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Nila Chichester. Reviewed on 11.07.18
Casino440 is a casino run by a software very well known to mankind, "Microgaming". What I wonder is Casino440 and Casino770 related? I am sure they are notthe same software but they look like brothers and sisters. Lol I wouldn't be surprised if Casino110 showed up in the future for I see a distinct pattern going on here. Casino440 has a lot to offer!

They have games we all know very much as well as offers ranging from different deposit bonuses. Yes, I said deposit bonuses. Now my experience was somewhat enjoyable but not rewarding in the end. I have come across a few offers like the 2000 bets, 125% match bonus for players depositing with Skrill (Moneybookers), the classic and boring 100% in my opinion and they even have that $25,000 Draw just for a $50 deposit. What I would like to thank first of all is Cocopop for bringing out details about the 2000 Bets (lol I have been stalking you....well, only for this review). Basically this 2000 bets is just another reason to attract players giving them the idea that it is a "Freeplay" promotion. This is absolutely untrue because I talked to a Live Chat operator at 9:00 in the morning since Live Chat was unavailable in later times to clarify this 2000 Bets offer and she basically had to put it in difficult words. She was not leading to my answer but...when I told her "So basically this offer is another way of saying 100% up to $500" she confirmed that yes this offer is what it is. Honestly, just say so instead of popping out question marks in the air.

The confusion almost got me to take up that offer. Luckily I was not buying it at all. The 2000 bets in other words is just a "Play for fun" option for players who want to try games without using their money. An hour is given and once that game is changed the timer will reset to 1 hour again. They really should change that message on the bottom saying "Claim winnings" after opening up a game, it's really misleading. With this in mind I really thought that I found a Freeplay offer from a new casino but it was just a mirage to take players into buying the idea that is it. Besides the confusion the casino has created a "polished mirror finish" on their site. It's not entirely "mirror like" but it is polished so I believe this site deserves that quality. I find it brilliant, how everything fits neatly in order with red and white. Yeah the Canadian Flag in other words with it's red and white.

With my time here at Casino440I went for the 125% bonus instead of that misleading 2000 bets to get $50 on top of my $40 Skrill deposit for $90. Even if there is a slight increase of 25% over the usual 100% I had 35x worth of wagering to cover. So I did what any other player would do, place bets until it is declared a cashout.

The good thing is with Casino440's bonuses they let 10% contributions on Table Games (Blackjack) and Video Pokers unlike Spin Palace where they make these games excluded during a bonus (they void winnings at their discretion). I basically played Battlestar Galactica for $0.90 a spin but before I played on it I had to adjust the coin values and bet to $0.01 coin size and $0.90 because initially it was set up as $0.05 with max bet (300 coins / $3). I completely like how wild stacks would come out in twos especially when they come with a 5 of a kind win in a sequence on the Reels. While spinning I found 2 normal Free Spins (15 at 3x) in the main game within about 35 spins although the first trigger came out a lot quicker. $40.15 for the first and $71.30 on the second. My balance increased to $185.95 and I even came far enough to trigger the Run and Fight mode features.

