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Jamika. Reviewed on 08.07.18

Casino King it is another one casino which have games from Playtech, and like I am write few times I like this software, their slots is pretty under rated, and I suggest you to spend more time on this software to see how you go with it.

I played at casino King only once in my life, that was opportunity to get welcome bonus from casino, and then just never return to it. I download casino software, register my account, and then was able to make 30$ deposit from my Skrill account and start playing. I get 30$ in bonus funds, so with 60$ on my balance I start playing Archer slot, but I am really fast notice that it is cold, so losing just something like 5$ I am leave this slot, how I notice that? It gives me many two scatters, but not three, for me this is a sign that slot is cold. After that I tried Marvel jackpot games, you never know, probably during just one spin you can hit progressive and become rich. But luck was not good, so I drop to 30$ in my bank, and I decide to play Thai Paradise. Hit freespins feature quite fast, it was not hard at all, but my special scatter was high paying one, it is was elephant, and payout was poor. So after I go even more down and left with 20$, I decide that it is time for great blue slot, and I start playing it with 0.25 bets of course. I get very sweet 100 x total bet hit during base game, 3 first reels was stacked wilds, and I can only dream to see such hit during freespins with high multiplier. After this 100x I up my bet to 0.5$, but have no chance to hit 3 scatters and lost. That is all my experience with casino King.

I did not test customer support team and payout time, so I rate this casino with 6 stars.

I registered an account at Casino King when I got a marketing e-mail from them inviting me to join and claim their great match deposit bonus. I quickly looked at its term and didn’t seem to be too terrible and generally liked their site and what I found there so decided to deposit some.

I got the promised bonus and started playing on slots games. After spinning the wheels for about 30 mins I was wondering whether I would get here some rewards. I run into very bad, unlucky segment in the past but this was really incomparable. I’ve tried out a lot of different games but they were all the same. I didn’t collect a winning for a single spin more than €10 although I varied my bet value too. I moved on from their 20-25 line games to one of my favorite Playtech game – Vacation Station. This little, 8-payline game has no extra feature at all so I didn’t expect any big balance booster win. My bankroll was exactly €48 and I thought if I set the line bet at €0.06 (€0.48 total) I was good enough at least a hundred spins. I was almost right as under this 100 spins my winning wasn’t exceeded a total of €9!!! And eventually I’ve lost all my money. I didn’t believe in a bad run like this so I paid in this time €40 and headed to the table games and played roulette. I supposed you could figure out what happened there.

At the end, all of my deposits seemed like just simple donations and I could do nothing but shake my head and laugh about it. Just mere curiosity, I went to fun mode play (by the way, I’ve never understood at Playtech casinos why need to open a free play account if we already had the real money account. Why they can’t give a simpler, convenient solution for this?) and needless to say, the free spins, 5 of a kind, bonus rounds just followed each other. After all these stuff, no one dare say me they’re exactly the same. Bullshit!

I wouldn’t go that far to say her at Casino King, the games are controlled or anything like that, but doubtless I had a terrible playing time and that didn’t leave a good taste in my mouth.
Arron Steverson. Reviewed on 24.09.18
Casino King definitely deserves its place in AskGamblers top 50 online casinos, and for so many reasons. To start off with it is definitely one of Playtechs trusted casinos and enjoyable casinos. I actually became a member of Casino King just a couple of months ago, I actually thought it was Microgaming casino before I was recommend there by my partner.

Upon signing up I was entitled to their welcome bonus of 100% instant match, nothing more, nothing less and with the usual wagering of thirty times. I downloaded the software and was pleasantly surprised when I seen the range of slots they had, I don't why I was expecting very little of them to be honest. You don't have to download the software because they do have an instant player too, but I usually find with Playtech that their flash casinos don't have a good enough range of slots to choose from, and one slot in particular I enjoy playing is Silent Samurai which I don't think I have ever seen on the flash casino, so it was essential here for me to download.

