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Carlee. Reviewed on 08.07.18
Red Flush is a Micro-gaming casino and was one of the first Micro-gaming ones I played where I received free spins as part of a deposit option. Bit of a mixed reaction about my time here.I contacted live help after registering through their instant flash player version as I had seen an offer for 100 free spins on the slot machine ‘Lucky Witch’. The 100 free spins would only be made upon a valid deposit of a minimum of £20. Live help informed me that the 100 free spins were valid for the flash player so I made a deposit of £20 by UKASH voucher. I received a 100% match on my deposit so received £20 free bonus money which was instantly available to play. The free spins were available for me instantly. Winnings from the free spins would be credited as bonus money and carried a wagering requirement of 50 times; the free £20 bonus money had a wagering requirement of 30 times.I won a total of £23.52, wasn’t expecting to win this much to be honest I thought around £15 so was really happy with this. I have to say the games paid out really well during my time at this casino and my balance went up to over £250 at one point. It seemed like I was playing here forever. I tried to make a withdrawal when my balance got to £120 but it was saying I had not met the wagering requirements. I kept contacting live help to get my wagering balance but it just did not seem to be increasing like I thought it should. I informed them I was not happy and they said they needed to contact micro-gaming and they would send me a detailed report of my wagering and every bet I had placed but would take a few days.I waited and what a complete waste of time. The report I was send was just spreadsheet upon spreadsheet of numbers. No explanation of what it all meant no final figures on how much I had wagered or how much I had left to go … nothing. When I contacted live help all they could tell me was I hadn't met the wagering. I ended up just wasting the money because live help were so poor I didn’t have the patience with them. Also when I signed up to the 100 free spins it stated I would get these for three consecutive months when I questioned live help the month later they said I had to have made a deposit of £50. This was never explained to me!I really enjoyed playing the slots here as I said because I done so well, but their live help facility really lets the casino down and their loyalty points are a complete waste of time.
Earleen. Reviewed on 25.09.18
My stay at Red Flush Casino was a very short stay. I've found them through a no deposit offer at some affiliate website. They would give away €10 for free to let you try their games, so I though why not let's see where this takes me from here. I registered my details and contacted their customer service, who told me the no deposit bonus would be available in my account within 24 hours.I went to sleep and the following the day when I woke up it was there ready for me to try out their slots. They are a Microgaming casino with a huge selection of casino games. I downloaded their software client to play the games. I started out with Immortal Romance and got the three scatters pretty quick. Unfortunately you can only choose the Amber future with a 5x multiplier if you haven't built up the progression bar. I won 30x my bet with the free spins session, which wasn't that much considering I only bet €0,30.I move on to their software version of blackjack (Downtown Vegas). That was a game I really don't like because it feels so unnatural compared to the live game. I've lost my €19 pretty quick there and waited for another week to make a deposit there. I've deposited €100 and received 100% match bonus which made me have €200 euros in total to play the games, and a very reasonable wagering requirement of 30x bonus. Again I've played Immortal Romance and The Finer Reels of Life with €1,50 per spin.I've had the free spins round once at Immortal Romance paying a lousy 6x bet. It went gone pretty quick leaving me with a zero balance. So I haven't been able to make a withdrawal. When I registered I was open for SMS or email offers.To my surprise they send me airmail (letter with a pamphlet) very recently with the Playboy logo on the outside to promote the release of their new slot. I wasn't very happy about this, since I had some explaining to do with my wife. How can a marketing department just decide to bombard people with such airmail? I'm sure I'm not the only one who found this totally uncalled for.I immediately decided to contact customer support and telling them to remove me from mailing list or whatever other list they have for promotions. I seriously doubt I will ever there again. Overall I would give Red Flush only a 6,5/10 rating.Customer service 7/10Privacy 5/10Bonuses and promotions 7/10Software and games 8/10Deposits 7/10Withdrawals (can't judge)
Deidra Dudash. Reviewed on 02.10.18
Red Flush casino is in likeness with Casino La Vida for their spamming abilities! They are very annoying with emails about bonus offers. Some emails are from other people like affiliates or partners who I have not known about. Strangers and shadow figures. Whoever they are they are persistent!

I told live support before I created an account if it is permitted to take the bonuses offered on Red Flush because I made deposits and took bonuses on Casino La Vida. I was doubtful on the situation. The Live chat operator tells me that both Red Flush and Casino la vida are two separate casinos! When I asked if it is allowed to take any of the welcome bonuses on Red Flush even though making deposits while taking bonuses on La vida have been done he opens the door for the offers on Red Flush!

