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Edwin. Reviewed on 11.07.18

I was listing through my inbox (which is always full by the way) and I saw an offer of 7$ no deposit bonus at Casino Titan. The name sounded familiar so I did a little background search and found two casinos with the same name. One for Playtech and one for RTG. Playtech is my favorite software and unfortunately this offer was from the RTG casino. I checked the reviews here at AskGamblers and saw a lot of complaints. Now I was sure that this was a rogue casino.

Anyway I decided to gamble the money for fun and went on to their site made an account and downloaded their software. I have to admit that I liked the looks of the casino. A standard RTG platform with a nice neat look. I had some problems redeeming the bonus so I contacted their live support. To my surprise they were instant in their response. I was even more surprised when instead of the 7$ bonus they gave me a 20$ bonus with only 30x bonus wager. They also had a very good first deposit offer. 400% on your first deposit with only x25 deposit wager. I have to say I was tempted to make a deposit right then. The minimum deposit was 21$ so I decided to try the games first with my 20$ no deposit bonus. It was a very good decision.

I have closed my account for what? I sent all the documents you are you a cheater?
[email protected]
This casino uses Real Time Gaming software (there is also a casino with the same name that uses Playtech software). The first thing I will tell you is that I have never made a deposit here and I never will in the future. In the next few sentences I will tell you why.

The first reason is because of the many complaints here at AskGamblers and also on other gambling forums. You will find nothing but negative comments and accusations for this casino. In a lot of them this casino is marked as a Rogue Casino. I was amazed why this casino wasn’t on the AskGamblers black list of casinos. I read the criteria for blacklisted casinos here at AG and I think this casino meets all the requirements to be on that list.

The second reason, even though I personally have no bad experience with this casino (I played here just for fun), is that I have some first hand information. A friend of mine who has a lot of experience in online gambling and who I completely trust told me about his bad experience with Casino Titan. To explain in short: he got burned for a withdrawal of a few thousand dollars.

He won a random jackpot playing here in Casino Titan on some slot game (I can't remember which) but he never got paid. Not only that a few weeks after he sent all the wanted documents and the numerous emails his account was locked and all of the money was confiscated by the casino with an explanation that his demand for a withdrawal was denied because of the use of an electronic device.

Overall Casino Titan is a typical rogue casino. Keep away from this casino, do not play here and spend your money and time in a game you cannot win. This is the first casino I will grade with 0 out of 10.
Jorge Jerez. Reviewed on 25.09.18
I had never heard of Casino Titan but i have heard of Titan Poker and like a fool i thought they were connected in some way, but they are not. In fact, there is a brilliant playtech casino called Titan Casino but this is totally different, this is an RTG casino and its called Casino Titan, its also a big joke. After accidentally registering thinking it was Playtech software but i quickly recognized their games and thought 'oh no, not real time'.

I claimed a no deposit bonus just for fun and for once i actually didn't want to win, i just wanted to play for fun and see how much i could make with a free chip.

Unfortunately i managed to build upto $350 playing some Dracula slot game, passed wagering and started thinking to myself whether or not to waste time attempting a cash out and sending documents etc.

Just behind Rival this is my worst software to gamble on, not because of the games as i think they are awesome but because of the terrible support and amount of complaints.

I did attempt to Cash-out $50 but it was pending for 5 days and even sent in documents to verify my details but like hundreds of other users i was given the run around,I really feel sorry for the people who have deposited their own hard earned money only to be scammed, this is in fact a rogue casino and their support team talk like to you like you have half a brain cell. To this day i sometimes log into my account to check on the withdrawal but it will always say pending and that is disgraceful for an online casino.

Forget mentioning their deposit bonuses, these are pointless as you wont be able to cash out anything, its like trying to get blood from a stone.

I really want people to take note of this review and stay well clear from Casino Titan as your money will only be paying their staff, if you do see a good review of this casino i can only imagine it is someone working for them trying to boost their status.
Thank you for reading, you have been warned.
Felisha. Reviewed on 02.10.18
I registered at casino titan because they offer 20$ no deposit coupon, and i decide to give it a shot, of course i found a lot of bad reviews and bad complaints in the network, so i will never give such casino a penny, and i suggest you too, not give any deposits to bad casinos, if you want to play, you can check AskGamblers top list and play in this casinos, this will help you to not have any problems such as lock of account with stupid reasons, long cashouts, and other unprofessional things by casino.

