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Melonie. Reviewed on 11.07.18
I'm surprised no one has done a review for this casino so I'll start it up! As I sat on my comfortable seat in front of my computer I turned the power, opened up my browser, downloaded Prime Casino, registered an account then headed to make a deposit of $50! The bonuses I took up with them is their welcome bonus of three 100% bonus. Each one increased by $50 over the limit. The first deposit is at a maximum of $50, the second deposit $100 and on a third deposit it is capped at $150. As they only allowed up to $50 in the first deposit I made $50 rather than increase my deposit to $100 (there's no points). Regardless if I thought more deposit money would help me wager the $50 bonus I could simply make up for it in winnings and since wagering is involved my deposit would feel like it fell into a spiders web rather than move on it's own free will if I made my deposit $100 instead of $50.

For this casino and with a bankroll of $100 ($50 deposit + $50 bonus) I proceeded on Video Slots with a cautious and a look of concern as to me $100 is only a medium amount to play with. Ironically I went to a video slot called "No Worries". It is a 9 paylines 10 coins video slot that includes different animals such as a kangaroo, koala bear, platypus, a wombat, a kookaburra and they even have a tasmanian devil that acts as scatters (Sarcophilus harrisii is needed as a scientific name) during normal gameplay. As this video slot made my cautious feelings go away since my total was only $100 my guard fell as I became distracted by it's intriguing traits! Pressing the spin button for $1.80 or max bet on $0.02 coin size I landed on some small wins less than my bet. After a while down to $75.95 I spun a few more times and landed the free spins feature! To get No Worries free spins feature I had to land a total of 5 boomerangs across the 5 reels. Reminds me of how Odysseus felt when he fired a single arrow through 12 axe holes only in this case 5 boomerangs through 5 reels anywhere. During the feature I was offered a choice of 5 spots on the Boomerang containing a hidden amount of Free Spins. When I chose the 2nd spot on the Boomerang I received 25 Free Spins with a starting 2x multiplier. As the 25 Free spins paid out in multiples of $2 or more with a max multiplier of 8x after 10 spins and I later finished with a total of 4050 or $40.50. In No worries I was once again presented with another choice of three. Should I replay the 25 Free Spins at 2x?

Collect my current winnings? Or should I risk it all for a Mystery prize? While my head was making a worthy decision I thought to myself "Eh, what the hell, I will see my curiosity out by choosing a mystery prize". As I clicked on the Mystery prize button I felt a sense of regret and at the same time some reassurance as the once 4050 coins ($40.50) became a larger amount of 13500 coins ($135). That was worth the risk!!! While still battling out my bonus I continued to play out my balances until $10 worth of bonuses remained. Then I kicked it off with another slot called Rhyming Reels - Hearts and Tarts. Back in the past they used to call it Rhyming Reels - Queen of Hearts until they renamed it in the future. Of course there was nothing "rhyming" about the previous idea though. With $10 left in my balance and a total of $207.96 I spun the night away hitting wins and free spins in the process. Inside the free spins I noticed musicand whistling in the background. It's amazing how there are now stacked Heart Wilds roaming the 5 reels! In short my balance grew to $287.77! An outstanding performance that needed to take a break in the withdrawal section.

As always Moneybookers is the fastest way to receive winnings after photocopying and verifying my details! To sum up I would recommend Prime casino as this casino never failed me! A 9.5 out of 10!
Mari. Reviewed on 23.09.18
Prime Casino felt a bit like a drag for me from the very start. First off, you had to download the game to actually play it, meaning it doesn't support browser play, and I think most people appreciate quick and effective play, not that I minded the download all too much. It was fast. Although I was stuck on a black screen for a while with a green bar filling up, I'm guessing those were the advertisements not properly loading. The Main Page is quick & clean, but, as I've said, supporting browser play may attract a wider audience. As for the game itself; It didn't take a lot to download, but, you do however, have to download the game type you want to play. For instance, if you are playing slots, you have a wide variety of slot types to pick from, although you have to additionally download each individual slot, for instance. The game interface (User Interface) wasn't hard to master. You have your basic 'play', 'bank', 'support' type of buttons, which corresponds to their usage options, respectively.

