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Janee. Reviewed on 11.07.18
Casino kingdom is a part of the casino reward group which is a very diversified group. They are supported by the best software in the online gambling industry and it has supported the games very efficiently.

They have a very weird withdrawal process and I do not understand why a lot of casinos are resorting to this stupid withdrawal restriction. They facilitate almost all the payment methods available.

But there is one thing that I did not like about this casino room and that is when I joined this room the registration and the verification process took so long that I had to keep waiting for a whole day and then I sent them my documents and then after verification they gave me a go to their casino. But this did not make me feel good I think that they are very suspicious of new players. I can understand that they need to do the verification but that process should be very fast and not tiring at all.

They have a downloadable software and even instant play. They have been licensed by kahnawake. I was very shocked to know that this casino room was established in 2002 and I had never heard about it.

I loved their slot games and I could have used a little more free spins because free spins are the best ting about slots. I managed to meet the wagering requirements but did not manage to win a lot of money after that and may be I was not playing that good or may be the games were tight.

I experienced a shut down of the software twice and I had told the support team twice and I even lost some money because of that and still have not received the money back. If I receive my money back then I am ready to continue with them.
I think it deserves the 12th place in AskGamblers top 50 online casinos because they have a good deposit bonus, nice slot games from Microgaming and also a good support team!

I made my deposit of 20$ via skrill and I received another 20$ bonus with 30 times wagering requirements, pretty good if you ask me!

Another good thing about this casino is that it is a part of the Casino Rewards group and this is enough if you want to know if this casino its secure and also if it has a good payout rate!

I started to play The Finer Reels of Life slot because I like very much when the Wild Celebration feature triggers randomly and also I like the free spins! After only 20 minutes of playing this slot game, my account balance reached 65$ and I was thinking that wont take too long until I will complete the wagering requirements! But when I catched 3 stars and awarded the free spins, they didn't paid me so well, only 7$ on 0.30$ bet! And that was the last time when I played the free spins feature because suddenly the game has stopped paying and my account balance reached zero after 2 hours and 20 minutes of playing! I think my mistake was that I didn't changed the game and I kept playing only this slot! I had a lot of fun at this casino even if I didn't completed the wagering requirements and I lost my money!

Now I will rate the casino from my own experience, I will give a 9 for the deposit bonus even if its only 100%, 10 for the games because they have Microgaming slots and I like them very much, 9 for the payment methods, they also have paysafecard and even paypal and of course 9 for the support team because of their professional live chat!
Ayana. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Casino Kingdom, thou art slay thy wretched beast and become king of Camelot. I'm just using my imagination here. Casino kingdom plays the role of a medieval theme that gave me a welcome bonus of up to $77. It was during the winter when I wanted to take a break from all these bonus wagering so I concluded to not take them up.

Instead my deposits came for $40 without the match. So far Atlantic Ciy Blackjack has become least for about 10 minutes before it started causing problems for me by taking away what I have won. I placed $5 bets a hand. My first four hands would hit 19 or 20 and two hands later I hit Blackjack twice. I would sometimes have an 11, a 50% chance to hit a 21 or something totally useless like a 2 from one extra card so I would decide to double up. It's disappointing to double up on 11 to get a 9 for 20 when the dealer gets 21 or if I ask for insurance when the dealer has an ace and ironically still gets 21 from 3 - 4 cards with an Ace after I get 20. What's a lot worse is if the dealer has an Ace, I opt for insurance for my 11, double up to get 13 or 15 and the dealer gets something higher than my cards. I would lose my original bet, my insurance bet and my extra doubled bet. I earned well over double my deposit to $95. My balance could of been $120 if my lucky streak could have continued on Blackjack. Once Blackjack became a nightmare I went towards Video Pokers to play Deuces and Joker 50 Hands! Many deuces and sometimes a Joker would pop out to help me make a hand. It's incredible to see many wins with wild cards on my $10 bet. I figured betting $5 would be too small and the gamble feature is addictive. I would constantly double up my low bets to get bigger wins. I do pity the pre-flopped hand that starts me with nothing or with no hand. That would give me no choice but to double up my bets in the Gamble feature. I did see three 9's with a joker! A default win of at least $30!!!In the end I collected $203 within the day and I cashed out.

