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Jacquelyn. Reviewed on 11.07.18
Casino Lucky Win is powered by the CTXM software, not a software I play at on a regular basis but I have played the games in a different casino before so I new what to expect.

I recently signed up here and thanks to the link from Ask Gamblers I was able to receive £5 free no deposit required. Now I had a look at their promotions on the home page and I cant see this offer anywhere so it was to receive the free money. The casino offers both a download version and an instant flash player version. I personally chose to play online as opposed to downloading it. It is really easy to redeem coupons at these type of casinos you simply go to the lobby and 'redeem coupon'. I didn’t need to redeem anything as soon as I entered the lobby a pop up screen informed me the £5 free had been credited automatically for me. What I did notice though was there were about twenty different coupons I could redeem after making a deposit. They offer you free bonus money for the first TEN deposits! Now you cant grumble at that can you! And the more often you deposit the higher you are rated as a player and can receive extra rewards for silver gold and platinum deposits! When you redeem a coupon it clearly states the maximum amount you can withdraw from it and what the wagering requirements are and you can go in at any time to keep a track on how much you are doing.

Now as I said I am not very familiar with the games here, I have played a few but I also find a few of them very confusing like when you have to plant seeds and collect eggs and harvest crops. I have read the pay table for these slots over and over again but I can not make head nor tail of them. For me if a slot is too hard to even understand then it doesn’t become enjoyable so I simply don’t play them. £5 is not a lot to start with and when your not familiar with the slots its vital that you pick a good one straight away in order to make your money last and more importantly grow. What I think really lets this casino down compared to some of the other CTXM casinos I have played at is the minimum per per line you can play here is 5p as opposed to 1p, so £5 is goes in seconds if your playing a 25 line slot at £1.25 a spin!. I decided to play 'China Mega Wild' slot which is a 15 line slot with an expanding wild on the third reel. It is minimum 5p per line which makes it 45p a spin. I won on a few spins but to be honest it didn’t last me 10 minutes.

Its worth giving it a go if you like these kind of casinos and if your familiar with the games you will stand a better chance of winning as you will be able to choose the slot that is normally the most profitable.

If you are considering making a deposit here the minimum deposit is £10 and for that you will get an instant match bonus of 150% up to a maximum of £500. As I said above you get deposit matches for your first 10 deposits, if you have a look under promotions there is a very good table that details the minimum deposit and the amount you will receive for every deposit.
Karolyn. Reviewed on 24.09.18
Casino Lucky win is one of the best choices I made when I took the time to deposit here! All I deposited is a large $100 and used the first $20 over to Archipelago for $2.50 per spin. My overall opinion on this slot containing elemental objects are above average in winning from it. 5 Free spins for 3 scatters do need a multiplier to make the winning experience more rich and as for the bonus round it is decent. I will tell you that going to Forest world made me get a red strike on my first try lol. The music playing inside this slot gets me thinking I'm already inside a feature. The drums sounds like the feature from Eagles Wings only I think the tone with the drums are different. I believe the music on Eagles Wings has a better tune than Archipelago especially when nearing the end more drums are involved before the music replays again.

When I was down to $80 I went on China Megawild slot, my once normal feelings for this slot now became my favourite! I don''t know what made me do it but I did it without a doubt! I didn't believe it when I saw this but winning on China Megawild for a $40 bet made me feel like someone has been harassing me constantly during a type of competition b^&^sh&tt^)g about how I'm going to lose. When my turn is up to complete the task for a competition I nailed it better than my rival and winning 1st place made him put it this way he left from the competition as fast as possible and just drove away without looking back! A sore loser for him made me a big winner! That feeling I had throws everything off, making things negative fall down with super force! This is what I felt when I won huge on China MegaWild. Instant happiness and glory! I got up from my chair, started clapping, cheering followed by a sigh of big relief that I won $1930!! I didn't go nuts this time because I wasn't drinking lmao I was crystal clear sober!

