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Julieta. Reviewed on 08.07.18
I set my eyes the moment Casino Tropez sent an email to me regarding a 500% match bonus up to $100. With only a $20 deposit I went along with it! Of course this was not the first time I was being offered a 500% match. What I did was I made an account through the link they made inside the email, followed the instructions and downloaded the Casino Tropez casino. It took less than 2 minutes considering the fact that I have a fast computer.

While gazing in front of me the casino lobby I was greeted by one of Casino Tropez's kind and welcoming support representative. She said" Hi and welcome to Casino Tropez!". I replied to her chat and told her that I signed up through a link Casino Tropez sent me. When I mentioned the 500% match bonus up to $100 she exclaimed in a positive manner and agreed to make this available to me for a minimum deposit of $20 or more. Although I can't explain in specific detail what she said during the conversation but I know for a fact the wagering requirements were 30x the wagering requirements to complete and make a great withdrawal! While using my trusty Mastercard to make matters more interesting I went on to make the $20 deposit! Before she ended the chat she said "Is there anything else I can help you with?" and I said, "There is nothing further I need assistance of, I appreciate you help! Have a great day! Goodbye for now!".

While closing the chat window I went forth to play of their smashing slots. I wanted to try something new first before emptying my balance on well known video slots. So I opened up Farmer's Market. Farmer's Market introduced me with 20 paylines with a maximum of a $2 bet but can be adjusted by the coin size. To me it is not exactly the type of video slot I would play more often because the payouts don't exactly pay up. With my balance lowered to $95 left while playing Farmer's Market I finally hit it's bonus feature. To get this the grape symbol saying "Bonus" underneath must land on both the 1st and last reel to trigger the Farmer's market feature. Inside I was presented with crates holding free spins, multipliers, magic fruits that automatically give you 3 picks and the rotten fruit which ends the feature with what I won. I was awarded 22 Free Spins with 3x multiplier when I took down two magic fruits while picking the right crates before choosing the rotten fruit. At the conclusion on the free spins my balance rose to $34. That's $9 over my losses. I began to continue my wagers elsewhere because Farmer's Market wasn't the ideal slot to play on. Another slot I began to play on is Frankie Dettori's Magic Seven. A 25 Paylines video slot that really pays in the bonus and free spins feature! What I like the most about Magic Seven is inside the bonus round there are multiplier trophies hiding behind a spot along with prize values. Of course their are red spots that end the feature but if you could collect many prizes and multipliers before ending the feature you will walk out a big winner!!! There is this one time where I almost walked out with all of the prizes but my last pick between the two remaining spots were a red spot instead of the prize value. I was so close and I forgot to take a screenshot of my play! it was too exciting! The rest of my wagers fell on Jackpot Gladiator, Cherry Love, Desert Treasure, and some of the Marvel Jackpot Slots as well as their fantastic Live Games!! Loved it all the way around and I even earned $366 after completing my WR!!! The most fascinating and rewarding casino I came across!! Casino Tropez!!!

Support: 10/10
Payouts: 8.5/10
Deposits: 10/10
Withdrawals: 8/10
Terms and Conditions: 9/10
Roseann. Reviewed on 24.09.18
I started playing here several years ago, using their free no-deposit bonus offer, but that didn't last very long. Not a good start to begin with. Gradually over the months, I made a few small deposits of $25 each time, played with their offered bonuses, familiarizing myself with its game play as I progressed along. Not many deposits later (cannot recall exactly how many), I finally made my first win at Tropez - not a lot, only $190 if I am not mistaken - but a first win was what I was looking for, to keep my spirits and confidence up on Tropez. But not for long!

If you have been a member long enough, you would know that Casino Tropez would soon start introducing their other sister casinos to you, one by one, each time with a bonus incentive good enough for you to give it a go. Well, if any offer is good and worth taking, I'll take it without too much hesitation, and I did, but that's another story which will come later. ;) This is a common practice among casino groups, spreading their influence and memberships within their own group, expanding further without having to depend on entirely new customers to do so. A good concept for the casino, but not necessarily so for new members like me, especially if that group of casinos are still the struggling kind. In my case, this was, and still is, one group of casinos that I have not benefited from till today.

