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Lonnie Leep. Reviewed on 11.07.18

A part of the Rival casino and that is the only advantage Simon casino had to pull in new users to join them and the other can may be the no deposit bonus which is quite cool according to me because most of the rooms offer a small no deposit bonus and then put up a big wagering requirements in the face of it.

The one and only big problem with this casino room is that they do not have a good selection of games and the slots which they had all of them had proved to be bad for me in previous casino I had played with. And the only one good for me was the Gold Rush because lately I had been playing this a lot and loved this game.

I think they have the most stupid site design I have ever seen it looks like the casino has been designed by a school kid who did not have any idea about what he was doing. I think they need to work on this because these little things play an important role in successful running of a casino.

Real Crime was also a nice 15 line slot in which I had always bet minimum because in the beginning I do not risk too much. Their is nothing really complicated about this site because they have kept it quite pale and simple. I had deposited 30 euros through Neteller and could withdraw only 65 and that too took almost 2 weeks so it tells that the games were a little tight and may be because I also did some experimenting by trying the games I had never tried as I did not have any other options due to small selection of games.

I think they need to pull up their socks to make a name for themselves other wise they will just keep on degrading.
I don't know why they degrade their good service and they didn't improved their graphics in their website and casino's main page. I don't like the graphics of their website because they don't seem professional. Although they didn't yet improve their casino's graphics they have enormous bonuses! When I registered I got their first deposit bonus of 125% I deposited $50 and got $75 of bonus percentage. I downloaded their software and played games and because they use Rival platform they have i-slot and different unique Rival games but honestly I don't desire them games. Not comparing Microgaming slots is better than Rival slots for my opinion but I enjoy selected slots and other casino games.

I played their i-slot called "Hole in Won" a 5 reel rival slot this slot have a mini bonus game and it's exciting to play I bet $.50-$1.10 per spin maximum of it's lines then sometimes I sometimes won big winnings! That's not new for me it's the luck of the player to win such a huge credits. Unfortunately I didn't fortunate to play their different i-slots because I didn't won from them if I ever won I revoke my bet then lost again. Consequently I didn't achieved my goal several days I lost all of the credits and I decided to dormant my account and wait to their free credits instead but I didn't closed it yet. I don't know why they didn't send me promotional bonuses and that's the reason I didn't yet closed my account to them because sometimes they send promotional bonus but I don't like it so I didn't claim it.

Even though I didn't experience their withdrawal or finance I believe that soon I will know how they process their customer's withdrawal. I suggested that they upgrade their casino to attract more loyal customer I rate their casino I rate their casino 6/10 overall not included the finance.
Zandra. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Simon's casino using games from Rival, and you know that I like this software, it is created really well, and cashier system where you can see available bonuses is great.
I join Simon's casino, and like at other Rival casinos I was able to get 20$ no deposit offer. For most such offers my withdrawal amount is 100$, and I think it is enough good amount of money, which player can take absolutely for free.

I have about 20 minutes of playtime with my no deposit bonus, playing Robin Hood slot, I like it and usually it give a lot of playtime, but this day it was cold unfortunately and after a couple of unlucky features I just see zero on my account.

I close casino and forget about it, till I get email that Simon's casino make for me special offer and I can get 200% bonus for my first deposit, instead of 100% usual bonus. Okay, I thought it is good deal, and make small 20$ deposit. With 200% bonuses I am rare make big deposits because it is have no reason to make big balance to have a lot of wagering requirements. I played few different games which was low variance, and therefore I just clear some portion of my bonus, nothing else. After this I tried Baby Brothers slot, sometimes it give me nice wins, but not this time, so when I lost about a half of my balance, you know what I am doing? Right! I am going to high variance slots, and then like always lose another half. Unfortunately Scary Rich was too scary for me, and I really lost another part of my bank, and finish my session with zero on my account. But this is how high variance games works, not complaint here.

I rate Simon's casino with 6 stars, because I never tried their withdrawals, and did not test customer support.

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