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Sharda. Reviewed on 08.07.18
What I was immediately offered on a different affiliate website other than AskGamblers is $5 no deposit bonu with 35 times the wagering! The sad part about this country was part of the list that could not take the free opportunity to try to win some money. Isn't that a shame? That is okay because the max cashout was only capped at $100. This wasn't like it was worth taking or if the max cashout would be alot more. If I was eligible for this bonus, had a bigger no deposit bonus greater than $5 and have a lower wagering playthrough I would be set to find a pot of gold at the end for free that is. This however made me feel as if I were back at one of those NetEnt casinos that gave me access to play at their casino but not take up bonuses of any kind to make my visit very enjoyable!

Since I was not expecting special treatment from this casino all I did is my usual steps towards many different casinos. I registered an account where it took only a few seconds and when I finished filling out my details there was a verification page where they needed to verify my mobile number in order to validate my account. This was a nice feature but if a personal does not have a mobile number but has a home phone number how will this work? What if again a player doesn't have either? I know this may be nearly impossible but their is a slight chance this can be accurate.

Anyways, enough of me rambling. Right after the mobile verification I immediate got a text of the verification code to input it towards my account. It became verified afterwards and now y deposit came into play next! As I loved Microgaming casinos this is a winner in my opinion! This Australian casino gave me a balance of both sides, wins and losses but with slightly more wins at the very end. I stuck with the well known video slots because my $50 deposit was really shy from the untouched slots (slots that were not recognizable to me) and through facts I did not want to make any risks from unknown slots that might give out unpredictable wins. Moonshine, Centre Court, Untamed Bengal Tiger, Medusa, Hitman and Mega Moolah were the moneymakers during my stay at Emu Casino. They all gave my balance food to grow for $161 especially the Mega Moolah Free Spins where 15 Free Spins at 3x were played on a $1 triggering bet (3 Elephants combination with a Wild doubling Lion for four paying combination on Line 20).

A very nice conclusion to bring my balance up to $161! There were also video slots I never seen or played before. Some of them to name a few were Supernova, Bridezilla, The Amsterdamn Master Plan, Machu Picchu and Sunshine Reed. In my opinion Emu casino reflects the same style as! Emu Casino may not have a download version but they make up for it in weird, fun, exciting, and exotic games that were very new to me! To sum up Emu casino was surely an online playground winner! An 8.5 out of 10 (the bonuses were not available to me:(
Danny Bromberg. Reviewed on 24.09.18
Let me tell you that chatting with live is not entirely 24 hours so that meant waiting for the right time until they went online even if it was late or early in the morning. I inquired if Emu casino had anything to do with the other casino called The kind operator has told me they shared the same platform for the website but their operations were running completely separate to one another.

This allowed me to make an account here on Emu casino and I made an account on so no need to talk about that. This is only half of the story. The other part was I can proceed to take their offers both on Emu and! As I was not very lucky on I would open my options to give them another try continuing my journey on Emu Casino hopefully running into many winnings. In this casino I did every thing I could to make sure I did not have the same fate on the other casino so I didn't include the bonus code. No welcome bonuses meant no walls to break down! I made a deposit of $25. Every visit on the slots had amazing atmosphere. That's because they made every background nice for visiting players.

My first choice, Leagues of fortune. Not my brightest choice but anyways. 5 spins came up nothing and the 6th spin got something to make up for the past spins. The first two reels landed a treasure chest each while making it's rounds on landing another scatter. Along the way stacked wilds completed many Queen letters for $5.30 on a $0.50 bet. A good consolation for no free spins. I don't see that a lot in my spins. Just spinning regularly until I became tired of chasing the free spins. I lost $13 on this slot. With $12 left I used my last efforts on the Finer Reels of Life. This slot better make my winnings "fine" I said. Amazing enough a good turn around occurred within 10 spins of just spinning for $0.90. I needed to make a risk and risking my balance with slightly higher than normal bets payed off! One of the spins were alright giving me a little over $3 for a full set of Aces couples with other symbols for $0.90. The feature I had won is 10 Free spins with winnings 5 times greater. Can this be the momentum I was looking for!? Yes it is because I won $48.18 on this feature after witnessing a few five of a kind letters!