One of the first games I remember playing here was 'The Incredible Hulk' 25 lines, I'm not sure whether or not they actually have the 50 line one, but I don't normally play the 50 line anyway. To be honest I'm not a massive lover of this slot anyway, but I'd had some success with it at another Playtech casino so I thought I would give it a bash here. I'm glad I did too. Normally I never get the smash and grab bonus but it was coming in all the time. As long as you can get one of the higher multipliers then you know your looking at £10+ and I know that doesn't sound much but I'm always happy with that..I'd rather have a tenner than a fiver.
Also, the hulk symbol was continuously appearing on the centre reel giving me two free respinsevery time, it helped me get my balance way over £200. Unfortunately I didn't get the three hulks on the centre reels, but that's a hard bonus to get anyway.

I spent ages playing the same slot, and I threw through the wagering I couldn't believe it normally I spend ages searching what game to play so sticking to one is a good idea.

To cut a long story short I made a withdrawal here for £320. I was asked to send in my verification documents but these were approved the next day. My withdrawal was processed shortly after and I received the funds in my account about four days later.

Really enjoyed my time here and the casino is run very efficiently with a good live help facility too. I'm a bit gutted I never receive any free bonuses from them..but am planning on playing their mobile casino next, maybe ill get a bonus there.
Denise. Reviewed on 02.10.18
Before reading up on this Casino King review, I would highly recommend readers to please read my review on Casino Las Vegas first, because this is more like a continuation from there. But if you do not feel like turning back for now, that's okay with me. Hope it'll be okay for you readers too! ;) Reading up on my Las Vegas review would certainly give a better overall picture of my comments and statements here, because repetition would become monotonous and so dull in reading! ;)

Before signing up at Casino King, I had already read up on some of the casino's reviews, along with the other casinos in the Global Gaming Network (GGN) group. The ratings given for each casino do not influence me much at all, as far as I am concerned, because I have my own experiences with the various casinos and I always rely on my own findings. Ratings are purely guides, which can be not so accurate at times, but useful for newbies and intending newbies into the world of online gaming. Why I signed up at Casino King was for none other than to satisfy my own curiosity regarding GGN casinos. Casino King is the third that I have signed up at, the other two being Magic Box Casino and Casino Las Vegas. Plaza Win casino is not listed in GGN's group but I have a feeling they are related in some way, because Plaza Win casino behaves exactly in the same manner as how I have described for the two casinos (Magic Box and Las Vegas), and Plaza Win casino is the ONLY casino outside GGN's group that behaves as such! Certainly not a coincidence as far as I am concerned!

Needless to say, I have yet to make a win at Casino King, even after making several deposits so far. I have only taken up deposit bonuses of 150% and above, ignoring all other offers, as this allowed me maximum bankrolls with minimal deposits. I do not want to waste away more money than necessary on Casino King, knowing well enough of the expected consequences - no wins! I have not been wrong so far. Not with Casino King, not with Las Vegas and not with Magic Box either! All recent bonuses from these three casinos were/are of the 100% kind, which do not interest me at all, until the 150% or more ones come along. Then I'll take it up and continue my 'trial and research' on these three casinos! I must be crazy to do all these things, just to satisfy my own curiosity, knowing damn well enough that 'curiosity killed the cat'!!! But that's me I guess. I dare go where others do not, and I'd go all the way after my first step. There's no turning back for me until I reach the end, or finish line, whichever comes first! ;)

Rosette. Reviewed on 04.10.18
Since many business people, you will hear information that quality does not need to advertise, and this is exactly what the casino King manages over 13 years. Casino King was founded in 2002 and one can say that it is recognized and well-known name among online gamers. Casino King falls under the authority of the Government of Gibraltar, registered and licensed based on the Act on the gambling and games of chance in 2005. In accordance with the strict rules of the law are, the casino strictly adheres to regulations on safe gambling and complete the obligation they have towards its players.

