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Art. Reviewed on 11.07.18
Rome Casino

If I had to compare this casino to something it would be a Boiler Room.If you have never seen the movie, or don't know what a boiler room is ill give a definition.Take a wild guess of which definition I'm referring to.

boiler room
1. An area, as in a building or on a ship, that houses one or more steam boilers or hot-water tanks.
2. Informal A room staffed with telemarketers who use illegal or high-pressure sales tactics to sell stock, commodities, or land, for example.

I had the unfortunate experience of working at one for about a month.Even tho I love money and possessions, I couldn't keep doing it.I once made $1200 in 20 minutes there, I would make an EZ 2grand a week, the people who really heartless and just straight up lied and used the craziest high pressure pitches I have ever seen made 10,000+ a week.This was in south Florida, Palm Beach county has the most rehabs, half-way house per square mile than any other place in the world.It was the only place I have ever been where the drug addicts, or recovering drug addicts greatly outnumbered the rest of society.

I quit after a month, I went down to Florida in 09 for rehab, was clean for 3 months, but relapsed due to a few high paying jobs, cheap cost of living, added in with the amount of drugs around (Mainly Prescription pills, there were Pain clinics on every street, they would have tinted windows, and bouncers outside, because the doctors office sold the pills to you, and they would be there so people wouldn't get robbed. If you read the definition, and read the article (while reading imagine 3 floors with 10-15 offices rooms with 20 people in each calling from "burner" cell phones, getting paid in cash, and your co-workers are doing drugs on the desks, imagine a halfway house and take 300 people like that and stick them in an office hustling and conning people all day.It was like nothing I had ever seen or experienced, I moved back to New York a month after that.

A few months Later, I checked into a state funded "Therapeutic Community" which is a very disciplined ( make you clean at 6 am, sit through boring groups all day, eating nasty food, and it was in the heart of Brooklyn, you could here gunshots in the projects around the corner). I spent 7 months there and haven't used drugs since.The reason I got so graphic, and told you so much about myself is so when you read a review I wrote, you know why I can smell A scam a mile away, because I could scam them, If I wrote that I could tell what a casino was pitching to get you deposit was a Lie, is because I could lie to get their money. Basically what I'm saying in a past life of mine (I say this because I should be dead 100x over by now, basically the fact I'm here is like my life from here on out is a freeroll lol), but in that past life I could turn a half of tank of gas, a cell phone, and a pack cigarettes with $2 in my pocket, and somehow support a 1-200$ a day habit for about 4-5 years.

Today the only pills I pop are for heartburn, I don't con anyone, I actually won a $50 amazon gift card on some forum and gave it to someone who I had scammed in my past, when I could've easily sold it for $45 to someone. So I'm not a scumbag anymore, but I haven't lost the ability to smell one from a mile away. There is also a reason I listed that article of what happened to were I used to work and I will get into that in a bit.

The reason I say this about Rome casino is because they used obvious boiler tactics to try to get me to deposit, I played along one day (I do this to people in sales to, and I work in sales, its an EGO thing, I like stringing a random telemarketer along for about 20-25 minutes then point out everything they did wrong and explain to them they will never sell me on something.So I go into Rome Casino after getting an email telling me I have $5, added, and I have someone pop up with their normal Ill give you this if you deposit this offer.I think he said %200 match and %20 cash back, I said "ehhh, that really doesn't interest me can you do any better" and he replied "I'll ask my manager hold on" (Classic Boiler room move, either saying you asked the boss, or get the guy next to you on the phone or in this case on support saying he's the boss), the original guy replied a minute later and said if you deposit right now I can offer 250% match and 25% cash back if you deposit right a minimum of $30 right now. I asked him if they accept American express, knowing they didn't and he said no. I go well I can go to the store and load money on my prepaid visa, but if I do this It will take about 30 minutes and I want a better offer, he goes "Ill ask my manager" he comes back a minute later and says my supervisor said "JUST THIS ONE TIME WE WILL do a 300% match, and 35% cash back, but if you deposit a minimum of $50, I can offer a 350% match and 40% cash back, so I said this will take about 25-30 minutes I'm going to load my card, he said great, let me know when you get back so I can help you with that."

So I waited about 30 minutes and came back and I said I want to deposit $100, but level with me I work in sales, you get paid at least a bonus in commissions rite? and he said yea, I do get a bonus based on the amount of money my clients deposit through here. I go well then I want a better deal if I'm depositing $100, he comes back again after a minute and says 400% match and 45% cash back that's the bets I can do, so I reply let me speak to your supervisor, I want to just make sure that I'm really going to get that deal, he said hold on Ill get him, 2 minutes later Another guy comes on and says How can help you?, I go are you this guys supervisor, because he said he would give me a 400% match and 45% cash back, and he goes that's correct, I replied listen, I will deposit right now if you give me a 500% and 60% cash back, he said I can do the 500 but only 50% on the cashback, I go well then never mind if you cant do 60% I guess I will just deposit else were, and he goes fine, 60%, I go make it 550% 70% CB and click this button and my deposit goes through, and he instantly replies OK (they were playing it off good at first, good enough to fool an unsuspecting person, the second guy confirmed to me they were a shady boiler room).

No real casino lets a customer negotiate the terms of a deposit, especially only $100, unless they never planned on paying you,
The fact that they admit they make $$$ of deposits they initiate,
What casino can afford giving someone, $550 to play with on a hundred dollar bonus and give back $70 of it if I lose it all, and
The fact they said it would automatically be credited without a code, by them.Support has the ability to do a number of things, but not create bonuses out of thin air, at least not at any legit place I have played. And
The fact I've read a ton of complaints about people not getting paid.

I'm not even going to give this place a number review, I'm going to give you two pieces of advice.
1. There are probably a ton of boiler room casinos, this is one of them so Play at your own risk.
2. That article I posted about, the boiler room I worked at for a month, and how the people got their money back.If a casino doesn't pay you, Charge back on your credit card asap.Visa and Mastercard give you about 90 days, other cards Like Amex give you up to a year +, the key is to do it before you pay your credit card bill for that deposit.I know it will not get you the amount you won but the credit card companies are always on the Customers side over the seller, and if they didn't pay you they probably wont respond and let it go, without a fight, if they do put up a fight 9/10 times if you didn't get paid, a lot of others didn't as well, so print a few posts, and show the proof you didn't get paid and you will win 99.9% of the time. And if anyone got caught up in a timeshare re-sale scam feel free to PM me and I will show you who to contact, and what to do, if it originated in Florida. (like 99% of them do)

Eleanore. Reviewed on 23.09.18
I would warn any player that is playing for low-stakes to avoid this casino.You have to pay a $50 wiring withdraw fee in order to get your money, something they do not mention beforehand.Moreover, if you deposit less than $250, it is impossible for you to win more than 10x your deposit (something I learned the hard way, even though my withdraw was approved and verified by the finances guy).

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