with extra bonus rounds, wild cards and everything else thrown in to make it exciting.

If you prefer traditional casino games then its worth looking at the blackjack and roulette tables as well. The roulette tables all are top quality too - they are not biased as far as I can tell and give a fair payout. If you are completely uninterested in casino games then you can always turn over to play the arcade style games or scratchcards. When I played they had horse racing, penalty shootouts and scratchcards although they are known to pull games and put new ones in. I would rate this casino highly mainly because of their bonus structure. It is a lot lower in terms of wagering requirement than the other WHG so in theory you should be able to take some of the bonus out with you. Overall rated as an 8/10.

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