The experience here would make me rate it a 9 out of 10!
Miles. Reviewed on 02.10.18
Casino kingdom is for me one of the best microgaming casinos. The fact that they are members of the Casino rewards group does not suit me but I must be honest and even tho casinos from this group have tricked me before I still love Casino Kingdom. The main reason I feel this way for them is extremely good payout at table games I played there. I told you few times I don't take any more bonuses from Casino Rewards group of casinos even if it was no deposit of thousand dollars with five times wagering requirements.

So I made a deposit and wanted some quality time at black jack tables I did not had that for a long time so I opened black jack instantly. First hand dealer bust, second hand double amount on table dealer has 19 i have two tens, again my win, third hand down with bet dealer has black jack, fourth bet I bust again on lowest bet, fifth hand I go all money on table and bam I get black jack. Good enough for me time to run of the table. Next game was casino war. Again I go very aggressively and it pays out first two hands I lost on lowest bet, third Ii go half of my money I get seven dealer get six lol. Almost he had me time to run again and this time straight to cashier.

I made my withdrawal request and money came in skrill two days after. In just few minutes I won more then five times my deposit here which is pretty awesome. Card games are like that tempting to bet big because you can win big in minutes but you also can loose in mater of minutes and that is a real bummer trust me I have been there.

I swear this is the first microgaming casino that I managed to withdraw from not even opening video slots. I took I great risk and it payed of sometimes you must risk it all in order to win. As far as things go in this casino I had no troubles maybe because it was quick in and out but I am satisfied with them and my grade for Casino Kingdom is 9/10.
Myles. Reviewed on 04.10.18
Aloha, to other players I would like to share my experienced here at Casino Kingdom. Here are the another Casino Rewards group casino that had a bulk of exciting bonuses and many more. The disadvantage when I experienced their stupid thing about this casino is that your password could not access because of your registration maximum password so I had a problem when my first log in to my account. I thought that I should restart the program, and then it downloaded more casino exe, even though I downloaded the software about a minutes ago. I waited so long for these downloads and it seemed it's like it was stuck, so I thought I should restart it once more. Nothing happened so I decided to chat their representative about my problem.
After that the representative said that I encoded a wrong password and she/he asked information to give me my password and it okay after all.

This made me feel like I am floating to a swimming pool of coupons Yiyyyykkkss!!! When I deposited $50 deposit and I don't use their $77 match deposit because I am not qualified to that bonus and even their match bonus and played the well known slots named like Iron Man II, Mega Moolah and other great Microgaming slots, the total in the bonus game from the Iron man 2 that I played first is 4x for $24.30 that's when I got their featured free spin. With bet 0.25, hit few times free spins, also hit another featured bonuse Wooooohoooooooo!!!!I clicked the live chat so that I can made a withdrawal, and the live chat said that i can do it anytime :) That he/she said is sounds good, and of course I agree and decided to withdraw. I used my neteller account and I received my payment just in 1 day that's very fast nice Casino Kingdom.

Overall I was really happy with my experience into this casino. I haven't been offered any further promotions from Casino Kingdom yet but I am hoping I will receive one soon as I am more than happy to play at this casino again and make further deposits I rated this casino 8/10 over all.
Branda. Reviewed on 06.10.18
Casino Kingdom is one of the many Casino rewards group.Looking at what the other reviews say, that others tend to be a fan, but I tend to reserve judgement on them.The reason is that they offer fairly paltry rewards and I tend to find that their games do not offer as good a selection as others.Still the process of getting into casino kingdom was easy and they were happy to take web money which is a big plus.I have to say that their bonus is very small and I was not interested to take the bonus especially as there was an average wager requirement.The games themselves are fun and they offer a lot of gameplay.There is a concentration of slot games, both 3 reel and 5 reel.Multiple lines are supported, and the games tend to vary to how many scatters and bonuses that they offer.A decent game is Spikes Night Out because it offers a fairly good scatter ratio so you can spend time playing.

The blackjack and poker games are fairly standard across all the casino rewards group.It is quite fun to play, and the graphics are clear.There are no funny runs of bad luck, and although I did not come out winning my money at Casino Kingdom, I never felt cheated or angry which I have done at some casinos.You do get to play with low stake sizes so you do get a chance to stay in the game, but unfortunately that did not happen to me and I had to exit early.I will try and not let this color my review – but I would rate the casino at 6.5/10 because although it is a good casino with all the corners covered, it offers you less than any of the sister casinos in the range.I do not see the point of joining a casino with poorer bonuses when there are better ones to be found if you just do a search.
Shantay. Reviewed on 06.10.18
Casino kingdom is microgaming powered casino and of course I try it too, after downloading, register, and a bit chatting I found that I am eligible to 100% bonus on my first deposit, and I am decide to give casino a shot from a small deposit of 20$, so I have to play with 40$ and I have to wager 1200$, not big amount if you managed to hit something nice early, after big win clear such low wagering will be easy and should not have any problems.

