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Hermina. Reviewed on 11.07.18

Prestige casino is Playtech casino which belongs to William Hill group, and this means only positive things for me, like trustworthy, reputable, safe, and always paying casino. I join at prestige casino while they have run interesting bonus, that was 1500$ freeplay with 20x wagering, and max cashout of 300$. I decide to try this bonus, and happy to share my experience.

This 1500$ bonus should be wagered 20 times within 60 minutes, and I played this bonus in my browser, so there was only 5-6 slots available for wagering. Wager 30k$ in 1 hour not easiest job, but there was no any max bet, so chances was not so bad like someone can think. I start with gladiator game with 25$ bets, and hit feature soon, which boost me to 300$ balance. After this I understand that I will not be able to made 30k$ wager with 25$ bets, and I want to clear this bonus, I need play with 50 or even 75 bets. I start betting 50 per spin, and things goes good, at one point I had 5500$ balance, and did not know how much wagering left. I open Rockie slot, and start wager there with 75$ per spin, and there was really great run, because I made even more than 30k$ wagering, and I go to live chat to get my winnings credited. It took around 10 minutes, but finally casino credit my 300$ win for this promo. They told that I should deposit 50$ to withdraw winnings, deposit was done, and after 4 days of pending period I get my money.

Prestige casino is great brand from William Hill group and I am happy customer there, had more than 5 withdrawals and never had any problems, 7 stars. Such low rating is due their low withdrawals speed, I am sure no one will be happy with withdrawals which can be cancelled during 4 days.

I received an email from Moneybookers with an invitation to join to“X” casino and decided take a look at all of the rest they had published and kept my eyes on Prestige casino because the banner said they was offering a $1500 Free Play.

I signed up and downloaded the Prestige Casino software intending to take such amazing offer but after I logged in I couldn’t find the way to activate the Free Play credits, so I tried to contact them via chat but nothing. After about 10 minutes without any answer I decided to try in the web version and finally I got $1500 bonuses to start. I could select several Playtech slots and after tasting some of them I was involved into Rocky (Balboa) slot. Excellent game but I´m not an expert playing slot games and was still losing although I felt lucky several times I caught the Fight bonus against “Apollo Creed” and “Ivan Drago”. I continued trying to increase my balance but nothing but when I fell down until my remaining $500 I wanted to increase my stakes to get my last chance when it happened. Suddenly I got a free play round and another inside it plus a bonus fight at the same time! and my account reached $16000 credits that gave me the right to claim $300 cashable bonus to wager after depositing $35 but nobody answered at chat again and neither to email.

In other casinos I usually was contacted right over free play ending but not here.
I started to search reviews about this casino on different websites and forums and after read them I opted by declining the bigger winning in slots I had ever made. I don´t know what would have happened if I decided to deposit but I´m not sorry. I wish, someday, I can achieve a similar great feat in a high reputation casino je je.
Arletha. Reviewed on 24.09.18
Recently I was going through a list of casinos, which has Playtech software and came across Prestige casino. As a fan of Playtech, I was very surprised when I saw that they have a free play bonus. I've tried that kind of bonus in several casinos, but none of them has ever been a Playtech casino, so as you can imagine, I immediately signed up and took the offer.

After I confirmed my email, the sign up was already there and I started to play 3 reel slot. I played Sultans Fortune for some time, I placed 1€ bets and after 30 made spins, I got only 8€ win, because I few times got 2 equal symbols and it gave me 2€. So I switched to Chinese Kitchen. I haven't played it before so I was positively surprised by how interesting this game looks. I placed 1.20€ bets per spin and I got beginners luck, cause first two spins gave me 4€. A few spins gave me 6€ as well, so I would like to say that for an 8 line slot it's pretty descent, at least usually Playtech gives me that kind of wins in Marvel games. So I played it for 15 minutes and overall this game gave me 35€ win.

After that I chose to play scratch cards, for a change. I liked Love Match, it looked interesting with the girl cupidons. I placed 1€ bets each time and honestly, scratch cards have never been that generous to me. A few gave me even 20€ win. I spent about 20 minutes there, and I played Black Jack scratch cards as well, with the same bets, but there I only lost. But what I find a bit weird was that, if in the Love Match I got really good winnings, then in the Black Jack scratch you have to beat the dealer with higher card combination, but I succeeded in that only 2 times, besides the 1€ bet gives you scratch cards on 3 seats so the possibility to win should be higher! Each time the dealer had 10, or Ace, while I always got only 2, 3, 4 and with that it's almost impossible to win. I know that sometimes you win and sometimes lose, but it just seemed a bit odd.