In addition, you get 20 free spins to test the game out, and in addition to that, you can choose practice play instead of real money play, if you want to test out the ground a bit. I've tested One Armed Bandit, and Dawn of the Bread. I'm sure you are all familiar with the bandit, but the dawn of the bread was new for me. Basically scratch cards with zombie chef that stands there and laughs when you win.

I have to be honest, I didn't like PrimeCasino that much, from what I WAS ABLE to test, but you are more then welcome to try PrimeCasino for yourself and prove me wrong. If I had to rate PrimeCasino from 1\10, it would be a solid 3\10. If I had to lose my money, I wouldn't pick a fixed-in-place zombie starring in ' Dawn of the Bread ' which, to be honest, keeps getting funnier as I repeat it.
Prime casino is run by Microgaming software. Reading my review you may not find many useful information because this is simply another casino that I made a deposit in only once. I haven’t played here a lot but off course that’s no reason why I shouldn’t share my experience from this casino with you. I joined this casino and installed their software a few months ago.

They have an interesting bonus offer for new players which applies for the first three deposits but that offer stands only for a week after you join their casino. From some reason I didn’t make a deposit here in the first 7 days so I didn’t use their welcome bonus. In about ten days I got an interesting bonus offer from them which was 50% match bonus on my deposit. At that time the offer seemed interesting and I decided to make a 30 euros deposit here and on my bonus I got a casino bonus from 15 euros. Play through requirements were not so bad 30x bonus, but reading the rules about this game I was disappointed when I found out that the maximum withdrawal I could make was 6x my deposit. Anyway I accepted the bonus and started with 45 euros, 30+15 euros bonus. After I tried a few games my balance went up to 80 euros. Then I came across the game Elementals and after a few spins I got 20 free spins. Then I increased my bet from 0.2 to 1 euro per spin expecting more free spins but that never happened and I lost all of my money playing this slot.

Overall I like the modern design of their webpage, also this is a casino you can trust but for now I will play in other Microgaming casinos before I come back here. I’ll be back if they have another interesting bonus offer. For Prime casino I give 8 out of 10.
Kendal. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Prime casino it is Microgaming casino which can be played by downloading software on your personal computer. Generally saying this casino has no any advantages from many other Microgaming casinos, but it has good service to players, and I try this casino few times and in general my experience is good.

I played few times, but unfortunately was able to win only once in this casino, but luckily this win was more than my total deposits, so I it is another one lucky casino for me. My win comes to me with 50% bonus on my deposit, which casino sends me on my email inbox. I was able to deposit 40$, so I have the whole 60$ to play with. I decide that it was good to start from Immortal Romance slot, it is always a pleasure to spin my favorite Immortal Romance and Thunderstruck II slots in download casinos, experience is always great, no any single lag, spins made fast, and everything is awesome. I played with 0.60$ bets and get 4 scatters feature after about 40 spins.

Feature top up 20x total bet for scatter up to 140 x total bet win, and I played a bit more, hit second feature, but it does not paid me anything interesting, so I just left this game. Next slot I open was Thunderstruck II, this one does not want to give me feature at all, but at least was thrown some big wins from time to time, so I hit feature after about 300 spins without losing much. Feature paid 200 x total bet due to few nice 5 of a kinds, and I just keep playing IR and TS II one after one, till I clear my bonus and was able to withdraw 410$. Verification take 2 days, and total payout time at prime casino is 3 days, not bad.

I rate this casino with 7 stars; it is typical MG casino, which has good service to players.

Prime casino has been powered by the Microgaming software and that is the only reason I had joined this casino room because 99% chances are that Microgaming powered casino will never disappoint you. They have a very nice welcome package for the new users to benefit from them and they even have 20 free spins to offer which is really cool because for a slot player free spins are like no deposit bonus and everybody likes to gamble with free money.

Owned by Prime Gaming casinos which is not as reputed as famous as the other groups but they have managed to provide us with a pretty average casino room. There were a couple of problems like the software was taking too much time to get downloaded and it was very pissing for me because I am not a very patient man. It is instant play feature would also have been very nice and it’s not that I do not like the downloadable software it is just that in this case it was taking a lot of time to get downloaded.