WAGERING REQUIREMENT (WR). A standardized wagering requirement is the norm at Casino Tropez, meaning, a wagering requirement of 25 times or 30 times (depending on which country you are from) is implied on each and every bonus being offered. A 100% deposit bonus has the same WR as a 10% deposit bonus! Now, I find this a little bit, no, totally, ridiculous! Just imagine - lets say you deposit $25, you'll get a very small $2.50 as bonus, but the wagering required would be $27.50 x 25 times = $687.50! Meaning - for a free $2.50 bonus, you have to wager $687.50 before you can even think of making a win! How's that for fair gaming?! No point complaining to the casino management though. I did. Many times. Still no changes made till today!

BONUSES. Typically, bonuses offered by Tropez are usually very small and insignificant - ranging from 10% to 50%. Only occasionally can you find offers of 100% and above bonuses. This alone had frequently made me turn elsewhere to play, where better bonuses were being offered. I had written in to Casino Tropez Support on several occasions regarding this matter, with suggestion of better bonuses, deals and offerings, but I have not seen any changes or improvements made till today! Ah well...back to my OTHER regular casinos then...hehehe.

In my personal opinion, Casino Tropez should not be in this top 50 listing, same for Magic Box. There are better Playtech casinos out there that are more deserving of a top 50 listing - Club Gold Casino being one, but I'll write a separate review on this later. Naaah...Tropez and Magic Box are not in my top 10 listing.
Lucie. Reviewed on 02.10.18
Tropez Casino is well designed. The layout is up to high standards - it is interactive and fairly easy on the eye. One thing I really like about the design is the vibrant green color that gives the casino its signature. All the information you could need is easily accessible.

Casino Tropez offers players the option of playing on either the Flash or Download versions of the casino. I found the Flash version of excellent quality, but as usual I would suggest to play on the Download version as it does offer more games and features. The casino software takes only about 3-4 minutes to download.

Boasting over 100 games covering all the major gaming areas -including a long list of card and table games, slot machines, video poker, arcade games and progressive slots - all gamblers should find what they are looking for. Slot machines have hilarious animations and some of the progressive games have huge jackpots up for grabs. I headed to play Queens of the Pyramids and ended up with Fruit Mania. Although I didn’t win anything, I had a pleasant moment on those enjoyable games.

Casino Tropez is apparently attentive to new development and gaming opportunities. It continuously innovates in order to stay ahead of the industry. Thanks to its new agreement with Playtech, it now offers all the famous games on its mobile version. I tried it and can tell that it is a genuine success; in other words, you will now be able to find all the realism and excitement of the online casino on your smartphone or on your tablet. As they like to say: “anytime, anywhere.”
There are many bonuses provided to customers. Not bad, I said to myself… until I realized how much I had to play through! I would therefore warn against those bonuses with severe play through requirements. Usually experienced players are aware of the trap. Not only that, it is almost impossible to keep track on how much you have wagered to meet those play through requirements.

That said, Casino Tropez has -like many other online casinos - a huge variety of deposit and withdrawal options to choose from. I have a chronic run of bad luck on this casino and I most of the time end up with a balance of zero dollars, but according to a considerable number of feedbacks from gamblers, I am quite suspicious about their payment services. In fact, many complaints have been raised against the casino when withdrawals are attempted.

I already contacted their customer service via email and get a response within a few hours. This is still correct and convenient for me.

I do not necessarily recommend Tropez Casino, but it’s up to you to check it and see if it is a good match for you.
Charlie. Reviewed on 04.10.18
Casino Tropez is official online casino from 2002 year so as I did read about it it's very reputable casino for online gambling. Tropez casino wants to make every player as a high roller because of their huge bonuses as a welcome offer they are offering new members 100% match bonus which you have to wager that bonus times 20 the bonus, which by my opinion, is really good, for example the other casinos make you wager that bonus times 60 and some of them times 90; which is solid and not so hard to playthrough.

Tropez casino is powered by Playtech software which I really like their games.
I did visit once their casino but they didn't give any free no deposit bonus so I waited for that to come, well have to say I waited for 3 - 4 months so they put the welcome offer which is still valid of 10 $ free the first 5$ free you get it when you register a real money account and the other half of the rest of the 5$ free they give you when you register a credit card on their site. I think that they have +100 games which you have big choice of variety games you can choose from no matter if you are card, video slot classic slot or poker fan.