I had to cashout using Skrill after this to make up for my losses on $56.98 wasn't so bad to cashout! It went to my account after 24 hours. I didn't make a lot of risks otherwise further losses would pile up to not leave me with anything! A normal yet okay rating of 6.8 out of 10!
Hilaria. Reviewed on 02.10.18
Emu casino is a great looking little casino.I suppose that its a reasonably new that it looks fresh and exciting for someone who has played at a lot of casinos. Some of the games that they have are relatively new as well - at least I have not heard of them before. The rest of the games are classic Microgaming and you would probably have played them a thousand times before unless you are new to playing.

The feel of the casino is really quite good - it doesn't take itself seriously and it is relatively cute. They did offer a no deposit but its just barely above playing with play money. It's also very easy to find the game you want - there are literally hundreds of slot games so it can be annoying to find the one you want. Thankfully what they have done is listed them by scatters, wilds, free spins and multi lines so you get to play the style that you want.I gave a quick go to the game Karate Pig, as it was one of those typically funny looking games - there is a pleasing amount of free spins and you can actually start your spinning at only 1 cent a spin which is great for the longevity of your account. You also get a really wide selection of different games including table games. Then it was at this point that I did not really get a good run of luck. I went to the Atlantic blackjack table and tried my luck. Ended up betting quite conservatively and spiralling up and lost the first 8 hands in a row = and I thought that I was playing very safely. Fortunately I doubled up (scary move that is not to be done) and then won the money back in the next few hands and then some. That was quite scary because I could have blown 50% of my deposit in just a few hands. But it does show that the casino is fair despite an abysmal run of luck at the start.

All in all, I think this casino is quite good for a Microgaming casino in that the offers are fairly sized although not huge and they make an effort to make things interesting. For this effort I would rate it as a 7/10 casino.If they had a longer running history then I might expect that they would get a better ranking - maybe one to return to in the future if they bolster their offers.
Marietta. Reviewed on 04.10.18
Pros: I remember the past times long time ago, when I was playing only and only Real Time Gaming casinos and believed, that other kinds or casinos software are just scam and unreliable creatures of the unfair and full-of-fraud gambling world, that cannot even offer a no deposit chip to a player :) However, the times where I noticed how the BetSoft slots are great amazing and wonderful, came even long time after I began to play another casinos (casinos, which were offering another software, like Microgaming or Netent). And that is one of the very few things in my life, which I regret very strongly.

Anyway, my first casino of this kind was definitely – EmuCasino – or, to be absolutely exact, it was certainly the first casino, where I registered to deposit and play BetSoft slots :). I don’t know certainly, why (even despite there was a no deposit offer, but I was not able to claim it thanks to country restriction), I registered there – and when I am now remembering the moment retrospectively, I believe that it was thanks to its interesting design and also the casino name – “emu” is way more sympathetic to me than for example “Vegas slot casino”.

As long as I can remember now, although it is currently long time – I have favored mainly the following set of games : A night in Paris and Under the bed, but Slotfather was also way funny title and I have given him also a place in my favorites Betsoft slots ladder, but he was awarded by this place a long time after my experience within this casino (once when I claimed freespins elsewhere and stayed with 0.05, this slot awarded me with around 5 euro on one cent stake!). Despite I have won nothing on this casino that time, it was the start of another time that enriched me with more options to play – as I favored another great software.
Cons: Don't give them any money!

I deposited $100 into my account and only got $60 credited because I started a new bonus without forfeiting the one before it and they said it was because of the winnings I had acquired from my previous bonus. Now I have never withdrawn any money from Emu casino and when I deposited that money my account said $0. They flat out refuse to do the right thing.
Joe. Reviewed on 06.10.18
Pros: Emu casino it is Australian oriented online casino I believe. This casino use good range of softwares, from Microgaming to NYX, and also some really rare like Rabcat (played only once their software, and I like it).

I played at Emu casino few times, and like always I will describe to you my most interesting session, since no one will be interesting to read how much I lost in high variance games. I made 50$ deposit with 50% bonus that Emu casino offer me using my email inbox. From begin I tried few games from NYX but without luck, then I switch to Nextgen, I think Nextgen is great software, most their games is medium-high variance, and therefore can pay really huge amount of money if hot.

