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Rufina. Reviewed on 08.07.18
Hi all, my name is Robert and I work with CasinoExtra. First of all I would like to apologize for not posting sooner. I had some problems setting up my account but we have been reading your feedback and even gotten in touch with some of the players who posted here. Please consider that we are a new online casino and although we try to be every bit as great as any of the bigger brands out there, we also experience difficulties on our way there. So now on to the solutions:

To tackle the first issue reported here, the "high wagering requirements": we are happy to announce that the requirements for the first deposit bonus have been lowered from the original 50x down to 30x for the deposit + bonus amount. We have also emailed all players affected and offered them a special reload bonus with the new wagering requirements. We hope this will make up for the initial disappointment. We have also improved the Superpoints program, meaning you can now earn more points with every action you take in the casino and you now you can also exchange your points for more free spins.

The second issue reported here was a "fake bonus for Bulgarians": there was no fake bonus, the T&C of the casino state clearly that there are a number of countries not eligible for bonuses, one of them being Bulgaria. The mistake our casino made, was forgetting to relay this information to AskGamblers when they wrote our review. For that we apologize. We have now given AskGamblers the list of restricted countries and they were kind enough to include this in their review.

The last issue pointed out here was "rude support": we have looked into this and although the support was not exactly rude, it was not up to standards either. Customers deserve more than a short, canned response (template). They deserve to know another human being is taking time to read and understand their complaint and they deserve an answer that will make them feel that they matter. Even though we outsource this service, we will be dealing with this issue in-depth. We will get closely involved in how agents are trained and their performance in support matters.

Finally, I just wanted to apologize to anyone affected by any of the above issues. We are striving to become better every day and like anyone else, we also learn from our mistakes. Thanks to AskGamblers for providing a platform for players to communicate directly with operators, this is a great way to learn, improve and grow. Also, if anyone has any issues or questions they wish to direct to me, please feel free to do so using my direct email: [email protected]

Casino Extra was a mistake I shouldn't have made, nothing worth major brain storming, but before I get into, what seems as mostly complaints, I'll get over with the Pros and Cons for this casino

-Microgaming, NetEnt, Betsoft, Visionary iGaming
-Alot of deposit methods
-Ranked #53 out of 600 others

- Bad player reviews and experiences
- Bad personal experience
- 90X wagering requirements( Seriously? What sup with that? )
- No downloadable version

My personal experience with this casino was far from satisfactory, yes the registration was a breeze, but it's all downhill from here.

First of all, on the nice 150% deposit bonus you get, you have to meet the wagering requirements. Seems fine so far ? Ok. But the wagering requirements are far from OK. You have to match 90X wagering requirements before you can make a withdrawal.

I was playing slots, and I was keeping in mind this unsatisfactory player review who stated, that, it felt like no money was won whatsoever.
And I have to say, this has been proven very true. Usually, when I'm in a nicer casino, it feels overall not that bad to have a losing streak, but out of all the spins I had , I lost everything, and won mostly 0.xx values. It's sad. I wasn't supposed to join this casino in the first place, and I've broken my own research rule, but this is of course a mistake that I've made myself.

I have to say, my experience with this casino was overall bad, I didn't like it, it was a waste of time and most importantly money.

Also, on it says, withdrawing 1000 per day, 5k USD per week, and 20k USD per week, which, in terms, means what exactly? Some days I get to withdraw 20k, some days 5k? I don't get it.

Bad casino, lousy service, huge trust issues, 2/10, feel free to join if you want, I would not recommend!
Marvella. Reviewed on 23.09.18
Casino Extra is a very nice casino room which is powered by Micro gaming software which as we all know rules his industry and they also have live table games by visionary i gaming which i have heard for the first time to be really honest.

We can play the game on their site on our mobile but they do not have a downloadable software to offer and they also do not have a no deposit bonus which is the best thing a casino room has to offer to its users. Everyone would love to know about a casino and its games before risking their own money. But most of the casinos in this industry do no offer a no deposit bonusi guess they do not want to lose money for free.

But what they have is 150% match up bonus on our deposit which is really cool and very exciting because the moment I received my bonus I was onto meeting the wagering requirements and let me tell you something they have amazing and very entertaining games on this casino room and the games are very fast and his is probably one of the few casinos where I have managed to meet the wagering requirements and I was very happy and I got the money through some days only and I am glad that I joined this casino room because not only did I win the bonus money but I also won a lot of cash by playing with this casino room.

During the second withdrawal of mine I was having a little bit of a problem but then I consulted the support team and then I realised it was due to some holiday that my payment was sent a couple of days later. I think this casino is really nice and genuinely one of the best.

I am first who try this casino? He, love to be first :P
For Valdes, mate, you should add that this casino now have also Net Entertainment games :)
I am sure you reading all of ours reviews, not the best job I believe. Ok, now I should be serious.

