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Roseline. Reviewed on 08.07.18
Finally I came to my favourite member of the Casino Rewards group – Rich Reels casino. When I joined that casino I never even dreamed that some of its reels will became really rich and pure gold for me. But let me tell you all from the beginning!As a huge admirer of all the casinos in the CR group I used the welcome offer or Rich Reels casino which was 100% match for the first deposit up to 150 and than smaller match percents to the next four deposits. I used only the first one and my start balance was 300 credits. I began with my favourite Microgaming slots Avalon, LOTR and Thunderstruck II. Avalon didn’t work for me at all. Although I tried all of my weird tactics there! But LOTR was more than a success! I will never forget that spin on 0.90 bet – Frodo on the first reel, nothing special on the second, stacked 3 wilds on the third, nothing on the fourth and again Frodo on the fifth reel! At first I thought that it was just the next missed good chance but than the game stops for a second and Gollum appears right in the middle of the screen. He moves step to the left and pulled the reel down until it turns into stacked wilds! Than he moves two steps to the right and done the same with the fourth reel! My heart had frozen when Gollum began to jump across the screen and fireworks began to flow all over it! I have never thought that I can win so much money with a single spin at this bet, but the sum was above 1000 credits for sure! Not bad for just one spin, right!!! Oh, what joy it was that day! I didn’t stopped at all because I thought this was my lucky day and went to Thunderstruck II and set the bet to 3.00 and the autospin feature to 100 spins. I was still a slave of my passions and my throat was dry as the Sahara desert, so I went to take something for drink from the fridge! Than my phone began to ring and I had a short conversation, so when I turn back I saw that almost 70 from the 100 autospins were passed. Almost with the moment I sat down I saw scatters appearing and stopping on the first, second and the third reels – a free spins feature! As it was my first feature, it was Valkyrie feature – 10 free spins and all wins multiplied by 5! And here comes the big hit! 9 of the spins were already history and all I got was a pure zero when on the last 10th spin I got 5 scatters!!! 5 scatters on bet 3.00 and multiplied by 5!!! Ho-ho-ho and a bottle of rum! 3000$! 3000$! Three thousand dollars, ladies and gents!!! In a single spin! You, lucky bastard! To be honest I don’t remember anything more from that day, except that I continued to play and that at the end my balance was beyond the psychological(for me!) border of 5000$!!! In the morning I was surprised by a phone call, coming directly from one of the casino managers, who congratulated me for my wonderful achievements (those were the exact words) and gave me 100$ bonus just to make my joy even greater! I was so excited that didn’t thought even for a second and accept both the greetings and the bonus! Later, I realized that now, with a bonus in my balanceI cannot withdraw even a dime before all the wagering requirements of those one hundred bonus are cleared! I don’t want to think that it was a smart trick but the idea was brilliant! Because if the player lost his temper while clearing the bonus requirements he can easily lose much of his winnings! And this can be rather refreshing information about the casino accountants, right! Anyway, I didn’t have any problems with the wagering and the withdrawal afterwards! And at the end I can tell you one thing for sure: it is really worth trying Rich Reels casino! So, to summarize I will use some simple rating scores:Support: 8/10Software: 10/10Security: 9/10Finance: 7/10Bonuses: 7/10Terms&Conditions: 8/10Overall: My personal best Casino Rewards casino! Well that is it from me now:). Thanks to for giving me the opportunity to share my story! And always remember: “You can not break the casino bank, but it is worth trying!
Suk. Reviewed on 24.09.18

I'll start this review off by saying that I don't have any major troubles with this casino, and on the best possible side, it's my favorite type of software which is Microgaming.