Overall, after scratch cards my balance increased for 40€, which is pretty lucky. Then I got only few minutes left, which I spent at Jacks or Better, but all of the hands was unfortunate.

When my time was up, I had to re-login into my account, I don't know why. I had saved my username and password, but I wasn't able to login, after 3 times of trying, it showed that my account has been temporarily locked. I was pretty shocked, so I wrote the support an email. The next day I got an answer from them and they gave me a new password. However, it made me upset and made me question their trustworthy. So after that I didn't visit this casino again so the bonus expired.

I really liked this casino page and games, but the fact that my account was temporarily locked for no logical reason made me think I won't be making a deposit there.
Angelyn. Reviewed on 02.10.18
I can see Prestige Casino still has the 1500 Free Spins offer available to the public. What I am not surprised is how they are still holding on to this offer. The welcome should of changed by now. But I guess it is not my decision to make. I have to admit having that 1500 Free Spins around attracts Playtech fans and new players alike. It is probably by popular demand.

Anyways, my stay with Prestige Casino is alright when it came to winning on slots and the like. For the freeplay I had to make a total of 50 bets and wager the bonus 20x coming out of the freeplay. I was a long way from withdrawing so I made the choice to place huge wagers on slots. The great thing about this freeplay offer is all games are included so this means I won't have to avoid the games that are restricted or excluded. Every type of wager has specific wager contributes. Some of them contribute 100% like slots while others contribute a small degree of 5%. The only thing that does not make wagering requirements are their double/gambler feature on every video slots and video pokers. Imagine if that were allowed! It would make wagering requirements a piece of cake! At the same time however it would not be fair for the casino since this would probably put them out of business.

For video pokers I did not like how they made them. It wasn't as catchy as the video pokers you would find in Microgaming because it make me think they are old, retro, and unattractive. As this was the case I drove past that fact and just kept making bets for the purpose of increasing my funds. The most I got from Video pokers are from $20 - $60 per hand for a moderately high bet. Some of the things I noticed with Playtech casinos overall is when I spin the Reels at some point I realised the symbols glitched landing on a different pattern when really it was supposed to land exactly as it should (ie. landing on a scatter but instead it glitched to land on a different symbol). If they should do that I would suggest making it clean and unnoticeable for players to recognize! Although in my opinion RTG and Microgaming do not make glitching symbols obvious but I do see that sometimes on Microgaming slots the Reels sometimes don't stop in order. Sometimes I see Reel 1 stop then Reel 3, Reel 2, Reel 4 and Reel 5. These are some examples that give such a bad experience on online casinos because to me it makes them "cheat" a little when we are following rules.

As my playthrough came to a tiring end I came to the conclusion of $201! This is one casino I would come back a second time for even if what I said about sometimes happens on the Reels. I'm a lucky dog for withdraw after that behemoth playthrough!

Support: 10/10
Terms and Conditions: 9.5/10
Deposits: 8/10
Payouts: 8/10
Wtihdrawals: 9/10
Hiroko. Reviewed on 04.10.18
Hi! :) Here comes Prestige Casino - the final installment of my reviews on WHG casinos.

As you probably know, the first thing that catches one's interest is the casino's offer of $1500 free play for 1 hour. Strangely enough, Prestige is the ONLY Playtech casino that offers this 1 hour free play promotion to pull in customers, a method more commonly utilized by MicroGaming casinos. Being a Playtech fan, I, like others too, gladly took up this promo, knowing quite well before hand that winning from it has a very very slim chance. My experience with many MicroGaming casino's free play offers had already proven this to me. None gave a win for me, getting only temporary fun playing at the games! Prestige's promotion was no exception - a no win too. So I moved back to my favorite casino for serious gaming, leaving Prestige untouched for quite a long while, almost 1 year I think.