I download casino, enter no deposit coupon, and 20$ was credit to my account without any problems. Wagering was something like x60 of bonus, and max. cashout is 100$. Okay, 1200$ to wager with only 20$ on balance is a very hard mission on real time gaming software, but as i told it is just free money, and i do not care win i or lost, this is all just for fun and because in this day i have nothing to do.

I start from enchanted garden slot, i really like this slot because in freespins you can win more and more freespins, and this can go for a long time. I start betting quite high, 0.5 bets, but as i told i have absolutely no fear about losing this money. Enchanted garden pays nice, and with 50$ i choose to play t-rex, with the same 0.50 bets, but soon i have again only 20$ on my balance, and decide to give a shot to paydirt at 1$ bets, win all or lose all, thats my strategy! Of course paydirt eat my money without feature, but i was happy, because if i win, than i should made deposit, sent docs, and then wait one milliot days to get only 125$. No, thank. I give you advice - did not play in this casino, because if you decide to play it, you will most likely get problems.

That's all, thank you for reading my review about casino Titan, now i will give them some marks:
Support: not test (god thank you)
Withdrawals: not test (again, thank you god)
Bonuses: who care about bonuses in such bad casino
Games selection: B
Dannie. Reviewed on 04.10.18
Casino Titan is an RTG software casino. I installed this casino last year sometime and have been playing and depositing on a regular basis. Although I have not won anything yet, the big yet! They also do offer tournaments! My absolute favourite, they also offer FREE tournaments. That means no BUY-In on a regular daily/weekly basis. The free tournaments slot game that is hosted is mostly GoldBeard. Those of you who are familiar with RTG know that Goldbeard is one slot game many featured on a list of many.From what I have read via the internet RTG gives their casino operators freedom to set parameters on the payout percentage of each of their slot games.This I feel I can believe with some of the RTG casinos. One day, you happy and getting paid in a certain Slot games- the next day it won’t even give you a free spin.Either way, Casino Titan is worth a try if you like RTG software. I haven’t had any problems with them to date. They offer most of all of the Real Series Slots. Which include games like It’s a Mystery, Naughty and Nice, Enchanted Garden, Texan Tycoon and the list goes on and on. Casino Titan also offers some nice depositing bonuses. Not too many free chips and if they do its a small denomination. So it’s more like a teaser than anything else.I am a BIG Slot fan so I tend to write about that more about the slots than the other feature that Casino Titan may offer. But, yes Casino Titan also offer Poker and Blackjack and all those other things if you like variety.If you are a fan of RTG Casino Software then this is definitely one RTG casino that you can add to your installed RTG casinos. If I ever win anything in this casino – I will definitely be back right here and let you know.
Wm. Reviewed on 06.10.18
I deposited a small amount of money on two separate occasions at Casino Titan with the purpose of getting a feel for the site. The casino’s software ran well on my end and it offered the usual variety of slot games found on most RGT-powered sites (I am a slots-only player).

However, I have to say that slot play during both of my visits was the absolute worst I have ever encountered on any online casino site, bar none. Wins – even small ones – were few and far between; bonus rounds, free spins, and other game play features were almost impossible to come by and, when finally triggered, payouts from them can only be described as paltry, at best; and, finally, live chat representatives were chiding and argumentative when informed of my disappointment with slot play on the site.

In fact, I have never experienced such poor interaction on any other online casino site as I did with the support staff at Casino Titan.

To be fair, the above observations are being made solely on the basis of two gambling sessions at the site. But, as everyone can attest to, sometimes that initial impression one has of a casino site is so strong that you know there is no doubt that it is right on. I’m here to tell you that my first impression of Casino Titan is that it is an online casino site that you would be better off staying far, far away from.Save your hard-earned money and spend it somewhere else – where you might even have a chance of winning an honest dollar or two once in a very great while.

Finally, given all the recent complaints filed on concerning the unprofessional practices of Casino Titan, it is hard for me to understand why the purveyors of this well-respected review site continue to recommend the casino to its members and casual viewers alike.If you ask me, the site should be considered for blacklisting.