My first deposit here was two years ago, but significant experience I have gained 3 days ago when I made a deposit via Neteller payment of 70 €. The first game I ever had the Incredible Hulk 50 lines, to him I quickly doubled the amount, and then after the iron man 3 slot machines my bankroll climbed to an excellent € 270. This means that I have two days earned € 200, which is for me more than excellent result. I like their attitude when getting acquainted with the latest news in the casino because the site regularly ask about the details of their promotions and new rules of the game.

All the discipline and professionalism are evident through the many segments of the online casinos. There are constant innovations, exciting games and 24-hour customer support available. There is no doubt that they are the most attractive players progressive jackpots and others as Casino King is very generous when it comes to large amounts. In addition to bonuses for registration, referral and loyalty, Casino King rises above the other online casinos, making it the first and the right choice of players around the world. As an option deposit then 2 years ago I used Skrill, and now I use Neteller and in both cases, everything went smoothly, easily Casino King.
My reviews are based on real play with big money not free spins and five dollar deposits. I read so many reviews on here about people depositing $10 on getting a five dollar bonus I'm cashing out 30 and they give it a 10 star rating.

My review is more of a serious players review

A few months ago I deposited $300 on this casino. I got my balance of the 4200 Dollars no bonus. Three days later my cash on was still pending after I was verified. I ended up reversing it and lost it obviously normal they prey on people's weaknesses. And when I questioned him on it they said I should not have reversed. They didn't even allow me to exclude myself while I was waiting for the withdrawal. Do not play at this place.

Unethical way to deal with players. For five days to be allowed to reverse is just appalling.
Olin. Reviewed on 06.10.18
When I stepped into Casino King, I was motivated to earn money. After carefully reading their bonus offers, I had a huge deception. The sums where quite generous and the wagering requirements of only 20 times the deposit plus the play bonus, but not count towards my favorite games like Roulette, Blackjack Sic Bo, Video Poker, and many others.

I finally grudgingly deposited €100 via my e-wallet and instantly got my funds on my balance. First, I aimed to the live dealer Blackjack table, but it starts pretty bad. The rhythm was a little bit too slow and I began to be impatient. I lost about $20 and decided to move on to the slots. They are really well designed! As usual, I couldn’t resist to Queen of the Pyramids as well as Cinerama. I had a good deal of fun, though there was nothing spectacular enough to mention. Thereafter, I decided to try my hand at Video Poker. I chose Jacks or Better, but unfortunately happened the contrary of what I was expecting. Next, I moved on to the much-loved Roulette to try to repair the damage. I launched European Roulette and I was right, because I saw my funds hitting the $428. Yes, I can!!

Consequently, I decided to exit from the casino on this remarkable achievement. When I asked for a withdrawal, I found a cordial and knowledgeable team, always willing to help. Having contacted them via email, I always got responses within one hour. You can also contact them through their live chat option, they are available everyday, at all hours of the day. The withdrawal process was well-managed and my winnings were credited back to my e-wallet within 4 days.

Casino King provides very secure online transactions. The one complaint I have with their banking system, is the $10000 maximum payout per month, which includes progressive wins. For me, this is unacceptable as players who hit it big will be waiting for ages before the much desired winnings will be released. I also think that Casino King’s bonus offers are not duly appropriate to the expectations of most gamblers, and should be therefore reconsidered.

All in all, Casino King is within the quality standards of the industry and deserves an overall average mark of 8.5/10.
Cori Caison. Reviewed on 06.10.18
Like many others I joined Casino king trough AskGamblers site. I saw it in top 100 and that was fine reference to start playing here. Since I made some money in other casino my plan was to deposit some money here and play only Marvel slots. Main goal is to win Marvel jackpot some day but it is almost mission impossible. I already spent hundreds of euros playing Marvel slots at various casinos but just can’t hit darn thing called Marvel jackpot.

