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Mariel. Reviewed on 11.07.18

Pamper Casino are powered by Betsoft games -- and in the past year, TopGame, as well as Gaminator. I started playing from this casino group back when they used to only have Betsoft games -- and even then it was a lot of fun, and exciting. Kind of strange -- but it seems like sometimes all the slots are "loose", and at other times, all the slots are "tight". I tend to play hard -- big bets for bigger wins. Especially if I play through the bonuses.

I have never attempted a withdrawal from Pamper until today. Here's my experience. In the past several days, I've probably put in about $500. I mostly like to use the ###GAMINATOR coupon codes. A $100 deposit will give you a bonus to play with of about $2885 with the current running coupon. The playthrough requirements? Well above $200,000!!! However, I'm here to assure you that it IS indeed possible. A lot of times, I've flaked out and lost it all within an hour. Other times, I can get my running balance between $10,000 - 40,000. Once you get above $10k, you can use a lot of strategy and wit into how big of bets you make and when you make them to favor some odds. So yes, it IS indeed possible!

I will be writing a follow up of my withdrawal process -- as my understanding is that Pamper Casino is notorious for either not paying out, or paying out EXTREMELY slowly, violating their very own terms that they set in place. My withdrawal amount is $2925.36! So time will tell..

As for fairness, I'd say absolutely, their games are fair.

As for their support? It's hit or miss. God forbid you speak to "Erick R.". I got into Live Chat with him earlier, to ask why my withdrawal request was failing because I was trying to attach and upload files for address/player verification. I asked him if maybe my attachment size was too large. "I don't know." I asked him what the maximum attachment size was, "I have no idea." Really?!?! Come on! This casino group will actually pay these people? On the other hand, I've had very helpful and successful phone conversations in the past.

The other likeness that I have toward Pamper is that I have never had a problem depositing with Mastercard. This is an extremely rare deposit method for a casino to accept -- and the whole casino group of Always Cool, MoneyStorm, Pamper, and BetDNA have always honored it. Hence why it's one of the only Online Casinos I'll really play anymore.

-Their, "no contact policy" for support requests until you receive a response for 72 hours. What this means is, if you submit a ticket, and update it for any reason at all, they'll pretty much throw your ticket at the bottom of the queue. I have even had ticket requests that were outright left unresponded for days, weeks, and finally just gave up and was ignored.

-Playthrough requirements are definitely on the high side -- but this is just a personal distaste. As a gambler, we redeem these coupons and deposit our own money fully understanding how difficult it may or may not be to meet these requirements.

-Their support team. Like I said, hit or miss with who you talk to -- but I'm convinced these people work in a dark and windowless basement considering their attitude at times.
Pamper Casino is Betsoft gaming software, has only nodownload casino which I prefer. Specially I like their 3D games like Mamma mia and Mr.Vegas really enjoying playing them.they have solid welcome bonus and if you don't wager the first time no deposit bonus you are allowed to use many no deposit bonuses, but you can only withdraw from one no deposit bonus which is good an like Betonsoft casinos you are allowed to use only one no deposit bonus.

First time when I did read about Pamper Casino all the complaints I saw it was really shocking to me because i didn't have any problem cashingout my winning from them I used their nodeposit offer of 120$ free and wager that bonus so they did payed me have to say it did take me all month but maybe because it was the end of december and the holidays were coming. So first i started to play Mr.Vegas Casino which is 5 reel and a 30 pay line video slot game and is very interesting game, well for me.

I did raise my bet at first, well because i had 120$ starting balance well bonus balance ,so that is 3 dollar per bet when i started to make some good winnings i raise my bet again to 0.50 dollars per line so that was 12 dollars per bet i managed to come to 850 dollars so then I changed the game and started to play the Mama Mia video slot also an interesting game with bonus feature and free spins. At the beginning of this game I did lower my bet to 0.25 per line because I started to lose money so I did manage to rigger the freebonus round with the three pizza features and won free spin son those free spins didn't get anything big so the next 20 rounds of spins I lost a lot of the money but then I raised my bet and hit the pizza free spin bonus again for about 1 hour of playing i was with balance of 550 dollars and when i checked i did made the wagering .