This casino is using few different software creators, but I decide to try them only because found Netent and Microgaming games, I am always love to play this two softwares, expecially when they both presented on the site.

I made my first deposit of 50 euros, get bonus and saw that their wagering for bonus money is 100 x . XD holy cow, 50 euro bonus i should wager 5.000 euros. It is 50 x deposit + bonus, and i am pretty sure this is very, very high wagering requirements especially for first deposit bonus. But deposit was done, I already drink few beers, so I feel myself somehow like bravest man in the world, and thought something like ' 100 x wagering, easy, give me a hour and I will beat it'.
So I just start playing Dead or alive at 0.45 bets, and after a 40 minutes I upped to 0.90 and lost all, yeah, suggestion not drink while playing.

I never made any more deposits in this casino, games selection is nice, but come on, so high wagering for welcome bonus? I did not want to wager millions to clear my bonuses, this is just not interesting for me. I love bonuses, but I love honest bonuses, not such which almost impossible to clear. Sorry Casino Extra, but till you did not remove so high wagering, I will not return.
My suggestion if you want to play at this casino is did not take bonus, or play when you drunk and did not care about wagering requirements.
Jerrie. Reviewed on 27.09.18
Casino Extra is another casino which has NetEnt and Microgaming software, we can say it is a NetEnt casino with Microgaming slots and with this offer I can really find a game just for me.
Their website is nice looking and simple which means you won't get lost in banners which distract you and a lot of colors which have nothing to do with each other.

I registered here a few months ago and claimed their no deposit bonus offer. They offer 280 slot games and I am sure you will find something for yourself. Unfortunately they don’t offer live chat support and it makes me wonder how does a reputable casino go without live chat support when we all know how important it is. Honestly I don’t know about expenses but I do know that casinos have money so this is an honest suggestion for casino extra to make live chat option available to players.

They don’t have any complaints here at AG so I don’t see a reason why I shouldn't make a deposit here. I would like to use this opportunity to point out that I wanted to make a deposit here few days ago but I had a question and didn't want to wait until the next day or a few hours for an answer so I made a deposit in another casino. That’s what I don’t understand when it come to live chat support you guys are loosing customers, we cant wait to get answers via email if we want to deposit now, there are many casinos waiting for players to get on live chat. I sent my question 3 hours ago and there is still no answer, that is why I can say that live chat support is average in my opinion. I especially cant understand how a casino which is relatively new established in 2013 doesn't have live chat support option.

I see they have nice cash out limits it is 20 000, the minimum deposit is 10 euros which is great too. They offer a nice reload bonus with 50 free spins and the welcome bonus is OK with a 30 x wager. They have nice loyalty program and points can be collected quite easy and you can use them to play free spins. For registering you will get 200 points, for uploading your documents 1000 points, for wagering and playing, for every deposit of course and for daily login 25 points and with 1000 points you can have 5 free spins.
Eura. Reviewed on 03.10.18
I am a member there since April, when I was searching for Netent games. I've played there several times and always have great time there.

My favorite thing about this casino is their game selection. This is one of the -not so many- casinos, who offer my favorite table game, which is casino holdem. And the variety of games overall is amazing.

The last time I played there was actually 2 days ago. I made a 30€ deposit and went to casino holdem table. I played there with 1€ bets and was actually very successful and after a little while of playing, I had increased my balance to 60€, so with that I decided to try their table game called "21Burn Blackjack", well I don't know why it's called like that because it's the same blackjack, however, with 2€ bets I mostly won and when my balance hit 84€ I stopped and went to slots.

I started with slot called Elements, I had never tried it before, but I really have a crush on it from now on, the design is so cool, but the thing with this slot is that it's really similar to Starburst in some ways and in the possibility to win as well- I didn't manage to win anything within 30 spins, so in a hope to win something I spent 10 more spins there but nothing happened. 40 empty spins is not good.

Then I played Boomanji. I really liked the theme of it. I played it for ten minutes I guess and won something, but the winnings were smaller than my bets.

Somehow I felt like it wasn't my lucky evening there with slots, so I decided to cashout. Yesterday my money was in my account, so I am sure that other gamblers can trust in this casino.

I really like this casino and I recommend it for several reasons- the withdrawals are always fast, the game selection is amazing and everyone who loves Netent games will love them. And since I've contacted their live support before, I can say that they care about their customers and they areeasy to reach and helpful.
Erin. Reviewed on 05.10.18
Another casino that I decided to try from AskGamblers list with my both favorite providers Microgaming, NetEnt and several else like Betsoft, Visionary Igaming,Yggdrasil Gaming.

After loading the home page which was kinda unusual i decided to chose instant play, also this casino provides a mobile version play and then I made my sign up which was easily done and after that I made a humble deposit of 20$. So I went straight to the slot section and I choose Game of the Thrones (243 ways) to play. I played this game with a minimum bet of 0.30$ and the game it self started really cold since in the first 10 minutes I didn't have much winnings but after that it was starting to get a bit warmer to me.