Somehow or rather, after realizing that Prestige Casino is in fact with the William Hill Group, which I was already getting fond of by then, I reactivated my account and started playing there again, this time by depositing and taking up their bonus offer. Only then it struck me that in some ways, Prestige has subtle little differences from its sister casinos. One of them - the minimum deposit required is only $10, as opposed to $20 at the others, allowing me to put it to good use, which I am not able to elsewhere. How? By cleverly utilizing the Prestige's tiered bonus program, it enabled me to get the third deposit maximum bonus at a lesser deposited amount. It went like this - 1st deposit $10, 2nd $10, but for the 3rd deposit which offers the highest bonus, I would deposit more. But my moves were soon discovered and now the system would require deposits of $10 + $10 for the first tier, then another $10 + $10 for the second tier, before giving out the third tier maximum bonus, thereby back to square one for me. No more shortcuts, darn! Hehehe. Still, I managed to make some small wins out of that system whilst it lasted! :)

The main attraction that keeps me playing at Prestige Casino is none other than for its wager-free bonuses, as I have already described in greater detail in my other reviews. Its gives a great feeling whenever I get these bonuses because I know I can play it or simply withdraw it, as I like, when I like, without any restrictions being imposed at all. There have been instances when my funds were running low that I just withdrew those bonuses to reload my ewallet, and it worked fine every time. These wager-free bonuses can do wonders in time of real need, hehehe.

Finally, YES, Prestige Casino is definitely in my personal top 10 favorites list! :)
Racheal. Reviewed on 05.10.18
In today's market, an online casino needs to set itself apart from the competition. Some fell heavily under the spell the eye candy atmosphere of Prestige Casino. Personally, I found the interface of Prestige Casino quite common to Eurogrand Casino, Diamond Club casino as well as Carnaval Casino. I didn’t notice any spared effort on the aesthetics of the website. Even worse, the content is mistranslated.

You can either download the casino or use a Flash version. I didn’t encounter any major difficulties downloading the casino software. It won’t take a lot of space in terms of memory on your PC hard disk.

Prestige Casino has a new range of multi line Slot games which is great. It also has table games with live dealers. Their progressive Slots also have huge jackpots. For example, the progressive Gold Rally slot game has many progressive jackpot records online! In addition, there are new games that are presented regularly. Each of these games comes with explanations. The amount of game choices at Prestige Casino is decent, but remains relatively low comparing to its competitors. Besides, Prestige Casino currently doesn’t offer tournaments. Nevertheless, thanks to Playtech Prestige Mobile Casino can be accessed using any mobile device including Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Java and Symbian.

When it comes to bonuses, there is no shortage of offers. Bonuses are among the elements that make the success of Prestige Casino. In my humble opinion, these bonuses are obviously proportional to the deposit you will have to do and are related to abusive conditions of withdrawal. You have to wager dozens of times equivalent to the bonus (on some games only) in order to be able to access your money. I disagree with those business practices aiming to attract customers by all means. Also, it is important to check before you start wagering your bonus in order to avoid withdrawal hassles; you should indicate that you do not want to touch your signup bonus. In this way, everything will be easier for you and you can withdraw your earnings anytime you want.

What is also disappointing with Prestige Casino is that some countries and territories are not allowed (including the United States of America). The support team is available; they respond to email inquiries in 6-10 hours. There is unfortunately no Frequently Asked Questions section on their website.

In summary, I’d say that what I liked the most is the “no minimum withdrawal” limit, the live dealer tables and the progressive jackpots. What I disliked is the unavailability of tournaments which can stimulate gamblers interest, the restriction of use for U.S. players and also the wagering requirements of 100 times the bonus money!
Good luck with this Casino !
Rocio. Reviewed on 06.10.18
Because of not having much success lately on the newly explored and favored Playtech slot game what was given the Panther Moon name at my frequently used casino I looked for another platform where I can try my luck. So my choice fell on Prestige Casino.

