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Elliot Ros. Reviewed on 11.07.18
Every once in a while i play in a rival casino or a top game casino that has a free money bonus and give my best to try and make the play through. Casino Fiz is owned by the rival company and it is a huge company and has a lot of casinos. But i have never been able to make any money from their free money giving casinos and i always end up losing them and now i start to think that these bonuses are just designed to bring us to a casino so that we get excited and then when we lose we make a deposit to try and give it another shot. I am not too sure but i think this is the deal with such bonuses.

I created an account on this casino and claimed their 25$ free chip bonus and downloaded the app of this casino. Rival takes a lot of time in loadings of games and i do not like it. They have a good selection of games and i think their classic slots are very nice. I got straight to the action after getting the games and started with the classic slots. These slots are very nice but the problem is that they give a lot of dead spins and in that a lot ofbalance is lost. here i played table games the most. I loved their Blackjack and big cash win game. These two were good games with no crazy variance . But others were very slow and no action on them. I lost the bonus but got into profit a lot of times and then lost it because of increasing the bet on slots and table games too.

I would give this casino an 8 and would like to thank them for an amazing bonus. Their support was a little slow and their loadings took some time too.
Casino Fiz uses Rival software. I haven't played in this casino for about two years. That is why I cant say much how it is now but at the time I played here I wasn't very happy with them. Maybe some changes occurred lately here and maybe this casino has gotten better I don’t really know.

While I was writing this review I visited the homepage of casino Fiz and noticed that it looks better and more modern than it used to be earlier. The first thing I would like to say is that their live chat support was very bad. It’s been a long time since I contacted them but I remember that I would sometimes wait for half an hour for some of their operators to contact me. It’s really frustrating to wait for so long especially if you have a problem and you need assistance.

The other thing I remember about this casino is that it was very generous with bonuses. That’s really good and that’s one of the main reasons why I used to play here. They often had some no deposit bonus in their offer.I also remember that the withdrawal process here was very slow. That was the case especially with my first withdrawal and documents verification. I can't remember exactly but it was well over 15 days until I got payment from the casino. Except for the two withdrawals I made here I can't remember anything else positive about this casino. As I mentioned before my account was banned for bonuses in all Rival casinos and since then I don’t play in them any more. Even if that didn't happen I am not sure I would continue playing here in this casino


Casino Fiz will probably pay you if you have a withdrawal here. But you can expect that process to be very long. Also their live chat support doesn't deserve a passing grade. That is why I cant recommend this casino.
Coy. Reviewed on 26.09.18
Not that much I am fan of this group of casinos but since they were giving out 25$ free chip, why not taking that offer for free.
But before that i did checked on here and 1 other forum which they are No Can Do list which I didn't like.
I took the free 25$ free chip just to try and off course download the casino and start playing .

In this casino you have to fill in your profile so they will give you that free chip. The minute i start playing there was their support with they offers,they kind of bothering me, but ok not for long.
So because I don't like that much their games and i only played few of them i start playing Cosmiq Quest game . I play this game at this rival soft casinos just because it reminds me of ,well some cheap copy of NetEnt gaming.
So with this 25$ I had I was playing for a while ,anyways the my bonus balance went to 10$ which I had many dead spins.

Then I changed the slot and start playing metal detector ,who on 1 other casino gives me really nice winnings.
So from this slot I was playing a bit then i triggered the bonus round which is fan the man is digging with the metal detector and there you can win something solid, raised my balance to 34$ but I was far from the wagering the bonus, although I was not playing here to accomplish that .
Or maybe yeas just to try if I won something from the free bonus how will the things go on . But didn't come to that level.

I contacted once the support and they were very pleasant so i cant complain about them .

About their payout as I have find about them here only not good words about them.
So why bother, and losing you time and money on casino like this with this kind of reputation!
I always trust AskGamblers when it comes to reviews of the casinos and I want to thank them for this post so we can inform each others when it comes for casinos with bad reputation.
Dora Deboer. Reviewed on 02.10.18
Casino Fiz is Rival gaming software. I haven’t downloaded this casino yet as I currently have a bunch installed and trying to keep space on my machine where I can. This is one of the nice ones that always seem to have a nice little free chip offered or when there is a new game launched a nice free chip to give it a whirl with. These little things are always appreciated by us players. It is always nice to have a go at a new slot game with a free chip. It only encourages us players to deposit into that casino at same stage or another.

Every now and then I get an email from them saying that they have credited me with tourney tokens. Now, I’m not too sure if I’m going crazy or being stupid but I can’t seem to find the tourney button anywhere or even that section or even remotely know where to find it. I have tried with all my might and do not understand why I can’t find this tourney button. Or is it because that I don’t have the software loaded and that I’m in instant play that I can’t find it. This can be very frustrating especially for me. I love participating in tournaments. Tournaments are my absolute favorite!

So if I could find tournaments it would be great. I like to play games like Metal Detector & i-Slots.I found its better to come in the normal video slots then go off into the i-Slots, as some have nice tales that go with it. But you do need a bit of a pot to have a fair spin in.

Deposits can be done via Credit Card, Neteller, Ecocard as well as Ukash. I have found though in my country. A lot of people especially cashiers in local supermarkets are not familiar with customers buying Ukash vouchers. I have had to ask management after being told by a cashier they don’t have Ukash. Management confirms they do, so if you have requested before check again. I found the Ukash Pre-paid vouchers very handy.
Mitchell. Reviewed on 04.10.18
I decided to join Casino Fiz again as part of the free deposit bonus to see what they have on offer. The website looks very good, and the live chat are fast to respond to you about the terms of the bonus. They are friendly and not too pushy although you do get the standard – if you deposit today I can give you extra! As long as you ignore them you will be find.