So I did take the advantage of their 10$ free sign up offer and did play there but have to say didn't get anything. At Playtech casinos I like the most the game Captain Treasure who is 9 line slot game, reels 5. It has wild symbol captain treasure but there is no free spins at this game but have to say I like this game, also Chinese kitchen is nice game which is similar like Captain treasure slot. Well I have to say I did enjoy those 10 $ free but didn't manage to wager that bonus and playtrough so I can cash out from them, well maybe next time.

About their deposits methods - they have various deposit methods: master card, visa, Moneybookers, Click2Play, Neteller, entropay, bank transfer etc.

Casino Tropez and their support team are number 1, always there to help you, explain and if you go on live chat and ask for their help you won't be waiting no more then 1 minute. Well that is great support for me.

Have a nice gambling day at Tropez casino, hope you will like them as I did, they are running 10$ free November free bonus so try them. It won't cost you anything.

terms and conditions:good
support :excellent
bonus : great
welcome deposit bonus good
withdraws: so far didn't make any withdraws but surely I will deposit in the near future.
Cecilia. Reviewed on 06.10.18
Casino Tropez was one of my first attempts to play at an online casino using my own money. I remember it happened about 2-3 years ago and I chose this casino because I knew already from its site and from some other opinions on the web that it is one of the best casinos available in the online gambling industry and that my money earned with so much effort will be safe with this casino that everybody knows that pays as promised.

As I said before this was one of my first times playing in an online casino, and after this I was glad that I choose Casino Tropez. It was an enjoyable experience and quite profitable for me! Beginner's luck maybe!

One of the biggest benefits of Casino Tropez over other casino web sites I looked to invest my hard earned money in, was that I got a nice welcome bonus when I first joined it. Basically, the welcome bonus was a match on my first deposit with the same amount. I deposited $25 and they matched it so I had $50 to play with in total.
Now a few personal opinions about the games and the support. The casino has a big choice of different games to play, including traditional casino games like Blackjack and online roulette, as well as loads of very attractive slot games which were the ones that appealed to me most. I decided to play the Funky Monkey game, and it took a few tries to get the hang of it but luckily I ended up making a bit of money and my balance went up to $120. Not bad for a first timer! I found it helpful that I was given the option to slow down the speed of the game while I was still getting used to it, but now I can play much faster and it's great being able to
find out if you've won so quickly.

I had to use the online support to ask some questions (some of them about the withdraw process) and was impressed that it was available 24/7. As concerning the withdrawal, after verifying my papers, I had no problems at all in receiving the money.

Overall, Casino Tropez is a great way to spend a bit of time if you're bored, with an
impressive variety of games available. It truly deserves one of the first ten places in the top of the best online casinos. I'll definitely be back for another game with them!
Dianna. Reviewed on 06.10.18
Keno in the casino Tropez

Most already know Keno from the national lottery store around the corner but also from online wagering offices. One can compare a little with bingo because this game will pay selectively also here. Balls fall in the connection from a tube. If these in the before select fields are left, then one wins. If one, however, has understood Keno's principle once, then one can collect enormous profits here.

Graphic and load times

One is Keno the much top games which the casino Tropez has to offer his players. The graphic in the game is really outstanding and the load times are hardly noticeable, too. The advantage to Keno is also the greatly arranged design in front of all things so that one doesn't have to look for the numbers for a long time. Everything is openly partitioned here and wagering uses are also easy to conclude. While the balls are falling on the field, one cannot state any Ruckeln, what the precision and competitiveness only clarifies the game software.

Good chances of winning

Particularly charmingly in the St. Tropez casino is the fact that all games, among this also Keno, completely free and used without registration even can be. If one feels like large profit sums, a registration also becomes necessarily and correspondingly a cash payment first. However, this shouldn't at the supply the disturb top casinos because one finally has good chances of winning here. Straight Keno is, at which a game one money erspielen can very fast without great risk. A little happiness is similarly always included as in the case of the national lottery with Keno, too. If one has this, then one may be pleased about a hard filled account already soon. The St. Tropez casino is extremely serious and pays all requested profits out fast.