After a quick signing up procedure I was promptly impressed by another very decent looking lobby and cashier pages (nothing less what I expected from a Playtech gambling operator) and impressed how many payment processors are selectable to transfer funds to my player account. I chose Skrill and deposited a little ignoring any deposit bonuses. I didn’t want to be bothered by any restrictions or rules. Everything was flawless and quick. But instead playing with Panther Moon as my original plan was I noticed a game, Vikingmania marked with ’New’ slogan that I couldn’t remember from my primary casino. (Not if I know every single game in the Playtech world but this time I was right, this game is really not listed in the other casino). It’s another high quality game with great, humorous animations. Besides the common features it has a Viking Playtime Bonus feature. This bonus is triggered when a Viking hammer symbol appears in the center position of a reel then we’ve got to choose a weapon to throw at a Viking. We can do it 10 times for a total of 10 throws and a minimum of 7 direct hits are carried out. Anyway, the game pays max. 10000 per line bet. This game is a lot of fun to play with. 2 small cons I realized, no auto play function and relatively high minimum bet per line (€0.20). After I had some nice winnings with it (hence I played some spins with Panther too, I didn’t want to get hurt its feelings:))

I requested a withdrawal. Sent them my docs without waiting for asking me to do it. Some days later they informed me that my papers are approved but they couldn’t complete my request because the wagering requirements were unfinished. Strange, because I didn’t claim any of their bonuses. I pointed out this at live chat and the representative verified this mistake was on their side and assured me that they were going to correct it and send me the money. That’s exactly what happened and 4 days later I got my money.

Playing in this casino was/is full of fun, they’re correct and trusted. Maybe I’ve found my new favorite Playtech casino? Time will tell…
Cristine. Reviewed on 07.10.18
I recently played at Prestige Casino and here comes my review...

I decided to deposit to this casino after receiving a bonus in my email offering me to deposit 10$ and receive 50$ additional to play with, so a whopping 500% bonus. I am not a big Playtech fan but that bonus is pretty tempting, so I accepted. I proceeded to download the software and sign in... After signing in a contacted support to request some info, I was specifically curious whether or not I could deposit more then 10$ and receive the same 500% bonus, the agent responded with that is a good question, asks me to hold while he finds out.. He returns and says that it only applies to a deposit of 10$. That was really all I wanted to know, so I thanked him for his fast and professional support and ended the conversation. By the way this casino offers 24 hour chat support and our very quick respond to your query... So, still impressed by their offer especially it being such a low deposit, I accepted the bonus and proceeded to deposit. This casino also offers a wide range of deposit and withdrawal options, convenient for everyone... Ok.

So now I’ve deposited and begin my challenge on black jack, I must have been distracted because before I knew it my balance was sitting at 16$... When I realized that I decided to try my luck on some Playtech slots starting with "Gladiator" After 20 spins at 0.50 my balance was up to 24.00... I decided to do another 20 spins and what do you know I activated the jackpot bonus, didn’t win much, and believe it was 2.50 or something close to... Anyway, my balance now sat at 26 and some change. I decided to try out pink panther, blade, and a few others... I managed to stay afloat a little while but crashed eventually...

I am not really a Playtech fan but if I were I might consider playing here again, no red flags of any kind here... In my opinion Prestige Casino is a fair casino, if you looking change the look of your Playtech casino software; give this one a shot...

I will some things up with some simple ratings:

Bonuses 9/10
Wagering requirements 8/10
Software 9/10
Customer Support 9/10
Available Games 9/10
Markita. Reviewed on 10.10.18
Prestige casino is a part of the Playtech group and it is one of the largest software providers in the gambling world. Playtech is not really famous for the bonuses but for the games I must say. But this one had an amazing offer of free play of 1500 credits which I think is the coolest offer is better than the normal no deposit casinos. I opened and I saw the bonus right there and chose the instant play obviously. Playtech casinos always have the best sites and the most classy ones.

So I created an account with them and got the bonus after verifying my mail ID and got started with the games. And my first game obviously was the Gladiator slot which is one of the most known slots in the gambling world. For the first time I hit the wild thing in this game and it paid me around 110 something and I was damn happy and it came to me on third spin only. The rarest feature was the scatter thing and I have seen that it pays a lot and maybe that is why I do not hit that that often. The wager was I guess 20 times and I guess this is almost an impossible task and that too to do it within an hour. After this one I opened the Rocky slot and here did not get anything for a lot of spins. The best one was the drago thing and it was the only feature I hit. Once I hit the bonus round with the gloves thing and that was the best. I knew I was not going to make the wager so now I was just playing for fun.

I did not lose the money in the end but my time was over and I also saw one more offer about free spins and I wonder if I am now eligible for it. I would really love to make a deposit here as I could not try a lot of games and I think this one is a right place for me.

Nice casino from the Playtech and quite promising for me. Just some errors in the beginning but then it were some pop up things which was solved.

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