Now if they intertwined the normal 15 Free Spins at 3x with the ability to win on both sides along with the Bomb on the 3rd Reel inside Run mode then this slot would be blazing hot! With leveling up for new win cinematics the bar at the bottom filled up as slow as a turtle, not even close to a tenth after the first level up but I guess that depended on my bet. Now if I pushed the turtle forward I wouldn't have a problem (Geez, walk faster, your slowness is driving me crazy). The great thing in this Run mode is I come across 5 Starbuck symbols when the Bomb hit on the 3rd Reel. It gave out a lot of cash! So basically the Bomb turns all letter/number symbols into whatever symbols land in the square on 3rd Reel. So if the square lands an Ellen symbol all letter/numbers become Ellen symbols making multiple duplicates. Once the Run mode is finished it went on to Fight mode. this is where I increased my bets to $1.80, that's twice my original bet. Now after hitting one Free Spins trigger on this mode I won $34.40 for 5 Free Spins thanks to the ships shooting each other creating random wilds and bestowing 1-2 Free Spins. So I kept going only to lose half of my balance. It's just so catchy , the different modes, the Ion Storm feature I just could not help but keep spinning the epic Reels. When my balance hit half I increased my bets much higher ($2.40) to chase my losses but eventually I lost everything. Sometimes slots on big bets bring out the king or the mother of winnings but for me they never appeared. If Microgaming made another Sci Fi slot assuming this is a start we would probably find Stargate (possibly SG 1) or Star Trek Voyager in the future if they continued to invent them. Overall I find Casino440 to be a 7 out of 10 and please fix that 2000 bets promotions!
Deloras. Reviewed on 23.09.18
I actually discovered Casino 440 a few weeks back, it's only now I am seeing it on Ask Gamblers so I can write about my experience here. Upon discovering this casino I learnt that it was powered by Microgaming...perfect. It also has slots from Sheriff Gaming too, not a personal favourite of mine, Sheriff Gaming, but everyone has their own tastes, and both of them together make quite a mad little mix of slots.My attention was immediately drawn to their promotion of 2,000 bets in one hour. Now normally I never go for these promotions because I think they are a waste of time. The reason I was drawn to it here was because straight away I noticed that the selection of slots you can play your free play in is much bigger than the normal selection Microgaming offers. You can pretty much use your free bets in any slot they have...excellent thats what the promotion should always be like...I'd participate all the time then. You can claim your winnings up to £100. Their terms state you have to play through the £2000 before claiming the winnings. I started playing and decided to change slots the minute I done this and went into the new slot my timer started again at 1 hour and my balance was reset to £2000...and this happened every time i changed slots. I couldn't make sense of what was going on. I tried to contact live help but they were unavailable and their terms and conditions are not written in very clear English, in fact it's quite poor. I kept trying live help when finally I got through to someone. She advised me that you can only play The free 2000 bets in one slot, it was a one off promotion and you didn't need to deposit first you could play without deposit and you also didn't need to play through the original 2000 bets either you could simply do one £50 and claim your winnings straight away. Everything she told me was the complete opposite to what their terms said! It was such a weird promotion. I should have known then not to go ahead and deposit on here.But I played Immortal Romance and when my balance got to 2100 I clicked the 'claim winnings' button which from my understanding now I should receive the £100 on top of my deposit. So I made my deposit but surprise surprise there was no £100 bonus. Instead I had been given a 100% bonus but in order to release that bonus I had to meet the wagering out of my own money first!! I was furious. And once again live help were unavailable so I had to wait until the next day. Luckily I spoke to the same person, told her what happened and she said she would have to escalate it to her manager as I should have received the £100, this meant waiting yet another day. In all fairness to the girl though she was really friendly and polite, and the issue was out of her hands there was nothing she could do. She even said she was swapping her hours the next day to come in so she could speak to me sooner because their live help opened around midnight, so it meant I was having to stay up till midnight to even talk to them. The fact that she offered to do that for me was way and above my expectations, I didn't think she would mind but true to her word she was there for me bright and early in the morning. Unfortunately not with good news. Her manager was trying to say that I didn't click the correct box to receive my winnings and I was stuck with the bonus I had...I hadn't spent anything yet so I asked if I could have my deposit back and he said no!! I knew there was no point arguing because it wasn't going to get me anywhere. I asked to speak to the original person who was helping me and I thanked her very much for everything she had done to help...I know if she had the power to, she would have credited me the bonus money.I just ended up wasting my money here and think I done about 15% of the wagering lol.My advice to anyone planning on playing here is to not take up the free bets promotion because it is just a con to get you to deposit. Make sure you read all of the bonus terms through and through before depositing and log all of your conversations you have with Live Help. Apart from this, the slots they have on offer are really good actually..some of my favourite slots of all time are here so I am a little disappointed I won't be returning here in the future, but I'm sure there will be bigger fish to catch in the coming weeks and months for Microgaming casinos.
Beverly. Reviewed on 27.09.18
Casino 440 is a Mg and blue gem gaming casino and I do not really prefer anything in front of MG when it comes to casino games but since blue gem was another software on this casino so I decided to create an account here.

They were having 5 no deposit bonus for new players and this is also one of the reasons I did not mind joining this casino for because I love playing with no deposit bonus because the play is all tension free and somehow if we get to the play through we can earn some money off it too. I got the bonus and got straight to the action. I started with the TS II game and here I was betting the minimal since I had only 5 with me and soon got some hits but not enough to keep me in the game and when I had left this game I was only left with 3 and I think for casino gambling 5 is like nothing it can get over in just a blink like it happened in my case.

After the loss with the remainder of the amount I played Immortal romance and we all know that you cannot do anything with 3 so I just lost the money hopelessly. I think if they want to give a no deposit bonus they should be a little considerate or do not just give one at all. MG games cannot be judged by 5$ and I have a lot of faith in this software but not that much in the casino. Slots were good but I think I can only make money by real money deposit. I would love to see some new bonuses and genuinely fast support staff because it kept showing me offline at first and when they were online they just would not reply to my messages. I think this casino is a 5 for me.
Lately I've been really trying out all the opportunities we, askgamblers, are offered with no deposit bonuses. Casino 440 were giving 5€ for all players so I decided to take part in this offer.