I began to get five of a kind more often but still it wasn't enough since I was stuck at 15 -25 $ for a while until I finally got my first bonus after 40 minutes of playing. I chose the Baratheon feature and after that feature I was only 16$ richer, I continued playing but now with a 0.60$ bet and it went fine I had some good wins thanks to the stacked wild plus I managed to trigger another FS bonus.
This time I went with Lannister feature. After the feature ended I was 25$ richer, so now in total I had 60$, so now I was at a dilemma should I increase my bet or continue playing with the current one. I choose to increase it to 0.90$ and left the game with 50 FS and when I got back my balance was only 25$, then I realized it was a mistake. I kept pushing the game out of anger and eventually I lost it all.

Overall this is a nice and I think it is reliable but I can't tell for sure since I didn't make a withdrawal here. From me 7/10
Didn't really like the visual theme and the software stalled for me a bit.
Roseann. Reviewed on 06.10.18
Another casino with NetEntertainment and Microgaming and how can I say no to them when I know I am going to make good money and have fun when their is these two platforms. So I joined this casino.

They have a very nice welcome package which is the 150% match up bonus if you do a deposit with them fir the very first time. The wagering in 30 times which I do not care about because it is of no use as it takes a lot of time and probability of making it is very low. The problem with me and match up bonus is that whenever i engage in this wagering race I always get greedy and start making big bets on slots and that is very dangerous because slots are all about luck and their is mot much you can do about it. So I always go with the money I have deposited so whatever I win is simply mine.

In this casino I started with Gonzo's quest I do not know why but I had an intuition that this will play me well and it certainly did and within a couple of hours I hit a lot of free spins and it paid me about 55$ and I am literally dancing.

Because this is the first time this game had something good to me. I tired new games with them like wild water and this os was a very bad idea because not only did I lose the money I had won from Gonzo but I also lost some of the money I had deposited. And in desperate times I always go for black jack because it never fails to amaze me and always gets me good money. I would rate this casino 8 out of 10 because the support was not that active in my case and some games were not as good as I expected but a nice casino over all.
Keeley. Reviewed on 07.10.18
One month earlier I found a special no deposit promotion from them, they give 50 free spins on their bet soft video slot which was the good girl bad girl. First I wasn’t impressed because I personally hate those bet soft slots but when I saw they have Netent games too I wanted to try it.

I signed up from the special link and after I completed the registration I started the good girl bad girl video slot. When it loaded I didn’t get the free rounds so I contacted with the support. She told me I have to go to my account and claim the free spins on the my bonuses section. After I did that the free spins were credited on my account. The free rounds were promising I get many nice combinations and the free games two times. When you trigger the free spin feature you can choose from the good or the bad girl feature. I picked the good girl and after I spin on the bonus wheel I get 18 extra free spins. I completed the free rounds and I left this game with 11 euro. The free spins have thirty times wagering requirements.

I started to play on the Gonzos quest with one euro bets. I was very lucky because from my last spin I get the free falls feature. This feature paid me 210 euro. I left the gonzo and played on other Netent games. Finally I completed my wagering requirements so I contacted with the live support, she told me I can withdraw 100 euro after I verified my account and deposited 10 euro with an e-wallet. I sent my documents and the next day they approved it.

I made a deposit on Friday and requested a withdraw from 110 euro on the same day. I thought they will pay me on the next week but they paid out on Saturday morning.
Nothing. Perfection
Marshall Morrow. Reviewed on 07.10.18
Casino Extra

It was near month end, cash flow was low and I came across this casino on AskGambers while looking for Casino with minimum $10 deposit. I saw this casino has many games, like Netent, Play n go, Yggdrasil and more. Oh did I mention how I love Yggdrasil games.

Is signed up and take up this offer with 100% bonus and 100 free spins on Startbust for measly minimum deposit of$10 and has a wagering requirement of x30 the bonus money only. These offers are normally difficult to find as most casino want minimum $20 deposit. I made deposit of $10 but the bonus money was not added to my balance. After a short while I realise that you need to go to the bonus section to claim the 100% bonus. I went and claim the bonus and at the same time ask support regarding bonus terms. They explained to me that you first play with your real money and can withdraw whenever so I could have finished my $10 and then afterwards claimed the 100% which is subject to wagering requirements isn't that great? I mean how often you get casinos that does not tie your bonus money to your real money. I received 20 free spins as well the same time. But didn’t bring me any winnings. I did not meet wagering requirements and lost my real money and bonus money the same day.

The next few days I had claim my 20 free spins on Starbust for 4 days until I received the 100 spins. I played the 20 spins and left the bonus money in my account. On day 4 I had $4 in my bonus and had a wagering of x30. I manage to complete the wagering and had $60 left in my account. I requested a withdrawal and verified my account. Winnings received within 3 days including verification.

I would recommend this casino and rate it an 8/10.

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