The games are very much fun to play and not at all tight but the variance sometimes is not good because once you are in your losing streak then there is no getting out of it because then you are just going to keep losing for a very long course of time and I had never experienced anything like this ever before. And during that streak I lost the money I had deposited with this casino room and I still do not know how it happened and how can someone just keep on losing sometimes I even think that this is not a fair casino room because they do not have a lot of players registered to their room.
Josefa. Reviewed on 03.10.18
Going to Prime Casino was more of going on 6 flights of stairs. I took care of the 4 flights of stairs which were to some extent close to easy then the final two flights were next. I was already finished my first two deposits so I will explain my third. In this bonus for a third 100% match now up to $150 I claimed it for $50. For a bonus up to $150 I wasn't going to make the maximum deposit because I didn't need that much in bonuses to achieve my goal. Having three bonuses in a row for 100% made much difference in playing my spins but having 10 times more over the original 30 times meant plenty of trouble to hassle me with. All Video pokers and Classic blackjack were excluded so that turned my whole experience upside down.

I thrown in my $1.20 bets on Bomber Girls. Now this slot holds 20 paylines with babes and music altogether. I constantly stayed much more than I had to because... ummm... getting the bonus round payed jumbo in size when I completed it. The high and low bonus wasn't as problematic to get then the free spins. All I needed to do is make choices of the card that might be higher or lower than the card on the left. A predicting game. At the end of the four cards I had another challenging choice to make. I already won $80 and when I chose to double up on my winnings, guessing the right card got me $160!! This is far more better than triggering the free spins even though getting them didn't pay so much and they were hard to get than the high low bonus. Another superb experience is getting 5 lady nurses on this incredible paying slot. I won $96 from my $1.20 bet!! They however do need to make the wild universal so I can benefit winning combinations not just on the women symbols only but also the other symbols like bombs and fighter planes to maximize my chances completely per spin!

At the end of my wagers not just for this slot but on many others they were bounteous on my bets! Just getting $239.51 was a good reason to climb extra flights of stairs. The reward was getting to the roof and feeling on top of the world as a winner when I received my cashout! The whole entire experience was immeasurable. The few things they needed to do is lower the wagering because it's not that needed, 30 times in enough for me, winning on Bomber girls was close to supernatural and the triple 100% bonuses were beneficial to my goals. Prime Casino gets a 10 out of 10!
Randal. Reviewed on 05.10.18
Is it just me or did anyone else think that Prime Casino was one that is powered by NeoGames? Well in fact it is..well its called Prime Scratch cards. It was to my complete surprise when I recently learnt they also have a Microgaming casino! On first sights I was only expecting to see their casino in flash mode, but I was wrong again and they even offer a download for you to play in. Well I say the word 'even' its actually only a download they have. This is very unusual in a Microgaming casino I must say, generally you are given that option between the two. (I couldn't find an instant player anyway).

There are a few things I like about this casino and a few things I don't like. One of the first things that stood out for me is the fact you can contact their live help team straight from the home page. I feel this is very important as they don't have a flash player it would be extremely annoying if you only wanted to go to their site one day to ask a question and you had to open up the software first, so this I feel a nice handy tool to have. Another thing I like here is the fact that you get the welcome bonus of 100% but also get two further deposit match bonuses of 100%. This makes a refreshing change from either no reload bonus or something like 30%! Bonuses are awarded about 30 minutes after you deposit. I contacted live help, but they told me it is automatic and takes up to an hour.

Now for this things I'm not too fussed on. They got a brilliant deposit promotion on but then at the very end in small writing it says "all welcome bonuses are valid for seven days since account registration". I haven't questioned this with live help as I've only made one deposit, but I'm assuming this means you only get the 3 lots of 100% if you make your three deposits in the first week! This for me has ruined a perfectly good bonus scheme. The other thing I don't like is the curiosity of whether or not they are linked to Prime Scratch cards, I'm forever weary about these casinos, so my doubt will remain there unless proven otherwise.

