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Yoshie. Reviewed on 11.07.18
Wouldnt recommend this, i signed up soley to play craps on it. ill admit the craps table is the nicest around, little smaller visually but the features where made nice.

-dealer voices had almost full range of lingo/slang
-come out roll you were allowed to chose from 5 dice. although they were randomly set to a certain. if im correct the order was 3, 6, 1, 3, 2 which allowed you too choose 2 dice how you wanted
- also rolling the dice it went to another view showing an arm with dice in your hand you could move the arm along the railing and clicking the mouse button you could toss the dice. at the same time if you held the mouse button down and flicked the mouse faster and released the button you could toss the dice faster.
-nice feature after winning you get a popup option to rack your winnings in, double it up, or clear all bets.

Besides all the little bonus on the table. i found the game ridiculously far fetched just like any other online craps game.

Started with 20 cash they gave me 50 bonus. at first i got off to great start. usuing only the min bets of $1 i had the 6,8 and the hard ways covered. rolling was great seem reasonable, i was rolling for good stretched and hit a few hardways. managed to get up too about 90 bucks from 70 with in half hour.

Then it all went to hell. anything i choose or double up bets they would lose.and it always seem to be just one bet away, id bet on any 7, lose then next roll be a 7, i would bet on horn bet, miss and the next bet would hit the horn. i would bet 6. 8 hardway and 2,10 would hit vis versa

Then id figure maybe ill raise the stakes and play pass/dont pass simple enough. betting $5 hit a few but in the end same thing. anything i bet would seem to be the opposite. the table even has a chart on the side like roulette where it keeps track number rolled.

Bottom line. lost it all, i never planned on investing more than the min. $20 cash. i stuck to the basics and played min bets majority of the way, picking pass and dont pass pending how the table was going. played only 6, 8 a few hard ways and few horn bets for a dollar. like i said anytime i picked the darkside the point would hit, anytime i picked pass, i would seven out.

I say play at your own risk.i have tried a lot of craps games from basically all available casino sites and none are worth it my opinion now i only play for fun and wager min amounts so its something to waste time. the only true site i can recommend if any would be william hill casino. not casino club version but the regular one which allows min of 20 buy in, instead of 60

Good table with large view and dealer will cal out the numbers but no lingo. only plus to this is there min bet is 0.50 total at any time so drop 10 cents on the pass and 20 cents each on the 6,8 and made for a good and made my 20 last. after hitting the min. 0.50 bet you can actually place penny bets on anything else so playing all the hard ways for 0.04 cents and winning 8 cents was nice to see.

Hope this helped, my recommendations:

1/ william hill casino - very cheap wagering, money last a long time
2/ casino lux - graphics wise and fun features
3/ between trying win palace, spin palace, 777 dragon, highnoon, rushmore, basically anything on the internet search that came under top 10/best online casino / craps i tried and there no better than the first 2 picks they were all uninstalled after about 5 mins of testing.
Penney. Reviewed on 27.09.18
oh side. the youtube video of the guy showing you how to win on william hill casino craps with the 3 steps actually does work pretty good. i manged to take $15 and get it up too $40 in a couple hours. granted i mainly did min bets which was like 0.20 cents on the line and maybe 0.02 cents on the hardways. i image if you were willing to up the ante and risk a little more you could profit pretty good.

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