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Erika Egerton. Reviewed on 11.07.18
Sahara Sands casino was giving away a 7$ no deposit bonus and before this i had played on Golden cherry which is also a rival gaming part and it was good to play on this portal so i joined this one as well to try my hand in the race of meeting the wagering requirements. Spoke to agent Eric L regarding the bonus because could not see the free money in my account. I am a big i-slots fan so i am all about rival . After claiming the bonus i went to play the as the reel turn ep 1 . This one is always the first game i play .

I was betting single coin per spin as i did not have a big balance in my account and the wager was also 60 times which is very hard to meet so i started low. Soon hit the don thing 3 times in a row but that only go me 0.2 on one spin. And after that i hit the Ivan feature which got me 10 free spins and even 3x multiplier and those 10 free spins got me 2.44$ and this was the first time i had gotten 10 free spins. Then i went to play Wild safari and i say this with all my heart that i hate the time rival takes in loading the games and it is the most irritating thing ever. This is why instant play is better but for that also i had to download the platform first but thankfully not on this one. So i was at wild safari it is a 25 line slot so i was at 0.01 and only single coin so that i do not lose early. Soon hit the bug out feature which got me only 0.04 but i guess this is he most you get when betting so low. The knife feature was very nice and was paying me like 0.10 or 0.12 most of the time when i hit that. The best was the journal one which paid me around 0.30 and that too 4 times.

Played spy game and rock on but they were very average and was making slow money or no money at all. Then went to play reel party and this was by far the slowest game i had played here and did not get anything for like 20 minutes. Then i was playing black jack and once i hit the hit option by mistake and i liked that they ask for confirmation first. I did not do anything productive with the no deposit bonus but now i am clear about this casino and i am going to make a real money deposit soon.
This is my next review from the Sahara sands casino. Usually I don’t mad about the rival powered casinos but when I found a no deposit promotion mostly I want to try it. I browse on the askgamblers when I found the Sahara sands casino. They were a new casino for me because I never saw them before. I went to check the bonus on their askgamblers page but I didn’t found any blocked country from the no deposit bonuses. I thought I try it because the offer is free so I went they home page and downloaded the casino.

The registering was easy and the downloadable software works fast. I logged in and claimed the 7 euro no deposit bonus. I began to play on the wild westerners with 1 euro bets. On my second spin I triggered the bonus rounds. I shot many glass because I get the extra ammo and extra targets. In the end I had 57 euro. I kept playing here but I started to lose my money. I opened the aussie rules and played with one euro bets. I lost my no deposit money fast but I was curious for the bonus details so I started to read their terms and conditions, it was very shocking.

They have a section where they have a list with lot countries that are have different wagering and promotional details. Hungary was on the list of course. The first thing those countries have higher wagering requirements but they don’t inform from the exact amount. The second, you cannot wager more than 20 percent of the wagering requirements on a slot and you cannot bet more than 10 percent of the deposit or the free chip bonus. I think they hidden terms and conditions are made to not pay out the players.

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