Very high welcome bonus

It also isn't the welcome bonus of up to 3000 euros to disdain, one play which to Keno can use well. Moreover, regularly further actions wait for new and old players of the St. Tropez casino. One decides in favor of the download version, one can experience an even wider spectrum of the best casino games so, moreover installing definitely is worthwhile for you. The St. Tropez casino only can be able to put Keno Spieler and fans of the many other games to an online casino when you describe very well because it really satisfies all demands.
Chantal. Reviewed on 07.10.18
Casino Tropaz was one of the casinos I registered in in my early days of gambling. I was a very inexperienced player at the time and online casinos were very new to me...I didn't really have a good understanding on how slots actually worked..and the word 'wagering' went in one ear and out another...until I played here. I couldn't have picked a better casino to start my learning in. I think casino Tropaz is very simplistic..there isn't too much jargon on their site and getting their download is really easy. Their terms and conditions are written in clear form and point out what you actually need to know.One of the main reasons I picked to play here though, was the fact they were offering a free £10 no deposit required to all new players at the time. I don't believe that promotion is running at the moment but it comes and goes so keep tour eye out for it? I had to contact live help to claim the bonus...and the woman I spoke to had the patience of a saint! She was trying to explain to me what she meat by 'play-through' and fair play to her she didn't get ratty with me being so dull and was really nice. These days I struggle to hold together with some casino just seems wherever you go you speak to someone different who hasn't got a clue what they are doing...that's something you definitely don't have to worry about when playing here.There is a great selection of slots and casino games to play here and I regularly receive some free cash off them in my emails. I have only made two deposits here and unfortunately no withdrawals..but I always struggle in any Playtech casino.What I particularly like about Topaz as well is the fact you can access their live help from their home don't need to be logged into either the flash or download version. Casino Tropaz is rated somewhere in Ask Gamblers top 50, I'm not sure where exactly but they have definitely got this one right. If you are the more advanced player looking to make a deposit somewhere I would be inclined to say look the moment this casino doesn't appeal to me anymore but any newbies this would be a great place for you to start your betting!
Wen. Reviewed on 10.10.18
Somewhere within 2012 I was searching for a Playtech casino because I never gave Playtech software's lots of chances like I had with Microgaming. All the experiences I came across on Microgaming's Freeplays will never match that one of Playtech's welcome offers. It's just so incredible to start with. I like that in casinos, giving us a boost in the beginning. I did not get the most out of my bonus as a new player when I saw bonuses on different websites like or AskGamblers. Latest is an affiliate website that lists a bunch of bonuses for members & new players to take just like AskGamblers along with forum threads, only I did not get the opportunity to seal the deal with Latest's offer on 1000 Free Spins in 2012 or take up AskGamblers' "Payback Bonus". Instead I participated in only Casino Tropez's 100% welcome bonus at the time. Why didn't I see AskGamblers offer for 100% + 50% refund!? That offer sounds fantastic for a new player. 100% to match anyone's bonus and 50% return on the deposit sounds like a recipe for success! Alternatively the bonus for 1000 Free Spins were just as good for new players to take up.

On my way to finish with the casino download as I said I only took up the 100%, along with it I transacted a worthwhile $40 and gotten the $40 bonus ($80) from the match to spin on Golden Games for $0.75, King Kong for a $1 because they only allowed me $0.20 as the smallest bet with $1 next to bet. I sometimes played on King Kong in the instant play if I didn't have enough spare time to play for a long time. I couldn't make bets within those amounts like $0.40 or $0.60. My last game was Alien Hunter for $0.75 and sometimes $1.25 when the situation called for it. The Alien Egg bonus is very worth it when I found the double multiplier before any values. The problem for me is it showed up half way on my bonus. This bonus altogether can be hard to trigger as it needs to be on Reels 1 and 5 together to get it. The road was far within my reach to come across a wealthy cashout and so my balance dried up!

I didn't make a withdrawal so I can't give you any details on how fast or if they paid out! Casino Tropez can be given a 7 out of 10!

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