When I noted this I was rubbing both my hands together so I can take sweet advantage of the offer to get $100 in bonus credits! The nice operator provided the details & terms for the freeplay and asked me if I needed anything else. I ended the conversation with a "nothing further" & a "goodbye" and he wished me some good luck before leaving the chat. Once $100 in bonus credits were in my account after I completed the offer and making the minimum $20....50 times were needed to cash out!

Any bonuses I get in the future will be lowered to 30 times. My $120 balance fell like a bag of rice filling the floor. I was not having fun picking each one off the floor and to tell you the truth folks making wagers and winnings on Alaskan fishing, Gypsy Queen, Lucky News Network and Your Lucky Day were a total disaster on this casino. I couldn't keep my balance high and persistently bad luck likes to create mayhem on my balance! In the future I might refer bad luck as mayhem. Video slots like Immortal Romance and Elementals were trying to ameliorate my balance and all other slots inadequacy of winnings prevented me from making enough wagers to make $$$ reach me anytime soon.

Support were very helpful in my questions, my experience with the freeplay was cut very short, a disaster....and having 50 times on a freeplay is more of a chore than achievable! With losing $20 I wasn't fully depressed about my loss. Red Flush can get a 6.8 out of 10!
Trudie. Reviewed on 04.10.18
Hello again i would like to share my latest experience here at red flush casino. This casino is okay for me but i had a bad time here, when i was playing yesterday i play their tomb raider slots and when i was playing that slot an error occurred and my bet was missing, slot or whatever happened so i decided to contact the support and i said that when an error occurred my bet that i was place was gone and they said that i lost it because the spin is finished before the error but i don't saw whether the place bet is lost so i said that okay.

For me this casino is fair i don't know if my connection is the problem or whatever but this casino is honest at all and they payment is good enough so i recommend it for players because this casino is awesome.Here is my 2nd deposit bonus experience when choosing casino it is the best to choose their promotions so i decide to take their promotion the 30 free spins and the wagering requirements is 50 times so i play the free spin i won $9 to their no deposit promotion, so i starting to spin again to wager the requirements i encounter the 2 bonus from the last spin but i failed to get 1 so that i lost all the no deposit balance so i decided to deposit 20 credits from my neteller to play again and hope to win some money i don't use their promotions for testing if i win even there is no promotion i spin again from the video slot THOR because i giving thor a chance to give me a lucky spin i bet 150 coins or total of 1.50 and spin first spin lose nothing happens, second won 30 coins or .30 and the third is the lucky spin i hit the thor combination and i won $25. Thor proved that he can give me a lucky spin as i predicted :) i spin again and again sometimes win and unfortunately lost but when my balance reached to $51 i decided to cash out my winnings and search other games that i satisfied from red flush (note that i play their demo to explore what games can satisfied me ...... so thats it the withdrawal took 1 day and because i gave my documents to verified:)

Over all 8/10 it is interesting casino please try it and find your satisfaction ......
Venessa. Reviewed on 06.10.18
Redflush casino is a casino that offered me a chance to play with 30 free spins.I am not the biggest slot machine fan because it does seem to me on some games that you are flushing your money down the toilet.The only exception I have found is the Go Wild casino slots, but this is a Microgaming casino and this offers a slightly different range of games.Red Flush do offer a nice selection of games as does every Microgaming casino.They are all very sameish in design – most of them are 5 reel slots, and to be honest, the introductions to the games are very much the best part of the game -if I ever win the jackpot though, I will change my mind!The good things about the casino – a very decent bonus structure - £1000 as a 100% deposit match bonus, many different ways to deposit and withdraw and loads of games.I was interested to spend my free spins at the new games, so I had a go at Piggy Fortunes slot.It is really quite a fun game because it gives little animations about the 3 pigs as you play.

My overall aim was get enough money to play through on the new European Blackjack redeal Gold online slot, and fortunately I had just over $6 to play with my credit – I didn't have any high hopes of winning money but I wanted to take a look at what it offered.The real deal offer in blackjack redeal is to enable the cards to be redealt if your first hand does not suit.This is a great little innovation, but of course, the house still has the upper hand, even if you elect to redeal the dealers hand because you only get 5 redeals during your games.Although I ended up losing out, I had not really formulated a strategy around it – the idea is intriguing though, and I have to look further into it to see if it offers a real advantage over classical blackjack.If it does, you can bet I will end up coming back here!Overall, the casino offers some new games – some of the content and writing seems a bit off, and I would not feel absolutely comfortable playing with a lot of money at this casino, but it is certainly worth a try.
Donald. Reviewed on 06.10.18
Red Flush casino is one of the latest Microgaming casinos I joined in. Somehow I managed to miss it out when I was picking out some of the casinos I would play in. I think I made my account through AskGamblers as they were offering some free spins bonus. I’m not sure if it’s the 10 free spins on Terminator 2 or some other promotion. It doesn't matter anyway. I joined here because I like Microgaming casinos and I saw some pretty good reviews about the experience some players had here.