I signed up and it took me only a minute, and after that I didn't have the bonus in my account, so I contacted their support. They say that they have a live support, but when you press "chat" a window comes up, offering you to choose theme to your question and a place for you to write it (like an online complaint which they claim to answer within 24 hours) so I did that. It was frustrating because of course it takes longer to get a respond from them than from a real live chat. While waiting, I checked their website, I actually didn't quite like the look of it because it was similar to social networks have, and in my opinion it's not the right look for a casino page. .And all day I was online but the window showed "support offline". All day.

I visited this casino the next day and I still didn't have an answer from them nor to my email or casino profile. So I wrote them again.Overall, two days went by until I finally got an answer from them saying they will add me the bonus. So I got the bonus in a little less than 3 days, I think it's the first time I've waited on an answer from casino support.

I used it on Cosmic Cat, a 3 reelslot. I played it with 0.50€ bets per spin and the winnings were the amount of my bet or doubled, so it just bought me a bit more time at this game. But within fifteen minutes my balance was back to 0.

Overall I was very disappointed with many things about this casino. Firstly with the support. I mean do I really have to wait two days to get a respond? Secondly, I do not like the casino page look, it doesn't look serious at all.I just don't have enough patience to play there again,
Quincy. Reviewed on 03.10.18
Casino440, a name that sounds as if they branded a new robot that is this exact casino. Casino441, Casino442, what's next to name them? Mastercasino7700 lol? And what are the functions of this robot? I'm not too appreciative of it's name but I leaned much more towards it's software not fully a stranger to me...Microgaming! Away from the casino's uncreative name choice the sights of what I'm seeing looked good, red and white to implement two emotions that brought an agreeable and very warming welcome. It's as if I drank a high percentage of rum to give me that warm sensation. It lasted much more than it should of.

Casino440 welcomed me with a normal 100% up to $500 on my first deposit. I questioned support to tell me what the wagering requirements are for the welcoming 100% bonus and they established it's 35 times the deposit and bonus. It's a normal requirement with the acceptance of a bit more to bite down than 30 times. We all know that 30 times is the average WR for bonuses. With some honesty to share with you all that I got lazy looking on the terms to find the playthrough requirements. It is faster to ask someone than to scan page after page looking for that information. Rarely in gambling I don't ask support nor look for the wagering terms of a bonus, I just make as many bets as I can and give an estimate as to "what was enough" for playthrough. It all depends on how I want to act in a situation. I deposited $25 to get $50 total lugging a $1750 heavy metal ball chained to my arm. I tried to find something that will take off these chains to escape with a cashout. I started playing Hitman for $0.75 a bet on $0.02 coin value to make the chains of playthrough come off faster!

There are some problems going on inside the slots, it occasionally gives this error after a couple of spins on a slot. It took me so much time to make the requirements forfeit in front of me because my biggest problem is trying to keep my balance from dropping. My next five games were way winning slots & Jackpot slots such as The Dark Knight, they misspelled it as I can see "The Dark Night" in the games lobby, Battlestar Galactica, Asian Beauty, Cash Splash and Treasure Nile. The bets I made varied upon these slots, some were on $0.02 coin size for at least 2 coins while the other bets were unchangeable in the Jackpot Slots like Cash Splash and Treasure Nile, they are high enough in fixed bets as they are! I'm sorry to disappoint you folks but I lost every dollar I had! It used up alot of my time to get nowhere. The coin size in play was exhilarating to go on because it made me feel more loose in putting down bets. The one problem I had that persisted the entire time were the "errors" coming from any slot I played with, jackpot or not. Casino440 gets a 6.8 out of 10 in my books!
Jana Juergens. Reviewed on 05.10.18
I did registerd in this casino 2 weeks ago after reading here at Askgamblers that they are nice solid and paying casino,so I did see the bonuses they were giving so I decide to sign up. I did registered via Askgamblers site so i could gat the 150% deposit match bonus and the free spins. Well i am very disapponted in this casino or lets say in their chat support.

Before i made my deposit i asked the support how will i get those 250 free spins ,is it possible ,i got positive answer and the next step it was to deposit which i did . My deposit was 15 euros so I was expecting to get plus 22 euros because of the 150% bonus ,but that was not like that ,ohhh i hate bonuses like that ,actually they dont give you the bonus they are releasing it in 10% increments,depends how you win ,so practically i was playing only with my money. Well with 15 euros i dont think that you can play Microgaming slots !! or am I wrong !

I asked the chat support and i think that hi should explain better to me ,because i just dont like bonuses like that,they are not letting you to play with the all amount.
The next thing that pisses of in this casino about the free spins !!! Fantastic 250 free spins ,just dont believe this promotion because the free spins there were 250 free spins 1 line active and 0.01 euro per bet and on top of that they are taking 2.50 euros from the account to get this spins????