When I hear about Microgaming all I can think about is fun table games and over 500 others to pick from.
I deposited 50$ , so with 100$ on my balance I didn't really feel like playing slots with 0.2 bets.
You know how slow and tedious that can get, I'd find myself playing for 7 hours with my balance at 95$.
So, instead I tried pacing myself with blackjack as I found it to be very edgy at times especially when two number bets are in order.
I mean, when you say 10$ bets, 10$ is nothing. But when you start winning and loosing, 10$ turns into 30$, and it keeps going up and down.
I think the highest I was able to win was about 47$ for having Blackjack as a hand, it was very lucky, and clocking in around 200$ overall account money.
I have to say a while passed and I found myself losing up to 30$ at a time, and it was going on for an hour or two, and I decided to leave about 100$ so I can come back another time and try some slots. I've had a lot of fun at the table games, but I have to say, I find myself losing money pretty fast when I get into the mood, and I'd rather not waste the money that I'd use to turn into some bigger money, hopefully.

I had fun trying this casino out, and I managed to win some money as well! 7/10
Rich reels casino is powered by Microgaming software, and it is belong to Casino Rewards group, which can be trusted, can be named safe, and very nice (excluding a lot of spam and two days pending period, which i believe unacceptable this days).

Rich reels casino offered very nice structure of welcome bonuses, they are low, but at least something: on your first deposit you can get 50% bonus up to 250$, on second deposit you can 30% bonus, on third deposit there is 20% bonus, and on fourth deposit you eligible for 10% bonus. Not a big boosts of course, but I like offers like that, you can deposit 4 times, and every time casino will give you some bonus chips. Also nice thing for such bonuses, that wagering will be not too high, and you will have more chances to beat wagering requirements and request something to withdrawal.

I made my first deposit of 50$ with 50% bonus, as i told, and played with 75$ balance. Like usually with Microgaming, my strategy was win a lot of money in Thunderstruck II and Immortal romance. One thing that I did not like when I every time start playing at new casino- I should make progress in hall of spins once again. On Thundertrsuck II my favorite feature is second, Lokie, and it is hard to achieve it from zero without nice luck. This day I have no any luck, and everything ends on Immortal romance at 0.60 stake, I had two immortal romance, 4 free spins featuers, but somehow did not manage to appear higher than starting balance. Made 3 more deposits in the same week, but all slots was cold for me, this happens :(

I think rich reels casino is a nice casino and you should try it out. Bonuses not big, but this is good in some cases, so lets go to big wins!
Chantal. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Rich Reels Casino is a online gambling site that ispowered by Microgaming.
Rich Reels casino was founded by Casino Rewards group in mid 2011.
Casino Rewards group is one of the mostreputable and fast growing casino groups out there, at least in my opinion.From the homepage of Rich Reels you will notice that the casino was approved by eCOGRA Safe and Fair which can give you some ease when choosing to play at this casino.
Rich Reel offers the mandatory Welcome Bonus which may not be for all players, so do keep this in mind. They also offer weekly and monthly promotions for on going depositors.

Rich Reels support department is multi-lingual and is available through chat 24/7. Like most Microgaming casino's Rich reels casino offers many deposit and withdrawal methods for everyone alike.
Do remember that Canadian players cannot use their master card to deposit into online casino's, in such instance I would recommend using a Canadian friendly e wallet such as Instadebit.

Ok, so on to my experience here. I decided to deposit into this casino when I received a phone call from their customer service team at which time they offered me 20$ bonus for a deposit of 1$.. If you've noticed I enjoy my bonuses so of course I immediately jumped this opportunity. I should also add that the customer service representative was very pleasant and patient while I got to my computer and created an account. Anyway,I decided to head right to the black jack table with my bonus, starting with 21 dollars. My 1 dollar deposit plus the 20$ bonus given by this generous casino. Unfortunately I wasn't very luck this time as I busted in all of 10 minutes, not even. Guess it wasn't my day. I must say that although did not make a cash out, I loved the opportunity. This is just one of the many benefits of playing in casino that is part of Casino rewards. I would recommend this casino for the simple fact that it is a part of casino rewards. If you getting bored of the usual ones you play in give it a try or maybe you'll get lucky and they will let you in the door for a small deposit such as the one they offered me. :)

To sum things up here are some simple ratings

Support: 9/10
Terms and Conditions: 9/10
Deposits: 10/10
Payouts: 6/10
Withdrawals: Unsure however casino rewards is usually pretty quick from my experience
Julieta. Reviewed on 03.10.18
When you enter Rich Reels casino players may see plenty of games and plenty of jackpots. Rich Reels Casino is a casino with a massively blue theme and lots of perks for bonus-minded players. The first deposit of just $20 grants an enormous $980 bonus.Players will experience some of the most entertaining gaming available online.