I have some nice run on Medusa, and after freespins i sit at 190$ balance, and think what to do next. I decide that it is always time for Immortal romance, open it and start playing. Luckily freespins features come frequently, and I was able to have 300$ on my balance after last freespins. Then I decide to play Betsoft games in order to meet wagering requirements, and it was not hard, since Betsoft games is ultra low variance, almost no risk for me. Then I played Nextgen games again, and was able to have 350$ on my balance. I request withdrawal, but left 50$ to have fun with table games, I open blackjack, and lost 50$ within 3 minutes I think. No problem, since I am already a winner. Verification take one day, and one more day to get paid on Moneybookers, no any hassles or problems.

I rate Emu casino with 8 stars, very decent online casino, with great softwares on the board. In case you tired from popular slots from Netent and Microgaming, here you can find some rare and unique game which you not find at most other casinos.
Catina Crofoot. Reviewed on 06.10.18
Emu is a very fun and interesting casino. When I first saw they offer three dollars no deposit bonus I thought it is very funny offer. I mean how can you win anything for three dollars.

I signed up with them mostly because I was searching for a good Microgaming casino. Combined with instant play emu was perfect casino for playing without downloading software. Unfortunately I was not eligible for their "massive" three dollar bonus due to country restrictions so I went straight away and deposited ten dollars with my Skrill e wallet. There was no bonus included because I did not want to stuck with wagering requirements which are like in most other Microgaming casinos twenty five times bonus plus deposit. There was a tough choice on what to play here because there was so many slot games, eventually I decided to go with Break-away hockey themed slot I told you about in my previous reviews and later on a little bit of dark knight slot. Luck was on my side those days I won on both slots fair amount of money. Before making a withdrawal request a thought to give a little try to battle star galactica and that is where I made a big mistake. After ten or so spins i did not won anything but I kept going and going hoping to get back some of the money this slot took from me but that did not happen, it eat all my balance and made me very sad man. Definitely I am not playing this slot ever again. It is 243 ways slot but in this case it means that it hat 243 ways to rob meo ff my money.

Casino itself is not bad I would say average Microgaming casino, solid bonuses great choice of games and poor support.

My grade for this Australian casino will be 6/10
Ruthe. Reviewed on 07.10.18
A few months ago I registered to their casino because they offered 3 euro to try their casino without deposit, but when I’m registered the live support informed me the Hungarian players are ineligible from this no deposit bonus. I leaved the casino because I didn’t wanted to deposit here.

Some days ago I get an e-mail from them, they sent me a promo code if I enter it I get 10 free spins on Arrival slot. When I logged in one window opened and I needed to enter my phone number to verification. If I didn’t enter my number I didn’t able to play here, so I fill my number and after a few minutes I get my code. I entered it too then I went to the Arrival slot.

I was able to play 10 free spins with the max 30 lines and 1 coin per bet. I won a small amount from it only 1.20 euro. I knew the wagering requirements was about 30-40x so I didn’t expect too much from it. I started to play with agent jane blonde slot on 0.9 cent. About my fifth spin I hit three scatter and won the free spins. My balance went up to 7 euro so I raised the bet to 0.27 cent per spin. I had luck and after two spins I get the free spins again this time I won about 9 euro from it. So I had 14.5 euro when I went to the Bars and stripes machine. I played with 0.5 per spin, I was win a little bit then I’m lose it. Finally I lost my whole balance before I get the bonus game.

I think if I would like to deposit I choose one another Microgaming casino because they didn’t persuaded me. But who knows maybe I deposit here one day.
Thank you!
Marianna. Reviewed on 10.10.18
The casino look and feel is rather nice, good range of games, but the play is very slow. I spent around 200 in maybe 45 mins max, wagering around 40-50 c a push, features were slow, I think I got free spins on 3 of the machines with very little pay out.I'd say the entertainment value is very poor, the customer service is very slow with a day or 2 to return emails ( so no live customer support)and I'm not quiet sure their based in Australia since I noticed currency charges (and i'm based in Australia) on my statement which I'm inclined to think the funds are actually going somewhere in Europe.

I have decided to cancel my account.
My rating 2/10

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