I have to say that the wagering requirements from the nodeposit bonuses they are giving are really huge but with a bit of patience and luck I think you can take money from them. The chat is always available and they are nice but when it comes to take money from them they are super slow, so I will recommend this casino but not to deposit money in it, just play the no deposit bonus maybe you will get lucky like I did.
Shasta. Reviewed on 23.09.18
My experience at pamper casino was at first good, they are sister site to ac casino and both run they same rules along with they withdraw roles. So I love their games and really love the match bonuses for video slots it extremely big wonderful 2000% match bonus. The only thing wrong is the way they treat their customers when its time for a withdraw. Trust me they are very strict with their terms and conditions so make sure to fully read through it before taking your match bonus.

They have a terms and conditions on each and every match bonus so be very carefull to follow them. Also their freechips have terms and conditions as well make sure to fully read about that too. They will take 7 business days to respond to a cash out withdraw ticket so make sure all documentations are scanned clearly and sent with fax back. You might want to send all that in one cash out ticket. Also keep calling to see if there's progress made from account on your account, they will often say nothings there and to wait for account response, or only way to contact accounting is to submit another ticket. Please do not submit another new ticket to accounting it will cause further delay though up to another 7 business days wait.

So the same thing happened to me at Pamper casino as the same that happened to me at ac casino. Only difference is I'm not locked out of pamper casino after my 2 withdraws. So my first withdrawal was from a free chip 43$ which I send them all documents in my cash out ticket. I waited about one month until I received my 43$ free chip win withdraw. Ok so I thought all is good here and I can continue playing winning. I thought after my successful first time withdraw I will have no one or two month waits for further withdraws.

Boy was I wrong, they did worse, I claimed my match bonus followed every rule on their terms and conditions on that specific match bonus. Somehow they still managed to delay my second withdraw. Then about 3 weeks later of waiting still they send me email saying they needed a fax back form, huh I already made one cashout before and they are so strict on rules you'd think number one all documentations were sent in long ago lol so I re sent them anyway. Then later they said they made 9 transactions to my visa card the same I use to make deposits with. Ok I check my visa statement and there+s only 8 transactions from them. Omg so I contacted them saying there's 8 transactions not 9. If it were nine transactions your including my old withdraw to it!

These guys wanted proof so yes I emailed a scanned copy of my visa statement and turns out they tried rip me off. They also took another 2 weeks of not paying the full withdraw so i contacted AskGamblers here, made my complaint about them then that very same day they paid the remaining cashout to my Moneybookers account. Wow over all I had one hell of run around on second withdraw plus having to wait 2 half months on a 2nd time withdraw, along with a complaint about them!
after this I did not make another deposit with them cause I'm scared i will have to wait another 2 - 3 months just to make a third withdraw, they told me after your first withdraw it shouldn't be more than 7 business days for your future withdraws and they lied they were way wrong. they lost a good customer for sure.

If you are thinking of depositing with these guys be aware they delay payouts, up to 2 - 5 moths long or long from what i know and heard also make sure you fully read your terms and conditions on each match bonus, these guys are strict and will try every way not to pay. they will delay for so long hoping you forget about them with your cashout!

Good luck folks!
Lois. Reviewed on 27.09.18
If there is one casino online who will spam your mail on regular basis it is this one.They have sent me like dozen of email offers with their free chip bonus, so I finally decided to give them a try.

At first sight of their website i did not like theirdesign and the fact that is all in browser did not suited me either because i like download casinos. Site really looks cheap and discourages people to take this casino seriously. I created account really fast and redeemed my bonus, but when i saw play trough for it i was bit disappointed because i could only play games they have all ready chosen for me and put it under bonuses tab in games section.

On many gambling sites i saw that they brag they have biggest free chip bonus but with 40 x play trough its not as good bonus as they say. On to the games i started with 2 million b.c slot it looked pretty cool with the caveman and tiger and all but I did not like that bonus rounds don't give much credits so for me this slot is only good to entertain kids. After a few hours playing on this slot i decided to move on and check what else this casino has to offer. After a few more slots that also looked like a cartoon I saw virtual Race book 3d and started betting on horses :) this game really looked cool and i liked it because i never seen or played it before that. Few hours and many bets later i lost all my bonus credits but i was hooked to this game although i did not win anything and always managed to find wrong horse to bet on i decided to put some real money to this game.I did not wanted to take any off their bonuses when depositing because the pretty much all had big play trough.