To all my fellow wagering fools, Happy Gambling!
Tamar. Reviewed on 06.10.18
A little over three years ago now, I registered as a new player at Casino Titan. The brand name was already well known to me as I’d been a patron at Titan Poker for several years at that point and was aware of Titan Casino, its sister site. I knew the ownership group, Casino Partners, ran both of these plus many other poker and casino rooms on either the iPoker or Playtech platform so I was initially a bit confused to see the ‘Titan’ title gracing an RTG casino. Considering some of the less reputable outfits using the software, it crossed my mind that some unscrupulous person had appropriated the name.My misgivings were erased upon learning this was just another case of a casino group chasing the almighty dollar in the form of the U.S. market as Playtech, like most other major providers, does not permit American residents to play for real money. While I had played at a few other RTG casinos in the past, this was my first encounter at one offering an instant play version of the software. Other than a reduced selection of games, the look and setup was similar to that of the download client and I had little trouble navigating the site, so I proceeded to sign up and redeem the coupon code for the $25 free chip that had sparked my interest.On previous occasions at sites on the same platform, I had used no deposit bonuses that had few or no game restrictions, so I spent most of the time on favourite card and video poker games like blackjack and deuces wild. The Casino Titan welcome offer was limited to slots, however, and the one or two RTG slot games I had played in the download client were unavailable for instant play. I chose the first option on the list that caught my interest – namely Achilles – and while I managed to get plenty of playtime on it at $0.20 per spin, my funds and luck both finally ran out.
Sophie. Reviewed on 07.10.18
I took a test drive on Casino Titan Avenue in 2009 to see what this car (casino) has to offer! Just when I took a turn around the corner I struck another car (I won using my deposits). With the resulting impact the damages became severe and there were consequences (unfortunately support caused problems for me) while test driving. The fine was over $2000 (they ignored my request for a withdrawal and kept all my winnings as well as my deposits). I do not know what to do because all the emails I have sent were not being replied. All of them were just being ignored. It's just very frustrating to go through all the wagering requirements within a few hours sometimes consecutive hours only to find you were tricked by casinos who just want to take advantage of peoples money by setting various traps. A mousetrap (wins that don't go very far), a bear trap (stuck with unresponsive support), an electric fence (wagering requirements that becomes high based on your deposits), and a pitfall (collected deposits) are some examples of what Casino Titan uses to loot peoples money.

I just did not like the experience especially when I played on slots. They were not giving me big payouts or even small wins on frequent ratios. The experience is like falling through an ice hole where icy cold water was underneath I couldn't find the hole where I fell into. A terrible casino that I had to witness these events. I did not know at the time that there were other peoples complaints against Casino Titan stating they were unresponsive, they do not pay accordingly and so. I couldn't help but notice that my actions are my own fault. Even playing on Caesars Empire doesn't get good results on Casino Titan although in other casinos the payouts in comparison are much better!

Yet another typical casino that just doesn't make payments of players withdrawals. For people who are reading this please stay away from rogue casinos like Casino Titan!
Fleta. Reviewed on 10.10.18
Here in Casino Titan I can see a lot of unresolved issues with them. My review is simply to talk about my negative experience here on Casino Titan. I had a thought that I will proceed to make a deposit and at just the right timing an offer for $30 no deposit bonus appeared. I didn't know this but thankfully this free chip saved me from making a big mistake.

As a new member the always common registration had to be done. I registered, download the casino and moments away I was open to a world of casino gambling experience on a Real time gaming software. It interested me to know my free chip came in my email so I thought I would try that out before my $50 deposit. Shortly after redeeming the code I saw the details of the bonus. It is to be wagered 50 times my chip for $1500 in total wagering. I ignored that fact and started moving my bets around across different Real series slots. $30 was a small balance to start with so bets of $0.50 were necessary on Naughty or nice :). After 30 minutes trying hard to land a feature I dropped my balance to $13.11 :(.

I tried something else and well Warlock's spell was sure to help me out as it aided me on most RTG casinos. This slot inside Casino Titan did not deliver my preferred outcome on $0.40 bets. All other slots including these two were on a hungry rampage deducting every thing I had! Not one bonus or free spins were played.

I went on closing the window, started uninstalling the casino and made any attempts to cut them off from further communications including emails. This is just the kind of casino we all should be walking away from. I don't think I will continue to deposit my $50 here after what I have seen. Poor slot payouts, a list of player complaints, no features decent or big. It all adds up to an unpleasant casino. I'd give them a 2 out of 10!

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