From the first look I was not quite impressed by the looks of this Playtech casino but after I installed I was happy how everything looked. I decided to start of with 50 euros and see how the lady luck serves me. After only a half an hour playing Ironman it was time for second deposit. This time I made it double a hundred euros and I hoped for a decent win. Man how stupid was I that day. After first disaster as deposit I went on and made another just to see it gone into wind like the first one. I played same stupid slot (Ironman) the whole time in hope that it will start to give back the money it devoured from me but that did not happened I lost a month’s rent in just couple of hours.

Good thing was that it was money which I won in other casino and the bad is I could have used it much much more wisely. I am not mad at casino at all, I blame only my stupidity for this epic fail but casino itself had a few flaws I must point out. The support is terrible just because it kept offering me bonuses I did not want. Every time I opened chat to ask a question they offered some new bonus I said stop it I already deposited and lost a lot of money but no they just spammed every chat sessions with deposit offers. One more thing I did not like at Casino King was very low payout. I only won 2 free spins features for hundred and fifty euros. That is all regarding Casino King and I will rate them 6/10
Tia. Reviewed on 07.10.18
I would like to share my experienced here at Casino King and it is good to play this casino although powered Playtech software. They offered me a bonus for new players 100% match bonus for the first depositor so I decided to made a minimum deposit of $25 then I find a great game The Incredible Hulk, Ironman and many more comics video slot. I registered have a bonus 100% match for new players the bonus is $25 the equation would be 25 x 30 + 25 = $750 wagering requirements.

I played first the video slot called Incredible Hulk a 20 line with a minimum bet per line of 1p and 1 coin. So I decided to bet the minimum spin is 15 p. On these days normally when I have had free spins from Playtech the lines are set to just 1 coin per line however, these video slot offers a free spin when you trigger the incredible hulk symbol and also they had a featured bonus "Smash" where you can smash limited police cars and helicopter that had money when smashed.

When I triggered the free spins and ended me around won $35.2. Not bad really for a free spins. I was considering that priority to wager the $750 to make my withdrawal that my focus to achieve. All winnings at that match bonus have a maximum of 10 times the deposit amount if I’ve not been mistaken.

After that playing I managed to make a winnings of $102.9 from my account and the good news is I finished wagered the requirements and I can make a withdrawal, I am promised to myself that I will not be greedy when it comes to ready withdrawal because the maximum cashout is 10x from that match deposit that’s why. I asked their representative if I can made a withdrawal and how long does it take to receive and said that the withdrawal needs a verified documents, after that I sent my documents and I received my payment 3 days after I made a withdrawal.

My overall remarked for this casino is 8/10 overall. I recommended it to other players.
Lidia. Reviewed on 10.10.18
A few months ago when I searched on the AskGamblers I found they exclusive offers, they had a 200 percentages match bonus up to 200 euro. The wagering requirements to this promotion is 30 times, but they had another welcome bonus, it is only 100 % but the play through requirements are lower, 20 times and a second deposit bonus up to 200 euro. I made a little research from them and I saw they are a trustable casino also they are on the top 50 list on AskGamblers, so I decided to take the 200 percentage welcome offer. I clicked to the special link and I get a unique page with the 200 % promotion. I think this is a great solution, the players are can get some info from it and surly can claim the deposit bonus without any trouble.

I downloaded the casino and registered to them, I didn’t contacted with the live support because that was an automatically bonus. So I went to the cashier and deposited the minimum qualifying deposit from 20 euro with Neteller. In a short time I get my deposit and bonus too. I started to play with 60 euro on the iron man slot. I didn’t played on high stakes because I didn’t want lose my money soon, my bets was 0.5 euro. This slots wasn’t bring my luck so when I went down to 39 euro I leaved it and picked the fantastic four machine with 0,4 €. That was much better than the previous slot, I get the free spins two times in a row then a few spins later I get it again, so it was fantastic, like the slot name : ). I went up to 110 euro, than I raised up the limit to 1.6 euro. This time I had a small luck and after a long gameplay I was able to withdraw 100 euro. I contacted with the support and asked about the verification, she gives me an e-mail address than I sent my personal documents. After the verification I get my money soon, within 2 days. So worth it a try.

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