I think that i bought them all ready and plus they cut 2.50 euros plus!!! What kind of promotion is that?

Well i really had bad time here ,those 15 euros i spend them really fast on Immortal Romance ,well i didnt expect to get anything with my balance. I dont know if it is a good casino,i had bad experience with them or let say with the chat support,I cant recommend something that i dont like,just be careful about this kind of promotions!
Tonja. Reviewed on 06.10.18
I registered at this casino few days ago because I saw that it is powered by Microgaming software and I am a big fan of this slot games,especially Immortal Romance slot and Hellboy!

The casino website looks very good and I was amazed because it also has Romanian language and mobile version of the casino! I have made my first deposit of 30 euro and I received another 30 euro bonus with 35 times wagering requirements and I started my favourite slot Immortal Romance on the minimum bet of 0.30 euro because I think if you play on a high stake you cant meet the wagering requirements and you may lose all the money!The scatters symbols didn’t appeared on the first 40-50 spins and I was a little bit upset because I thought I will not be able to wager and withdraw something!But unexpected,the Wild Desire feature showed up and gave me a win of 90 euro and from this point the winnings started to show and finally after almost 4 hours of playing I managed to complete the wager and my account balance showed 84 euro,not so much money but it worth it because I deposited only 30 euro!

After I completed the verification process I was able to withdraw my money and in 3 working days I received them! I told to one of my friends about this casino and about my winnings and he opened an account and made a deposit of 80 euro and received another 80 euro bonus!But he was greedy and played Medusa slot on max bet and didn’t managed to complete the wagering requirements!

I had a nice experience at this casino and if someone will ask me for a good casino,I will recommend this one because it has nice promotions,very nice games and a good support team!I will rate the casino,I will give a deserved 10 for the games,a 9 for the payment methods,another 9 for the bonuses and again 9 for the support!
Luanna. Reviewed on 07.10.18
This one is one of the greatest casino I ever play since i play step to the world of online casino. Casino 440 is top seven in my list of best Microgaming casino. I will tell my good story here and this is the reason this is why I didn't relinquish this casino until today. It happens when i'm researching to the best Microgaming casino that offers unique bonuses and i find this one of course here at AskGamblers. If I didn't mistaken I saw this that they offer a nice bonus to their players at that time.

Another is the deposit for that specific amount of money then get $5 with low wagering requirements! It's very nice bonus that's why my first deposit here is two times at normal casino. I didn't waste time and started to play my prefer slot thunderstruck, dark knight, mega moolah this is nice because it's a progressive jackpot and also some of the table games and poker. I play continuously without resting and i manage to made one half of what i deposit that's great and i am very amused i rest for a while and sleep and after that i passed my documents for the verification of withdrawal and while i waiting for that i play again to the table games and bet minimum of i can bet. I lost some amount but not so huge, i make the withdrawal after they verified my account I don't get any problem because I finished the small wagering.

I am also happy to their customer representative because of their very nice dealing with others. Okay after that the first withdrawal takes 2 days and then the money smoothly deposited to my wallet. The next withdrawal is okay and the maximum time that it takes for my experience is 24 hours. That's the story and overall i don't experience any unwholesome service to them. I graded them A- for everything.
Anika. Reviewed on 07.10.18
I played at Casino440 recently. I liked the wide range of games and also their bonus offers. In addition to those very advantageous bonuses, jackpots are very high. Those who want to enjoy Casino440 games (powered by Microgaming and Sheriff Gaming) can take advantage of their awesome $2000 no deposit bonus and take advantage of all FREE money they are giving away. Any balance exceeding those $2000 offered can be considered as a winning.

As I said above, games are amazing. I tried Midnight Rush. A fantastic and enjoyable slot machine. The graphics there are top class and nicely designed. Most of the time, you can hit a particularly big win at this game. I didn’t see any free spin or bonus on that amazing game, but the ‘click me’ feature is present. It happens when you get three or more ‘Click Me’ icons. It is a nice feature that I always liked on the Sheriff’s range of slots. Thunderstruck is also interesting and allow players to create many winning opportunities. Besides, this game contains many bonuses! It is definitely my favorite and I’m sure I’m not alone. I’ve had 75x payout from the free spins there!

When withdrawing at Casino440, I didn’t have any trouble and saw my winnings on my e-wallet within a few minutes. This casino has soft withdrawal conditions, in general. Nevertheless, I saw their chat room closed many times (for technical reasons, as they said!), but e-mail queries are answered promptly and precisely. When playing at Casino440, I felt a welcoming atmosphere and knew at first sight I was at the right place. I therefore played with pleasure and enjoyed intense gambling moments.

Overall, I can say that Casino440 merits a particular attention with its fantastic support and fast payouts. I would give it a 3 stars rating!

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