Onto the casino, Casino Fiz is powered by Rival, and is US accepted, and they are a pretty nice looking casino. There is an instant play that you can get hold of.I decided to play through the roulette tables to see what I could win. I bet a couple of times on the black, and it instantly resulted in 2 losses – I was hm. I bet again, and then decided to put more money on the black, and ended up it hitting red again for the third time. Not to be outdone, I thought ok – let's go for black again and increase the bet up to $5 to try and win it back. Of course this is playing on tilt and not the best idea but it would win back my losses. Fortunately I was lucky, and then I was slightly in profit. I thought that I would stick with it and try to ride out my luck. I was feeling as if the wheel moved slightly slowly, but ended up losing again – what are the chances.

I decided then to move into baccarat – a game that I have never really played before – all I know us that the banker tends to win. Normally I would not play but they let you play with small stake sizes (baccarat tends to be a big fish game) and I bet twice with the banker and won both times.

Overall this casino is fairly good – it looks good, and the games play realistically.It lacks some of the offers that would really entice me joining so I would end up rating the casino as a 6/10.
Frederic. Reviewed on 06.10.18
Not a long time ago I joined and deposited a little amount just to try out their casino as I had some free hours before the kick off time on a Champions League’s Tuesday or Wednesday. I was fortunate that I didn’t claim any of their bonuses because later reading them closely I didn’t like at all the requirements that attached to them.

They offered several deposit bonuses with not so good or strange conditions. Some of their playthrough restrictions – deposit+bonus -were curiously calculated like x43.33 or x44.44 (I don’t know why can’t it be x40 or x50). The bonus moneys were not withdrawable and the maximum cashout of 5 or 10 times the bonus applies!

According to their withdrawal TOS – all deposits lower than 250 credits! automatically have a max. cashout amount equal to x 10 the amount of deposit – so under these circumstances I didn’t feel myself too comfortable and I was a little bit confused, therefore I wanted some clearing explanations from support but their live chat service seemed to a ’dead zone’ which is unfortunately not surprising speaking about a Rival casino, so my questions were left unanswered.

Eventually I started playing with Candy Cottage, a not so attractive or memorable but somehow surprisingly profitable 20-payline slot game before I run into some unfortunate spins with my old buddy ’Big Cash Win’. My little money quickly slipped away and it was just like fun credits at the end.
Since then, occasionally they inform me via e-mail, they placed €5 free chips among the promotions that can be claimed. Guess, what the requirements! x 76 playthrough with €30 max. withdrawable amount.

Afterwards, I thought I would have spent my money at some other Rival casinos that I’m familiar with (or sports betting on that day’s matches). OK, maybe it’s not Casino Fiz’s fault that my time at them hasn’t left deep impression in me but personally I don’t think I will be their permanent player.
Melody. Reviewed on 07.10.18
The rival gaming casinos aren’t may favourites but when they offers free money opportunity I like to grab the chance to get some money without I’m risking my money.

They had the same promotion like they partner casinos. They gives 30 euro free to try their slots, with 75 times play through and 90 euro max cash out (not the ten times sadly). I went to their page to download the software, I was shocked they home page seems like a big pink neon advertisement and not from the good ones.
I think they need to change it because it wasn’t serviceable and they flashing objects are drive to epileptic seizure, so don’t watch them page too long.

I downloaded the software and installed it, after I filled out the registration fields and logged in I went to see what I can claim for free. The only no deposit bonus was the free 30 euro, I take it and started to browse on the slots, I played with my usually games first, which was the day at the derby.

This is my favourite slots on rival casinos because if you get the bonus feature and pick the winner horse you can get an acceptable winnings from it.
I played on 1 euro stakes because my wagering requirements are in the skies. I started to lose my bonus credits but when I reached about the 18 euro I get the free spins, not the free games and collected 22 euro from it, I think it is very poorly on 1 euro stakes. Anyway I leaved that slot and went to the Rock on machine with the same bet.

My gaming here was not too long because I almost lost my money on it without I won a higher from 0.5 euro. They wasn’t my best memories but I played from free and that is the matter.

Thank you!
Catrina. Reviewed on 07.10.18
Casino fiz is from the hot favourite Rival gaming portal and i mean how do they just manage to give away so much money for free. I got free 25 chip mail from them as i have played on a lot of casinos from the Rival so i always keep getting mails about new casinos and specially free sign up money ones because i love them . I download their software and register in their casino in no time at all. Then claim their bonus and you know how. No need to tell you again and again. For me the best thing about them is the three reel slots and the i slots and their table games are not as much as the slots are and other casinos from other portals have better table games if i may be honest.

SO i register and play as the reel turns ep1 first. And this game on this casino has a very high variance and could not get any money in the beginning and then kept playing but nothing fancy was coming on the lines so just left the casino. After that i go to play some table games and try black jack and won 5 hands continuously in the beginning. And busted the dealer out every single time and it was a very good feeling as the dealer is representing the house. Tried some spins on roulette but no inside table betting as it has proven dangerous for me in the past times and have lost a lot of money.

After trying out almost all of the games i went to my babies and that was three reel slots. I want to inform all the new users who are willing to make a deposit just try three reel slots and do not waste your time and money with video slots. Big cash win and gold rush these games give you sweet winnings.
Celestine. Reviewed on 10.10.18
Worst casino. It belongs to the group "Rockbet, Fiz Casino, Vegas days, tradition '
I have experience with their Fiz Casino.
It does not pay money. Caution, do not mess with them. Never make a deposit.

I made a deposit via Neteller withdrawals and also via Neteller. Withdrawals I made one month ago and nothing came. They want a lot of documents.
When I sent them my documents so they canceled my account and my money not returned.

Beware, do not play it.

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