Didn’t win out of my deposit. Slots played reasonably well, nothing to shout home about. Overall I would say its a pretty safe place to deposit.
Mitchell. Reviewed on 06.10.18
It was allowed on my deposit bonus which I used on my deposit of 10 euro that I can wager my money on the difference of thirty eight Blackjack tables. I had a little bit luck on the 100 Hand Blackjack where I won with only 1 picture and a bet of simply 1 euro a huge amount of 42 euro. In this picture were 6 times a Blackjack and 36 higher hands then the dealer got. The fun was really at my side.

I wanted to try out other casino games and begin to dismantle the sales demand of the bonuses faster after a while. I have played different online casino games and have had at one of my favorite games at Thunderstruck 8 times the free rounds feature. This game will give you to mythology back in the age where the God of the thunder ruled over his people with a furious look and an iron fist. The Scatter symbols which free spins can arouse up to 15 are one of the coolest feature programs at Thunderstruck in which every profit is tripled. And this has exactly happened with me!

After it ran at Thunderstruck so well, I wanted to manage my bankroll profit and save it that I could lift everything. I needed to play casino games with a relatively high and primarily stable profit percentage and I wanted simultaneously that they contribute much to the fulfillment of the sales demand of the Bonuses. I have decided to play four of American roulette. But like always the roulette devil has taken the most of my bets.

Result: 4 stars for the Prime casino
Prime casino is a real home for Blackjack gamer and I agreed on a special attraction for me impressive because of his great choice more differently games here to play. The bonus type is softly at the wagering which I needed to play down. If you need help, the comfortable possibility of contacting the support through a live chat is the best. (However only in English). Altogether it is a good casino without too much bells and whistles.

I like this casino very much and it is a really huge online casino for Blackjack and
Roulette lovers. At this Blackjack tables I had spend a lot of time in here.
Thad. Reviewed on 07.10.18
Prime casino is powered by Microgaming software, which lately has again become one of my top software. On some page I saw that Prime casino gives 20 free spins for new members and that's why I downloaded their software and signed up. After the sign up I didn't get the free spins and just logged out and forgot about this casino.

I am the kind of person that always on the sign up process clicks "yes" to promotions by email and "no" to promos to mobile devices as a sms. But I have to say, from the moment I've signed up at Prime casino, they have been sending their promotions to my cell phone each day!! But the thing is that in the text message they only write- check your email for your 24h promotion. I mean, I can check my mail without bothering me with cell phone messages every day. So I decided to login and maybe talk with support to get rid of the promo messages. However, when I tried to open the download, it just didn't open like it would have some kind of error. I tried multiple things (logged out, restarted computer, and even when I tried to use their instant play, only a download window came up, I couldn't do anything.) So I wrote to live chat and described my situation. The chat was amazing, I was connected immediately and the support person was very helpful.

We tried many things so I could login to my account through both flash or download, but neither one worked. I got really tired with all this and asked the chat to close my account and not send me those sms anymore. He tried to help and was polite and offered me to transfer my account to Spin Palace casino. I didn't want that because I saw they're blacklisted and I didn't want to have any more problems.

The chat was fast, nice and supportive and overall that's the only good thing I can say about them, because I didn't have the chance to explore them more. However, I faced so many technical problems during my short time there it made me question their trustworthiness.
Alonso Abernathy. Reviewed on 07.10.18
As I always say that I can never say no to a casino which is being supported by the Microgaming platform. And since they had it so I decided to join this casino room. I had a problem in the beginning in the downloading of the software but then after talking to a friend of mine who is already a player from this casino site he told me that it does not support my browser. The downloading took a lot of time which I did not like at all. So from the beginning only I was a little upset from this casino. But when it got downloaded I really liked their site a lot.

After a very long time I started with Immortal Romance as this is my all time favorite slot ever. I started with betting 0.40 per spin and did not get anything in the beginning but then my winnings started and hit some free spins and managed to win over 40$ from this game only yes this is how good this game actually is. The coolest thing about this casino is that they give you 20 free spins when you join them but I could not do much form that I think it was my bad luck because when I got free spins I could not do anything and all the time I am usually crying for free spins. After a very long time I tried playing some table games and black jack is the game I always play after winning some money or also when I am in desperate need for money.

In the end I had more than 200$ in my account and I decided to withdraw it. I got the money in my Neteller account within a week and that is the longest I had to wait in any casino to get my money I would rate them 8.5 out of 10.

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