I decide to start from break da bank again game, because this is was I told above, in this slot I can hit a very nice boost of my balance with even small bet like 0.36, and if I get lucky then I will obviously clear wagering and withdraw something. I decide to play 0.27 instead of usually 0.36, because even on 0.27 this slot can show you its power and pay a lot of money. I hit feature probably 5 times, they come often, but if you play this slot you know that this is nothing, most important to get any 5 of a kind with wild, but I did not manage to do this, but anyway I left slot with 55$ after probably 30 minutes of playing, that what I told about even with 0.27 bet this slot can pay you nice amount and can get you up. After it I decide go to mr. Batman and play it at 0.6 bet, because few days before my playing my friend hit there 120$ jackpot, and I of course want to win something bigger and show him whos here daddy slotter.

But unfortunately slot was not kind to me, and I left with zero on my account, for some reason I never made any more deposits in this casino.

That's all, thank you for reading my review about casino kingdom, now I will give them some marks:
Support: A
Bonuses: B
Withdrawals: not tested
Games selection: B
Sirena. Reviewed on 07.10.18
I visited they home page because when I get a newsletter they offers free 77 euro to their new registering customers, and after I saw they use microgaming casino I wanted to try it, when I saw they home page I realized they are a casino rewards affiliated casino so I was more excited and went to their promotion page and tried to check de bonus details and conditions. When I read it I had to realize this is a deposit promotion and this is only a 100 percentages match bonus up to 77 euro. The minimum deposit from 20 euro is needed to able to get the match bonus. The wagering requirements was the usually thirty times both of the bonus and the deposit.

I had a few money on my neteller so I decided I give a shoot to them and deposit 25 euro to try they casino. After I went through the usually steps like downloading, registering I went to the cashier and deposited 25 euro with my neteller e-wallet. My match bonus appears instantly on my balance so I had 50 euros and a 1500 euro roll over.

I went to the Alaskan fishing and started to play with 0.6 euro per spin that machine brings my luck this time again, and after I get the free spins and I had some serious winnings I collected 127 euro from that slot. I played with it for an hour on 1.2 euro stakes and I leaved it with 276 euro. I almost done by the wagering requirements so I wanted to keep any money as I can, I played down my remaining wager on Agent Jane blond slot with 0.9 euro per spin. A half hour later I was able to cash out 235 euro so I was very happy. I am member from the casino rewards group a long time age so I think that was the reason why they didn't ask any proving document and I get my money within three days.
Thank you!
Danica. Reviewed on 10.10.18
Casino kingdom it is another microgaming casino which powered by casino rewards group. I obviously try this casino too, with 60$ deposit and 100% welcome bonus, everything went smooth and fast, like always with casino rewards, and after about 5 minutes after starting download I already can start playing with my money.

I decided to start with avalon slot, made some spins there, but this slot always look shitty for me, so I just left it without losing much, just left there 20$ and this is not so big lost to cry, after it I try hellboy video slot, play it with 1.2 bets, unique thing in this slot is that you never know when you trigger freespins, freespins awarded randomly, also paytable says that you can retrigger freespins again, but I never see this, did you probably see retrigger in hellboy while in freespins? Anyway, I very fast trigger bonus game, but lost on early stage, but continue fight with casino, spinning and spinning, finally random freespins was awarded, and I start spinning, got few sticky wild but unfortunately nothing really nice, so with only 50$ left I go to dark knight, just to lost all my balance or may be just to see big jackpot and run through my house and screaming I am winner, I am winner. But no luck for me, but I trigger this jackpot wheel two times, and both times lowest jackpots, it was 13$ and 11$, what a sick game, also trigger freespins once, but nothing decent and I am busted, again no luck.

You should know, that playing jackpot games almost 100% of times kill all your balance, but probably if this is your luckiest day in the life, you can see big win jackpot, and this will be really amazing, if you hit biggest jackpot - it will change your life.

Okay, here goes marks for casino kingdom:
Software: 9/10
Support: 9/10
Bonuses: 7/10
Cashouts: 7/10
Total:8/10 nice and safe casino to play.

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