They gladly accepted my deposit which was minimum off 25 Euro with Neteller and i was back on the horse betting track and wining some cash (so i thought) but the lady luck was not on my side once again i was broke after only half an hour of betting. Sadly I did not have anything to withdraw from this casino so I cant tell you how they behave when that comes to matter. My only regret for this casino is that I did not try their table games but I suppose they would only skinned me like horses did.

I would not suggest to anyone to put their money in this casino because there are many other much better casinos to play in, you might want to try horse races for free chip but don't get hooked like i did :D. With my experiences in this casino and in my humble opinion I rate this casino 6/10. This does not include withdrawals since I did not make one.
Shawnee. Reviewed on 03.10.18
Pamper casino is powered by the Betsoft and these are probably one of the best around in terms of their graphics. They have a very good range of 3D slots at this casino. What is great about these casinos is they always have very generous promotions and no deposit offers.

When I signed up here I had a code to get 65 Euros free. Unfortunately even though they accept players from the United Kingdom they do not allow you to play in the currency Great British Pound so Euros is the next best thing. At the moment Pamper casino are offering a no deposit bonus of 100 Euros. These offers do come with a hefty wagering requirement though. When I played here I had to play through the free money sixty times and the maximum I could cash out if I was successful in fulfilling the wagering requirements was 1 x the bonus but the good thing is you do not need to make a deposit to cash out.

It is really easy to claim free money here simply go to the cashier and redeem a coupon and it is instantly available for you to play and you can easily check you wagering on the home page. There is only a selection of games you can play with your free bonus money but they are all there under the 'bonuses' section in the games lobby. You also do no need to download the software you can play on the instant flash player version which is what I do. Another good thing about Betsoft casinos is you can you claim no deposit offers at all of their casinos it does not matter if you have previously claimed at one of their sister casinos.

I have played at a few of these casinos but I have never met the wagering requirement. It is almost impossible …. although definitely not impossible. I know it can be done you just have to pick the right slot at the right time. Easier said than done though lol. I had great fun playing here and really enjoy their 3D slots. A major downfall for me here and this is the reason why I have not made a deposit is the minimum coin denomination you can play with on their 3D slots is 2p so for example a 30 line slot will cost you 60p a spin. I know you win double the money but I like to start at 1p a line and work my way up from there. I do feel if I was deposit here my money would be used very quickly. I will let you make up your own mind.....good luck
Georgie. Reviewed on 05.10.18
I've played on Pamper and made a deposit years ago. Too be honest I was not satisfied by their games. It is lacking elements and payouts that discourage almost every player that goes to this casino including myself. Video Slots are supposed to not pay less than your total bets! This casino offers a weird welcome bonus. Some examples of these bonuses are 2000% Slots bonus, 500% Video Poker Bonus, 300% Blackjack Bonus, 200% Fully Cashable High Roller Bonus, 333% Referral bonus and a $100 No deposit Birthday Chip on verification of your age and account. In 2006, as I was new to the gambling industry I did not realise my first few visits would be scams.

My first move is to claim their $100 No deposit bonus for new players to get a good feel of the casino. As it turns out the casino had terrible games. Most of the slots do not have any bonus features or Free Spins. When playing on one of the slots I realised that all symbols within the reels tends to show up more than once. For example, Let's say a Moon Symbol occurred on Reels 1, 2 and 3 more than once. Here is a visual example below I will use the letter C to show an example of the moon symbol (Keep in mind that none of the slots inform us there stacked. )


I'm surprised that over 6 years they still email me and constantly bother me about their bonuses. Some of the emails I got contains $48 Free Chip + 1980% + $856 Flat. Although it doesn't bother me in any way because it ends up in my junk folder. My deposit of $40 will probably be my first and last on Pamper Casino. It is like walking across the Desert with no water. You come across an oasis that looks suspiciously like a mirage and when you approach the oasis (The oasis being your fortune or wealth)it disappears. More endless walking for us! This applies to this casino.

As with every terrible casino I came across I don't make a second visit. The way they set everything up it is ridiculous not to mention trying to make a withdrawal you have to submit a ticket instead of live chatting. I would never recommend this casino. It is by far the worst!
Jana. Reviewed on 06.10.18
Pamper is one of my favourite casinos. Not because they are so great reliable or things like that but because every time when I am bored I go here and they have some new no deposit coupon. So with all that no deposit money I can tell you a lot about their games.