I went to their website and I absolutely loved the devilish look of their name logo. A really catchy detail to get your attention. In general I liked their site. The slot promos were clearly visible and slots being my favorite games I decided to make an account here. They offer download, instant play and mobile and off course I downloaded their software. I had problems installing it because it installed on my computer and wouldn't open. I tried restarting and it didn't help. After a few install uninstall attempts I finally managed to get it going. I made an account logged in and got the free spins bonus.

I had a small win of about 3 euros and lost it really fast. I have made one deposit here and I didn't take any bonus. They have some nice free spins bonus on the first deposit but I had problems reaching live chat support about some questions I had. They were available but first I waited for about 10 minutes for an operator to show up and than another 10 to start chatting and when there was no answer after 5 minutes on my question I just closed the window and made a deposit without taking any bonus.

The games here weren't really generous with me. I started as usual on Hitman without some descent wins and lost everything on Immortal Romance later.I will definitely make another deposit here just to try my luck again but if I have the same problems with live chat again I will definitely move on to some other Microgaming casino which is fast in answering my needs as a player.

Overall 8 out of 10.
Donella. Reviewed on 07.10.18
After a week during the year 2010 from playing on Casino La Vida, Red Flushes sister casino, I decided to try out my luck here at Red Flush. Since a week has past I would think that my unlucky streak has subsided and you know what!? I was wrong, it haunted me during my game sessions. My actions first begin with taking up their Free play offer. For every player out their, any Free play offers given to players on other casinos gives players the chance to try out the casino without ever having to make a deposit. A Free Trial in other words. The good news about Free play offers is not only do players play for free but anything they win will be what they keep after making a minimum deposit!

I chose the Free play offer mainly because it was worth more for my buck than taking on other alternative bonuses. For those of you who are curious to know what the alternative bonuses are at Red Flush they are 100% match up to $150 + 50 Free Spins on Thunderstruck II and a triple welcome package for your first three deposits at the casino (100% match bonus up to $200 for your first deposit, 50% match up to $100 on your second deposit and 25% match up to $400 on your third deposit). Once my free play was completed and won the maximum of $100 I initiated a deposit of $20, nothing higher. So now I have a total of $120 to play with! The good news during my gaming session is the fact that I made decent to high wins. The bad news, well if you read my review on Casino La Vida then you will know what happens in the end. Of course, with this is mind history repeated itself after playing a variety of games. Most people would be frustrated at this point but as for me I'm just sick and tired of not profiting from my deposits. I should' have went elsewhere because maybe my outcome would be a lot different!!!

For those of you who are new to the gambling world I suggest anything but Red Flush or Casino La Vida! Recommending a different casino is the best choice!
Delsie. Reviewed on 10.10.18
I joined Red Flush Casino when they offered 30 free spins on one of their flagship and most famous games, Thunderstruck II. I chose the downloadable version of their casino and the registration procedure was easy and fluent and the 30 spins was already there as promised.

First of all I would like to state I am not the biggest supporter of Microgaming. I still think their software's appearance and functionality is very out of date but Red Flush's designed and stylish Lobby screen definitely makes it looked better. Perhaps I'm in minority here with my opinion but besides some well-done games (like Thunderstruck), the rest are not the best in the quality of graphics standpoint. However, I think they're the best in the paying percentage manner and the players have the biggest chance to win big playing on MG games. It easily can be just me and nothing to do with the software but lately I had a little technical problems at some MG casinos , unfortunately here, too. I experienced some slowness in the navigation, game loading process and freezes also happened.

The 30 free spins was attached a x50 bonus playthrough condition and of course it could be played with minimal stakes. I had 3 bonus icons appearing during the 30 spin bonus session, and with the free spin features' winnings I ended up with €11 on my balance. I kept playing on this slot but to my hard luck I left the stake as it was and when I got a 5 of a kind winning line with Thunderstruck symbol that double the final prize, the x350 award meant only 7 in Euro. Of course, as usual, after it, it was vain for me to try to raise my stake, and it was just a question of time when my balance was going to melt away and it happened sooner than I would have liked it.
Red Flush Casino have a wide range of available payment processors and languages.

They don't offer very much bonuses but their welcome promotion is promising with good conditions. They seemed to be a decent Microgaming house with player oriented behaviour, convenient functions, full palette of contact possibilities.

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