I kepted betting $40 when I had more than confidence to do so and lowered to $1465.65 where I had that useless 4 in a row multipliers on a payline! That wasted my $40 bet!! I placed it again and again and gotten $300 more winnings. The Megawild in the middle chained correctly with the chinese lady for a nice 2x multiplier makes the experience awesome! I requested a withdrawal for $1645.95. With such a large amount for withdrawal they asked for my documents and I sent them with no problems. Much delay did come from reaching them but safely I got my $$$ safely!!! The winnings get more ratings then support to be honest! I'd give Casino Lucky Win an 8.7 out of 10 for making me lucky in betting a $40 bet to win $1930 but gotten $1645.95 instead! Ladies and gentlemen tell me, who doesn't want to push their luck after an "over the edge" win?
Brigette. Reviewed on 02.10.18
When, I came across this very new casino via I saw it was CTXM software WOOOOHOOOO! YAY!! Another casino with CTXM software – I LOVE CTXM software…..So, I downloaded the casino client immediately. Played the chip offered. I do really enjoy the freaky pots & egg pots etc. So I made one or two or three --- shoo I can’t remember. I made a few deposits as they offered very nice deposit bonuses.I thought I would open the casino today – to double check some info that I’m writing about and much to my unexpected surprise there is a nice window that popped out with a bonus from my depositing. YAY!Initially the reason why I had opened the casino was to double check their tournament status.Every week I buy in to a tournament and every week the money is put back into my account. So THOSE WHO LOVE TOURNAMENTS, make a stop by Casino Lucky Win and buy in to the tournaments.Minimum participants 200.50 to register to play or you can use a facebook coupon… You get 200 credits to play with. Thegoal is to maximise your chip amount to the highest amount you can. With the tournament RE-BUY and RE-ENTRY options. You have a really good chance.Prizes are awarded to the top 10 people.1st prize-30% of the pool2nd prize-20% of the pool3rd prize-15% of the pool4th prize-10% of the pool5th prize-10% of the pool10th place-1% of the pool.Number of Re-buys allowed: UNLIMITEDNumber of Re-entries allowed: 10Well you probably thinking what the heck am I talking about, download the casino client and come have a spin!I haven’t had the pleasure of having a “CASINO LUCKY WIN” yet… But if I do! I’ll definitely let you know.
Violet. Reviewed on 04.10.18
Casino Lucky Win's idea to mix one of the best with the not so well known providers doesn't seem to be a bad decision. Everybody can find what fits best his/her taste, playing on famous Playtech games like Iron Man, Incredible Hulk or waiting to be explored games such Spin the World or Pirate Slots from GamesOs workshop. I think GamesOs' game quality suits well to Playtech's. I consider the high-standards (I think here slots like Mystic Slots or Magic Pot Slots though its minimum €5 bet is too high). I like this casino have the new adaptation of Playtech's European Roulette and GamesOs Blackjack. They have both downloadable and instant casino versions and their web browser based has surprisingly good operation and in the aspect of gaming experience it is not far behind the other. Of course the installed model has wider selection of playable games and we have to choose it if we want to play with games like Daredevil or Blade, though even it doesn't provide Playtech's full game collection.

The Lobby has a very modern look but we can easily find and access to all the sections. Good selection of payment methods with likeable financial transaction policy (min. €10 in, €20 out). The game history section is first class. Not just we can check what games we played or when but we can see on a little picture what was a certain spin and what winning lines paid how much. It's one of the most informative panel on the market. Something like that can be said about their bonus menu. Everything is there what a player needs to know about a promo and its terms that interested in.

The only little thing that I always missed is the 'save password' or auto-login function to avoid manually typing the data every time we want to play here.Decent casino, good games, detailed instructions. It is worth a try.
Jammie. Reviewed on 06.10.18
I decided to register here because I wanted to get their free money to try their casino. I saw the bonus had a not too high wagering requirements. So I went to their home page and register to the instant play version because I didn’t want to download it. When I registered I entered my no deposit bonus code to the coupon section to get my bonus money.

After I logged in my no deposit money wasn’t appears on my balance so I contacted with the support and asked about how can I get my bonus money because when I checked at the cashier I saw I had one active coupon. Sadly I didn’t find the live support so I sent them one e-mail. I was amazed because they respond me within 15 minutes and informed me if I start one slot my no deposit bonus will be shown. So I started the six million dollar man playtech slot but it didn’t want to start so I started the iron man slot. It loaded but my credit was 0. The support forget to told me I only can play with non playtech slots with my no deposit money because when I opened the Freaky Cars slot my money is appears instantly.

I didn’t like that machine too so I decided to try some video poker because they had a lower bets than slots. When I clicked to the Jacks or better machine I get a pop up window when they informed me I had some restrictions because I use bonus coupon, I can play video poker but it is not count toward my wagering requirements. I played with 0.5 euro per bet but I didn’t had enough luck to win anything. After that long procedure and misunderstanding what I get my money I don’t think I will be play here with real money.
Shavonne Speier. Reviewed on 06.10.18
So... I decided to make a deposit into this casino..I didn't win... But I had fun trying.... I was so happy to see they have some running active tournaments!MY FAVOURITE!Number of Re-Buys allowed: unlimitedNumber of Re-Entries allowed : 10Slots & Roulette :)

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