What sets this casino software apart from the rest is the jackpots. You won't only find progressives but Random and Minor Jackpots too. Progressive can reach well into 6 figures with Randoms reaching into thousands of dollars and Minor Jackpots reaching into the hundreds. Play Real Series Video Slots where some games include both random and minor jackpots. This doubles your chances of winning a jackpot. If it is your first time playing slots you might want to play slots where the bonus round features free spins and a chance for many more one each spin. Video Slot lovers will certainly enjoy thevariety of poker games for a chance to win the Royal Flush top prize. No Casino would be complete without table games and specialty games. Play your favorite card games or try something different and play Bonus Bingo and Hot Dice.

Well, here begins my story. I played two days, well, I played 36 hours, I wagered the bonus that I received in my mail, it was a 25 no deposit bonus, I was able to cash out 200 and then! They didn't accept my Neteller, I deposit 50 to confirm my account and then they "bla bla bla" me because I'm from Argentina. They ask me for a bank account, the problem for me is I don't have any bankaccount, because I don't want to play the money from my bank in websites casinos. Cause of that I use my Neteller in most of the online casinos. I was so bad, because in the website it says that they use Neteller, but when I chated with someone of the casino they told me that they didn't accept Neteller. 36 hours flying away, I won 6000 dollars, but only 200 were allowed to cash out without making any deposit. a bad casino for me. But maybe is a good casino for someone who has bank account. Or maybe what happens with Argentinian players? We are so bad people?
I think all the world think that my country is full of thieves gamblers, anyway I keep searching casinos.
Machelle. Reviewed on 05.10.18
I have been here looking at casinos long enough to know that Rich Reels used to have no relationships with Casino Rewards until later on a few years later. I do not see it's other partner Villento casino on AskGamblers but hopefully it will become available for me to write a review on them. I could have overlooked that casino. Honestly the name probably says it all but I believe it can be misleading and not to mention "too good to be true".

What is so rich about Rich Reels anyways? Sure there are jackpots and many type of slots but all this are commonly known throughout Microgaming casinos. Anyways, enough about their name I will talk about my experience.

Shortly after I made an account I wanted to see what Rich Reels was all about despite it's name. I want to see what this casino can do to my $60 deposit. So I took out my Visa card and entered my details into the cashier page. Done and done! $60 into my account and I have told support to get rid of thebonus seeing is how $60 is quite a lot. I tried my luck towards all Jackpot games including Mega Moolah, my favourite jackpot slot, King Cashalot for just a few small spins (8) with max bets, Mega Moolah Isis and finally SupaJax. Seriously Supajax, why did you stop me from getting that Jackpot!?
Here is what happened. I earned $130 from my Jackpot games and when I turned to SupaJax I had 3 of a kind Jacks on preflop. I continued to deal the held cards and another Jack came out. That special SupaJax card didn't provide me the last ounce to make the Jackpot happen. I couldn't believe it! It's almost the same by getting a gift on your birthday while unexpectedly getting a cream pie in the face rather than getting a huge expensive gift and having balloons & confetti drop down. lol the gift is a car to make it sound interesting. I had to let go of that Jackpot because I did not win it but I did win over $100 from the four of a kind jacks!

I won $225 from my games so from now on I will come back to gain more, possibly make that Jackpot on SupaJax mine! I give this casino a 9 out of 10!
Antonetta Wager. Reviewed on 06.10.18
Rich reels casino is taking its games from the MG software and are owned by the Casino Rewards company. There was a time when I used to play only on casinos from the Casino Rewards company and they have a lot of free money bonuses offers for new players but unfortunately not on this one so I had to make a deposit of 45 and it took like 10-15 minutes and then I got straight to the action with MG games.