They offer a lot of different games and for me the most interesting are Betsoft. And I will skip all Betsoft video slots and tell you something about virtual racebook 3d.

First time when I open account here I claim 100 free no deposit bonus and I was playing this game. I love this bonus becouse you can play all betsoft games and on this casino I try my theory (which is not complete failed :D ). For me the most important thing on every bonus is to met wagering requirements and alter make more money. So I use this game and I make a lot of big bets on small odds and they all was winning. so in short time I roll over a lot (about 70% of all wagering req.) but only made 30 dollars. I continue to play aggressive and alI lost my 100 dollars bet on odd 1.1 ... so only about 30 or 40 left me and I couldn't met wagering requirements but I realize that on this casino it is not impossible. And later I claimed no deposit bonus for top game slots and if you believe and all on forest wasn't big money about 70 dollars And on my surprise after my deposit and verification they pay me quick.

I mean i read a lot of bad comment for this casino and I was concerned about withdrawal but it was great when I see my money on skrill :) So this casino is great for fun and I recommend to all to try their no deposit coupons I mean you can't lose anything but you can earn some cash like me :)
Absolute worst Customer Service. Basically you make valid deposits, then they withhold it from you. They lie to you when you initiate Live Chats, then are very rude or just close the Live Chat sessions altogether and block you...BEWARE!!!!
Lucas. Reviewed on 07.10.18
My initial review for this casino was actually good.

I was really impressed with the massive deposit bonuses - my boyfriend decided to use one of these deposit bonuses.

Didn't win. But enjoyed the new 3D slots even though they seem to eat a bit of data, but its worth it in the end.

My boyfriend and I have both been playing the weekly free chip.

I must admit. I prefer the fact the you have a bonuses tab to play the slots in but and really like that the real money is separate from the bonus money.

So - my boyfriend decided to cash out his winning on this casino. The withdrawal method is a bit unusual.

And so he waits - It was either Wednesday or Thursday he gets a response from pamper accounting saying that he has multiple accounts and both his and my account on the casino have been blocked and the withdrawal being rejected,

So - because my boyfriend plays online casino games on my computer because he doesn't have one at the moment - both our accounts were blocked!

And what would have happened if he had won a jackpot.??
or me....

Yes him and I share my computer. Other casinos don't seem to have a problem with that!

I will never ever play in this casino again. They are happy to take your deposit from the same "computer" but can't pay you out when you win!!!

What a nerve!

You can quite clearly see that its 2 different people playing on the same computer!

Other casinos verify you ID etc and are happy to unblock the other user to play as long as the two people are 2 real people and not one person with multiple accounts.

When my boyfriend does eventually get his own computer again we still wont be playing in this casino ever again!

Not impressed by this casino's attitude at all.
Zula Zirkle. Reviewed on 07.10.18
This is a non-download browser casino. Hence there aren't as many games to choose from. However, you do get to play immediately. No waiting for something to download.
The games on offer are slots, 3d slots, table games and video poker.
Personally I like their 3D games.

Their 3D slots are well designed and the games have some cool options. A few games have free games. Others offer nice music and noises when you win. The sound is crisp and clear, the graphics are perfect in Flash.

Terms and Conditions:
Ok, they are strict

-You must be 21 to play. Most internet casinos are 18, but I think that's a tad young. The closer we are to 25 when we start to game regularly the more likely we are to be responsible gamers and not develop a problem. If you look at it from an casinos standpoint it's smart, because a problem gamer will eventually have to stop, but a regular gamer who knows there limits and holds them can game forever. It's also better for the player.That is why I like that Pamper minimum age requirement of 21 so much. Ok, enough of my soap – back to the terms and conditions.

-All bonuses are sticky-Sticky bonuses can not be withdrawn from the casino, and will be removed from the account when a withdrawal is processed.

-At the very bottom of their terms is a very interesting tidbit:
Players from 70+ countries are restricted from redeeming any bonuses of any kind (including free chips), and not only that:

- Any player from any of the aforementioned "restricted countries" that redeems any bonus of any kind (including free chips) will have his winnings revoked and any active deposits will be returned after subtracting a 15% processing fee. What can I say about this?

Pamper is an ok browser casino with nice simple games, but it could be better. I rate it a 6/10

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