I do not like the look of their sites and I think they should innovative with it as it looks very average. I started with the Gypsy queen game which took forever to load. I was betting the minimal and in the beginning only I started getting small combinations. And after some times I got the ball of free spins and it gave me 15 free spins and I was just loving this game. I left this game with a profit of 17 $ and played it barely for 10 minutes and this is what I call real
action and return to the players.

Then I moved to the Mermaid millions slot and I was trying out new games this time which I had not ever before. I got the J with scatter here on the 2nd spin only. These games had better action than the famous ones from MG may be this is why they say that MG has the best slots ever and has revolutionised the way these game works. The best feature on the mermaid was the scatter with Wild. I was around 90 something and i had played on 4 slots till then.

I do not like the table games from Casino Rewards casinos because I always have a bad luck here on cards. Then I opened the legacy and it is a three reel slot and here it was not that good. These classic slots give very less action and a lot of spins go for empty.

I made 2 cash outs from this casino and got it in promised time. Did not talk to their support but I know that they must be good because Casino Rewards has the best support. I would give this casino 10.
Cindy. Reviewed on 07.10.18
Rich reels casino is one more( oh again, really, how much of them you thinking.
Casino rewards had a lot of casinos).

So, I am obviously deposited there too, and of course I made only one deposit. I made almost all Casino Rewards casino only one deposit, just take welcome bonus, and go to another. I don't know if casino rewards like players like me, but I am personally like casino rewards casinos. So, I deposit here 25$ only, but get sweety 100% match bonus for me, and I start playing with 0.5 bet at supe it up.
I feel something lucky in this slot, probably a lot of free spins at big multiplier, and also for 5 scatters you get 600xbet , if it in free spins, 3600xbet . Yeah, this game can be amazing.I just made about 40-50 spins, and finally hit this feature, only 3 scatters, unfortunately. I just hit start free spins but then bam, my casino client become not responded, and it closed.
I am fear about what about my so waiting feature, reopen casino, and I was happy to see that I can continue free spins.
Thank you Microgaming, thank you Casino Rewards. So, my 25 free spins at huge x6 multiplayer, pay me only x40 my bet, and for this slot its pretty bad. So I am a bit nervous, and start betting 1$ per spin with 40$ balance. Hm, never did things like that, because you 99% lost all your money. And it happens with me, and I lost all. It happens, and i just take it as it can be.

My marks for rich reels casino:
Software: 9/10 for Microgaming, I like this guys, they do nice job
Support: 8/10 Casino Rewards casinos always provide nice support and doing their job very nice.
Bonuses: 8/10 welcome bonus at rich reels nice, I take it and suggest you take it too.
Cashouts: don't caash out from this casino, but I am sure everything fine as it is casino rewards
Total: 8/10 , not 8.5/10 because I didn't win in rich reels casino. Nice casino that you will like, nothing to say anymore.
Eulah. Reviewed on 10.10.18
Rich Reels is a great casino that takes care of their players. When they used to accept USA players it was my favourite place to play for many great reasons. The first one is of course the array of promotions and bonuses I would receive in my inbox each week. I could always count on receiving a match bonus weekly and of course the free contests. My second reason is the variety of games. I am an avid slots player and the choice of games just made me smile the whole time I was logged into the casino. The customer support team was the same team used by their sister casino and the reps would go out of their way to help. I remember one time I asked for a small no deposit bonus. The support rep must of been busy because they thought I was a different player and at the end of our conversation said "All Set". I was so excited that I was getting to play just to be let down when I checked my account and found nothing :(. So I went back to support and thankfully the same support agent handled my live help request. I explained that there was nothing in my account and maybe it was a misunderstanding. Well it was a misunderstanding as this is when I found out the response was meant for another player. I totally understood and was okay with it. I thanked them for their time and proceeded to leave chat until they said ok it should be in your account now. I was thinking to myself oh lord here we go again. LOL! The support rep felt bad that they confused accounts and had already told me I had a chip waiting that they credited my account anway. You don't see this that often in today's industry. As a matter of fact, sometimes it is all I can do to get a support rep to be so kind and generous so hats off to the support team and Rich Reels Casino.Thanks for reading my review...Tanya

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